Chapter 335: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 335 When Did You Have Sex for the First Time

Suddenly Yiyao Duan thought of Jingyan Ye in Sky City. “Will he dislike me if he knows I am deaf?” Yiyao thought.

As Yiyao missed Jingyan, Jingyan sneezed. “Mr Ye, are you ill?” Secretary Wang asked.

“No.” Jingyan said. Then he looked up at the blue sky and white clouds outside. “Yiyao, are you missing me?” Jingyan said in the heart.

Jingyan’s phone rang and he gave the signed document to secretary Wang. Then Jingyan answered the phone. “Boss, I’ve found the man you asked me to find.”

“Send me his photo, cell phone number and company address.” Jingyan looked stern and said.

“Yes, boss.”

Glancing at the messages on the phone, Jingyan continued to work.

Now that Jingyan had a doubt in his mind, he had to get it out of his head, or he would keep awake at night with worry.

When it’s about time to get off work, Jingyan drove to the address which was sent to him on the phone.

This is a medium-sized mobile phone software company and most of its employees are male who engage in information technology. Jian Xu, who Jingyan looked for, is a small supervisor in the company’s research and development department. He was single.

Jingyan parked his black Land Rover on the side of the road in front of the company and it’s eye-catching. Jingyan honked the horn when he saw Jian walk out of the company.

Jian stopped his step subconsciously and looked at the Land Rover. Seeing it’s not a car he knows, Jian walked on. But no sooner had he taken a step than the horn sounded again.

Jian felt a little strange. The man walked with Jian smiled and said, “Manager Xu, your friend has a nice car.”

“He is not my friend. I don’t know him.” Jian answered with a smile.

“Oh, I thought you…” The man walked with Jian said. But before he finished what he wanted to say, the horn sounded again. “This is your friend. You see, the window is rolling down.” The man walked with Jian said.

Jian was confused. Jian saw vaguely a man sitting in the car, but he didn’t know the man by his profile. Jian wondered if the man’s looking for himself. After being hesitated for a while, Jian walked up to the car. He froze when he saw the face of the man in the car.

“Hello. It seems that you know me, so there is no need to introduce myself. Please get on the car.” Jingyan said.

Jian regained his senses. He seemed to understand why Jingyan had come to him. “But what does he want with me as I have broken up with Xuan Zhao?” Jian thought.

“You don’t have to be so vigilant. I just want to have a talk and eat with you. Get on the car.” Jingyan said.

Jingyan’s repeated invitation made it’s hard for Jian to refuse. Not wanting to appear too timid, Jian pulled open the front door of the car and got on the car.

“What do you want to eat?” Jingyan asked. Jingyan treated Jian like an old friend, without formality or alienation.

“Everything will do.” Jian said. As it’s the first time Jian saw the youth talent in person, he was somewhat nervous.

Jingyan smiled and said, “There is good sashimi nearby. Is that OK with you?”

“OK.” Jian said. Jian had butterflies in the stomach. “What on earth does he want with me? But his attitude is good.” Jian thought.

They didn’t speak all the way. Jingyan drove to an expensive seafood restaurant. Sitting in a private room, Jingyan ordered some of the restaurant’s signature dishes.

After the waiter left, Jian asked, “Mr Ye, what do you want to see me about?”

With an indifferent smile on his face, Jingyan said, “Well, let me be blunt. What kind of Xuan is in your eyes?”

Jian became serious and said, “Mr Ye, although I have broken up with Xuan, I’m not a villain and I won’t speak ill of my ex.”

“You misunderstood me. I’m not asking you to speak ill of Xuan. I just want to know something more about her.” Jingyan said.

“As far as I know, you have publicly stated that you won’t marry Xuan a few days ago, so why do you want to know something more about her?” Jian said. Although Jian had broken up with Xuan for a long time, he still cared about her. When Jian heard what Jingyan said publicly that day, Jian couldn’t help feeling wronged and indignant for Xuan.

Jingyan didn’t care about Jian’s attitude. “There are some things I have doubts about, so I want to know more things about her. Since you don’t want to criticize her, why don’t you tell me about your love story?”

Jian looked straight into Jingyan’s colored eyes, but he didn’t know what on earth Jingyan wanted to do. He thought it’s OK to tell Jingyan about the things of the past.

“Xuan and I met in college. We were both juniors that year. I rode my bike to the library and bumped into her on the way. Then we knew each other in the course of contacts. I thought she is a nice girl, so I confessed my love to her and she agreed to be my girlfriend.” Jian recalled their past and said. He thought it’s a long story, but it’s over in a few words.

At the moment, the delicious dishes were served. There were huge and fat lobsters, the salmon sending out cold air, and the tasty sea cucumber soup…

As Jingyan shelled the lobster, he asked, “You love story has a good start, but why you broke up later?”

Jian smiled wryly and said, “When we were in college, we were carefree. Apart from studying, we spent all the time together, so we got along quite well. But when we stepped into society, we had different outlook on life and values. She always resented the fact that my job is too normal and my salary is too low. After a few argues, I broke up with her. But as I still cared about her, so every time she came back to me crying and saying she was bullied by others, I reconciled with her. But we argued not long after we reconciled…”

“Ah!” Jian shook his head and sighed, saying, “Women are always so realistic. She came to see me some time ago, but then she disappeared. I just know what happened to her on the news a while ago. How could she…”

The words were all in Jian’ throat, but he didn’t say them out. As Jingyan was with him, it’s disrespectful of him to say that.

Jingyan know Jian wanted to say something like finding a sugar daddy.

“You said she came to see you some time ago. When was it?” Jingyan asked.

Jian frowned and thought for a while, saying, “Almost two months ago. Was she with you then?”

Jingyan’s heart stood still. He gripped the silver chopsticks tightly, but he pretended to ask casually, “What do you usually do when she came to see you?”

Jian looked up at Jingyan in surprise. Then Jian smiled and said, “You are a man. What do you think a man and a woman can do when they are together?”

Jingyan almost stopped breathing. What a man and a woman can do when they are together? As Jingyan is an adult, of course he knows what a man and a woman can do when they are together. “But why Xuan said she’s a virgin and there is blood on the bed…Has Xuan been lying?” Jingyan thought.

“When did you have sex for the first time?” Jingyan asked. He knew this question is abrupt and even silly, but he had to ask it.

Sure enough, Jian’s facial expression was ugly. After being stunned for a long time, Jian said, “Mr Ye, I didn’t expect that you have such a special hobby. But I am sorry. It’s my private and I refuse to answer.”

“I have to declare that I have no such a special hobby. The reason why I asked that is because Xuan told me she’s a virgin.” Jingyan explained embarrassedly.

“Ah?” Jian was so surprised that he raised his voice, saying, “She told you she’s a virgin? No. Didn’t you have sex with her? How don’t you know if she is virgin or not?”

Jingyan was almost sure of a fact. “I was drunk that night, and she was in my bed when I woke up. I couldn’t remember anything.” Jingyan said with a cold face.

The more Jingyan said, the more surprised Jian was. “Mr Ye, you are so gullible. How can you trust her so easily?” Jian said.

“There was blood on the bed and she said she’s…” Jingyan said.

“Ha, ha, ha…” Jian burst into laughing and said, “Xuan has a lot of tricks. To tell you the truth, we had sex when we were together for three months. She was a virgin that time.”

“That means it’s probably that nothing happened between us that night.” Jingyan said to himself.

Jian nodded and said, “Maybe. If you did have sex, why she pretended to be a virgin? Now we are in a society…”

Jingyan interrupted Jian and said, “I haven’t touched her since that night, but she’s pregnant…”

A few seconds later, the smile on Jian’s face froze. His heart beat fast. “How long’s she pregnant?” Jian asked.

“The fetus was 56 days old when she aborted.” Jingyan said.

Jian recalled the days when Xuan came to see him and he looked sullen. He threw his chopsticks on the table and looked straight into Jingyan’s eyes, saying, “That’s when she came to see me for a week.”

An identical answer arose in the minds of Jingyan and Jian. In fact, the child is Jian’s.

“Bang!” Jingyan clenched his fist and smashed it on the table, saying through gritted teeth, “She is so vicious.”

“Fuck! Though I am poor, I can afford to raise my child. What rights did she have to do that?” Jian said angrily.

“Just think about the time carefully.” Jingyan reminded Jian and said, “Her pregnancy was planned. She wanted to use your child to get huge rewards, but not to get pregnant by accident and then frame me.”

After hearing that, Jian was angry. “Where is she now? I’ll go to find her and ask.” Jian said through gritted teeth.

“She is at my home. Calm down and listen to me first.” Jingyan comforted Jian and said, “My lawyer will discuss the compensation with her tomorrow. Give her another chance. She lost her child after all.”

“Do you want me to be there to give evidence?” Jian asked.

“It will be better if you are there.” Jingyan said.

“OK. I will be there tomorrow.” Jian said.

At that moment, Jian was so angry that he wanted to kill Xuan. Jingyan, on the contrary, was mad with joy. “If all this is true, it means that nothing has happened between me and Xuan, and I am innocent and I have never betrayed Yiyao.” Jingyan thought.

Jingyan really wanted to share this fact with Yiyao, but he didn’t know where she is.

Looking at Jian, who sat opposite him with a red face out of anger, Jingyan thought Jian is an upright man. “Thank you for telling me the truth. It means very much to me.” Jingyan said.

“Don’t mention it. It gives me a chance to see Xuan’s nature and break up with her completely.” Jian said. Jian shoveled lobsters into his mouth, as if he took the lobsters as Xuan to vent his anger.

Jingyan was happy and he said with a smile, “Our company has been hiring a head of mobile phone research and development department, and there has been no suitable candidate. Are you interested in it?”

Jian stopped his chopsticks and stared at Jingyan blankly, saying, “Are you doing that to thank me?”

“That’s only one reason. I also think you are an upright man. When we are hiring employees, we not only focus on ability, but also the quality. Will you come to Yehuang Group to work?” Jingyan said.

Without thinking, Jian said, “I will do that.”

Jingyan smiled and said, “You can go to Yehuang Group at any time after you finish handing over the affairs of your current company.”

“Thank you, Mr Ye.” Jian said sincerely.

“I hope for a pleasant cooperation between us.” Jingyan said.

Everyone will have one or two big opportunities in life. If you seize it, your life will be changed completely. Jian is wise and he needs the opportunity provided by Jingyan. Although his position will not be changed, the platform of Yehuang Group is much bigger than the company he works currently.

If he seizes this opportunity, he will not be the poor budget man Xuan called him, and his career will be promising, so he has no reason to give up.

After dinner, Jingyan sent Jian home. They exchanged phone number by the way and agreed on the time and place to meet.

Everything’s ready for tomorrow.

At night, Jingyan was excited and he tossed on his bed. He looked at Yiyao’s photo with tenderness in his eyes. Then he kissed the photo and sighed.

“Yiyao, will you be happy when you know the news? There is nothing blocking us anymore. I will love you with all my heart. Will you send me a message when you finish the task?” Jingyan said to himself.

That night, Jingyan fell asleep with the photo in his arms. Just as the saying goes, what you think about in the day, you will dream of it at night. He dreamed of Yiyao that night. She was wounded all over in the reign of battlefield.

Standing in a pool of blood, Yiyao looked at Jingyan tenderly. She smiled and said, “Goodbye, Jingyan.” Then she fell softly to the ground limply.

Jingyan was terrified and ran towards her desperately, holding her in his arms. After calling her name several times, Yiyao’s cold body turned into nothingness gradually in his arms…

“Yiyao!” Jingyan awakened from his dream with a shout. Then he realized it’s a dream and he wiped the sweat from his forehead. Jingyan turned his head to look out of the window and found it would be daylight soon.

Jingyan’s heart beat fast and the bloody appearance of Yiyao emerged in sight. After covering his face with his hands to calm down for a while, Jingyan got up and went downstairs to run.

The early summer morning is very cool. There were crystal dewdrops on flowers and grass, which sparkled under the sunlight.

Jingyan’s mind was full of Yiyao. He wondered if Yiyao really got injured and fell down to the ground as he dreamed.

Standing at the gate of the villa, Henry said with a smile, “Pingan, you get up so early today.”

Jingyan stopped running and wiped off his sweat with a towel. “Uncle Henry, are dreams real?” Jingyan asked.

“What dream did you have?” Henry asked.

“A very bad dream.” Jingyan frowned and said.

“Dreams are opposite to reality. For example, if you dream of someone passed away, it means that this person is going to be promoted, or get rich and live a long life.” Henry said.

“Really?” Jingyan said with a lighter frown.

“Of course. If you don’t believe me, you can go to read the book Duke of Dream Interpretation.” Henry said. Henry knew what Jingyan’s thinking. He also knew that Yiyao went to perform a task and he thought Jingyan was too worried that he dreamed of bad things.

Then Jingyan smiled. As he ran, he said, “That’s nice.”

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