Chapter 336: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 336 Truth Be Told

During breakfast, Xuan Zhao also appeared in the dining room. Today she would leave Ye’s villa, with the reward she deserves.

“Come here and sit down to eat.” Venus, the only one of Ye family who had some favorable impression of Xuan said, “You have lost some weight these days, and your face became smaller.”

Xuan touched her face embarrassedly and said, “Thank you, aunt. As I will leave today, I want to thank you for your care during this period of time.”

“I ought to take care of you.” Venus said. Venus asked the maid to bring Xuan a cup of hot milk and said, “You should drink more soup when you go home, and you will get better and better.”

“OK.” Xuan said.

Jingyan Ye tore the bread in his hand and said, “Dad, mom, are you free in the morning?”

“Yes. What’s up?” Kerry said.

“The lawyer will come here later. I want you and mom to sit in on.” Jingyan said.

Kerry felt assured of his son and said, “It doesn’t matter whether I and mom will be there. You have the final say.”

“No. You and mom are the largest shareholders of Yehuang Group. If the largest shareholders are not there, I dare not make decisions.” Jingyan said. Then he paused for a while and looked at Venus deliberately, saying with a smile, “What if I give her too little money and my mother disagrees?”

Venus gave Jingyan a glare and said, “Boy, how dare you make me the laughingstock?”

“Mother, please forgive me. I dare not do that. Anyway, you are free this morning. It’s OK for you to sit it on and be a witness.” Jingyan said. Jingyan tried his best to convince his parents, because there would be such a wonderful scene in the morning and his parents should not be absent.

Chuxue Ye sensed something strange. Since all her family would be there, how could she be absent? “I also want to sit it on. I am also a shareholder of Yehuang Group.” Chuxue said.

After hearing what Chuxue said, Jingyan smiled. “If Ruyi is also there, the scene will be more splendid. I have no reason to refuse.” Jingyan thought.

After seeing Jingyan behave like that, Xuan was somewhat guilty, but she couldn’t figure out where the problem lies in.

At ten o’clock in the morning, the lawyer came to Ye’s villa with documents. In the living room, onlookers sat on the sofa and ate sunflower seeds, while Jingyan and Xuan sat on both sides of the table. At that moment, a young man walked into the door of Ye’s villa. Led by Henry, the man came to a small room next to the living room.

“Miss Zhao, tell us about your demands.” Jingyan came straight to the point and said. His time is precious. If Jingyan didn’t want to give her the last chance, he would ask Jian Xu to show up now.

Xuan had already had the demands in her mind, but her heart still beat fast. “I want 10% of Yehuang Group’s shares, and nothing else.” Xuan said.

She had a thorough thought. She knew villas and luxury cars are not as valuable as shares. If she has 10% of Yehuang Group’s shares, she could live her rest life without worrying about food or clothing even if she doesn’t work, as long as Yehuang Group doesn’t bankrupt.

As soon as Chuxue heard what Xuan said, she retorted immediately, “10%? You’re dreaming. I only have 8%.”

“Miss Ye, although you only have 8% now, you will be the major shareholder of Yehuang Group one day, but I will always have 10%.” Xuan said with a hit of smile.

“What do you mean? Are you cursing my parents?” Chuxue said. Chuxue was so angry that she wanted to argue with Xuan, but she was pulled by Venus.

“Sit down. Isn’t this just the start?” Venus comforted Chuxue and said.

“But how could she say such things?” Chuxue said.

As it’s the last day Xuan’s in Ye’s villa, Xuan didn’t want to give the impression of weakness. “Miss Ye, what I said is true. Besides, is my lost child not worth 10% of the shares?”

As soon as Xuan mentioned the child, Chuxue’s morale sank lower. She turned aside and didn’t say anything.

With a sneer, Jingyan said, “Miss Zhao, I will be responsible for what I did. But the shares I have are the same as Chuxue’s. Can you lower you demand?”

After hearing that, Xuan was stunned. She didn’t expect that Jingyan only has 8% of the shares. After thinking for a while, Xuan said, “Well, just give me 8% of the shares. But you have to give me a villa and a car also.”

Without hesitation, Jingyan said, “No problem. Lawyer Tang, just draft the legal document. I will transfer my 8% of the shares to Miss Zhao. Besides, I will give a villa of mine in the east region and the Ferrari in the garage to her.”

Lawyer Tang was stunned. He couldn’t believe that Jingyan would agree to Xuan’s demands so readily.

“Brother, why you are so good-natured?” Chuxue said indignantly.

“She just asks for money. We can earn it back.” Jingyan said indifferently.

Kerry and Venus looked at each other. To be honest, neither of them can be as free and easy as their son. 8% of the shares mean 10 million yuan bonus a year. Jingyan just gave his shares to Xuan without even hesitating.

After hearing that Jingyan agreed her demands, Xuan was very happy. She pretended to be calm and said, “Jingyan, I have no other choice. I heard that it is very difficult for women who have aborted to get pregnant again, so I have to find a way out for myself.”

“I understand you.” Jingyan said with a modest and gentle attitude. When the lawyer was drafting the document, Jingyan asked suddenly, “Miss Zhao, I heard you had a boyfriend when you were in college. Why did you break up with him?”

Xuan was very nervous. She wondered why Jingyan asked her about her ex-boyfriend out of nowhere.

“Mr Ye, this topic seems to have nothing to do with what we are talking about today, right?” Xuan said. Xuan didn’t want to be entangled in this topic.

Jingyan shrugged and said, “I am just curious. We have our hands free anyway. Is it inconvenient for you to talk about it with us?”

There was a hint of nervousness in Xuan’s eyes. She managed to be calm and said frankly, “Of course I can tell you about that. We’ve been together for two or three years. We broke up because we have conflicting personalities. That’s it.”

“Are you not in touch anymore?” Jingyan asked.

“Yes.” Xuan said flatly, “As we’ve broken up, there is no need for us to contact again.”

Jingyan kept his countenance and took a look at the small room next to the living room. “Miss Zhao, you have a decisive attitude toward your ex-boyfriend.” Jingyan said with a smile.

Xuan smiled and didn’t say anything. The more she says, the more likely she will make a mistake.

Soon, the lawyer’s legal documents were drafted, in triplicate. Jingyan glanced them over and handed them to Xuan. “Take a look at them. Sign them if you have no objections.” Jingyan said.

Xuan took the documents over and read them through carefully. After making sure that there’s no loophole, Xuan picked up the pen and signed her name on them with shaking hands.

This is the first time in her life that she signed such important documents.

Jingyan looked at the three documents. When he picked up the pen and was about to sign his name, he laughed suddenly. He then raised his head and saw the nervous facial expression of Xuan. “Miss Zhao, I still have a few questions to ask you.”

“What?” Xuan was panic and said. It seemed that Jingyan’s eyes can see through everything.

Jingyan threw the pen on the table and crossed his hands on his chest, saying, “Did nothing happen between you and your ex-boyfriend as you have been in a relationship for three years?”

As soon as Jingyan said that, not only Xuan was stunned, the several onlookers were also stunned for a few seconds. They didn’t expect that Jingyan would ask such a question.

After hearing that, Xuan’s put her hands, which were on the table, under the table unconsciously. “I don’t know what you mean by that.” Xuan said.

“I am just a little surprised that nothing happened to you during the three years you were together. As you are all adults, is it normal?” Jingyan said. Jingyan was frivolous and looked like a different man.

Kerry and Venus looked at each other and saw the surprise in each other’s eyes. They wondered if their son found out something wrong.

Xuan clasped her hands tightly together and she became serious. “I think you knows best if there’s anything happened between me and him. Did you forget what you saw when you woke up at the hotel that morning?”

“That’s why I am curious. You and him have been together for three years, and you are still a virgin?” Jingyan said bluntly with an invisible smile.

Xuan looked ugly and she dared not looked straight into Jingyan’s eyes. She pretended to be calm and said, “I am a traditional girl and I want to give my virginity to my future husband, so I …”

“Ho!” Jingyan said sarcastically, “Then why you are so open to me? Why you brought me to the hotel when I was drunk?”

Chuxue couldn’t help but laugh out. She was almost sure that Jingyan must have found something out, so he was interrogating Xuan.

After Chuxue laughed, the atmosphere became very weird. Kerry and Venus found it’s both funny and annoying. With a complicated facial expression, Xuan quibbled, “I like you very much, and you insisted to go to the hotel at that time, so I …”

Jingyan sneered and said, “You mean I dragged you to go to the hotel? But didn’t I fall into a coma after drinking too much wine? Did I have the strength to do that?”

Xuan’s heart beat fast. She didn’t know why Jingyan asked that suddenly. As it’s a lie, no matter how plausible she made it is, there are flaws.

At the thought of that, Xuan glared at Jingyan angrily and said, “Mr Ye, things have passed for so long and why you question me now? Are you repenting the promises you just made? If you do repent, you can just say no. Why you insult me here?”

“I just want to figure out the truth.” Jingyan stared at Xuan and said. Then he said something shocking, “Miss Zhao, if you tell me the truth, I can give you some compensation for the sake of the lost child, but if you continue to lie to me, you may not get a penny.”

After hearing what Jingyan said, Xuan was totally panic. As things have come to this, she was determined not to give in. “What if Jingyan’s tricking me?” Xuan though.

“Mr Ye, you don’t have to dupe me like that. As things have come to this and I have lost my child, don’t you want to be responsible for what you did? Don’t you think it’s too mean for you to do that?” Xuan said.

“Really?” Jingyan picked up the pen and circled it in his hand, saying, “So you don’t want to admit it.”

“Why should I admit things I haven’t done?” Xuan said.

“OK.” Jingyan said. Then he turned his head and shouted to the room next to the living room, “Well, come out.”

Everyone looked at the door of the room. Half a minute later, a strange man walked out of the room. As soon as Xuan saw the man, she stood up from her chair suddenly.

“Let me introduce him to you,” Jingyan said relaxedly, “This is Jian Xu, Miss Zhao’s ex-boyfriend. There are some things we can’t just listen to the statement of only one of the parties. We should also listen to what the other party says. Right?”

“Yes.” Chuxue jumped up from the sofa and said happily, “Of course we should listen to the words of two parties.”

“My brother is so wise. How could he just agree on all the demands put forward by Xuan so readily? It turns out that he has the trump card. Ha, ha. It’s wise for me to stay at home to watch the scene. What splendid it is!” Xuan thought.

“Hello, Mr Ye, Mrs Ye.” Jian said politely. Kerry and Venus nodded at him confusedly. Then Jian looked at Xuan and said coldly, “Xuan, we haven’t seen each other for more than a month. How are you doing?”

Xuan was nervous and she held the edge of the table tightly with one hand. “What Are you talking about? We haven’t seen each other for more than a year.” Xuan said with a shaky voice.

“Oh? More than a year?” Jian sneered and said, “Is there something wrong with your memory? Last time you left in such a hurry and your pajamas is still in my closet. When will you go to my home to take it?”

“You…” Xuan didn’t know how to retort and made a false countercharge, “Jian, although we’ve broken up, but we are not enemies. Why you join Jingyan to slander me? What benefits did he give you?”

Jian finally know how insidious Xuan’s and said angrily, “What did I lie? Xuan, is the child that you aborted accidentlly mine?”

Kerry and Venus were stunned. “How could the child be this young man’s?” Venus thought. Chuxue was excited, because she hasn’t encountered such a funny thing for a long time.

“No!” Xuan retorted immediately, “That child has nothing to do with you. It’s Jingyan’s.”

“What proof do you have to prove that?” Jian said aggressively, “Xuan, do you forget that you came to my home for a week a month ago? We did nothing except for having sex. I thought you wanted to reconcile with me, but it turned out that you just wanted to get pregnant.”

Xuan’s legs went soft and she almost fell to the ground. “You’re lying. I have never been to your house.”

“Hum,” Jian took out his phone from his pocket and found the phone records and chatting records. Then he gave the phone to Chuxue, who was next to him. “This is our contact information at that time. Xuan, you’ve deleted it, but I haven’t.” Jian said.

Chuxue saw a few calls, which were made just a few days after the night when her brother was drunk. There were also some messages. But before she looked at them carefully, the phone was taken away by Kerry. “You are girl. How can you look at those things?” Kerry said.

Chuxue pouted. “I am 25 years old and I am no more a child.” Chuxue said in her heart. Chuxue didn’t want to give up, so she stretched her neck to look at the phone. She only saw something like, “Are you at home now?”, “I will go to your home at night.”….

After reading all the messages, Kerry and Venus handed the phone back to Jian. Then they looked at Xuan seriously, with doubts in their eyes.

Xuan still didn’t want to admit everything. “What if I had sex with you? I am the mother of the child, so I know clearly who is the father of the child.” Xuan said harshly at Jian.

“Really?” Jingyan asked rhetorically, “Why you pretended to be a virgin as you are not at that night?”

“I was afraid that you won’t like a girl who is not a virgin, so I pretended to be a virgin.” Xuan said.

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