Chapter 337 – 338: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

chapter 337: Rescue Xinying Bao

“Chairman Chen, I’m sorry. Please forgive me.”

Qingqing Ji was indeed a good actor. Tears streamed down her cheeks as she spoke.

Unfortunately, Kris was not interested in her performance at all.

“The wages of sin is death.” Then Kris left with Mary Su without looking back.

“Chairman Chen, please let me go…” Jian Zhen wanted to catch up with them, but was stopped by Brother Xiong and his men. “Shit! Behave yourself!”

Then a phone call came in. It was from his assistant. His company’s tax evasion had been leaked, and now the police had sealed the company.

Jian Zhen spit out a mouthful of blood. “I’m rightly and truly screwed!”

In Jinxiu Garden Restaurant, Xinying Bao made a fried fish. Last time, she found that Kris seemed to like eating fish very much.

Then she specially learned this dish from a chef who cooked fish. It tasted sweet and special. The fish was scorched outside and tender inside. It was very delicious.

At this moment, someone knocked on the door.

She looked at the door and walked over quietly. It was dark outside.

The emergency light in the corridor seemed to be broken.

Did she hear it wrong?

She kept her ear pressed flat against the door and could hear someone puffed and panted outside.

“Who is outside?” She plucked up her courage and shouted.

It was impossible for her parents to come here at night.

It couldn’t be a neighbor. There was no one living in front of her, and the people upstairs had moved to the new city.

Was it a property management company? Or security staff?

No, it was impossible!

Splendid Garden was an old residential area with twenty years of history. There were no security guards at all.


There was another knock on the door, but the person outside remained silent. A few seconds later, she heard the sound of door opening.

He seemed to be trying to open the door!

Xinying was frightened and locked the door in a hurry.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The people outside were anxious and began to break down the door.

She panicked and picked up her phone in a hurry, trying to call the police.

But somehow, she called Kris.

Kris was cleaning up the table. Hearing the vibration of the phone, he wiped his

hands and answered the phone, “Hello, Miss Bao. What’s up?”

“K… Kris, can you come to my home?”

“What’s wrong with you?”Kris sensed that something was wrong with her.

“Someone is knocking at my door. I… I’m so scared!”

Kris hurriedly asked, “have you called the police?”


“Listen to me. Don’t be afraid. Now you are crying for help from the window. People in the neighborhood will definitely come to help you.”

“Do as I said. I’ll be right up!”

After hanging up the phone, Xinying summoned up a little courage and shouted at the door, “if you don’t leave now, I will call for help. At that time, you can’t leave!”

After saying that, the sound of knocking the door suddenly stopped, and there was no sound outside.

It worked!

Xinying was overjoyed, but just a few second, the knock on the door became more violent.

Fortunately, Xinying Bao had a strong sense of security and specially installed an anti-theft door.

It was not that easy to kick it open.

She hurried to the window and shouted, “Help! Help! Help!”

The scream echoed in the community. Soon, the person opposite opened the window and asked,

“Miss, what’s wrong?”

“Come on, help me. Someone is bumping against my door…”


Before she could finish her words, the security door was kicked open from the outside, and then a fat figure ran in and grabbed her neck.

It was Pingchuan Jia!

He shouted at the window, “I’m sorry, neighbors. We are couples, we just have conflict. Nothing really.”

What? It turned out that they had a quarrel.

This kind of thing was very common in Splendid Garden.

Then they closed their windows laughingly.

Pingchuan closed the window, drew the curtain and pushed Xinying to the ground.

She fell hard, and a piercing pain came from her buttocks.

“Run? Scream?” With a ferocious smile, Pingchuan said, “it’s no use crying out today.”

He walked aside and closed the deformed door. Then he moved the sofa over and leaned against the door.

Seeing that Xinying took out her phone, he snatched it from her and threw it on the ground.

“You want to call the police? No way! “

He pinched Xinying’s face and said fiercely, “Bitch, do you know that you disabled me with that kick?”

Xinying kicked him in the crotch. The doctor said that he would never have kids.

“You destroyed me, it’s time I return the favor!”

“What do you want?” Xinying was frightened.

“Ha ha…”

With a sinister smile, Pingchuan took out a bottle of liquid medicine from his pocket and said, “this is the Magic Liquid. Do you know what it is?”

“No… no…”

After pouring the Magic Liquid into her mouth, he took out his phone and began to take photos.

“Aren’t you lofty?Aren’t you pure?I’ll take a photo of you and post it online, so that everyone can see you in your true colours. “

“No, no…”

She struggled desperately, but Pingchuan was too fat for her to push.

Now, she was almost desperate.

“Don’t worry. You will beg me to jump you soon.”

Pingchuan touched Xinying’s smooth face and began to take off his clothes.

She was so frightened that she retreated to the corner. Slowly, a strange feeling happened to her.

Her skin began to turn red and she felt dizzy.

“The drug is working.”

Pingchuan threw his coat on the sofa and dragged Xinying to it.

“Baby, I’m here…”

Then he started to pulled at Xinying’s clothes.

“No, please!”

She grabbed her clothes tightly, tears streaming down from his her eyes and her feet kicking.

Unfortunately, she was too weak to fight against Pingchuan.

With a crack, her coat was torn, revealing her smooth skin.

Pingchuan was short of breath as he saw the scene in front of him.

Xinying was desperate. Was she going to be violated by this disgusting man?

“Kris… Why haven’t you arrived yet?” She shouted desperately.

“Kris should be your little boyfriend. Don’t worry. After that, I will send the video of us to him.”


With a loud noise, the door that was leaned against the sofa was kicked open by a strong force, and the sofa flew out and hit the wall heavily.

The sudden noise almost scared Pingchuan to death.

Xinying looked at the door. When she saw the figure she had the man daily and nightly in her thoughts, she couldn’t help crying, “Kris…”

When Kris saw Pingchuan, who was pressing on Xinying’s body on the sofa, his face instantly darkened and the surrounding temperature instantly dropped.

“Go to hell!”

Without saying anything else, Kris rushed over and kicked Pingchuan away.


He hit the wall heavily.

Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack.

The wall cracked and Pingchuan fainted.

After dealing with Pingchuan, he looked at Xinying and found that she was complete except for her coat was torn.

Kris breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, he didn’t come late.


Xinying blushed and looked at him in a daze. Then she was like a beautiful snake coiling around him.

Kris understood that she was drugged.

It seemed that the medicine had taken effect. He had to use Inner Energy to force the medicine out of her body.

He sealed the acupoints on Xinying’s body to slow down the blood circulation. Then he put his hand on her back and continuously infused the Inner Energy into her body.


She let out a muffled groan and her expression became painful. Her face turned purple.

“Kris, I feel terrible. I feel like I’m going to explode…”

What? Kris quickly withdrew his hand. What was going on.

“What drug did he drug you?”

“Magic Liquid..”

At this moment, she was trying her best to endure the pain in her body.

Kris knew that this medicine had a strong effect. It was a liquid and could be easily absorbed, and the efficacy would be infused into the blood, so the effect of forcing it with Inner Energy was not very good.

Kris was at his wits’ end.”

Kris, I feel bad. Help me…”

The next second, she put her arms around Kris’s neck and kissed him.

“Come on, take me to the bedroom… Please…”

She hadn’t completely lost her mind by lust, but she still remained a little sober. The reason why she said so was that she knew that if she did not take the initiative, Kris would not touch her.

And her disposition did not allow her to go further with Kris.

Now was a good opportunity. If she missed it, she would never meet it again.


She kissed him, very unskillful.

She fumbled on Kris’s body.

Kris really didn’t want to take advantage of her. Moreover, he had too much debt of love now. He really didn’t want to hurt her.

“Just help me detoxify… I won’t pester you…”

Hearing this, Kris’s head was buzzing.

He picked her up and strode to the bedroom.

With a cry of pain, they began a great sex.

After a long time, they finished their pleasure.

At this moment, Kris felt a pure Inner Energy passing from Xinying’s body to his body.

The Inner Energy was so pure, and he felt it carefully.

After the Inner Energy was sucked into his body, it merged with the Inner Energy in his belly, and then it began to expand.

Through his technique of inner vision, he clearly saw that the Inner Energy had more than doubled.

What the fuck? What was going on?

Kris was stunned. He was now in Fulfilled period of Return-to-nature stage, a Fulfilled period. The Inner Energy in his body had reached the limit, but after he absorbed that Inner Energy, the Energy in his body had expanded again.

If he wanted to break through the Back-to-self stage, he had to constantly compress the Inner Energy in his body, and condense it into liquid and form Genuine Energy.

But it was not an easy thing.

It can be said that only one Practitioner who reached Fulfilled Period of Return-to-nature stage could break through and Back-to-self stage in one thousand.

The vast majority of people hadn’t completely transformed the Inner Energy until they died. It could be seen how difficult it was to turn Inner Energy into liquid form.

Chapter 338: Lei Chen’s Back

Xinying Bao was so shy that she groaned and hid in Kris Chen’s arms, not daring to look at him.

The atmosphere of the room was a little awkward.

“Thank..thank you…”

Xinying got up the courage to say to Kris: “Don’t worry, I won’t hold you responsible.”

Looking at the bright red mark on the sheet, he knew that she was a self-respecting and self-loving girl. He sighed and said, “Now that it happened, I won’t pass the buck no matter how. But you are also aware that I’m married, so I can’t marry you anymore. And the only thing I can do is protect you for the rest of my life.”

He knew clearly that he could not stand seeing her stay with other men. This kind of strong acquisitiveness probably was just the inborn weakness of the men.


Xinying was ravished with joy and she stared at him with her eyes full of love, saying: “I don’t need you to marry me as long as you are good to me.”

“Let’s go, we can’t live here anymore.” After saying that, Kris took her in his arms and they took a shower in his bedroom. After getting dressed, he asked, “Well, can you walk?”

“Yes…I can.” She answered, blushing.

“What about Pingchuan Jia?”

Kris smiled and said: “Don’t worry, I will call someone to deal with him.”

Then after Kris called Kuizi and gave him his address, he took Xinying with him and left.

“Kris, what if Pingchuan is dead? Should we call an ambulance?”

“Don’t worry, he only broke a few ribs, he won’t die.”

Kris was quite confident in his strength of control: “Forget it, he won’t be around here anymore.”


Kris’s words had a force of conviction and an air of invincibility that few people could possess.

“Where shall we go now?”

“You’ll know when we get there!”

After fifteen minutes, Kris drove to Tianmeng Garden. In addition to the villa that he reserved for his parents, he also kept several villas for himself.

As for Xinying, she dared not to even think about living in such a good villa.

Even the cheapest villa in Tianmeng Garden costed over 10 million dollars.

She just looked at the number at the door. Number eighty-eight!

With such a lucky house number, this villa at least costed 20 to 30 million dollars.

“You can stay here from now on. In a couple of days I’ll have the house transferred to you.” Kris was never stingy with his own women.

“It’s…it’s too expensive. I can not take it.” She shook her head and said, “This house is so big that I don’t feel safe living alone. I’m still used to living in my own house.”

This gift was too expensive, neither dare she nor could she receive it.

Besides, if she really lived in this house, she was also afraid that Kris would think she was mammonish and the reason she slept with him was that he was rich.

“Why not?” Kris looked at her with surprise.

“Nothing, I simply think it was too expensive and it’s not good for me to accept such a gift without paying anything.” Xinying said, “Although my house in Jinxiu Garden Restaurant is smaller and less luxurious, I am used to living there and I still like to live there. ”

“In a few days, when the house over there is settled, I will go back.”

Then Kris nodded instead of continuing to convince her, and he said: “You should take a good rest. I’m going back now.”

“Okay, you drive slowly.”

Although she really wanted Kris to stay with her, she also understood that Kris’s acceptance of her was tied to his responsibility.

Besides, she had seen Mary Su, a woman who was so beautiful that even she herself was attracted by her.

Therefore, now that was the best she could hope for, what more could she expect?


Kris nodded and turned around to say to her after just taking two steps: “I haven’t tasted your food for days. Can you cook me a meal tomorrow at noon?”

“Of course.”

The two smiled at each other.

On the way home, Kris got a call from Lin Li, and she said that she was going to hold a teacher worship ceremony for him and invite all the big names in Westriver City.

Kris refused her proposal without a second thought.

He thought it was ostentatious and he didn’t like being too high-key.

“I appreciate the good intention of you and Xiaohu, but you’d better concentrate on improving your skills of refining the pills.”

After hanging up, Kris drove home.

Before entering the bedroom, he sniffed his clothes to make sure that there was no smell of perfume.

On the other side, in the manor of the Su family.

The old lady of the Su family gathered all the people in the family together.

“Grandma, why are you calling us here so late?” Hai Su asked.

Yes, it’s too late, we are all too listless to have this family meeting.

Grandma, what about having the meeting tomorrow? We are too sleepy.

Since all the people of the Su family were listless and continued to yawn, they were out of spirits to hear her words.

“Hum! How can you sleep at this time!” The old lady said, regreting that her children did not live up to her expectations: “Of course I have something important to tell you.”

“Don’t be angry, grandma.” Hai Su managed to pull himself together and said, “We are all sleepy. Please don’t be angry.”

After hearing the words of him, the old lady became calmer and said: “I just got a message, Huanyu Group has changed its President again.”


Huanyu Group changed the President again?

The new one had only taken the office for less than half a year, and now it should change the President again?

Everyone in the Su family all became sober after hearing the words. Wasn’t this a joke?

Frequent change of top leadership had adverse impact on the company. Even if the Huanyu Group was very rich, it still could not be so capricious.

“Tomorrow night, Huanyu group will hold a welcome party at Dynasty Hotel, and the celebrities from all circles in Westriver City will be there. This is a good opportunity, so our Su family can’t miss it.”

“And I have been told that the new President of the Group is a beautiful woman. Since women are easier to deal with than men and we also had a short cooperation with the Group, now we can take this opportunity to deepen the cooperation between the two companies.”

“I’m afraid that you don’t know that Huanyu Group has bought the World Entertainment Company group.”


Now everyone was shocked after hearing the news.

World Entertainment Company, one of the top three domestic entertainment companies, should be bought by Huanyu Group.

The news was really shocking.

“Doesn’t that mean the strength of the Huanyu Group is stronger than the World Entertainment Company?”

“Of course, even if the stock of the World Entertainment Company fell sharply, it is still at least worth ten or twenty billion dollars.”

“Oh my God, the Huanyu Group is so rich!”

Everyone was so shocked that they could not help taking a deep breath.

Once it integrated the resources of the World Entertainment Company, it would become the leading company in the domestic entertainment industry.

And if they could reach a cooperation with Huanyu Group again, then… they would make a fortune!

Hai Su came forward to say: “Grandma, I’ve dealt with Huanyu Group. Let me do the work.”

“Grandma, I want to do that as well.”

“Let me do the work. I’m handsome, and if the new President takes a fancy to me, we’ll be rich!”

The old lady knocked on the ground with her crutch and said, “Don’t argue. This time each family is limited to three quotas. So let me decide who can go.”

“Hai Su, Yu Su, you two can go.”

“Grandma, there is still a quota left, let me go.” Ming Su stood up and said.

“Grandma, I want to go.”

At this time, Ling’er Su walked to the old lady and said to her like a spoiled child: “Please, grandma, let me go so that I can broaden my vision.”

“Fine, the third quota will be given to you.” The old lady looked at Ling’er kindly. She spoiled this granddaughter who had lived in the overseas for more than ten years very much.

“Thank you, Grandma!”

Then Ling’er happily kissed the old lady on the cheek, and then she went back to her mother.

“Ling’er, remember to follow your brother Hai Su and don’t run around tomorrow.” Yanjing Cui said with a smile.

“I know, mother.”

Changhe Su was also very pleased. He had thought that the old lady would reject Ling’er, but the fact was quite the opposite.

In fact, except Hai Su, the one that the old lady loved the most was just Ling’er in the whole family.

Therefore, after seeing Yanjing and Ling’er be accepted by the people of the Su family, he also felt quite relieved.


He wondered how were Jane Tang and Mary doing now.


At the same time, outside the villa of the Chen family.

Two men in black robes stood outside the door.

The security guard of the Chen family looked at the two men and said, “You two, what are you doing? Do you want to steal something now that you’re sneaking around at night?”

At this time, the man took off his hat. After seeing him, the security guard was so shocked that he shouted “Ah”, then he asked: “Are… Are you the third young master?”

“Uncle Fu, open the door, I’m back.”

“Aren’t you already dead?”

“Who told you I was dead?” Lei Chen smiled and held out his hand: “Touch my hand, it’s warm.”

Uncle Fu hesitated for a moment, then he reached out his hand and touched it. It was indeed warm.

“You are really the third young master!”

Uncle Fu hurriedly opened the small door to let Chen Lei and the other one come in, then he excitedly shouted at the mansion of the Chen family: “Wake up, everyone! The third young master is back! The third young master is back…”

Then the lights went on in the rooms, and countless heads looked out of the Windows.

Someone asked: “Uncle Fu, have you seen a ghost at night? My third brother is dead, don’t talk nonsense.”

“It’s true, the third young master is really back…”

At this time, Lei Chen stepped forward from behind, looked at those familiar faces and said, “My brothers and sisters, I, Lei Chen came back alive.”

Listening to that familiar voice, the people of the Chen family were stunned at first, then they immediately shouted loudly: “It really is the voice of the third brother! It’s true!”

“Lei Chen is not dead, not dead…Go tell the patriarch now!”

After ten minutes, Tianzong Chen took all the people of the family to the hall.

Looking at the skinny Lei Chen, Tianzong could not help crying and said: “My son, you finally come back, we all thought you had…”

“Dad, fortunately, I have successfully contacted the Holy Dragon Scripture. Soon an envoy will be sent to our Chen family.”


You really got in touch with the Holy Dragon Scripture?

The people of the family all revealed the color of joy after hearing this news.

“Lei, are you serious?”

“Yes.” He said, pointing to the man in black robes beside him: “Dad, this is The Monk Zhen Yuan from The Blue Dragon Guardian!”

“Mr. Chen, long time no see.”

At this time, Zhen Yuan took off his hat and revealed his appearance.

Looking at the familiar long eyebrow, Tianzong exclaimed: “Master Zhen Yuan.”

“Well, what Mr. Chen said is not quite true. There is only The Monk Zhen Yuan, not Master Zhen Yuan.” He smiled and said: “I’m quite ashamed of not being able to attend Old Mr. Chen’s funeral.”

“Therefore, this time I brought three Obstacle-Breaking Pills for your Chen family to make up for my guilt.”


Three…three Obstacle-Breaking Pills?

Everyone in the Chen family was quite shocked. Since an expired Obstacle-Breaking Pill had been auctioned for 5.5 billion dollars at the Dingding auction, then the three Obstacle-Breaking Pills would be worth 16.5 billion dollars!

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