Chapter 337: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 337 You Don’t Have to Wait for Her

“I don’t think anything happened that night. You did that because you want to be the mistress of Ye family. You even treated me by saying your ex-boyfriend’s child is mine in order to achieve your ulterior motives.” Jingyan Ye said mockingly.

As Xuan Zhao’s carefully arranged traps were exposed by Jingyan step by step, Xuan shook her head vigorously and quibbled, “No, that’s not the case. I really love you, and that’s really your child. How could I do things like that?”

“I also wonder how you, who was so strong and brave when you were a child, could do such things today.” Jingyan looked at Xuan with disdain and lament, saying.

“I remember a few years ago when you were chased down the street by a gang of thugs to pay off the debts, I got off the car to save you. I didn’t expect that I saved an ungrateful person.” Chuxue Ye said.

Xuan’s heart sank into the abyss of depression. She took a look at the indifferent Jingyan. Then she turned and wanted to turn to Venus, but she found that Venus’s looking at herself coldly. She knew there’s no use in her sophistry.

Filled with anger, Xuan walked up to Jian Xu and said, “Jian Xu, I treated you quite well when we were together. And I didn’t speak ill of you to ruin your reputation after we broke up. Why did you do this to me today?”

“Then why did you use my child to get what you want? It’s a life. How could you be so cruel? Have you asked me for my opinion?” Jian shouted at Xuan angrily.

Xuan’s brain was in buzz. Without thinking, she blurted out, “What can you give the child? You are a poor boy. Can you let the child go to a famous school, can you give the child the best environment, and can you afford the child to study abroad in the future?”

Xuan’s words made the scene quiet down immediately. Everyone looked at her with complicated facial expressions. It suddenly dawned on her what she had said. She admitted that the child is indeed Jian’s.

Xuan fell apart and sat down on the chair with numb facial expression.

Venus felt as if her heart had been thrown to the ground. “Miss Zhao, how could you do such things? I treated you so well and stood by your side to help you. You…” Venus said angrily.

“It turned out that the child is not Jingyan’s. I shouldn’t have treated her so well.” Venus thought.

“Mom, I told you there’s something wrong with her, but you don’t believe me.” Chuxue said.

Kerry shot Chuxue a glance and said, “Just as the saying goes, cats hide their claws. You mother just took pity on Xuan. How could you say that?”

“OK. It’s my fault.” Chuxue said.

Looking at Xuan’s pale face, Jingyan said, “Do you have anything else to say?”

After being silent for a long time, Xuan said coldly, “I confess the child is not yours, but you caused my accidental abortion. It an unassailable truth.”

“It’s indeed my fault.” Jingyan said unhurriedly. Jingyan was in a bad mood then and he pushed Xuan, who rolled down the stairs.

“Just give me a million yuan to compensate for my lost child.” Xuan said shamelessly.

After hearing that, Jian bristled with rage and said, “Xuan, how can you be so shameless to ask for money?”

“It has nothing to do with you. The child is mine, and of course I can ask for money.” Xuan said. Xuan didn’t care about her self-respect anymore. “I have planned this for a long time, and I almost killed myself. I can’t leave without getting anything.” Xuan thought.

“I will only give you 500000 yuan.” Jingyan said calmly.

“Jingyan, you are too mean. 1 million yuan is not a big amount to you.” Xuan said.

“1 million yuan is not a big amount to me, but you don’t deserve so much.” Jingyan stared at Xuan mercilessly and said, “You’d batter take the half a million yuan, because maybe I won’t give you a dime the next second.”

Xuan saw the hatred in Jingyan’s eyes and she suddenly thought of Yiyao Duan. “As I have played a trick and made Yiyao broke up with Jingyan, Jingyan must hate me. Jingyan has known everything and I can only at his service.” Xuan thought.

“Well, just give me half a million yuan. I want it now.” Xuan said.

Jingyan threw the check he had prepared in advance to her. The amount on the check is exactly 500000 yuan. “Miss Zhao, please leave my house at once. By the way, I want to inform you that you have been dismissed by Yehuang Group for your bad conduct. Your personal effects will be delivered to your home later. You can pack up and leave now.” Jingyan said.

Clenching the check in her hand, Xuan stood up out of her wits and walked limply. That’s not what she wanted. She just wanted Jingyan to love her, but why did it come to this?

Jian was indignant, because the girl who he fell in love with is so repulsive in countenance now. It was as if there was a huge stone in his heart. After a sigh, Jian said, “Mr Ye, there’s nothing for me to do here. I’m leaving now.”

As Jingyan was in a good mood, he said trippingly, “Thank you for your coming.”

“It’s just a lift of the finger. Goodbye.” Jian said. Then Jian turned and left the living room and strode toward the gate of Ye’s villa.

He didn’t want to see Xuan anymore this life, because she destroyed his beautiful yearning for love.

When Xuan and Jian left, Jingyan smiled, because the matter finally came to light.

“Brother, when did you find there’s something wrong? Why didn’t you tell me about that? I, father and mother were filled with apprehension. We were afraid that you would sign the document in a thoughtless moment.” Chuxue said. Chuxue was also in a good mood, because she wouldn’t see Xuan in Ye’s villa anymore.

“One night I heard her talking on the phone in her room. She said something strange. So I went to find her ex-boyfriend to know something more about her. I didn’t expect things to become as such a big surprise.” Jingyan said with a smile.

“Why didn’t you take me with you to do such a funny thing?” Chuxue pretended to be angry and said.

“You know it now, don’t you?” Jingyan said.

With an apologetic look, Venus said, “I am dim-sighted from old age and I can’t tell good people from bad people. I even argued with you for that…”

Jingyan walked up to Venus to put his arm around her shoulder and said, “Mom, it’s not your fault. Xuan is a deep person.”

“Then tell Yiyao about it and you two can get back together. It’s to the satisfaction of all.” Venus said.

“I can’t contact her while she’s on task, in case something goes wrong.” Jingyan said somewhat disappointedly.

Chuxue, Kerry and Venus were all silent.

At the time, Henry walked into the living room and said, “Sir Kerry, Venus, Xuan’s things are packed. Should we send her home?”

“No.” Kerry said coldly, “Let her go by herself. She almost made me lose such a good daughter-in-law.”

“OK. I see.” Henry controlled himself from laughing and said.

A few minutes later, Xuan, carrying a small package of things, walked alone on the road leading to the door. Kerry, Venus, Chuxue and Jingyan stood at the window watching the view of her thin back.

At last Xuan left.


A few days later, Yiyan was transferred to the best military hospital in Capital City by plane because the condition of her ears was not improved. Azure Dragon accompanied Yiyan. As Yiyan was wounded to save him, he would keep awake at night with worry if he doesn’t see Yiyan recovers.

“She just had a ruptured eardrum. Why did she stay deaf for so long?” Azure Dragon asked the doctor anxiously.

“Let’s talk about it after the patient does a thorough examination.” The doctor said.

After a series of examinations, the doctor looked serious.

“Doctor, how about my captain?” Azure Dragon asked worriedly.

“She has a sensorineural hearing loss. The condition is serious.” The doctor looked at the X-ray in his hand and said, “And it’s a long-term treatment. I am not sure what the treatment effect will be.”

After hearing that, Azure Dragon was sad. “I beg you to heal her, or she will feel unhappy.” Azure Dragon implored the doctor.

The doctor knew who Yiyao is. He patted Azure Dragon on the shoulder and said, “Don’t worry. We will do our best to treat her.”

After went back to the ward, Yiyao stood quietly at the window. She felt the world’s so quiet, quieter than Kunlun Mountains at night.

Looking at her straight back, tears welled up in Azure Dragon’s eyes. “If my captain can’t hear again, I will take care of her for the rest of her life, as long as she won’t abandon me.” Azure Dragon thought.

Wiping the tears away, Azure Dragon walked up to Yiyao. With a brilliant smile, Azure Dragon took out his phone and typed, “The doctor said you are in a good condition. You will recover soon if you cooperate with the doctors.”

Yiyao read those word quickly. Then she looked at Azure Dragon and smiled knowingly. As Azure Dragon has been her comrade for so many years, Yiyao knew him very well. Seeing the unnatural smile of Azure Dragon, Yiyao knew things were not that case.

After knowing her condition was not optimistic, Yiyao was down in the dumps. She couldn’t imagine how boring the world would be if there were no sounds in it. One of the first things she had to do was to get out of the army.

Seeing Yiyao knew the truth, Azure Dragon lowered his head in silent depressedly and sadly. Yiyao didn’t want Azure Dragon to feel guilty, so she took Azure Dragon’s phone over and typed, “I’m fine. At worst, I can’t hear anymore, but I am alive.”

After reading that, Azure Dragon’s tears rolled down from his cheeks. He typed with shaking hands, “Captain, if you can’t hear anymore, I will take care of you for the rest of your life.”

Yiyao smiled and typed, “I will have a boyfriend.”

Yiyao just said that to comfort Azure Dragon. She made up her mind that if she really can’t hear anymore, she will spend the rest of her life alone, because she doesn’t want to be a burden of others, Jingyan especially. He is such a brilliant man and he should have a perfect wife.

“It’s a good thing that I promised him nothing when I left. That’s a good farewell. Just think I died.” Yiyao thought.

In the following time, Yiyao has been cooperating with the doctors. As she is a positive person, she will not give up as long as there is a glimmer of hope, so no matter how painful the treatment was, she stuck to it.

Gradually, the treatment worked. One of her ears could hear some sound, but she still couldn’t hear what others say clearly.

One afternoon, Yiyao saw her father. They haven’t seen each other for a long time.

Jun Duan was thinner and darker than he used to be. He looked at his daughter lovingly and for the first time he decided to let her discharge from the army.

He had lost his wife and he could not afford to lose his daughter.

Yiyao was so happy that she wanted to ask her father all kinds of questions, but she didn’t know how to speak after opening her mouth. Then she picked up the tablet and wrote, “Is the task finished?”

Jun nodded and said slowly, “Yes.”

Yiyao understood Jun’s lip language and she was happier. “I know my dad is the most powerful one. Don’t worry, I’m fine. Now I can hear a little in my left ear.” Yiyao wrote.

Jun held Yiyao’s thin shoulder and he was sad. He took the pen in Yiyao’s hand and wrote, “You are my pride.” Then Jun paused. Jun wanted to ask Yiyao to demobilize, but he felt it’s not a good time to do that, so he only typed “Cooperate with the doctors”.

Yiyao nodded her head with a smile. Jun rubbed her hair and smiled kindly.

“I need to think about what Yiyao will do when she leaves the army. Of course, I can afford to take care of her even if she won’t work, but she is unwilling to be an unoccupied person. How about I help her find a position in Sky City? In this way, she doesn’t have to be separated from Jingyan anymore. But will Jingyan mind if Yiyao can’t hear anymore?” Jun thought.

Jun and Yiyao are both very proud people. Jun would not marry his daughter to Jingyan if Jingyan hesitates a bit.

After leaving the ward, Jun called his old comrade-in-arms, an important official in Sky City.

“You want to let you daughter work in Sky City? There’s absolutely no problem. No matter what position she wants to work, I will help her make it.” Jun’s comrade-in-arms said.

“By the way, do you know Jingyan of Yehuang Group?” Jun asked casually.

“Of course I know him. Everyone in Sky City knows him. Why…” Jun’s comrade-in-arms broke off in the middle of a sentence. He seemed to remember something and after being silent for a few seconds, he said, “As you mentioned Jingyan, I thought of something happed some time ago, which has something to do with Yiyao.”

Jun frowned and said, “What’s that?”

“I’m not very sure of it. You can search the internet.” Jun’s comrade-in-arms said.

“Well, go ahead for your staff first. I will let you know when everything’s ready.” Jun said.

“OK.” Jun’s comrade-in-arms said.

After hanging up the phone, Jun searched Jingyan Ye of Yehuang Group on the Internet curiously. After a glimpse of the news, Jun was inwardly furious.

“Son of bitch, he had a child with another woman. I used to think Jingyan is a nice man, but it turns out that my first intuition is right. Businessmen are unreliable. Well, now I don’t even have to think about letting Yiyao go to Sky City. I wonder how sad Yiyao was when she read the news. She finally fell in love with a boy, but he is such a bad guy.” Jun thought.

Jun was in a rage. If he was in Sky City at that moment, he would go to Ye family to give Jingyan a good beating.

As there was no where to vent his anger, Juan called Azure Dragon over and said, “Tell me in full detail what happened in Sky City some time ago. What did Jingyan, the son of bitch, do to Yiyao?”

Azure Dragon has never seen the chief so angry. Being surrounded by the powerful aura, he stepped back. “I, I don’t know.” Azure Dragon said stutteringly.

“Nonsense!” Jun threw the phone to him and said, “How dare you say you don’t know about such a big thing?”

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