Chapter 338: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 338 She Was Dead

After seeing the breaking news on the phone, Azure Dragon was first confused and then shocked, finally he grew sullen and cursed, “Damn! I know that’s the truth or how could Yiyao faint?”

“What did you say? What happened to Yiyao?” Jun grabbed him by the collar and asked anxiously.

Azure Dragon was also very angry and explained, “Chief, please listen to me. I’ll tell you about the matter.”

Then, Azure Dragon told Jun about the things happened in the hospital in detail, including Xuan’s visit to Yiyao, Yiyao’s surgery, Jingyan’s repentance and Yiyao’s weeping. He almost told Jun everything except Jingyan’s supernatural powers. He promised Yiyao to keep it a secrete.

The more Jun listened, the angrier he became. He knew how strong his daughter was. She never cry again after her mother passed away. No matter how she wounded, she would just comfort him. Now, she cried for Jingyan, she must like Jiangyan very well.

“What’s Yiyao’s thought?” After Azure Dragon finished talking, Jun asked.

“When leaving Sky City, Jingyan bid a farewell for us, however, Yiyao acted indifferently.”

Hearing this, Jun snorted, “How dare him to ask Yiyao for forgiveness? Just give him a punch the next time you see him.”

Azure Dragon answered somewhat embarrassed, “Chief, he is more powerful than me.”

“Well, it’s an order.” Jun yelled.

“Copy that!” Azure Dragon saluted uprightly.

“Get out of here.” Then Azure Dragon left quickly, now in his heart, Jingyan was definitely a bad man.

Jun took a while to calm down, he wouldn’t allow Jingyan to be his son-in-law. Mistakes always come in pairs. He really hated this kind of person. However, he was afraid that Yiyao would be seduced by Jingyan. He must find a way to pump the brakes on such thought.

But what could he do? He must think seriously.


Sky City, in Ye family villa.

Jingyan was fishing by the lake, however his mind drifted and he didn’t even notice the movement of those fish.

“Well, the fish is coming.” Chuxue quickly pulled out the fishing rod, however, it was gone. After packing the rod, Chuxue teased, “Are you fishing or meditating? The fish have all run away.”

“As long as they are in this pond, it’s fine.” Jingyan said with a faint smile.

“Then what are you fishing for?” Chuxue hung the worm on the hook and then threw the rod into the water.

Jingyan sighed, “It’s been almost a month, but I haven’t got any news from Yiyao, I’m really very worried.”

“Just send her a message,” Chuxue squatted next to him, she had a long hair and no make up at all, looked just like an innocent girl.

“I’m afraid to disturb her.”

“It’s been a month, the mission should be over,” Chuxue looked at him and then said, “Give me your phone, I’ll help you.”

After pondering a while, Jingyan refused her, although he wanted to do that.

Chuxue knew the thought of her brother, so she directly took out his phone and opened it with password. Then when she was about to send a message to Yiyao, a call came in.

“Well, someone calls you.” Chuxue gave him the phone.

Jingyan looked at the number but found it was unfamiliar, he picked it up and said “Hello? “

Then a deep voice was heard, “This is Jun.”

Hearing this, Jingyan quickly stood up from the chair and said politely, “Hello, uncle.”

Then Chuxue also stood up and felt nervous.

“I’m calling to inform you that ……” In order to perform more vividly, Jun hesitated for a while and continued, “Stop waiting for Yiyao.”

Hearing this, Jingyan was stunned with his brain went blank, then he asked dumbly “Why?”

“She died for the country.” After saying this, he quickly hung up the phone.

Jingyan was in panic, he couldn’t think anymore and the phone had slipped to the ground from his hand.

Seeing this, Chuxue knew something was wrong, so she quickly asked, “What happened?”

Jingyan was dumbfounded and could not say a word,.

“Brother, what’s wrong? Please don’t act like this.” Chuxue shook his arm, but didn’t expect that the next moment, Jingyan fainted.

“Brother!” Chuxue screamed and hugged him, then she shouted, “Dad, mom, come here quickly.”

Hearing the scream, Kerry rushed here and was shocked by what he had seen, “What’s wrong? What happened to him?”

“I don’t know,” Chuxue cried with tears on her face, “Yiyao’s father made a phone call just now, after hanging up the phone, brother fainted.”

After hearing this, Kerry felt nervous and helped Jingyan up, then he said, “Just bring him to his room first, there must be something wrong with Yiyao.” Then they took Jingyan away.

After a while,Venus came in, seeing that Jingyan was lying on the bed with a pale face, she asked anxiously, “What happened to Pingan?”

Chuxue told her about the matter again, Venus’s reaction was the same as Kerry, and she said, “Something must happen on Yiyao.”

“It must be something very important or brother won’t faint.”

Kerry frowned, and then said in a deep voice, “Perhaps she was dead.”

As soon as Chuxue heard this, the tears burst out on her face, she kept shaking her head and said, “How could this happen? Yiyao is such a strong woman.”

Venus wiped Chuxue’s tears and said softly, “Keep calm, it’s just your father’s speculation. Pingan will tell us when he wakes up.”

“Does he need a doctor?” Kerry asked.

“I’ve asked Henry to call the doctor, he will be here soon.”

Seeing Jingyan’s face, all of them felt worried, what if Kerry’s guess was true? How could Jingyan accept that?

Jingyan had dreamed again, he dreamed that Yiyao was lying in his arms with blood all over her body. Then she finally turned into bubble and disappeared.

“Yiyao!” Jingyan suddenly yelled and sat up from the bed. He looked quite dumb.

“Brother.” Chuxue called softly, then Jingyan woke up from his dream. Then Chuxue said, “Brother, what’s wrong?”

Jingyan opened his mouth slowly, and said in a hoarse voice, “Yiyao was dead.”

Hearing this, they were all shocked, their speculation was true.

“Yiyao was dead, how could this happen?” Jingyan just repeated the sentence like a soulless puppet. He lifted the quilt and was about to get off the bed. Seeing this, Kerry quickly stopped him and said, “What are you doing?”

“I’m going to find her, I don’t believe it, I must see it myself.” Jingyan struggled to stand up. Suddenly, someone hit him from behind. Then he fainted again.

Chuxue raised her hands and cried, “I don’t mean to do it.”

Venus hugged her and comforted her softly, “It’s fine, you’ve done a good job.”

Hearing this, Chuxue quickly hugged Venus and sobbed, “How could this happen? How could Yiyao die? “

Venus patted her back and coaxed her as if she was a child, “Good girl, just vent your sorrow.”

“How could brother accept it? He likes Yiyao very much. Life is so magic.”

Venus sighed lightly with moist eyes, “This world is indeed unfair.” Hearing this, Chuxue cried even louder.

Jingyan woke up at midnight, however, recalling Jun’s words, he felt heartbroken and tears rolled down his face again.

No wonder she did not contact him for so long. No wonder he would have such an inauspicious dream. It turned out that she really died. How could this happen? How could he accept the fact?

The three people downstairs were all silent, after a while, Kerry said, “I’ll make a phone call to Chief Duan so that Jingyan can see Yiyao for the last time.”

“Fine.” Venus agreed, “It’s good for him to accept the fact or he can’t get rid of this the whole life.”

Chuxue snuggled up to her mother and sobbed.

Kerry used Jingyan’s phone to make a call. After waiting for a while, someone picked it up. Then Kerry said, “Chief Duan, this is Jingyan’s father.” Kerry introduced himself.

“Hello.” Jun answered indifferently, he was completely disappointed to Ye family.

“I heard the unfortunate news from Jingyan, he’s very sad now.”

Jun kept silent, Kerry thought he was too sad to speak, so he just continued, “I’m calling for seeking your advice, could Jingyan perform his last duty and see Yiyao for the last time. After all, they ……”

“No way.” Jun refused directly, “We have our rules. He is not allowed to attend the funeral. There’s no leeway. That’s it, I’m busy.” After saying this, he hung up the phone.

Hearing this, Kerry put down the phone and sighed, “He refused me.”

But he seemed to be angrier than sad. Could it be that he was preparing to take revenge?

“I’ll go to see Pingan.” Venus was ready to stand up, but was stopped by Kerry, “Well, just leave him alone. He can get over this.”

However, Venus didn’t think so, she said in an negative way, “Yiyao means too much to him, how could he accept this?”

“We have to trust him. He’s a strong kid since he was a child, and he’ll pull through this.”

“Well, I hope so.”

In the remote Capital City.

After many days of treatment, Yiyao’s left ear could hear nothing except some loud voices. Besides, she had no hearing in her right ear.

Gradually, she felt depressed.

“Chief, we’ve tried our best, and this is the best result.” The doctor said apologetically.

In just a few days, Jun had many white hairs and he looked haggard. Hearing the doctor’s words, he asked, “So what do you mean?”

“Just have a rest at home.” After hesitating for a while, the doctor suggested, “Just use the hearing aid so that she can hear those louder voices. In this way, she can communicate, if she keeps silent for a long time, she may lost her voice.”

“Just do as you said.”

Yiyao had experienced many difficulties, so she was a very positive person. When seeing the hearing aid, she just smiled and then accepted it.

Thanks to the hearing aid, her left could hear some voices. Besides, she also leaned lip language. If one spoke slowly, she could guess the meaning.

“Can you hear me?” Jun said loudly in a slow manner.

Yiyao finally heard that and nodded joyfully, then she said in a hoarse voice, “I can hear you.”

Long time of silence had already hurt her voice. It took efforts for her to speak. However, it was already a good result for she and her father.

Yiyao drank some water to moisten her throat and continued, “Dad, I can hear you.”

Hearing this, Jun’s eyes were moist, “Well, let’s go home.”


Their house in the Capital City was an old and valuable courtyard, which was passed down from the hands of her ancestors. Whenever they had a meeting in the Capital City, they would live here. It looked quite clean for it was cleaned frequently.

There was a large tank in the center of the courtyard. You could find carps and lotuses in it. The grape vines beside the tank had stretched its tentacles to half of the space of the courtyard with grapes hanging on it like emeralds.

Jun pushed open the room, which was still paved with the former large green bricks. Everything was fine, except the bed. There was no quilt. Thus, he opened a cabinet, took out the quilt and said, “Today’s weather is good, it is just fine to air out the quilt.”

He was not faced to Yiyao and said in a low voice, thus Yiyao couldn’t hear him. However, since his movement was obvious, she knew what he was doing.

They aired the quilt together and cleaned the rooms, then started to wash vegetables bought by Azure Dragon. It was his turn to cook for them.

Although, the furniture were simple, Yiyao was satisfied with such life.

When eating under the grape vine, Yiyao cleared her throat and said, “Dad, I want to demobilize.”

Hearing this, both Jun and Azure Dragon stopped eating.

Yiyao had thought about this issue for a long time, she could do nothing in the army now. What’s more, she didn’t want others to show sympathy to her. It was better for her to demobilize.

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