Chapter 339 – 340: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 339: Xiaofeng Ran Away

The most important thing was that the three Obstacle-Breaking Pills could add three Practitioners of The innate-power stage for the Chen family.

At that time, they could beat the people of the Li family to death easily.

“Thank you, monk Zhen Yuan.” Tianzong Chen gratefully accepted the three magical pills.

All the people of the Chen family were delighted.

“Yuan Chen, The Monk Zhen Yuan must be tired after a long journey. Please take him to have a rest.” Tianzong ordered.

“There’s no need, I have other things to do, so I won’t stay.” Then he turned away and left.

Tianzong hurriedly took Zhen Yuan to the door with the people of the family.

“Stop, everyone.”

As he saying, Zhen Yuan jumped and disappeared in the dark.

After sending away Zhen Yuan, Lei Chen couldn’t wait to ask: “Dad, where’s Sisi Mu? Why didn’t she come out?”

As soon as he finished asking, the original lively atmosphere instantly became awkward.

Tianzong was stunned at once and said hesitantly: “Lei…it’s a long story. Sisi has been…”

“Dad, let me tell him.”

Then Jie Liang stepped out from the crowd and said, “Lei Chen, Sisi gave birth to the child the day before yesterday.”


Lei hurriedly asked: “A boy or a girl?”

“A girl!” Quan Chen answered.

“That’s good.” Lei Chen laughed and said: “I become a father now!”

“Sisi must be looking after the baby now. I’ll go to see her.”


Jie Liang shouted at him seriously: “Is the child she gave birth to related with you by blood? You really think of yourself as her father?”

“What do you mean, my sister-in-law?” Lei also became quite angry.

“Don’t forget whose child she is!”

“Lei Chen, what she said is right. I don’t think we should keep that baby.” Quan Chen said.

“Yes, brother, you don’t know what that woman did in those days. She should threaten the patriarch.”

“Now she has taken the child to leave the family, and even the people of Emei School were bewitched by her.”

The people of the family said bad words of Sisi one by one, making Lei quite confused and annoyed.

“That’s enough, shut up now!”

Then a powerful aura emanated from him.

Shoo shoo shoo.

Even the people of the Chen family who stood next to him were forced to take three steps back by the powerful aura.

Within three meters of Lei Chen, a circle of vacuum was formed.


Everyone took a deep breath.

Then Quan Chen shuddered and said, daring not to believe: “The…The Innate power Stage!”


Lei Chen promoted his power to The innate-power stage?

Everyone of the family looked at him with inconceivable look in their eyes.

Jie Liang was also shocked, she hurried to hold Tianzong and shouted: “Lei Chen, how dare you! Do you think you are so strong that you can even do whatever you want with us?”

“Dad, are you alright?” Lei hurried to hold Tianzong.

“Lei Chen, do you want to learn from Kris Chen to piss me off as well?”

“Dad, it is impossible. I’ll never be like him.” Lei said firmly.

Tianzong nodded happily: “I know you are a good boy.”

“I am also responsible for Sisi’s departure, but I don’t think I did anything wrong. Anyway, you can blame me for all those things.”

Lei Chen asked: “Dad, What happened on earth? I want to know the truth.”

“Your wife took the baby to find her real father.”


“Is that true, my sister-in-law?”

“You can ask other people to see if I’m telling the truth.” Jie Liang angrily told him what happened that day, exaggerating embellishment at the same time.

Of course, she deliberately didn’t tell him that Yuan Chen had intended to steal the child.

And the people of the family also felt nothing was wrong.

After hearing what she said, Lei was quite angry. He never expected that his wife would threaten the family with the fact that the Chen family had joined the Holy Dragon Scripture .

“Is there any misunderstanding?” He took a deep breath and forced himself to calm down.

“Lei, I don’t mean to scold you, but you shouldn’t keep that child from the beginning.”

“Indeed, now you have to raise another man’s kid for nothing.”

“You are just too kind, as a result, you become such a sucker.”

“I think maybe she deliberately seduced Kris on the wedding day.”

Before Jie Liang said anything, the rest people of the Chen family couldn’t wait to talking about that thing.

The words of the people broke Lei Chen’s heart, just like a poisoned arrow which shot through his heart.

No…that’s not true. Sisi was definitely not that kind of woman.

Lei Chen shook his head painfully and asked, “Dad, can you tell me where she is now?”

“Alright, it’s not a big deal to tell you!” Tianzong sighed and said:“She’s staying at the Westriver Hotel with the people of Emei School. But it’s too late now, you can go there tomorrow…”

But before Tianzong finished his words, Lei Chen ran outside.

“Lei Chen, go back, come back…”

“Dad, let him go.” Jie Liang and Quan Chen stopped Tianzong.

“Ah, just go, everyone.”

Tianzong waved his hand and his joy of Lei Chen’s resurrection from the dead disappeared instantly.

“Honey, what to do, Lei Chen should come back alive.”

After returning to the room, Quan Chen anxiously walked up and down.

“Can you stop walking around?”

Jie Liang impatiently said: “So what? As long as everyone is on our side, he can’t do anything. Don’t forget how was Kris Chen’s family reduced to this point.”

“Indeed, there’s no need for me to be anxious.” Quan scratched his head and hugged Jie cheerily: “Honey, you are so clever.”

“Honey, now that we’ve been married so long, let’s have a baby.”

“Just do it by yourself.”

Then Jie Liang lied on bed and did not move anymore.

Quan Chen laughed and hurried to lie on top of her.

However, at the most critical moment, someone knocked at the door.

“Tok tok tok!”

“Quan, have you slept yet?”


The voice almost scared Quan Chen to death. But he had to continue since he had already been at the most critical moment. What the hell, just pretended that he didn’t hear him.

“Honey, let’s continue!”

“Stop! Go and open the door now.” Since Jie Liang did not want to do it originally, she had no interest in doing it at all now that they were interrupted by Yuan Chen now. So she directly kicked him out of bed.


Quan Chen put on his pants and opened the door angrily: “Why don’t you sleep at night? What’s wrong with you?”

But Yuan Chen said: “Something happened, brother, Xiaofeng…she ran away.”

“Fuck, why did you come to me now that she ran away?”

“You fucking idiot, she is the disciple of the Emei School, and there was only one place she could go at night!”

“You mean she would tell the news to Emei School?”

“Then go and chase her now!”


On the other side, after arriving at the Westriver Hotel, Lei Chen went straight to the front desk to get the number of the room where Sisi Mu was staying.

When he came to the door, he was in the great agony.

“Tok tok tok!”

He knocked on the door, but no one answered.

“Bang bang bang!”

Then he started to clap the door and soon there was the sound of a baby crying inside.

“Are you the Abbess? The door is not locked. You can just come in directly.” Sisi thought it was Qingyuan or Yi Fang, because they often came to see her.

“Oh, be a good baby. Are you scared?” She picked up the baby, uncovered her clothes and began to nurse.

Soon the baby stopped crying.


Lei Chen opened the door and he felt distraught and angry after seeing the unkempt Sisi who was lying on the bed.

“Abbess, why are you still up so…”

Before she said the word ‘late’, she was stunned. Why was it a man?

Where was the Abbess?

She looked up suddenly, and when she got a clear look at the man’s face, her mind went blank as if she was struck by lightning .

Her tears flowed down silently.

“I know you will be fine…”

Lei Chen never expected that he would meet Sisi on this occasion.

This scene could have been so wonderful that it should happen in his dream, but now it was disgusting before his eyes.

“Do you think I am dead in Kunlun Mountains? Sorry to disappoint you, I’m not dead!”

“Why haven’t you gone to see the bastard’s father? Doesn’t he want you?” He said those malevolent words, but he suffered great pain in his heart.

They had been together for four years in college, but now his wife should bring other man’s child to find him, and the most ridiculous thing was that the man was his most respected elder brother.

“What are you saying?” She looked at him in disbelief: “What nonsense are you talking about?”

Lei felt quite sick after seeing Sisi’s expression.

He walked up to her without saying anything and slapped her in the face: “Bitch, I am such a fool to let you give birth to this child!”

She straightly fell on the bed after he slapped her with great strength.

The baby burst into tears again since she had no breast milk to drink.

“Cry, cry, cry, you bastard, I’ll kill you.”

Then Lei raised his hand and was about to slap on her.


Sisi’s eyes were wide open and she almost fainted.


Just at that moment, a sword flew from his left side.

And it pierced the palm of Lei’s hand directly.

Then Qingyuan and Yi Fang rushed in and Qingyuan froze after she got a clear look at the man.

Then there was a miserable expression on her beautiful face: “You motherfucker, how can you do this to such a little child. Though she is not your own child, she is still your wife’s .”

“Qingyuan, this is our Chen family’s affair, I advise you to mind your own business.” As Lei Chen pulled out his sword, blood dripped from his palm, but he was so calm as if he could not feel the pain at all.

“Come here!”

Yi Fang hurried to pull Sisi and the baby from the bed.

“Do you know what the Chens did to her?” Yi Fang, who had always been good-tempered, was also angry at this moment: “Do you know why Ms. Mu is with us? Do you know what the Chens did to her on earth?”

“Do I need to know?” Lei sneered.

“Ten days ago, the people of the Chen family forced Ms. Mu to have an abortion. You should know how risky it is to have an abortion when the child is so big. If my nephew hadn’t happened to come to see me that day, you might not have seen Ms. Mu today.”

Lei had a complicated expression and he looked veery distraught, obviously being in the tangle.

Jie Liang didn’t tell him those things at all.

Or, were those two people making the whole thing up?

“Nonsense. How could they do such a thing?”

“Haha, you are so ridiculous. As her husband, where are you when Ms. Mu was about to give birth?” Qingyuan was so angry that her face became red and if Yi Fang hadn’t stopped her, she would have already hit Lei.

“Lei, do you know this child was delivered by me and Qing Yuan? Not long after the baby was born, Quan Chen took the Chen family to snatch the child. Ms. Mu would have been separated with her daughter without our presence.”

“The worse thing is that Yuan Chen and Xiaofeng, my abandoned disciple of the Emei School should set a trap to snatch the child at the same night! Had it not been for the Qing Yuan’s discovery, it would have been another tragedy.”

“Nonsense! How could they do such a thing? I went through fire and water for my family, how could they do that to my wife and child?” Lei completely lost his mind. And he felt that there were two voices in his ear trying desperately to talk to him.

One voice said, they were all false, all those words were the lies that they made up.

While another voice said that these things were true. The people of the Chen family lied to you.

“Lei Chen, do you have any idea how I survived in all those days after you left?” Sisi said tearfully: “If it hadn’t been for the two abbesses, I would have been dead. Do you think I, a pregnant woman who was about to give birth would risk my life and my child’s life to play a joke on you?”

Chapter 340: The So-called Justice

“You have no idea how I got through it.”

Giving birth to a child had made her suffer tremendous loss in strength and there was also no one to take care of her, so Sisi Mu lost more than ten pounds in two days.

She was in a mess.

And now her husband questioned her indiscriminately and even wanted to kill her child as soon as he came back.

Right now, Lei Chen felt extremely frustrated.

He risked his life to go to Kunlun Mountains for the sake of the Chen family. But now that Sisi became like this, what were all his efforts for?

“Sisi, I…” Lei was very regretful and he reached out his hand to touch her cheek.

“Don’t you come over.”

Sisi drew back two paces, holding the child tightly in her arms.

Seeing her face full of fear, Lei Chen hurriedly said: “Don’t be afraid, I… I won’t hurt you anymore.”

Just then, there were frantic shouts outside the corridor of the hotel: “Master, where are you, Master…”

“It was Xiaofeng’s voice.”

Then the two people hurriedly walked out of the room. Looking at the panic Xiaofeng, Qingyuan asked: “My abandoned disciple, why do you come here?”

“Master, I have discovered a secret of the Chen family…”

Xiaofeng was delighted at once after she saw Qingyuan, then Yi Fang went over to pat her on the back and said: “No hurry. Take a breath first.”

Then Xiaofeng took two deep breaths and said: “Yi Fang, I escaped from the Chen family. It turns out that the Chen family has secretly joined the Holy Dragon Scripture.”


The Chen family joined the Holy Dragon Scripture?

After hearing the words, the two people became immediately panic.

“Not good.” Yi Fang exclaimed: “Ms. Mu…”


The sound of broken glass came from the room.

They hurried to run into the room and found that Lei Chen had run away from the window with Sisi and the child.

It was the third floor, and as soon as they looked down from the window, they saw the Chen family with hundreds of people rush forward with great vigour.

Qingyuan wanted to rush to them immediately, but Yi Fang quickly stopped her and said: “Don’t be impulsive. There are too many people on the other side. If we rush to them, we will definitely lose.”

“How could I not discover all those heterodox doctrines. I am such a fool.” Qingyuan almost bit her teeth into pieces. How could they know nothing about this thing after living in the Chens’ house for so many days.

“Stop talking, now gather the disciples together and let’s run away.” Yi Fang said with a complicated expression: “This is not the time to argue about this. Let’s go to The Academy of Six Major Schools and get some help.”

Although Qingyuan really wanted to fight with them, she knew that it was not the time for her to show off her personal prowess.

On the other side, after seeing Lei Chen, Quan Chen took the people of the Chen family to greet him.

“Lei, are you alright?”

Lei Chen held Sisi in one of his arm and the baby in the other, shaking his head and said: “I’m fine, brother.”

“Where’s Xiaofeng ? Is she up there?” Yuan Chen gasped as he pushed his way through the crowd.


Lei Chen nodded and said: “The disciples of Emei School have known that our family has joined the Holy Dragon Scripture.”

“Damn it! This bitch!” Yuan Chen was extremely angry.

Then Lei said: “We can talk later about other things.”

“Now that there are few disciples of Emei School and we have many people, let’s rush forward to them and kill them all…”

“Brother, it’s too late.” Lei sighed. If they came earlier, perhaps there was still hope for them to catch all the disciples of Emei School.

“Well, let’s go back.” Quan Chen said to other people with regret.


Qingyuan and Yi Fang took more than twenty disciples to The Academy of Six Major Schools, which surprised Santong Yu, the rotating elder of The Huashan School.

After they told him their intention, Qingyuan said anxiously:“Santong, please take someone with me to destroy the Chen family.”

“No hurry, Qingyuan.” He said, “It’s getting late now. Let’s talk about it tomorrow.”


After hearing his words, Qingyuan became extremely furious and said: “Santong, what do you mean? The Chen family has joined the Holy Dragon Scripture, which is the heterodox doctrine. Now that the duty of our six major schools is just eradicating the evil, why wait till tomorrow?”

“Qing Yuan…”

Yi Fang tugged at her sleeve, then he came forward to ask him: “Santong, are you hiding anything from us?”


Santong sighed and said: “Let me be clear, two abbesses. At present, everything is mainly about the Martial Arts Conference, so it is not suitable to have any conflict with the Holy Dragon Scripture.”


“Now that the power of the Holy Dragon Scripture even has expanded into our sphere of influence, aren’t we going to do anything?” Qingyuan was quite angry.

“Well, you can go if you want to. But I warn you, if anything happens, you can’t take the responsibility.” Then he turned around and walked away.

“Those cowards. I will tell the deputy Leader.” Then Qingyuan went to the residence of Jinglian angrily.

“It’s no use even if you go to find Ying Guo.” Santong sneered, then strode away.

Qingyuan and Yi Fang came to the villa where Jinglian lived and said in a voice of gratitude: “ Qingyuan (Yi Fang) calls to pay respects to Leader Jinglian.”

As soon as they finished speaking, the door opened itself.

They hurried to walk inside and found that Jinglian, who was dressed in plain clothes was sitting on a futon with his legs crossed in the hall.

“Pay my respects to Leader Jinglian!”

Jinglian said: “What do you want now that you two came late at night?”

“Leader Jinglian.”

They knelt down in front of Jinglian and told him their intentions. They had thought that he would angrily take them into Chen’s house after hearing the story. But to their surprise, he was quite indifferent about the thing.

“It’s not right. The Martial Arts Conference is coming and you can’t make any trouble. You’d better go back now.”

“Leader, what’s the matter with you? Didn’t we agree on sticking to justice and the eradication of evil? Is the conference more important than justice?” Qingyuan shook her head in disbelief and said, “You are not afraid of being beaten by the Holy Dragon Scripture, are you?”

“How dare you!”

“Qingyuan, apologize to the Leader now.” Yi Fang was in a hurry. How could she say such words?

Jinglian, who was revealed his weakness by Qingyuan looked sullen at once, and the temperature of the hall immediately dropped a lot.

“Why should I apologize?” Qingyuan insisted: “How funny it is now that we are still indifferent when the Holy Dragon Scripture is committing evils right under my nose.”

“You this renegade! How dare you say such impertinent things!”

A strong momentum was released from Jinglian.

Qingyuan felt as if something that weighed several thousand kilograms was on top of her body and she had shortness of breath.

But she gnashed her teeth and refused to kneel down.

“Get on your knees!”



The strong momentum formed a great gust of wind in the hall, making the curtains rustle.

“Spare her, Leader Jianglian! She could hardly hold on!”

Jianglian grunted and tossed his sleeve after seeing Yi Fang plead, then an irresistible force blew Yi Fang and Qingyuan up.

“Go back, don’t come out before the Conference begins.”


Then the door was closed heavily.

“Get up, let’s go back.” Yi Fang lifted Qingyuan up and wiped the blood on her mouth.

At this moment, both of them had doubts about the justice that they had been insisting on.


The other day, Mary Su went to the Huanyu Group early. Because she had a lot of things to deal with after she took over the World Entertainment Company not long ago.

Although she was very tired, she still enjoy her work very much.

As long as the resource channels of World Entertainment Company were integrated, Huanyu Group could rank from the top ten entertainment company in China to the well-deserved N0.1.

As for the welcoming meeting of the President at night, it would be her first meeting with the celebrities of the Westriver City as the head of Huanyu Group.

On that day, Kris rarely woke up naturally.

But he was scolded by his mother-in-law right after he got up.

The reason was that he didn’t make breakfast.

Kris smiled and said: “Mother, I’m sorry I got up late because I have been busy with my business in my company lately. I’ll do it for you right now.”

Jane Tang didn’t say much because of Kris’s good apologetic attitude.

After all, now that she divorced Changhe Su and also broke off the relation with the Tang family, the only people she could rely on were just Mary Su and Kris Chen.

“Kris, I want to ask you something.”

Jane asked him: “Do you know what Mary has been doing in these two days? She goes to work early and comes home late every day and also dresses so formally. Has she found a job?”

“Yes, she has found a job.”

“Well, what’s she doing?”

Kris laughed and said: “She works as the President in a company, with an annual salary of tens of millions of dollars.”

“Really?” Jane was very excited: “My daughter is so good. She should be the President.”

But soon she began to doubt it again.

Why didn’t mary tell her about this thing?

And she almost knew all the companies in Westriver City, but she never heard of any company that recruited the President.

And an annual salary of tens of millions of dollars was indeed very high.

“Mother, Mary just took office in these two days, and she needs to deal with so many things, maybe she doesn’t want you to worry.”


Jane knew very clearly that her daughter’s biggest advantage was being filial.

“Now that Mary has got a job, I don’t ask you to be rich. You just need to take care of Mary with all your heart.” Then she carried a cup of milk and left, but she turned around and said to Kris only after taking two steps: “Right, I made an appointment with my best friend to do spa today, so you don’t need to cook at noon.”

Kris nodded and smiled. It seemed that his mother-in-law had recovered from the shadows of divorce.

After having breakfast, Jane walked out with her LV bag and high heels.

On the other side, Xinying Bao got up early to buy the ingredients for the meal.

She kept in her mind to cook a delicious meal for Kris.

She cooked yellow-fin tuna with pine nuts, braised dongpo pork, stir-fried lobster, steamed egg and spicy soup.

After she finished cooking, she waited quietly for Kris to come.

Soon, it was 11:30, and Kris walked in with a bouquet of flowers in her hand.

But this time, it wasn’t a bouquet of lily, but a bouquet of red rose.

“Sorry to have waited for me so long.”

Xinying was very delighted after taking the flowers, then she hurriedly took him to the table.

“You sit down first and I’ll get you some rice.”

As she saying, she put down the flowers and trotted into the kitchen to fill a bowl with rice for Kris.

“Come on, taste the fish and tell me if it’s delicious.”

Kris clamped the fish and started to eat while Xinying was looking at him with full expectation.

The fish was spicy and sour, crisp outside and tender inside, and it melted in his mouth as soon as he bit it.

In an instant, Kris liked its taste.

“Amazing, it’s very delicious.” Kris praised her and smiled.


Xinying was quite happy after hearing his words. As long as Kris liked the meal, she felt her hard work had not been in vain.

“It’s true.”

Kris nodded and said: “Come and eat. I can’t finish all this by myself.”

Xinying smiled and said: “Wait a minute, let me help you to peel the shrimp shell first.”

Seeing her careful look, Kris was touched somewhere in his heart.

Then he could not help holding her hand and said: “You don’t have to be so careful with me.”

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