Chapter 339: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 339 Winning the Favor of You

Looking at the forced smile of Yiyao Duan, Juan was distressed. Yiyao was supposed to be a military leader, but…

Tears welled up in Azure Dragon’s eyes, because he thought it’s his fault that Yiyao has come to this.

“Don’t look at me that way. I did it of my own free will.” Yiyao poked the rice in the bowl and said with a smile, “In a couple of days I’ll find a suitable shop and open a flower shop. It will be nice to be a flower girl from now on.”

“Yiyao, do you mean it?” Jun asked. Jun didn’t know whether he should be sad or glad.

Yiyao nodded and said, “Yes. I like flowers. I will be in a good mood when I see beautiful things.”

“OK. I will find you a shop this afternoon.” Jun said.

“You keep my stuff in the army from the time being. Bring it for me when you come back.” Yiyao said.

After hearing that, Azure Dragon was anxious. “Captain, won’t you go back to the army to say goodbye to everyone?” Azure Dragon said.

Yiyao held back the tears and said with a smile, “I won’t go back. I’ll cry if I go back. I don’t want to cry in front of you boys. I’m your captain.”

A drop of Azure Dragon’s tears fell on the table. Jun understood how Yiyao felt and said, “Don’t be sad. In fact, Yiyao’s choice is also very good. She’ll never have to risk her life with you again. You can come to see her on holidays if you miss her.”

Azure Dragon wiped his tears with his sleeve. He lowered his head and said with sobs, “I know it’s good for captain, but I couldn’t bear for her to leave the army. It’s all my fault. If it hadn’t been for me…”

“What are you talking about? As she is the captain, she should be responsible for everyone in the team.” Jun scolded Azure Dragon, “Well, stop crying. Yiyao will be sad if you continue crying.”

“OK.” Azure Dragon said. He wiped his eyes again and then raised his head to smile at Yiyao.

In the afternoon, Jun went to find a shop, while Yiyao learned lip language and Azure Dragon cooperated with her to practice. When Yiyao repeated the words right, Azure Dragon was a little more relaxed.

Everyone has to make an effort to live. Yiyao was convinced that the present difficulties were only temporary. Even she’s not a soldier anymore, she’ll have a wonderful life.

In the evening, Jun came back with the famous roast duck of Capital City. Yiyao gobbled down the duck and said it’s very delicious.

“I find you a flower shop near the college town. The people there are all students and teachers, and the social circle is relatively simple.” Jun said slowly while he put the roast duck in Yiyao’s pancake, “There happened to be a flower shop over there for sale and the price is right. You go with me to have a look tomorrow. We’ll take it over if you like it.”

“OK.” Yiyao nodded while she ate, saying.

Late at night, Jun heard Yiyao’s suppressed cries from the next door and he was grieved.

Yiyao grew up in the military compound and she went to military school. She went into the army after graduation. Being a soldier has become a part of her flesh and blood, and leaving the army is like to remove the skin and bones of her body. How could it doesn’t hurt?

But she had to say with a smile, “Father, I’m fine”

Jun knew Yiyao was sad and Yiyao said those words because she didn’t want him to worry about her.

Yiyao has been a good girl ever since she was a child.

The next day, Yiyao went to the flower shop with Jun and Azure Dragon. The flower shop is just across from a famous university. The decoration of the flower shop is tasteful. As soon as Yiyao entered the shop, she felt as if she had entered a sea of flowers.

The owner of the shop is a woman has an aura of elegance. Her husband is a teacher of the university. As her husband would go abroad for further study and she would go with him, she had to transfer the possession of the shop.

“I went to negotiate with all the suppliers one by one in person and all the flowers they provide are of high quality. If you take the shop over, they can keep sending flowers here. It will spare you some troubles.” The woman said. When the woman spoke, Yiyao looked at her earnestly. Yiyao guessed the rough meaning of what the woman said by the lip language.

“And this little girl.” The woman beckoned the girl in the apron next to her and said, “She was hired by me. She can help you move flowers and arrange flowers and something like that. She is a good worker. She cried for days after knowing I am going to transfer the possession of the shop. If you think she is good, you can let her continue to work here, so she won’t have to lose her job.”

Yiyao took a look at the girl. The girl has a round face, big and bright eyes, and pink-and-white face. She seems like a girl who has her heart in the right place.

“Do you like the shop?” Jun asked Yiyao.

Yiyao nodded and said, “Yes. Let’s take it over. This girl is good too. Just let her work here.”

After hearing that, the girl was very happy. “Thank you, my new boss. My name is Xiaocui Hua, and you can call me Xiaocui.” The girl said.

As Xiaocui spoke fast, Yiyao didn’t hear her clearly. “My ears hurt. Please speak more slowly so that I can hear you clearly.” Yiyao said.

It was the first time Yiyao had publicly acknowledged her physical limitations. It didn’t seem that hard to talk about.

After hearing what Yiyao said, both Xiaocui and the woman were stunned for several seconds. Then Xiaocui repeated the words, with a slower speed and a higher tone. Yiyao heard clearly this time.

“Hello, Xiaocui. I’m Yiyao Duan, and you can call me Yiyao.” Yiyao said with a smile.

Xiaocui is a person who knows how to behave in a delicate situation and she called Yiyao sweetly.

After the price was agreed upon, Yiyao and the woman went through the handover formalities that afternoon. So far Yiyao has a place of her own.

Jun wanted to buy a car for Yiyao, but he was afraid that she might be in danger on the road. Then he thought of hiring a driver for her. When Yiyao knew the thoughts of his father, she burst into laughing. “Dad, are you really raising me like a princess? I’ve checked the map and there’s subway for me to get to the shop.” Yiyao said.

“It will be toilsome for you to take the subway. We have the money to provide you with a good life.” Jun said with a frown.

“It has nothing to do with money. It’s just because I want to know more about the society. After all my years in the army, I fell I am disconnected from society.” Yiyao said.

“Well.” Jun gave all his four bank cards to Yiyao and said, “There is all the money of us. You can withdraw money whenever you need. The code is your birthday.”

Yiyao took the cards away and said, “I see.”

After spending a few days with Yiyao in the flower shop, Jun’s vocation was over and it’s time for him to go back to the army. Before going back to the army, Jun told the address of Yiyao’s flower shop to all his old comrades-in-arms in Capital City and asked them to help with the business at ordinary times.

The head of patrol office said, “Mr Duan, don’t worry, I can assure you that Yiyao’s flower shop and your old house will be the safest places in Capital City.”

“I am relieved to have your word.” Jun said thankfully.

The head of receive office said, “Mr Duan, should I help with Yiyao’s business? How about I order all the flowers my working unit needs from Yiyao’s shop?”

Jun found what he said both funny and annoying. “It’s just her hobby to run the flower shop and she just wants to make some pocket money. If you order all the flowers your working unit needs from her shop, she will be terribly busy.”

A general manager of a public company said, “Mr Duan, how about I send some bodyguards to protect her?”

“No. None of your bodyguards are as good as her. Just go to the shop to buy some flowers when you are free. She will be bored to death if there is no guest.” Jun said.

“There’s absolutely no problem with that. I’ll have people buy two bouquets of flowers every day.” The general manager said.

After arranging all these, Jun was much more relieved. The other thing he concerned about is Yiyao’s marriage.

As Jingyan Ye is not fit for Yiyao, Jun wanted to find another boyfriend for Yiyao.

The next day, Yiyao bid farewell to her father and Azure Dragon.

Unprecedentedly, Jun hugged Yiyao. Jun hasn’t hugged Yiyao for years. Yiyao knew her father was worried about herself, so she said playfully, “Dad, you better get going, or you will keep me from making a fortune.”

“Go to find your uncles if you get into trouble. Take care of yourself without dad around.” Jun said.

Yiyao patter herself on the chest and said, “Don’t worry. I am good at nothing except for the first-class ability to survive.”

Tears rolled down from Azure Dragon’s cheeks. Yiyao gave him a disdainful look and said, “You are a man and why you are crying?”

“Captain, don’t forget us.” Azure Dragon said with sobs.

Yiyao pushed Azure Dragon to get in the car and said, “I won’t forget you. Come to see me when you are on holidays. I will bring you to the most luxurious place in Capital City to have fun.”

“Yiyao, we’re leaving now.” Jun was unwilling to part and said. Sitting in the driver’s seat, Azure Dragon cried like a child.

Tears welled up in Yiyao’s eyes. She waved her hands at them and said, “Just go. This is not part for ever.”

Then the car was started and it left the quadrangle courtyard slowly. Yiyao watched them go. It was not until the car turned a corner that the tears finally fell from her eyes.

Yiyao took a deep breath when she returned to the quiet courtyard. Her nose was full of the smell of green grapes. Everything was still strange, but her new life was about to begin.


Sky City faraway.

Jingyan slept for three days without eating and drinking. He finally woke up on the morning of the fourth day.

The last time Jingyan behaved like that was when Yiyao said they would go parted ways.

As the morning light fell on the carpet, Jingyan told himself that he couldn’t be so depressed anymore. He’s accompanied by his father, mother, Ruyi and Yehuang Group.

“As Yiyao is one who love life so much, she must be angry when she sees I am so depressed.” Jingyan thought.

Then Jingyan got up to take a shower and shave. He looked at the strange, familiar face in the mirror. The moment he bowed his head, a tear fell into the sink.

In fact, he hasn’t been with Yiyao for a long time, and they spent most of the time together in the hospital. But when he knew Yiyao’s alive and he could be a step closer to Yiyao each day, he was hopeful. However, now…

It took a long time for Jingyan to calm down. After managing to wash his face and rinse his mouth with an effort, Jingyan went downstairs dazedly.

Outside the sun was very strong, as if it would burn people.

After seeing Jingyan, Venus was surprised. “You finally get up.” Venus said gently.

Looking at the row of straight and tall birch trees in the distance, Jingyan said in a hoarse voice, “Yiyao must want me to live a good life.”

“You’re right to think so.” Venus said. Her eyes were somewhat red, because she has hardly fallen asleep these days. She worried about Jingyan sometimes and felt sorry for Yiyao sometimes. Venus raised her hand and patted Jingyan on the shoulder, saying, “Everything will be all right.”

Jingyan turned his gaze. Time cures everything, but he didn’t know when his empty heart could be filled again, and maybe it would be empty for the rest of his life.

After seeing Jingyan like that, Venus was very distressed. “You haven’t eaten for several days. I asked the cook to make the porridge. Go to eat first. If you are in a bad mood, go abroad and have a rest, and come back when you are in a good mood.” Venus said.

Jingyan followed Venus to eat breakfast. “No. It’s the same everywhere.” Jingyan was down in spirits and said.

Venus had nothing to say in reply.

After seeing Jingyan in the dining table, Chuxue Ye was surprised. She thought Jingyan was going to sleep another three or four days.

“Are you going to work?” Chuxue asked carefully.

“Yes.” Jingyan said.

“I will take you to the company later.” Chuxue said. Chuxue was worried about Jingyan. “What if he commits suicide on the way to the company? I only have one brother.” Chuxue thought.

“OK.” Jingyan said.

After eating a small bowl of porridge, Jingyan couldn’t eat any more. He really had no appetite.

Venus didn’t force Jingyan to eat more. When Venus knew Kerry disappeared, she didn’t eat for days.

The employees of Yehuang Group were all aware of Jingyan’s change when they met him. His aura was colder than the previous days, and his eyes looked bluer. It was as if his heart was filled with tears of sorrow.

Nobody knew what’s going on.

When secretary Wang knocked on the door and went into the office to deliver the documents, Jingyan was staring at his mobile phone in a trance. Jingyan didn’t regain his senses until secretary Wang put the documents on the desk.

“Mr Ye, there will be an invitation to dinner tomorrow night. It’s…” secretary Wang said.

Jingyan interrupted secretary Wang before he finished what he wanted to speak. “I won’t go.”

“OK.” secretary Wang said respectfully. Secretary Wang sensed that Jingyan was in a very bad mood.

Jingyan threw the signed documents to secretary Wang and said emotionlessly, “I won’t take part in anything like this in the future.”

After being stunned for a while, secretary Wang said, “OK.”

Seeing Jingyan had no any orders, secretary Wang walked out of the office hurriedly. “It’s strange that why the CEO’s office is so cold while the temperature of the air conditioner isn’t that low.” Secretary Wang though.

From that day on, Jingyan was isolated. He used to smile politely at women, but now he had no facial expression at all. Sometimes when he was out for meal and some girls accosted him, he gave the girls a fierce look to frightened them away.

He really closed his heart, and no woman within ten miles dared to get close to him.

After seeing Jingyan like that, Chuxue was worried. Though she understood how Jingyan felt, Yiyao’s dead. He couldn’t spend the rest of life in single.

Only monks remain single for their life.

“What are you thinking about?” A male voice asked Chuxue.

“Nothing.” Chuxue said. Then she raised her head and saw Zhao Nangong. Chuxue gave him a contemptuous look and asked, “What are you doing here?”

“I’m here to buy cakes.” Zhao said. In fact, Zhao missed Chuxue, but he was afraid that Chuxue would kick him out if he told it to her.

“Which one do you like? Take it by yourself.” Chuxue said. Chuxue didn’t want to serve him. She sat on the sofa, putting her hand on the chin in a trance.

Zhao looked at Chuxue affectionately and said, “Aren’t you going to introduce the cakes for me?”

If there were other guests, Chuxue might agree to the request, but as for it’s Zhao…

“There is nothing to be introduced. My dessert is the best in Sky City.” Chuxue said somewhat proudly.

Zhao scanned the samples in the display cabinet and said, “Then make me one of each of these cakes.”

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