Chapter 34: A Talented Person – Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

The man beside Mary Su wore a suit and a watch, whose hair was very shiny and neat, with a manner of the successful people.

She accompanied him, with a far-fetched smile on her face, which could fully explain that she was forced to do that.

The man, Hong Shen, was not only very handsome but also a senior executive of Mercedes-Benz Company, the regional manager who managed the business of the Westriver City.

Jane Tang was very satisfied with him, not only because he was young and promising, but also because he was a good match for her daughter.

Although Mary had countless admirers, only Hong satisfied Jane the most. Therefore, he became the best son-in-law candidate in her heart.

“Mr. Shen!”

At this time, after noticing Hong, the female staff before Kris Chen came to Hong with a big smile, who could not be more hospitable.

Compared with her extremely bad attitude towards Kris, the way she treated Hong was indeed at opposite poles.

Hong nodded and asked her, smiling: “Has the President of Huanyu Group come yet?”

She hurriedly answered: “Not yet, I have been watching in the hall, and he hasn’t arrived now.”

“Fine, cheer everyone up.” After saying this, Hong turned to look at Mary: “Let’s go to the office and wait.”

Mary nodded without saying anything, she actually did not want to make contact with Hong at all, and she would not have come here if it hadn’t been for him saying that he knew the President of Huanyu Group.

She bit her lip, thinking that she must see the President of the Huanyu group today. Who on earth was he, and why did he only recognize her!

However, what Mary did not know was that Hong didn’t know the President at all.

Since Mercedes-Benz Company recently reached cooperation with Huanyu Group and it sponsored a program which was called “I am a Big Star”. Then the regional President of Asia of his company entrusted him the task to sign the contract with Huanyu Group. Therefore, he would see the President sooner or later.

The reason why he said such things were just raising his position to show off to Mary.

Kris took a look at Hong, and he remembered that the Mercedes-Benz Company had told him that the person in charge of this cooperation was just Mr. Shen.

“Well, why are you still standing here?” Seeing that Kris was still there, the female staff immediately frowned and said impatiently: “I have told you that if you can’t afford the cars here, don’t hang around here anymore.”

Kris glanced at Kris, and he thought Kris was definitely a poor loser judging from his cheap clothes.

After a moment, he thought, wasn’t this a good time to show off? So he shouted at the woman: “After a while, the President of the Huanyu Group will come here, so don’t let this kind of indecent people come in anymore. Or can you bear the responsibility if they offend our distinguished guest?”

“Yes, Mr. Shen, I’ll kick him out now.” She nodded repeatedly, then said to Kris impatiently: “Sir, please leave here immediately.”

Ignoring her, Kris looked at Mary instead, who was standing beside.


At this time, after seeing Kris, Mary was so surprised and delighted that she trembled and was about to come to him, but she stopped since she realized that Hong was still standing by her side.

She ought to have been glad to get rid of the loser, but every night when she looked at the empty room, she felt very lonely.

Kris smiled and looked at Hong, and what his expression meant was self-evident.

Oh, no! He misunderstood!

Mary hurried to explain: “Don’t get me wrong, Kris, he is introduced to me by my mother…”

“Fine, I see.” Needless to say, Kris knew at once that it was his cheap mother-in-law who did this.

She was really anxious after he just left for a few days. She just started to find a new son-in-law for herself even before the divorce formality was finished.

“Mary, who is this?” Hong was stunned for a second. How could Mary, who was the goddess with a high position, know such a poor loser like Kris?

Mary didn’t know how to introduce Kris at that moment since they were about to divorce but still hadn’t divorced yet, and they were not a couple anymore. However, they still were related to each other.

Kris answered for Mary with a smile: “ My name was Kris Chen, and I’m her husband. Please make it certain that you have no right to call her Mary, and you should have some self-respect.”

Hong was stunned for a second and looked at Kris sarcastically, sneering at him: “I have been wondering who you are, so you are indeed just that loser.”

“Now that you are getting a divorce, what qualifies you as her husband?” Hong looked at him with disdain: “Aunt Tang told me that you had never held Mary’s hand in your two years of marriage. You are completely a loser, and now you should be boastful to tell me that you are her husband? Do you think I’m right? Mary.”

Mary bit her lip and said: “ Hong, just stop talking, please.”

“Fine, I will do as you said.” Hong then said to Kris: “Although you don’t care about your dignity, Mary cares about hers.”

“Why don’t you get out now?” The female staff beside asked Kris contemptuously.

“Did he say what his intention was when he came just now?” Hong asked.

She replied, “He said he wanted to buy a car, and he asked me to introduce it to him.”

“Haha, buying a car?”

Hong burst out laughing immediately: “The cars sold here are indeed expensive, do you think you can afford them?”

He was about to make some more taunts about Kris when the door of the hall opened, and a tall and slim beauty entered.

Seeing this beautiful woman, Mary began to smile at once.

“Oh, Mary, why are you here as well!” The beauty was surprised at first, then she quickened her pace to come over to embrace Mary.

This beautiful woman was no other one but Mary’s bestie Xue Sun!

“Xue, why are you here?”

Xue smiled and said happily: “Recently, my husband’s business is booming, so he bought me a new car. And I am here to pick it up.”

Since Xue’s husband ran a hotel business, it was a common thing for him to buy her a new car.

“Oh my god, why did you bring your loser husband here? Do you intend to bring him to see the car…” Eagle-eyed Xue couldn’t help asking after she saw Kris standing beside, but she hurried to cover her mouth since she saw the good-looking Hong who was standing beside Mary, and something immediately came to her mind.

“Hello, I am Hong Shen, the regional manager of Mercedes-Benz in Westriver City.” Hong took out one of his hands and said to Xue: “It was Aunt Jane who introduced me to Mary.”

Xue understood immediately after hearing this.

She took out her hand and shook it with Hong, then she said in surprise: “You are really brilliant since you hold the post of regional manager at such a young age.”

Hong enjoyed Xue’s flattery very much.

“You should know that Mary and I are really good friends. Now that today I come to pick up my new car here, why don’t you give me a discount so that I might be in a good mood and hence put in a good word for you…”

“Haha, of course, I will give you a discount.” Hong smiled and glanced at Kris complacently.

Did you see that, loser!

Now that both Mary’s mother and her bestie stood on my side, what did you have to compete with me?

“Thanks!” Xue became delighted at once, and she cracked a joke: “When you and Mary hold a wedding banquet, remember to inform me!”

After hearing this, Kris became angry at once.

What the fuck? Did you go too far by saying such things now that I hadn’t divorced Mary yet? Being very embarrassed as well, Mary dragged Xue aside at once and blamed her: “What are you talking about? Our relationship is still up in the air!”

Xue thought Mary was too shy, so she continued to say: “It’s only a matter of time!”

“Xue…” Mary was so anxious that she stamped her foot repeatedly.

“Fine, I know you are thin-skinned, so I won’t talk about it anymore.” Then she looked at Kris contemptuously: “But this person is indeed thick-skinned. Now that Mary came here to date, Hong, why are you here as well?”

Kris would not pay any attention to such a person at all.

“No, you got it wrong. When I just got back from a date with Mary, this guy had already been in the store. I heard from the receptionist that he was here to buy a car!”

“Wow, Kris Chen, I didn’t expect that you have even saved the money to buy a car in the Su family after two years. But it was indeed true. If Mary gave you two hundred dollars a day, that’s six thousand in a month, seventy-two thousand in a year, and 144,000 in two years.” Xue laughed after she calculated the money: “So you can make a down payment with no need for spending a penny yourself!”


The sales staff in the hall could not help laughing as well after hearing what Xue said.

They had really seen a lot today.

Even after ignoring his dependence on his wife for a living, they still thought he was really incredibly thick-skinned since he should ask his wife for two hundred dollars as his pocket money every day.

Looking at those people who burst out laughing around him, Kris said calmly: “Who told you that I will have a mortgage?”

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