Chapter 340: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 340 The Woman He Likes

“Why do you buy so many cakes?”

Zhao sat down on the opposite sofa and said, “Well, I just want to buy something for my employees.”

There was no reason for Chuxue to refuse such a great deal, thus she said to the workers, “Just do as he said, one cake of each kind.”


Then Chuxue turned back and said, “I’m not responsible for delivery.”

“That’s okay, I’ll have my assistant come to get it later.” Seeing that she looked depressed, Zhao was worried and asked, “What’s wrong with you? Are you unhappy?”

Chuxue rolled up her eyes, “It’s none of your business.”

“Well, since you have nothing to do now, why don’t you talk to me? Maybe I can help you.” Zhao said happily. It was hard for him to seize such an opportunity to stay with Chuxue, he must stay longer.

Chuxue was silent for a moment and said, “No one can help me this time.”

“How do you know if you don’t tell me?”

Chuxue was indeed a bit depressed these days, since her two pets were sent to Europe, she needed one to be her listener. So after thinking for a while, she said, “You have to keep it a secret.”

Hearing this, Zhao was happy, he quickly nodded his head and said, “I promise to keep it a secret.”

Then, before speaking, Chuxue sighed, “Do you remember the gossip about my brother a few days ago?”

“Of course I know, he even held a press conference.”

“He likes that sister since he was young. I like her too.” When saying this, Chuxue felt sad and her eyes became moist, then she continued, “Two days ago, we heard that she was dead.”

After saying this, tears burst out on Chuxue’s face, which made Zhao felt very worried. He quickly took a piece of tissue to wipe her tears and said softly, “Don’t be sad, just say it slowly.”

Chuxue took the tissue from his hand and sobbed, “She had died when carrying for the mission.” Then, Chuxue lowered her head and cried silently. Zhao didn’t expect to hear such a thing and he didn’t know how to comfort her. He just sat beside her and said, “It’s all my fault, I shouldn’t ask you about this. Please don’t cry.”

Chuxue gradually calmed down and then continued, “It’s been a huge strike for brother. He is depressed and starts to take sleeping pill for he suffers insomnia again.”

“It turns out that this is the real reason.” Zhao suddenly realized it.

Chuxue was surprised, “No wonder what?”

“Well, my friend tells me that your brother has no desire at all, just like a monk.”

“The news spread so fast.”

“Indeed. I heard that many young ladies were all scared away by him.”

Hearing this, Chuxue sighed, “I won’t have a sister-in-law in the future. Do you have some ways to help him?”

Zhao immediately answered, “Well, just drink in the bar and get fun.”

“No way.” Chuxue directly vetoed his proposal, “The flashpoint of his gossip was the bar, he swears not to go there anymore.”

“Then just go on a trip.”

Chuxue shook her head, “I’ve suggested him many times, he simply has no interest.”

Then, Zhao couldn’t think about other ways, after pondering for a while, he said, “He needs to see a therapist, he must be stressful and has no way to vent his anger. Maybe a therapist can help him.”

“Well, it’s not gonna to work. Unless he wants to say, nobody can force him.”

“Then what else can be done?” Zhao frowned, he really wanted to help Chuxue to solve this problem.

While they were thinking, a voice came over, “Why is he here?”

When looking up, they found Jingyan standing there indifferently. It was at this moment that Chuxue realized that she and Zhao were sitting close to each other, so she quickly stood up and said, “He just came here to buy cake, it is still making, so he waits here.”

Jingyan seemed had no interest in this matter, he simply said, “Give a cake to me.”

Hearing this, Chuxue frowned, “So, you’ve missed you meal again?”

“I’m not very hungry.”

“Every time you say so, you have to eat some even if you are not hungry. How can you just eat cake everyday?” Chuxue felt worried and took a fruit cake for him.

Jingyan spooned one to his mouth, after finishing the cake, he said, “What about making a cake with a spicy taste?”

Chuxue was confused about his words, “Since it is a cake, how can it be spicy? That will be disgusted.”

Jingyan took another bite and kept silent.

Yiyao was fond of spicy food, he still remembered her first blind date, she refused the man merely because he couldn’t eat spicy food. Actually since Venus disliked spicy food, he was also not good at eating spicy food.

After eating the cake, Jingyan put the box on the table, then he took a glance of Zhao and said, “You’d better pay attention to him for Mom and Dad have reminded you.”

Chuxue touched her hair awkwardly and explained, “Well, we are not that intimate.”

“I’m just reminding you, goodbye.” After saying this, Jingyan left.

What did he mean? She really didn’t know Zhao well.

“Will brother tell Mom and Dad?” Chuxue murmured.

She scared nothing except Venus’ s anger.

“He won’t.” Zhao said firmly.

“How do you know?”

“Well, I just know it.”

Chuxue was in a mess, she dragged Zhao and drove him away, “You only cause trouble for me.”

Zhao showed a look of innocence and smiled, “We do nothing.”

“What else do you want to do? We’d better keep distance.” Chuxue just waved her hands impatiently and said, “Leave here please.”

“My cake ……,” Zhao attempted to stay a little longer.

“You can ask your assistant to get it, please don’t come again, if my brother sees us again, it’s hard for me to explain.”

Zhao got into his sports car helplessly and said, “Just call me whenever you feel depressed, I’m willing to be your listener.”

Chuxue was eager to send him away, and she subconsciously answered “I know”. Then she went back to her dessert store.

She felt strange, how could she tell him the private affairs of her family?

Imperial Capital.

A month later, Yiyao had already remembered the types of flowers in the store and the meanings they expressed. She also learned flower arranging from Xiaocui. Of course, most of the time she worked as the cashier.

Xiaocui felt surprised. Before Yiyao came, it had poor business, there would be more customers only on festivals. Since Yiyao became the owner, there were many customers everyday, and most of them were rich people.

At the end of the month, Yiyao found that she earned almost 30,000 yuan a month. After deducing all the costs, she still had almost 20,000 yuan net income.

When she was in the army, her salary was counted by bank card, so she had no idea about such an amount of money, but she thought it is quite a lot.

Yiyao felt good for that, and then increased Xiaocui’s salary. Xiaocui had really done a lot for this store and almost did all the works here including moving flowers, wrapping the bunches and pruning.

Seeing the extra money, Xiaocui felt excited and asked, “Is this my reward?”

“Yes, you’ve done a great job. I hope it can encourage you to work better.”

Xiaocui cheered, “Wow! Yiyao, you are so nice. I’m really very lucky to meet you.”

“Well, I’ll treat you to dinner tonight. What do you want to eat?” Yiyao said very generously. She really helped her a lot these days, whenever she didn’t hear the customers’ words clearly, she would come to help her.

Xiaocui stomped her foot happily, “Can we eat hotpot? There’s a really delicious hot pot nearby.”

“Sure, I like spicy food. Let’s go.”


The night fell, when they decided to leave the store, a man walked in.

“Hello, I’d like to buy a bouquet of flowers.” His voice was clear.

Yiyao didn’t hear that, so Xiaocui quickly answered him, “Well, the shop’s close now. Could you please come tomorrow?”

Only then did Yiyao realize that someone was coming and she looked up at the customer.

The man was about thirty years old, wearing a light blue shirt, a pair of white jeans and a pair of casual shoes. He looked smart, like a successful businessman. However, since Yiyao had seen too many handsome men, she had in interest in him.

Seeing Yiyao, the man felt surprised, then he said awkwardly, “Can you do me a favor? Today is my mother’s birthday.”

Xiaocui looked at Yiyao and she nodded and continued to deal the accounts. Her hair had grown a bit longer which was dark and shiny. It had just covered the hearing aid in her left ear.

“And what kind of flowers do you want?” Xiaocui asked.

“Just pink carnations.” The man answered.

“How many do you want?”

“Well, depends on you.” The man was obviously not very good at this.

Then, Xiaocui answered confidently, “How about thirty pink carnations? We’ll send you two lilies?”


“Please wait a moment.”

While Xiaocui was wrapping the flowers, the man looked around and found an oil painting made of flower petals hanging on the wall. It looked quite good so he turned back and asked Yiyao, “Is this painting for sale?”

Of course Yiyao didn’t hear that, so Xiaocui answered, “It’s drawn by our boss and is not for sale.”

The man took a glimpse of Yiyao, her face was covered by the long hair. He was a bit confused, why didn’t she answer his question?

The flowers were quickly wrapped, Xiaocui handed them to him, the man walked to the counter and asked, “How much is it?”

Feeling that someone was approaching to her, Yiyao looked up and found it was the customer, but she was confused, not knowing what he wanted.

Seeing this, Xiaocui quietly pulled the corner of her coat and reminded her, “He is going to pay the bill.”

“Oh, sorry, I didn’t hear clearly.” Yiyao finally spoke up and after taking a glanced of the flower in his hand, she said, “200 yuan.”

The man thought she was dumb. However, her voice was clear and sweet. Besides, her eyes were beautiful and pure, like a spring of water.

He paid her 200 yuan and said, “Thank you, goodbye.”

Yiyao also smiled politely at him and then said to Xiaocui before the man left, “Let’s have dinner, I’m really hungry now.”

“Copy that, I’m starving too.”

The man smiled, he had never seen such a generous boss before, they were like friends.

When they arrived at the hotpot restaurant, Yiyao ordered many dishes, which made Xiaocui even more hungry.

The hotpot tasted good, and the two girls ate happily. At this moment, Xiaocui asked with a smile, “Yiyao, you are so pretty, there must be many men chasing after you.”

Hearing this, Yiyai was confused and asked, “Am I pretty?”

“Of course! You’re the prettiest woman I’ve ever seen.” Xiaocui picked up a tripe and continued, “Don’t you find that? The man in the store just now kept looking at you.”

Yiyao smiled lightly, then a pretty girl appeared in her mind, she said, “You haven’t seen a really beautiful one, you can’t just praise her by words.”

“Really? Does she looks prettier than stars?” Xiaocui obviously didn’t believe it.

“Of course.” Yiyao said sincerely.

After eating a stripe, Xiaocui picked up a mashed shrimp ball and continued, “Well, when do we change the subject. You still don’t answer my question.”

“Well, there was one, but we broke up.” Yiyao said simply.


“We are not suitable.”

Yiyao also thought about sending him a text message at night, but whenever she thought that he didn’t even try to contact her. She simply gave up. Beside, she couldn’t listen to his words clearly now.

Gradually, she didn’t want to contact him anymore. She would only think that there was once a man who liked her very much.

Actually, the only ones that people can rely on are themselves.

A few days later, a customer visited the florist at noon.

“Hello, I’d like to buy a few pots of flowers to raise at home.”

Xiaocui went out to buy lunch while Yiyao was sleeping in a recliner and enjoying the air conditioner. It was too hot outside.

Seeing that she slept well, the man smiled, she was really a bold woman. Then he said in a louder voice, “Hello, I want to buy some flowers.”

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