Chapter 341 – 342: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 341: I love you

Xinying Bao nodded shyly.

She was intimate with Kris Chen, but in fact, she had never had a boyfriend before Kris.

She didn’t know how to please him.

Therefore, she was particularly careful, fearing that Kris would be unhappy.

It was undeniable that Kris was indeed very rich. At the beginning, she was a little tempted.

But she also understood that she and Kris came from two different worlds and would never be together.

If it was not a coincidence that night, she might have been raped by Pingchuan Jia.

They had a good lunch and Kris was stuck on her.

At the same time, he had some understanding of Xinying’s family.

Her parents were high school teachers, and the house in Splendid Garden was left to her by them.

But her parents had retired a long time ago. Now she lived with her brother and helped him take care of the child.

After dinner, Kris leaned against the sofa and closed his eyes for rest. Xinying came over from behind and helped him rub his temples.

Smelling the good scent of her body, Kris had a lust for Xinying.

As the saying goes, material comforts lead to sexual desire.

Kris was an veteran. He took off her clothes and had sex with her.

Kris took the exhausted Xinying to the bathroom to take a shower, and then held her tightly to the bedroom.

“Have a good rest. I have something else to do. I’ll come to see you later.”

“Okay.” She was so tired and fell asleep.

Kris left the No. eighty-eight villa. When he was about to go to the entertainment club, he received a call from Tianba Li.

“Kris, you finally answered the phone.”As soon as the phone was got through, Tianba complained about Kris, “Where have you been in the past half a month? You neither answer my phone nor text me back.”

Kris smiled wryly, “I’m sorry. I just came back two days ago. I have lots of things to deal with. I forgot to reply you.”

“Well, I know you are busy.”

Tianba said, “Don’t forget the competition tomorrow. Have you seen the picture I sent you?”

Kris nodded and said, “got it. But I may have no time to attend the competition.”

“Damn it, come on. It’s a rare opportunity.” Hearing this, Tianba said, “Anyway, you have to take part in the competition. If I don’t see you on the competition field, I’ll rush to your house and kidnap you to there.”

“But the competition will last three days. I really don’t have time for that three days…”

Tianba interrupted, “Three days? Just one day! The acquired stage, The innate-power stage and The return-to-nature stage are not held at the same time. They are held in different days.”

“Besides, the top three members of each team not only have the chance to enter the Scripture Pavilion, but also would be received by the Principal personally for dinner.”


Thinking of the Tai Chi Scripture held by Yuanqiao Zhang, Kris agreed without hesitation, “don’t worry. I will definitely be there during the competition.”

After hanging up the phone, Kris called Changkong Yin.

“Hello, Branch Leader!”

“Have Lady gone?”

“Leader (Branch Leader), Mrs. Carla went to Beihai city yesterday. She asked me to tell you and ask you to find her as soon as possible.”

“Where are Weiwu Zhao and Yong Cheng?”

“The two of them went with Lady.”

Kris nodded and said, “send more people over to protect my Lady.”

After that, Kris hung up the phone.

At seven o’clock in the evening, in the banquet hall on the third floor of Dynasty Hotel, the welcome party for Chairman of Huanyu Group started.

Celebrities from various fields came here with invitation cards in their hands.

The empty hall became lively. They chatted with each other, and the waiter walked through the crowd with wine and drinks in his hands.

“Give me a glass of cocktail.”Kris snapped his fingers and stopped the waiter.

The table was full of food. Kris consumed a lot of physical strength in the afternoon. Now he was hungry.

Everyone was talking except him.

The waitress passing by couldn’t help but cover her mouth and laugh.

The people who came to the banquet couldn’t help but look at Kris. As they saw Kris just drink and eat, they all laughed.

“Isn’t he the son-in-law of Su family?”

“No, Mary Su has been expelled from Su family. He is no longer the son-in-law of Su family.”

“Oh, then how did he get in?”

The Westriver City was large, but the upper class was small.

The fact that Mary and [唐静] Jane Tang had been expelled from Su family had been widely spread.

In the face of the ridicule and sarcasm of those people, he didn’t care at all and continued to eat and drink.

At this time, many more people came in.

Many people screamed when they saw those people who just came in.

“The Lady and Master of Xu family are here.”

As soon as they came in, they instantly became the focus of the crowd.

Xiaorou Xu was dressed up very well today. She wore a black dress, which showed her figure perfectly.

She looked around after entering the door. When she saw the figure who was eating happily, she was joyful and quickly pulled her long dress and trotted over.

“Kris, are you also here for the party held by Huanyu Group?”

Kris looked up and quickly put down the glass in his hand. He wiped his mouth with a handkerchief and said, “Miss Xu, long time no see.”

Xiaorou bit her lips and asked, “have you read the messages I sent you?”

“Yes!”Kris nodded.

“Then why didn’t you reply me?”

Kris was rendered speechless.

How could he not feel the love of Xiaorou?

But he was really afraid that he would hurt her.

He smiled wryly and said, “Xiaorou, I know what you mean, but you know me. We don’t…”

Before he finished his words, a figure rushed over and held his arm. “Brother in law, why are you here?”

Ling Su’s face was full of excitement. She didn’t expect to meet Kris here.

“Let go of me!” Kris was speechless. Why did this little girl come here?

Brother in law?

Xiaorou was stunned and said, “Kris, she is…”

“Hello, sister. My name is Ling Su. I’m his sister-in-law.”As she spoke, she stretched out her hand generously.

“Hello, I’m Xiaorou Xu.”

After the two shook hands, Ling Su asked happily, “Brother in law, is sister also here?”

“Let go of my hand first.” Kris was a little embarrassed. “Tell me, where is my sister? I want to find her.”

“Ling, what are you doing?”

At this moment, sea came over with a gloomy face, followed by Yu Su.

“Let go of him! Behave yourself.”

“Brother Hai, this is my brother-in-law…”

“Brother-in-law? Don’t you remember that Mary has been kicked out of Su family? They have nothing to do with Su family, so he is not your brother-in-law.”

“Come here, Ling!” Yu Su walked over and pulled Ling Su away.

“Kris, you can even sneak into this kind of place.” Hai Su sneered, “Everyone here needs the invitation card. Will Huanyu Group send you an invitation card?”

Kris smiled and said, “I don’t need that.”

Hahaha! All people burst into laughter.

It was so funny that he said he didn’t need the invitation card.

“Are you here to be a waiter?” Taking a look at the suit on Kris, Hai smiled , “no wonder you wear it so formal. It turns out that you are really a waiter.”

The crowd burst into laughter again.

“It’s so funny. You loser will never change.”

Hearing the ridicule of the crowd, Xiaorou couldn’t stand it anymore. Kris was rich and capable. Why was he mocked by these playboys?

She held Kris’s hand and said, “I brought him here, he is not a waiter.”

Everyone was stunned when they heard what Xiaorou said.

“Miss Xu, you must be kidding. He was here before you came.”

“Yes, we know you are kind-hearted, but you’d better stay away from such a person.”

Hai was also a little embarrassed and said, “Miss Xu, why do you defend such a loser?”

“Just because I like him, is that enough?”

All were struck dumb with shock. Everyone looked at Xiaorou in disbelief. Was… Was the Lady of Xu family crazy? Why did she like a good-for-nothing.

Even Kris was stunned.

“What are you talking about?”

Kris panicked and hurriedly explained, “Miss Xu just wanted to defend me. Please don’t believe her.”

Hearing what Kris said, everyone gathered their wits.

Miss Xu was the only daughter of Xu family. She was the top no matter in appearance, figure, family background or knowledge.

If someone wanted to marry her, he had to be from a big and rich family.

“Kris, even if you don’t explain, we know it’s fake.”

“That’s right. If you are sensible, get out of here quickly.”

“I’m not kidding. I just like him!” Xiaorou held Kris’s hand tightly.

At this moment, she had never been so sober. This was what had been hidden in her heart.

After waiting for half a month, she had completely figured it out.

She couldn’t be passive anymore.

“Kris, listen to me. I know I’m crazy to say that, but what I said is true.” Xiaorou looked at Kris affectionately and said, “I don’t want to lie to myself anymore. I love you.”

Chapter 342: Suffering


Everyone looked at Xiaorou Xu in disbelief.

As a Lady of a rich family, she actually liked a loser. Most importantly, this loser was a live-in son-in-law.

Kris Chen also had a headache. The party was about to start. If Mary Su saw it, what would she think?

This party was specially held for her. Didn’t it embarrass her?

“Don’t say anything. Come with me!”

As he spoke, Kris pulled Xiaorou out of the banquet hall.

Although the two of them left, the scene was in a mess.

After a while, Xue Mi, the assistant to the Chairman of Huanyu Group came up and said, “welcome to this banquet. Next, let’s welcome the new Chairman of Huanyu Group, Chairman Su.”

Chairman Su? Hai Su and his partners looked at each other in shock.

A round of warm applause broke out.

Their purpose of coming here this time was to make friends with the new Chairman of Huanyu Group.

After buying all the shares of the World Entertainment Company, the World Entertainment Company had been privatized and delisted successfully.

However, it only took a few hours for Huanyu Group to complete this event, which showed its real strength.

The fact that the Huanyu Group could buy shares with twenty billion meant that it had at least fifty billion dollars in assets.

After swallowing up World Entertainment Company, their market value was estimated to be over 100 billion.

It was absolutely ranked in the top one hundred enterprises all over the country.

This was the valuation of Huanyu that had not been listed. After it was listed, it would be easy to double it.

Of course, what they didn’t know was that the real assets of Huanyu Group was no more than two billion, which was from Kris.

In the applause of the crowd, Mary dressed up and walked to the stage.

When the spotlight shone on her, she became the absolute protagonist of the banquet.

“Hello, everyone. I’m Mary Su, the new Chairman of Huanyu Group!”

As soon as she finished speaking, the crowd burst into an uproar.

Everyone looked at Mary on the stage in disbelief.

How… How could it be possible?

When Mary was in charge of Su family’s business, she had dealt with many people present, and even cooperated with some of them. So they recognized Mary at once.

Hai Su and Yu Su got the shock of their life.

Even Ling Su was stunned and said in disbelief, “It turns out that the new Chairman of magic is my Elder sister…”

“No… how could it be possible? It’s impossible!” Hai Su couldn’t believe what he saw. How could it be possible? Mary, how could she be the new Chairman of Huanyu Group.

Su jade was also shocked. In the past, she and Mary were called the two golden flowers of Su family.

But since Mary married Kris, no one had said that.

Although the two were sisters, their relationship was not very good. She always had a sense of superiority in front of Mary.

When her grandmother kicked Mary out of the family, she didn’t stop her grandmother. Instead, she felt that her grandmother was right.

But the scene in front of her made her silent.

It turned out that she could live a better life without Su family.

The Su family couldn’t offend the Chairman of Huanyu Group.

She began to worry about the fate of Su family. Would she take revenge on Su family?

In fact, Su family seemed to be powerful now, but her grandmother and Hai Su had secretly sold off the family’s assets. So Su family was in a predicament.

In order to please Huanyu Group, those people would fiercely suppress them without hesitation if Mary hinted them.

“Don’t you all know me?” Mary smiled and said, “then let me introduce myself again. I’m Mary Su There are many old friends here. I have cooperate with many people here long time ago. Now I’m working in Huanyu Group. I hope you can support me as always.”

There was another round of warm applause.

“Chairman Su, I’m Xiaoyu from Aimi company. Do you remember me?”

“Chairman Su, I’m Dashan Zhao from Dashan group. We’re old friends. Can we continue our cooperation?”

“Chairman Su, I’m…”

Hearing this, all the people off the stage left their female companions and squeezed to the front of the stage to introduce themselves.

Mary smiled without saying a word. Xue Mi walked up to them and said, “Dear friends, don’t be so excited. After this party, we will hold a press conference. At that time, welcome to negotiate and cooperate.”

Hearing this, everyone was excited.

Mary expressed her thoughts again. At last, Xue Mi announced that the banquet started.

Undoubtedly, Mary became the focus again.

“Nice to meet you again, Chairman Su.”

“Chairman Su, I hope we can cooperate again.”

Xue Mi followed Mary and introduced some of the company’s suppliers and partners to her.

Looking at Mary, who was surrounded by so many people, Yu Su said, “Hai, shall we go to propose a toast?”

After thinking for a while, he said, “we not only have to propose a toast, but also have a sincere attitude.”

Then he squeezed in with a glass of wine in his hand.

“Mary, look at me. I’m Su sea, your younger brother!”

Mary was stunned. She looked at the direction of the voice and saw Hai Su who was blocked behind by the crowd. Her face turned cold and she turned her head directly.

Seeing that Mary ignored him, Su was anxious and said to the people next to him, “excuse me, everyone. My name is Hai Su, and I’m the younger brother of Mary.”

“Who do you think you are?”

“Why should we let you in?”

“Come on. How dare you say you are Chairman Su’s younger brother?”

These people were the suppliers and partners of Huanyu Group. They didn’t know Hai Su at all.

They thought he was just a boss of a small company and wanted to make friends with Mary shamelessly.

Hearing what they said, Spark’s face turned pale and embarrassed.

Yu Su gritted her teeth and said, “Hai, let me try.”

As she spoke, she walked over with champagne in her hand. “Sir, my name is Yu Su, and I’m elder sister of Mary. Could you get out of the way please?”

The man was stunned. He looked at her up and down and found that she did look like Mary.

Was she really Chairman Su’s sister?

The man thought for a while. If this woman was really Chairman Su’s sister, he could not offend her.

“Of course. Please.”

“Thank you.”

Jade smiled and squeezed out of the crowd.

“Mary, Congratulations!”

Mary looked at Yu Su with a little start and said subconsciously, “Sister Yu.”

But soon, Mary’s face turned cold. “What’s up?”

“I didn’t expect you to be the president of Huanyu Group. You are so awesome!” Yu Su said, “in fact, I don’t support grandma to drive you away, but you know, my words are of little effect…”

“Well, that’s enough.” Mary interrupted, “Forget it. Make yourself comfortable.”

Then she left.

At this time, a person who didn’t know the situation asked, “why did Chairman Su treat her sister like this?”

“There are stories.” A man who knew Mary told him what had happened to Su family. The man’s face changed instantly. “Bah, it’s amazing!”

Hearing the mockery of the people around her, Yu’s face turned red.

She didn’t expect that she would be mocked one day. It was really uncomfortable.

“Let’s go back first. I’m going to tell Grandma about it.”

Yu sighed. Now the old lady really couldn’t handle her.

“Brother Hai, I want to have a talk with my sister.” Said Ling Su.

“What did you say? Go back.” Hai took Ling Su’s hand and walked out of the banquet hall.

Their departure did not attract anyone’s attention.

On Mercedes Benz 4S Store. Kris and Xiaorou didn’t talk to each other.

Looking at the silent Kris, Xiaorou was a little nervous.

She couldn’t stand this kind of atmosphere and said first, “Kris, are you angry?”

Kris nodded and said, “A little.”

Hearing this, Xiaorou became anxious.

She hurriedly explained, “I know I was reckless just now, but what I said is true. That is my truth.”

Kris smiled wryly and said, “I’m not good enough for you. .As you know, I’m married and you’re from a big and rich family. There is no way you and I can ever be together.”

“I know what your meaning.”

Xiaorou said painfully, “I have tried many times to forget you, but I can’t. Every day when I close my eyes, you’ll go into my mind. I even dreamt about you. When you didn’t reply to my message, I felt I was going crazy.” She said with an infinite deep love.

Kris was shocked and couldn’t help but look at her.

She was still so beautiful, but the tiredness on her face could not be hidden, and there was no light in her eyes.

Kris was torn. This girl loved him dearly.

Did he like Xiaorou?

If he said he didn’t like her, it must be a lie. She was so beautiful and considerate that any man would like her.

She deserved a better match.

Kris endured the pain and said, “Xiaorou, enough, we don’t hurt each other anymore.”

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