Chapter 341: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 341 His Help

Sensing the change of light and shadow in front of her eye, Yiyao Duan opened her eyes. It was a very handsome man.

“I want to buy some pots of flowers that can be kept at home. I don’t know which ones are suitable.” The man said seriously.

Yiyao got up and took him to the place where the potted plants were placed, and then looked back at him, “That’s all. You can choose at your will.”

The man suddenly laughed, “Can you introduce them to me?”

Yiyao was being a sales person for the first time, “If you want to put it in the living room, you can choose pineapple, lagerstroemia, clove, gemstone flower and so on, which can purify the air, expel insects and kill bacteria. If you want to put it in the bedroom…”

“It’s for the living room only. I don’t put flowers in the bedroom.”

“Oh, then what specific kind from the ones I introduced you want?”

Yiyao looked at him and waited for an answer. The man thought about it and said, “Pineapple and clove then.”

“All right.” Yiyao bent down to move the potted plants. She was stopped by the man, “It is too heavy. I can move it myself.”

Yiyao didn’t hear what he said, but she guessed the meaning from his movements, so she stepped away and let him move by himself.

When the two potted plants were moved to the car, the man came back to pay the bill, “How much?”

“150 dollars.”

The man felt his pocket and frowned, “Oh, I forgot to take my wallet. Can I pay through WeChat or Alipay? “

Yiyao said, “I don’t have these two things, you have to wait for my staff to come back.”

“You don’t have WeChat?” The man was surprised.

“I don’t like it.” Even if she had it, there were no friends to add. Her friends were not allowed to have this kind of social media.

The man was a little surprised. He had not seen anyone who didn’t like social medias.

“Then I’ll wait for your staff.”

“All right.” After that, Yiyao picked up a thin wooden board, on which was an unfinished painting, a painting of dried petals.

The man watched her putting glue on a rose petal, and then stuck it on the painting. He asked curiously, “What are you drawing?”

Yiyao did not speak, she did not hear it.

The man smiled embarrassingly. It was strange, why did she not seem to hear him several times when he spoke to her?

“Boss, I’ve got the meal.” Xiaocui Hua’s voice sounded.

The man observed Yiyao. She had no reaction. When he was suspecting something, Yiyao raised her head, laughing and complaining, “Finally, you come back. I’m starving.”

She did not hear the words indeed, but she smelled the fragrance of the meal.

Xiaocui put the packed meal on a small table and faced to her, “There were too many people. It’s not a good time to go there. Eh? It’s you.”

The man smiled, “Well, I’m here to buy some potted flowers.”

“He didn’t bring his wallet. He’ll pay through your WeChat, 150 dollars.” Yiyao said.

“Oh, OK.” Xiaocui took out her mobile phone, found a QR code and said, “You can scan 150.”

After paying the bill, the man left. Turning around, he saw Yiyao running to the small table like a little girl. She laughingly said, “Great, eating time.”

What a coincidence, he came here twice and heard her say that twice.

Xiaocui sat on a small bench, eating and saying, “Yiyao, the man came here last time to buy flowers.”

“Really?” Yiyao said, twisting her eyebrows, “I don’t remember.”

“He’s the last customer on the day of my salary paying, wanting flowers for mother’s birthday.” Xiaocui reminded her.

Yiyao thought about it for a second, “Is it? I don’t remember.”

Perhaps it was because of sequela, her memory was not as good as before. She used to be gifted with an extraordinary unforgettable memory, but now…

By the middle of July, the weather was getting hotter. The nearby universities were on their holidays one after another, and the business was also a little down, so they decided to close the flower shop for a few days.

It was a gloomy day, which was a good time to go shopping, so Yiyao went out on the street. Since returning to the capital city, she hadn’t been hanging out much.

Going shopping were every girl’s favorite. Yiyao didn’t like it very much before, but now she had more free time, shopping seemed more fun to her. When she saw those lovely and bling-bling things, she turned into a young woman full of girlishness.

Standing in front of a shop, she drank milk tea and watched others grab toys from toy machines. Clipping a toy up and then falling off caused the audiences standing by to scream.

Yiyao thought it very interesting. After drinking the milk tea, she threw it into the garbage can, took out some coins she just found in her pocket and put them in it to start grabbing toys as well.

For the first time, she had no experience. When it was about to grab the toy, the fluffy dog fell down from the clip.

Her competitiveness was inspired. Yiyao was eager for another fight. For the second time, it went well. She caught the dog in a few seconds.

Next, it became more and more smooth, never missing one toy, which also attracted a lot of onlookers to watch.

“Catch that panda. Coming up, coming up…wow, great…” More and more onlookers began to cheer her on.

The boss saw that all the plush toys in his toy machine were coming to be empty, and he begged her in a low voice with a sad face, “Ms., will you show some mercy? I’m running a small business here.”

Yiyao’s concentration was all about catching the toys. She didn’t hear the boss’s request. Until the last toy came out, a round of cheers and applauses around her burst out.

Yiyao smiled embarrassedly. She noticed a little girl standing next to her and looking straight at the pile of victory prizes. She took a pink doll out of it and handed it to her.

The little girl said sweetly, “Thank you, sister” and then ran away.

Yiyao grabbed the toys just for fun and didn’t want to take away them, so she turned around and got out of the crowd, leaving the boss confused in the place.

Yiyao continued to stroll in the street with great interests. A few children were chasing after each other behind her. Two of them didn’t stop and ran into her. Yiyao suddenly stumbled and felt that the hearing aid in her ear fell out. She tried to catch it with her hands. The small hearing aid slipped through her fingers and rolled over directly to the side of the road.

All of a sudden, the world became quiet. The shrill horn of the car left only a faint buzz.


Yiyao swore in a low voice, chasing the hearing aid to the side of the road. Then helplessly, she watched it being crushed by a passing vehicle.

Staring at the corpse of the hearing aid, Yiyao wanted to cry but had no tears. It was said that the hearing aid was quite expensive. It seemed that she had go to the hospital to change for a new one.

During the silent mourning, suddenly, her body was hugged tightly and whirled around, sky and earth spinning round. When she came to senses, a bicycle sped by. The man in a cap said something. With common sense of life, Yiyao felt that he was swearing.

The man who saved her released his hand, “What are you looking at so seriously? Haven’t you heard the bicycle ring loud and long?

Yiyao’s head was dizzy for a few seconds. She looked up and felt the man was very familiar.

Seeing her looking at himself focused, the man thought she was too much scared, and asked, “Are you ok?”

Yiyao thought in her heart that this little thing couldn’t scare her. She took out her mobile phone and typed a line of words, “I lost my hearing aid. I can’t hear you, but I can read some lip languages. Please speak slowly.”

The man was shocked. She couldn’t hear?

No wonder he went to the flower shop twice, and she didn’t respond when he talked to her. And when she found out that he was talking, she would look at him seriously. That was the reason.

After a short while, the man smiled and slowly said, “I’ll accompany you to the hospital.”

Yiyao didn’t decline his help. It was better to have someone around her than being alone. She nodded and whispered “thank you”. Then she bowed her head and typed the address of the hospital on her mobile phone.

She couldn’t hear her own voice, so she couldn’t control the pitch of voices. Being afraid of frightening others, more often, she chose to communicate in words.

The man looked at the address, nodded and said, “I know it. Come with me. My car is in the parking lot over there.”

“OK.” Yiyao said in a low voice, so weak that made people can’t help but want to protect her.

Yiyao followed him to the parking lot. The man took attentive care of her and walked inside. When someone passed over, he used his arms to separate them from her. Like that, they walked quietly all the way to the car, and then drove to the hospital.

Meeting a familiar doctor, Yiyao pointed to her ear with a bitter smile.

The doctor understood and asked, “Have you lost your hearing aid?”

She nodded.

“I’ll change another new one for you. We’ve got better-quality products just right. You will hear more clearly.”

Yiyao was delighted, that would be great.

After another check-up to make sure that the disease did not spread, Yiyao put on a new hearing aid, which looked like a small earphone. It felt cold.

“How’s it going? Can you hear me?” The doctor asked her.

Yiyao laughed happily like a child, “The voice is not loud, but I can hear you.”

The doctor advised, “That’s good. Remember to come and review on time.”

“OK, doctor. See you then.”

The man had been quietly standing by. Listening to her communication with the doctor, he couldn’t help admiring her for her impressive optimistic spirit.

“Thank you very much. I’ll treat you to dinner this evening.” Yiyao was a person who always showed gratitude to other person’s kindness. This man helped her a lot, of course, she wanted to repay him.

The man readily agreed, stretched out his hand and said, “Let me introduce myself. My name is Jinyi Bai.”

Yiyao gently shook his hand and let go, “My name is Yiyao Duan.” After that, she took out her mobile phone to type her name to show him. Jinyi nodded with a smile to indicate that he had memorized it.

“What would you like to eat?”

“I’m not picky. You decide.”

As they walked, they started to chat, “Do you like spicy food?”

“Yes, I like it very much, actually my mother is from Sichuan.”

Yiyao was very pleased to find a like-minded companion, “Let’s have Sichuan cuisine then. You choose the restaurant. I’m not very familiar with the capital city yet.”


Jinyi was a well-behaved young man. He was very polite in dealing with people and things. He would carefully remind Yiyao to fasten her seat belt. When passing through famous scenic spots, he would act as a tour guide to introduce historical anecdotes. In order to make her hear clearly, he raised his voices a few decibels. He seldom talked so loudly, even when he was teaching.

By the way, he was a university teacher, teaching physics.

The Sichuan restaurant recommended by Jinyi was in a very secretive alley. Seeing Yiyao look curiously, he joked, “Are you not afraid that I sold you off in this secluded place?”

Yiyao disdainfully said, “The person who can sell me probably hasn’t born yet.”

She was telling the truth, but in Jinyi’s ears, it sounded a bit of mischievous.

“Here we are.” Jinyi stopped the car in front of a humble mahogany gate. Yiyao got off the car.

“Is this the restaurant?” Yiyao asked in surprise.

Jinyi had guessed her attitude and said with a smile, “Just go in and you’ll know.”

It looked ordinary outside, but as soon as they stepped into the mahogany gate, Yiyao knew what a hidden beauty was like. Inside, there was a green bamboo courtyard, small bridge, and flowing water, elegant to the most.

The waiter obviously knew Jinyi and took them to a nice private room. Through the window, they could just see a pool of lotus flowers in full bloom outside.

“It’s beautiful here.” Yiyao exclaimed with emotion. Although she was a colonel, she had been in the army for most of the time so she had rarely seen other sides of the world.

“Let’s order.” Jinyi gave her the menu made into a folding fan. Yiyao glanced at it, “Spring Garden, Blooming Flowers, Farewell to Queen etc., which she couldn’t understand at all.

“Are you sure these are Sichuan food? Shouldn’t it be Spicy Tofu and such?” Yiyao asked adorably.

Jinyi was amused by her, “It’s the same, just more civilized names, otherwise, how to match the environment here. You can order whatever you want. They all taste wonderful.”

Yiyao hesitated for a moment, ordered two dishes that looked fantastic to her, and then gave him the menu, “You order, you are better with it.”

Jinyi took the folding fan to order two dishes and a soup.

There was a special tea set in the private room. After the waiter left, Jinyi went to make tea, one procedure after another, which made Yiyao’s eyes dazzled.

His fingers were beautiful, slender and fine white, making the whole procedure not look so boring.

Yiyao said with her chin holding in her hand, “If everyone drank tea like you do, the enemies would run away already.”

Jinyi was surprised, “What does it have to do with enemies?”

“Oh, just kidding. I think it’s too slow,” Yiyao didn’t elaborate.

Jinyi handed over the first cup of tea to her, “Try it.”

Yiyao blew it and drank it up. After that, she tasted and said, “It’s no big different.”

Jinyi silently smiled. She looked tender and weak outside, but he did not expect to see a rough man living inside her body. This kind of contrast was kind of cutely interesting.

“Whatever you say,” Jinyi said helplessly.

Although the two only met for the third time, they kind of got along well with each other. After the dishes were served, Yiyao mercilessly went enjoying the meal after a lot of compliments.

In eating, she never made herself suffer a little bit. By comparison, Jinyi was a lot gentler.

“Ah? You’re a college teacher.” After listening to him talk about funny stories in school, Yiyao couldn’t help but ask.

“Don’t I look like one?”

After staring at him for a while, Yiyao said, “Too young. I though college teachers should be old, 40 or 50 years old.”

“Thank you very much.”Jinyi didn’t mention that he was not only a teacher, but a teacher teaching graduate students.

After the dinner, Yiyao went to pay the bill but the waiter told her that Jinyi had already paid the bill.

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