Chapter 342: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 342 A Girl Who Looks Like Her

“Didn’t we agree that it was on my treat?” Yiyao Duan raised her eyebrows.

“Think of it as an advance payment for flowers I’ll buy from you later. Is that OK?”

“It’s OK,” Yiyao turned and asked the waiter, “How much in total?”

“4,800 dollars.”

“How much?” Yiyao thought she had heard it wrong.

“4,800 dollars.”

Yiyao’s eyes widened, four dishes, a soup, two bowls of rice, plus several cups of tea cost 4,800 dollars?!

“Well,” Jinyi Bai pushed her shoulder to go out. When they got outside, he looked at her and said, “That is 200 dollars for a bunch of flowers, 24 bunches of flowers in total, is it too much?”

Yiyao frowned and thought for a long while, “It doesn’t seem like much. OK, then you remember well, not a bunch less.”a

“Of course, I will remember very well.”

Jinyi was going to send her home. After getting her address, he was stunned for a moment first. Then, he started the car.

It was the most well-preserved courtyard dwelling in the capital city, worth millions of dollars, how could Yiyao actually live there?

Since she was so rich, why did she have to work hard to open a flower shop?

“You didn’t live in the capital city before, do you?” Jinyi asked tentatively.

Watching the gorgeous night view outside the window, Yiyao said, “No, for work reasons, I had been out of the town.”

“In this case, you can call me if you have anything to do in the future, such as where there are interesting and delicious food. I grew up here and am very familiar with it.”

“OK, what’s your phone number?”

Jinyi reported a string of numbers, Yiyao said while inputting the numbers, “I can’t hear, so it’s basically sending messages.”

“It doesn’t matter. I’ll see it. Call me and I’ll save your number.” Jinyi felt sorry every time she said peacefully that she couldn’t hear. He had wanted to ask her what was wrong with her ears, but he thought it was abrupt to do so since they just met.

Arriving at home, Yiyao said “Thank you, goodbye” and turned to take out the key. When she came in the house, Jinyi was convinced that she really lived there.

With a property worth of millions of dollars, she would feel that a 4800-dollar meal was expensive. She really had a lot of secrets hidden in her, attracting people to constantly explore the truth.

He hadn’t seen such an interesting girl for a long time.

The black car disappeared in the alley. Half an hour later, a detailed information about Jinyi was transmitted to Jun Duan’s mobile phone.

Jinyi was born in a family of scholars. His grandfather and parents were both university professors, well-known scientists and educators at home and abroad, with mild personalities and good reputation among teachers and students. He once had a girlfriend who had broken up with him for more than three years.

After reading this background information, the corner of Jun’s mouth showed a bewitching smile. University teachers, it sounded good. From the photos, the young man looked handsome as well.

He thought so, there were so many good boys in the world, there would always be a boy who was predestined with Yiyao. Maybe it was this Jinyi Bai?

On a hot evening, Jingyan felt depressed and drove to the seaside to relax after work. The tide was high, so there were fewer people at the seaside.

Jingyan sat on the beach smoking, with an ashtray at hand.

The setting sun dyed the whole sea red. According to his mother, his father had an accident in this sea area before, everyone thought he was dead, but his mother firmly believed that he was still alive, and she found him in the end.

He thought sometimes, if only Yiyao was still alive, as long as she was alive, even if he had to wait for 30 or 40 years, even if she didn’t like him anymore, even if she was with someone else, as long as she could live in this world, but there were not so many ifs in the world.

Why would it be her that had an accident? Why?

As the sun sank into the sea, the sound of the waves became louder and louder. The mobile phone rang, which was from his sister Chuxue Ye.

“Where are you, brother?”

“What’s the matter?” Jingyan asked in a deep voice.

“How can there be the sound of sea?” Chuxue paused a little and then quickly said, “You must not do anything stupid!”

“I’m smoking, not jumping into the sea.” Jingyan interrupted her howling.

Chuxue then calmed down, “Oh, that’s good. Hey, have you forgot? Today is mom’s birthday. Come back quickly.”

Jingyan remembered suddenly. God, how could he forget such an important thing?

He put out his cigarette in the ashtray and said softly, “I’ll be right back. Do you need me to buy anything?”

“No, everything is prepared, just hurry up back.” With that, Chuxue hung up.

Jingyan got up with the ashtray and patted the sand off his body.

Just about to get in the car, a faint cry for cry came from the distance.


Jingyan looked far and saw a figure struggling up and down in the waves. She was the one who called for help.

There was no one else on the beach. Jingyan threw the ashtray on the car and ran to the sea.

The girl was brought ashore by Jingyan. Pulling away the hair on her face, Jingyan was stunned. The eyebrow, eyes, face, and mouth, all looked like Yiyao a lot.

The girl spit out a large pool of sea water, and then said weakly, “Thank you, thank you.”

“You’re welcome,” Jingyan came back to senses, and his tone was warm. “How can you swim alone? It’s dangerous to swim at rising tides.”

The girl sat up, coughed a few times and said, “I’m here to visit Sky City. Just now I had a cramp in my legs.” Suddenly something came to her mind, she quickly got up and ran to a nearby stone. Stomping her feet angrily, she said, “Who stole my bag?”

Jingyan walked over, “Where did you put it?”

“Under the stone, there are wallets, IDs, mobile phones, clothes and so on. My God, I’m going crazy.” The girl was very emotional.

Looking at her young face, Jingyan suddenly remembered that Yiyao was also so lively and lovely when she was angry or happy.

“You are kind of careless. How could you put things so important here?” Maybe because the girl looked too much like Yiyao, Jingyan became talkative.

The girl was about to cry, “What should I do? Where am I supposed to stay tonight?”

Jingyan’s heart moved, “Go to my house. I have a place to offer you to live.”

“Ah?” The girl was stunned and looked up at the handsome man. Her face turned blush quietly. She was so worried just now that she didn’t find that the person who saved her was a handsome man.

However, the girl recovered from her infatuation and watched him vigilantly, “You are not going to sell me, are you?”

“Whatever you want.” Jingyan turned around and walked to his car. The girl quickly followed him, “Forget it. You saved me, so you can’t be a bad man. I believe you.”

Otherwise, she would have to sleep on the street tonight.

Jingyan took out a towel from the trunk and gave it to her, “Wipe yourself dry first.”

“Oh.” The girl wiped her wet hair while peeking at him. The man was charming in every move.

Jingyan smoked leaning against the car. His heart was in an extreme contradiction. He knew that she was not Yiyao, but he could not help but want to see her more, in order to relieve the pain of Acacia.

Never mind. Take it as a comfort to himself. He would send her off tomorrow.

On the way back to Ye’s house, the girl asked him to borrow his mobile phone to call her own phone, but only heard the prompt tone that her phone had been turned off.

“The thieve is such a bastard. I hid my stuff in such a secret place.” The girl said angrily.

“Call your family so they don’t have to worry about you.” Jingyan reminded her.

“Yes, you’re right…” The girl thought about her parents’ phone number and dialed out. She said in a brisk voice, “Hello, mom, it’s me. My cell phone was stolen. I called you with my friend’s cell phone. I’m fine. You and dad don’t worry about me. …OK. I got to go. Love you.”

Listening to her call, Jingyan suddenly though of Yiyao. No matter how big things had happened to her or she had been enduring, she would bite her teeth and say, “Don’t worry, I’m fine.”

The girl gave him back his cell phone, “Thank you.”

“You’re not afraid that I’m a human trafficker now?” Jingyan joked.

The girl laughed sheepishly, “It was a misunderstanding, how can a handsome man like you be human trafficker?”

Jingyan smiled lightly and shook his head, another silly girl impressed by his charm.

The girl was dazzled by his smile, eyes full of admiration. “Let me introduce myself. My name is Ziying Duan. What’s your name?”

The car slammed to a halt. With a lunge forward, Ziying almost hit her head, “Ouch, what are you doing?”

Jingyan’s eyes was twinkling, and then he asked emotionally, “Is your family name Duan?”

“Yes, my family name is Duan.”

“Where are you from?” Jingyan then asked.

“From the capital city, I came to Sky City two days ago, you…”

“Capital city?” Jingyan interrupted her and directly asked, “Do you know a person named Yiyao Duan?”

Ziying twisted her eyebrows to think, “No, I don’t think so “

“Are you sure?”

“I’m sure I don’t know that name. Who is this person anyway?”

The twinkling light in Jingyan’s eyes suddenly disappeared. Leaning back in his chair and looking at the dark road ahead, a wave of helplessness and sadness welled up in his heart.

Yiyao, she looks so similar to you, and both of you surname Duan, I thought you had something to do with her.

Ziying watched him and felt a strong sadness covering him. He looked unusually lonely, which made people want to cherish him uncontrollably.

Yiyao Duan, who he just mentioned should be someone who meant extraordinarily to him.

Not daring to disturb him, Ziying nestled in her seat, waiting for him to calm down. After a long while, Jingyan seemed to give out a sigh, and then started the car to continue the way home.

Ziying quietly examined his face and asked in a low voice, “You haven’t told me what your name is.”

“Jingyan Ye.”

“Jingyan…” Ziying read it several times. She thought that it was a nice name and matched him pretty well.

In the next whole way, Jingyan didn’t say a word, making the atmosphere in the car a bit oppressive.

After driving for a long time, the car entered Ye’s villa.

Looking at the scenery outside, Ziying exclaimed, “Is this your home?”


“You are so rich.” Ziying said with emotion. In fact, her family was kind of rich in thecapital, but they didn’t have such a big villa. Maybe the land price in the capital was too expensive, so her father couldn’t afford a bigger place yet.

Jingyan didn’t reply. He stopped the car steadily in front of the tall villa.

Chuxue saw him afar and ran over, “Brother, you are too slow. Uncle’s family is already here, and grandma Xiao has also come.”

“Something happened on the way.” Jingyan simply explained.

“What’s going on…Yiyao?” Chuxue saw Ziying coming out of the car and exclaimed. She came forward and had a closer look, “No, but it’s too similar.”

Ziying looked at Chuxue with her big eyes, who was so beautiful. She had never seen such a beautiful girl, especially her eyes, which were like a pair of purple gemstones.

“Brother, who is she?” Chuxue asked curiously.

“She was swimming by the sea and I saved her from drowning, her stuff was stolen. Take her to have a bath and change her clothes. I’ll go to the lake and have a look.” After finishing his command, Jingyan walked to the lake without looking back.

Chuxue looked up and down at the young girl, thinking, her brother hadn’t been with a girl for months, today he picked up one only because that she looked like Yiyao.

“Hello, my name is Ziying Duan. Sorry for the trouble.” Ziying introduced herself friendly.

Chuxue was stunned, “Your family name is Duan?”

“Er…your brother has asked me this question. My family name is Duan, but I don’t know Ziyao Duan.” Ziying said in a hurry, lest she asked again the same question.

Chuxue recovered from the shock and looked at her carefully. Although the girl’s face was very similar to Yiyao’s, it gave people a totally different feeling.

Yiyao let people want to submit to her as soon as they saw her, but this girl in front of her was just a young woman who didn’t know much about the world.

“Hello, my name is Chuxue Ye. Let’s go. I’ll find you some new clothes.”

Ziying followed Chuxue. As she walked, she observed the villa. Well, it was about the same size as her home, but it was much more magnificent than her home.

“Did you come to Sky City alone? How was your stuff stolen? ” Chuxue inquired about the situation.

Ziying talked about her helpless experience at the seaside.

“Oh, it’s OK. You can live in our house for the time being. There are many vacant rooms in the house anyway.” Chuxue’s purpose was not pure. Since Yiyao had passed away, her brother could find a girl like her, which was better than being alone all the time.

Ziying didn’t expect her to be so enthusiastic and said hurriedly, “Thank you very much. I’m already very grateful that you can keep me for one night. How can I stay in your house for a long time? Tomorrow, I’ll ask my father to send me money. It’s more convenient for me to stay in a hotel.

Chuxue took her to the dressing room in her own room, “It’s no big deal. Don’t you come to visit Sky City? I can be your guide. I’m good at seeking eating, drinking and all kinds of fun in this city.”

“It’s too troublesome.” Ziying somewhat couldn’t stand her enthusiasm.

Chuxue took out a gauze skirt and put it on her, “It’s not troublesome at all. I like making friends, and I make friends depending only on whether I like her or not. You, I like very much. By the way, how old are you?”


The movement in Chuxue’s hands stopped, feeling a little embarrassed. Only 23? An age younger than herself. In case Jingyan was really with her in the future, this young girl would be her sister-in-law?

Chuxue covered up her embarrassment, laughing and saying, “How about in the future you call me Chuxue and I call you Ziying, which is nicer. How do you think of this dress?”

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