Chapter 343 – 344: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 343: Sending Presents 1

“I don’t believe you don’t like me?”

“I…” Kris Chen smiled wryly and said, “It’s not about whether I like you or not. Yes, I admit that I do like you, but…”

Before he could finish his words, Xiaorou Xu approached him and said, “Your marriage with Mary Su is only in name now. Why don’t you divorce her as soon as possible and we can be together?”

“Who told you that?” Kris said, “we have solved the previous misunderstandings, and we are going to have a child.”

In order to make Xiaorou give up, he had to say something extremely.

“We can also have a baby.” Xiaorou said seriously.

“I still have many lovers!”

“That means I have a good eye. No one likes a man who is not excellent.

“Kris, I have never done such a crazy thing in my life. If you dare to refuse me, I will find someone to marry and make you regret for the rest of your life!”

Hearing this, Kris took a deep breath.

Looking at her serious face, Kris was stunned.

Damn! He was threatened by a girl.

Thinking of this, he made up his mind. He suddenly put his hands on her shoulder and kept his eyes locked on Xiaorou.

Xiaorou’s heart was pounding. Her hands were tightly clenched, and she was inexplicably nervous.

“You don’t regret it. You miss your last chance.”

Then he leaned forward and kissed her.

At that moment, Xiaorou froze and dared not move.

Her mind went blank.

But soon, her body became soft and her hands subconsciously wrapped around Kris neck.

She didn’t know how long it had passed, and she can hardly breathe.

Kris finally let go of her.

Xiaorou gasped for air, blushing.

It was the first time she was kissing. This feeling was really strange.

“Let’s go. I’ll drive you home.” Kris started the car and drove it out of the underground parking lot.

Sitting in the passenger seat, Xiaorou stared at Kris in rapture.

Half an hour later, Kris car stopped in front of Xu family’s mansion.

“Do you want to come in? My father is not at home today.” Xiaorou said shyly.

Kris shook his head and said, “No, I have to pick her up.”

“All right.” Xiaorou said with disappointment.

“Will you attend the martial arts contest tomorrow?”

Kris said, “I have something to do tomorrow, but I will be there the day after tomorrow. Besides, I have a competition that day. Remember to come to see me.”

Xiaorou nodded and said, “Drive slowly.”

After saying that, Kris smiled and drove away.

It was not until Kris car disappeared from the corner that Xiaorou reluctantly looked away from him.

He finally accepted her, but how could she persuade her father to accept him?

Xiaorou was worried again.

At the same time, on the third floor of the Dynasty Hotel, when the party was going on, Xue Mi’s assistant ran to her and whispered in her ear.

“What? The CEO of Lieyang Technology is here? “

Xue Mi was shocked and asked, “Did we send an invitation card to Lieyang Technology?”

The assistant shook her head and said, “No.”

“Please invite him in.”

After saying that, Xue Mi hurriedly said to Mary, “Chairman Su, Mr. king of Lieyang Technology is here.”

“Jie Ding?”

Xue Mi nodded.

“Where is he?” Mary asked.

At this moment, a man in a blue suit quickly walked over. As soon as he saw her, he reached out his hand and said, “Sister in law, we meet again.”

“Hi! President Ding!”

“Sister in law, you can just call me Jie Ding.” Jie Ding said respectfully.

At this time, someone recognized Jie Ding and exclaimed, “Oh my God! The CEO of Lieyang Technology, Jie Ding is also here. ” Everyone’s eyes were focused on Jie Ding.

Lieyang Technology hadn’t been listed yet, but its valuation had exceeded 100 billion. Countless investors were expecting Lieyang Technology could be going public as soon as possible.

Some venture capital companies even predicted that the market value of Lieyang Technology would exceed trillions after it was listed.

“Hello, I’m Jie Ding from Lieyang Technology. Thank you for attending my sister-in-law’s party. I hope everyone can gain a lot from this party.”


What did he just say?

He said this was his sister-in-law’s party?

Everyone was stunned. How did Mary become the sister-in-law of the CEO of Lieyang Technology?

Mary smiled without saying anything.

Because Kris said that Lieyang Technology was also their own company.

“Xue Mi, get Jie Ding a glass of wine.”

“Okay.” Xue Mi recovered from the shock and poured a glass of champagne for Jie Ding.

“President Ding, here is your wine.”

“Thank you.” Jie Ding said with a smile.

‘Wow, he’s so handsome and polite.’ Xue Mi felt that she was struck on Jie Ding.

“Sister Xue, the President of Muse House, Heqiu Zhao.”

At this moment, a middle-aged man in a tunic suit came over.

“Mrs. Chen, I’m late.”

Who was this man?

Everyone looked at Heqiu. When they saw Bob Sun behind Heqiu, someone shouted, “Oh my God, isn’t that Bob from Muse bar? The man standing next to him must be his godfather, Heqiu! “

This was the King of night clubs in the Westriver City. Muse bar was one of the top ten bars at home, and Heqiu was worth over ten billion.

“President Zhao, do we know each other?” Mary was also confused.

Phoebe laughed and said, “Lady, I didn’t go to your wedding with Mr. Chen before. I heard that you took over Huanyu Group this time, so I specially prepared a big gift for you.”

As he spoke, Bob, who was standing behind him, walked up to her with a pamphlet in his hand. “Lady, this is the ownership of a Muse bar in the East District of Westriver City. My godfather has transferred the ownership to you.”


The ownership of the Muse bar in the East District?

Mary was shocked. It was said that the only decoration of the bar alone cost eighty million. It was too expensive.

“President Zhao, this gift is too expensive. I can’t accept it…”

“Lady, you can just call my name. Please accept this gift as a small token of my appreciation.”

Seeing this, everyone present was shocked. And they could see that Heqiu begged Mary to accept it.

“No, it’s too expensive…”

Seeing that Mary was determined not to accept it, Heqiu became anxious. “Mrs. Chen, , I couldn’t have such achievement without Mr. Chen’s help, please accept it!”

“Chairman, please take it.” Xue Mi gently tugged Mary’s sleeve and said.

Mary thought for a while and nodded, “OK. Thank you very much.”

At this time, Heqiu smiled again.

After sending the gift, Heqiu said to Mary, “Mrs. Su, if someone asks you what I have sent later, please keep it a secret for me temporarily.”

Mary was about to say something when Heqiu looked at the door and smiled, “Oh look, here he comes.”

“My lady, sorry I’m late!”

Everyone looked at the direction where the voice came from, and was shocked.

It was Guobang, the CEO of a Real Estate Company.

“Hi, President Liu! “Mary hurried to greet him.

He was the property tycoon of Westriver City. His was worth about twenty billion.

“Oh, my lady, you’re flattering me.” Guobang immediately bowed to Mary.

Looking at the respectful look of Guobang, people who didn’t know him might think that he was an employee of Mary.

“President Liu, what are you doing?”

“Lady, you my name directly.”

“Guobang, do you also know my husband?”

Guobang nodded and said, “of course I know him. I’m deeply indebted to him for his help.”

“Guobang, you are getting better at flattering!”

Guobang was stunned. He turned around and found it was Heqiu. He laughed and said, “Haha, Heqiu, you’re fast than me!”

“Today is Mrs. Chen’s welcome party. What gift are you taking?” Heqiu asked.

Guobang looked at Heqiu and asked curiously, “what did you send to Lady?”

“I can’t tell you!” Heqiu chuckled and said, “Well, go on. Tell me what’s your gift?”

Curling his lips, Guobang walked up to Mary and said, “Lady, I’ve recently developed a new landed property called the Yutian Mansion, and I’ve transferred one of the buildings to your name.”


Mary was really startled by what he said.

“Madam, the safety of the house is guaranteed. But it’s not a high-end community. It has twenty floors and two apartments on one floor. At the current price, this building is about eighty million.”

Heqiu curled his lips and said, “Guobang, as a real estate developer, it cost you a little! You are so mean.”

Hearing Heqiu’s words, Guobang grinned and punched him in Heqiu’s chest. “Come on, shut up!”

Chapter 344: Sending Presents 2

“They should be here soon.” Heqiu Zhao looked at his watch.

“Liren is here!” Guobang Liu pointed at the door.

They all looked at that direction, and saw a woman dressed in a formal suit walking towards them. She exuded an air of power and self-confidence.

That woman was none other than the director of Liren Group, Liren Zhang! She is one of the most successful women in the whole country. She managed to make Liren cosmetic products an international brand all by herself. And she earned great fame and respect.

Also, she is probably the richest woman in the whole country. Her personal assets are worth twenty billion. And that’s only because Liren Group hasn’t gone public yet, and when it does, she is probably the first woman whose personal assets reach a hundred billion.

“Madam, my name is Liren Zhang. It’s really nice to see you.” Liren walked to Mary and bowed slightly to her.

Everyone was shocked when they saw Liren bowing to Mary. They found it impossible. How could Mary, a woman from a small family, get to know someone so important?

“Director Zhang, it’s so very kind of you.” Mary grabbed Liren’s hand gently, and she felt a little bit shy, because Liren is her idol. There were too many surprises for her that night.

“Madam, please just call me Liren.”

“Liren, what’s your gift for madam?” Heqiu asked directly.

Guobang also asked with great curiosity: “You are not giving her your cosmetic products, are you?”

Liren smiled. She said: “The things appeal to us women are nothing other than some famous handbags, cosmetics products or jewelry. But Mr Chen is rich enough to buy her anything she wants. So, I decided to start an independent department in Liren Group to produce all the things she wants. She can ask it to make handbags, jewelry, or clothes, anything. This department works only for her.”

Heqiu and Guobang gasped. They knew their gifts are incomparable to hers and they admitted their defeat willingly. After all, they can never know a woman better than another woman.

“Oh no. This is too much. I can’t take it.” Mary waved her hand.

“Madam, I also have a selfish desire.” Liren said shyly. “Huanyu Group is now the most successful entertainment company in the country, and so many artists work for Huanyu Group. I want all the artists in Huanyu Group to dress our clothes, use our jewelry and handbags.”

Liren proved her sophisticated business skills once again, and everyone present was amazed.

If the director of Huanyu Group uses all the products produced by Liren Group, the employees of Huanyu Group will surly follow their director’s lead and use Liren’s products. And then, all the artists in Huanyu Group will become the voice of Liren Group. It would be much more effective than spending lots of money on advertising.

“Okay. I’ll take it.” Mary said. She knew she couldn’t refuse Liren after what she said.

She got a little bit nervous and she looked around for Kris but she didn’t find him.

“Why didn’t he tell me that he knew so many important people, so that I can be prepared for this.” She thought to herself.

“Heiqiu, Guobang, and Liren! You guys are so early!” At that moment, a middle-aged man walked over. He was dressed in a suit, and his hair was rather tidy. He is the director of Jiangnan Energy Company, Lei Shi.

Everyone was shocked. “Is Lei Shi also here to visit Mary?” They thought to themselves.

“Madam, please forgive me for being late.” Lei bowed to Mary respectfully.

“Lei, just tell us what’s your present for madam?” Heqiu asked. And then everyone looked at Lei.

Lei smiled and said: “Apart from some new energies, the only thing my company is proud of is some mines. Madam, recently my company bought a mine that is located in the south-west area. It’s worth is 180 million. Please take it.”

They were all shocked to the core. None of them had ever seen a mine been used as a gift before.

Xue Mi, who was standing right beside Mary, trembled with excitement. She never imagined Mary could know so many important people. And she believes Huanyu Group will absolutely be much stronger in the future since they have such a great leader.

“Madam, please don’t say no. Actually Kris is the real boss of Jiangnan Energy Company, and I’m only a shareholder. Without Kris, I would be growing vegetables at home at this time. Frankly speaking, this mine is yours in the first place.”

What he meant was that what is Kris’s is also Mary’s.

Lei still remembered a few years ago, Jiangnan Energy Company was on the verge of bankruptcy. And it was Kris who invested twenty million into the company, and used some other resources to make the company get back on its feet.

Mary couldn’t believe Kris is also the boss of Jiangnan Energy Company. At first, she learned Kris owns Huanyu Group, and then, it was Lieyang Technology, and now, there is an energy company the value of which is estimated to be seventy million. Mary wondered what else was Kris hiding from her.

“Lei, you are indeed a cunning business man.” Heqiu said jokingly. Guobang and Liren also looked at Lei smilingly, and Lei blushed.

Heqiu gave her a bar. Guobang gave her a building. Lei gave her a mine, and Liren gave her all the clothes, cosmetic products and handbags she may need in the future. Who could have thought that a billionaire could be made through a welcome party. Everyone else was so jealous.

People thought that was it, and no one else would come. But they were wrong. Youming Tang, dressed in an exceptionally formal way, appeared, which was out of everyone’s expectation.

“Heqiu, Guobang, Liren and Lei! Why are you guys here so early? Didn’t we agree to come together? How can you leave me behind! I’m the host!” Youming said.

The four of them all wore a meaningful smile. Obviously they left Youming behind on purpose.

Youming walked towards Mary, bowed to her respectfully and said: “Madam, please forgive me for being late.”

The whole place lapsed into silence. Everyone was shocked. Because Youming is the owner of Dynasty Hotel, where this party was held. And people couldn’t believe that he also knows Mary. And not only does he know Mary, he respects Mary so much as if Mary is his elder.

At that moment, everyone made up his mind not to mess with Huanyu Group, and not to mess with Mary, because of their powerful connections.

Mart got mixed feelings when she saw Youming. Because she never knew that Youming and Kris knew each other all along.

“Director Zhou, you are so good at keeping secrets.” Mary said.

After hearing what she said, Youming broke out in a cold sweat. He explained in a hurry: “Madam, Kris didn’t allow us to say it. Please don’t be mad!”

The others also tried to help Youming when they noticed Mary misunderstood him. They said: “Madam, Youming didn’t hide it from you on purpose. Kris specially warned us not to reveal his real identity without his permission.”

“Please don’t be angry, madam.” Jie Ding said at that moment. “Do you still remember the last time I went to Su Family to give you the equity transfer contract? Kris’s identity was made pretty clear at that time.”

Mary suddenly remembered it. She also remembered she didn’t connect that incident with Kris at all. She thought she was so silly.

She knew she was wrong about Youming, so she said to him: “I’m sorry Director Zhou. I misunderstood you.”

“Please don’t worry about it madam! Who am I to make you apologize!” Youming was sweating nervously.

“Alright. Now there is no misunderstanding between you guys. Tell us what do you plan to give madam as a gift?” Liren said.

Youming wiped his sweat, looked at Mary flatteringly and said: “Madam, I bought you an elegant yacht. It is now moored at Westriver port.”

“A yacht? How big is it? How expensive is it?” Someone asked.

Youming said: “It’s not very expensive. Only 120 million.”

Everyone was surprised by the number. But they knew this money is nothing for rich people like Youming Zhou. They were so jealous. Who could resist the temptation of a personal yacht.

Half an hour later, the party was basically over, and Kris arrived at Dynasty Hotel at this time.

His face darkened when he saw these people standing beside Mary. Because he asked them not to come at all.

“It’s Kris’s car.” Liren recognized Kris’s car in an instant. Then they all gathered around Kris.

“Kris, you are here.” They said in unison.

Kris nodded and said: “Why are you guys here.”

“Kris, today is madam’s welcome party, and of course we can’t miss this!”

“Yeah. We need to be here to make sure everyone treats our madam with due respect.”

“Don’t be angry Kris. We didn’t show up when you get married. And today, we can finally make it up to you.” Liren said. And everyone nodded.

Kris looked at them, and then looked at Mary who seemed to be very calm, and he got off the car and said to Youming: “Youming, prepare a room for us. We need to have a few drinks together.”

“Yes. No problem!”

“Wait a second, we should go to my place to drink. This place is not suitable for drinking.”

“Nonsense. Our madam is here, and your place is not safe enough for her.”

“You are talking nonsense! My place is safe!” Heqiu countered.

“Quit it. We will just drink here.” Kris waved his hand.

Heqiu didn’t say anything, since this is Kris’s idea. And Youming tipped his chin proudly. He looked so happy.

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