Chapter 343: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 343 Always Stand with my Wife

Ziying Duan glanced at her, “Chanel’s latest fashion, nice.”

“A good choice like I would do,” Chuxue Ye gave her the clothes, and pulled open several drawers, which contained numerous different styles of underwear neatly, she glanced at Ziying’s breast and said, “Your size is similar to mine, these are new, you can choose a set later after taking a shower, the bathroom is over there, go take a shower. Right, shoes are in the cabinet over there, feel free to pick anything you like, I’ll go out first.”

“Wait ……” Ziying took her hand, “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome, we’re friends.”‘ Chuxue said with a smile, “By the way, it’s my mother’s birthday today, you can come to the lake after taking a shower, we’ll have the party over there.”

Ziying didn’t refuse her like a shy little girl, she agreed readily, “Okay, I’ll be here later.”

“I’ll go first.”

Chuxue walked out of the room, she let out a long sigh, it seemed that she and her parents didn’t have to worry about her brother getting depression, because God has sent the best medicine.

In the bathroom, Ziying was in a good mood while taking a shower, she didn’t expect to be so lucky, she was saved from drowning and met such a warm-hearted family, this was simply hitting the jackpot.

However, who was Yiyao Duan they have said? Judging by the tone of Chuxue, she should look very similar to this girl.

By the lake, Chuxue ran to her mother Venus hastily, and told her mother about what had just happened in detail.

After listening, Venus looked at her son in amazement. Jingyan was flipping barbecue kebabs amidst the smoke and charcoal fire, his expression was as cold as ever.

“Pingan, don’t you want to talk to us?” Venus asked as she walked to Jingyan.

Jingyan gave the grilled meat skewer to Yuqi Mu next to him, “Nothing, just I saved a girl and something was stolen and I brought her back. Oh, she looks a bit similar to Yiyao, her surname is also Duan, but she has nothing to do with Yiyao.”

“Oh, I see, then I’ll check how similar she is to Yiyao later……”

Half an hour later, Ziying came slowly wearing a sarong, on her feet was a pair of canvas shoes, everyone turned their heads to see and all startled for a few seconds, she really looked like Yiyao, except that she had long hair, while Yiyao had short hair.

“Hello, my name is Ziying Duan, thank you all for taking me in.” Ziying said generously, without showing the slightest bit of timidity, except that she was stunned because this was the first time she had seen so many good-looking people gathered together.

“Come on, don’t be shy, sit beside me.” Chuxue waved at her and waited for her to come over, then she started to introduce her to all the relatives here.

Ziying has known great things and great people, so she wasn’t timid at all, but she was surprised to see the twins, they were so handsome.

During this period Jingyan has been acting as a barbeque waiter beside silently, his heart was heavy, and he also felt a little bit regret that perhaps he shouldn’t bring her back, he could give her some money and let her stay in a hotel.

He was too impulsive at that time.

Ziying was a lively girl, she fit in quickly. She raised a glass of red wine and said, “Auntie, today is your birthday, I wish your beauty always stays with you and a long and healthy life.”

“Thank you,” Venus asked her happily as she took a sip of wine, “Why are you so brave that you come on a trip alone? Wouldn’t your parents be worried about you?”

Ziying laughed wittily, “My parents have been busy with business since I was a child, so I’ve been running around alone, and they’ve gotten used to it.”

“Oh, I see,” said Venus with a smile, “then you can stay at here for a few days, let Jingyan and Chuxue accompany you to wander around.”

Ziying peeked at Jingyan, her eyes were full of surprise and delightedness, and her joy was noticed by several people in the Ye family.

“Thank you, auntie, I was afraid it would be too much trouble for you.”

“No problem, it’s a deal then.” Venus made the deal and said to her son, “Pingan, did you hear what I said?”

Jingyan understood his mother’s intention, but he resisted inexplicably, after all, Ziying was not Yiyao, “Mom, I’m working with a big project these days, I don’t have time.”

“You are always busy, I don’t think the company will stop operating without you.” Venus said unhappily.

Kerry walked over to his son with a glass of wine in his hand and said comfortingly, “Dad understands your feelings, but today is mom’s birthday, so listen to her and make her happy by agreeing her request.”

Jingyan was helpless, “Okay, I know.”

Xiran Xiao suddenly remembered what happened more than twenty years ago and said melancholy, “The last time we barbecued at the lake, I remember that we were seeing Kevin off, I didn’t expect time to pass so quickly, twenty years have gone in a blink of an eye.”

“Yes, I still remember that Venus was drunken, the whole night became a tragedy.” Tianye Mu teased at the birthday lady.

“Dad, why was it disastrous? Is the aunt bad at drinking?” Yuqi Mu asked curiously.

Tianye Mu laughed out loud, “Bad at drinking? Your aunt likes to sing when she’s drunk, but she sings so awful that we all regard her performance as a car accident, what do you say, tragic or not.”

“Is it that awful to hear?”

“Don’t listen to your father’s nonsense, it’s not that bad, okay?” Venus interrupted him to speak for herself.

Tianye Mu joked, “Why don’t you perform later to let us enjoy a live show, also I haven’t been devastated by your song for a long time.”

Kerry couldn’t tolerate anyone to speak ill of his wife, so of course he would stand on his wife’s side at this time, “Big brother, today is my wife’s birthday, can you give her some dignity?”

“What? She’s also my sister.”

“She’s been a member of our Ye family for a long time.”

Ziying looked at the warm family, she also felt warm in her heart, she has never experienced this kind of relationship since her childhood, her mom and dad were always busy, even the whole family seldom sat down to eat together.

Jingyan finished his task, sat down next to little babies, poured a glass of red wine to himself and said with a faint smile, “Dad, you and uncle can stop now, I talked to Uncle Kevin on the phone two days ago, he said that he would go back home in New Year’s Eve, then we can get together again.”

“Humph! This brat is finally coming back, see how I will teach him a lesson then.” Xiran Xiao said aggressively, she’s the one who Kevin was afraid of the most before, yet she’s also the one who got along well with Kevin.

Ziying’s eyes lingered on Jingyan, finding that he was charming in his every move. He’s different from all the boys she had seen that he was so attractive as a mature man.

It’s done, Ziying felt she’s done, just a few hours, she felt that she was in love with the man who saved her.

Ziying is a girl who has the encourage to love and hate, once she makes up her mind, she will put it into action. She asked Chuxue secretly, “Chuxue, does your brother have a girlfriend?”

The smile on Chuxue’s face faded a bit, “He doesn’t have now. He had an ex before.”

“I don’t care if there was an ex or not, it’s good that there isn’t one now,” said Ziying, whose eyes were full of aspiration.

Chuxue looked at her desirable expression toward her brother, she felt happy while also a bit nervous.

Her brother’s heart is now as hard as a stone, she doesn’t know if this girl’s enthusiasm can melt him or not.

The birthday party ended late at night, and the Mu family didn’t go back, all resting in the Ye family.

Jingyan took a shower and changed his clothes that full of smoky smell, he sat on the balcony and lit a cigarette. The night was tranquil, moonlight shone and reflected like a veil in the air, but he felt so lonely in his heart.

Yiyao, I miss you very much, do you know?

Perhaps because he missed her too much, this night, Yiyao came into Jingyan’s dream again, she was wearing a light green dress, standing in a quaint flower store and smiling at him.

Jingyan ran over to her and hugged her tightly in his arms, calling out her name again and again.

Yiyao patted his shoulder gently, then she pointed to her ear, Jingyan asked, “Can’t you hear me?”

She nodded her head.

“It’s okay, it’s okay …… since you couldn’t hear, I’ll be your ears from now on ……”

Yiyao’s eyes revealed her intense sadness, she pushed away Jingyan’s embrace, turned around and ran into the flower store, Jingyan chased her hastily, but she disappeared without a trace.

“Yiyao, Yiyao–” Jingyan shouted in the flower store, but no one answered him.

Waking up from the dream, the daylight filled every corner of his room in the morning, and Jingyan recalled the scene in his dream, which was so real.

Could it be that Yiyao had not died at all? Or she was injured and didn’t want to see him? That’s why she lied to him and said she was dead?

When Jingyan thought of this possibility, he got up from the bed in a second, dialed the number which had been engraved in his brain with his heart throbbing so fast, but only a mechanical voice was heard: Sorry, the number you dialed does not exist, please check it and dial again.

Sitting on the sofa, Jingyan covered his head heavily with his hands, he didn’t know what he was thinking, it’s just another illusion.

Yiyao has passed away, she wasn’t existed in the world long ago ……

This was her father’s own words, that couldn’t be wrong.

After immersed in his thoughts alone in the room for a while, Jingyan began to get washed.

Downstairs, all family members sat down to have a breakfast together, Jingyan greeted them like usual and then sat down to eat.

“Pingan, that little girl we met yesterday hasn’t gotten up yet, go and invite her to join us.” Venus created opportunities for them deliberately.

Jingyan stopped drinking the porridge, he looked at Venus said seriously, “Mom, I understand you’re doing this for me, but she is not Yiyao.”

Venus was startled, other family members lowered their heads and didn’t speak.

Jingyan had expressed his attitude clearly, Venus thought that she’d better explain her attitude, “But Yiyao has gone, if she was still alive, I won’t say anything even if you wait for her for the whole life, but she has gone for good. What about you? Do you want to be alone like this for the rest of your life? Do you think Yiyao wants to see you end up like that?”

Jingyan’s eyes moistened gradually, he felt his heart was sore and aching that he gritted his teeth and didn’t speak anything.

“We all know that she lives in your heart, that’s why we encourage you to be with that girl, she looks like Yiyao, you can just treat her as Yiyao’s stand-in.”

“That’s not fair to Ziying.” Jingyan said in a cold voice.

“What if she’s willing to do so?” Venus asked, the adoration that girl showed last night was witnessed by everyone.

Jingyan remained silent for a long time, “Mom, let’s not discuss this matter, okay? Let it be.”

Hearing that her son didn’t resist stubbornly, Venus was relieved.

“Pingan, I’m not forcing you, but worried that you are missing something, there are too few people in this world who are meant to be together……”

“Mom, I know.” Jingyan obviously didn’t want to continue this topic.

When his words were spoken, a crisp voice was heard, “Good morning everyone, I’m really sorry I got up late.”

“It’s okay, we all just got up too.” Venus greeted her and pointed to the empty seat next to Jingyan and said, “Come, sit here.”

After Ziying greeted to everyone, she turned her head and asked Jingyan with a smile, “Good morning, Jingyan.”

“Hm.” Jingyan responded.

“Are you free today?” Ziying looked at him with enthusiasm, “I heard that there’s an ancient village in Sky City which is quite interesting.”

Jingyan said without thinking, “I have something else to do.”

Ziying was not discouraged at all, she continued to ask, “What about tomorrow? By the way, the day after tomorrow is the weekend, you won’t be working the day after tomorrow, right?”

“Pfft–” Chuxue couldn’t hold back her laughter and said bluntly, “Ziying, you are too enthusiastic, aren’t you?”

Ziying was blushed slightly and said boldly, “I’m not afraid of your teasing, I like Jingyan, and if I have a crush on someone, I’ll take action without hesitation. He is such a good man, what if I don’t show my affection and someone else steals him away? Then I’ll regret it for the rest of my life.”

Ziying’s bold words left everyone present dumbfounded, even Jingyan was startled for a few seconds.

Was he a good man? No, not at all, if he’s a good man, how come he did so many things that made Yiyao sad and upset, he hurt her so much that she didn’t forgive herself when she left.

“Oh, it’s so good to be young,” Xiran Xiao sighed, she expressed the middle-aged people’s feeling exactly.

Ziying turned her head and asked Jingyan, “Brother Jingyan, when are you free exactly?”

Jingyan hesitated for a while and said, “Weekend, I’ll take you there on the weekend.”

“Oh yeah!” Ziying was exulted, she just confessed herself to him and he agreed to accompany her, she thought that showed he didn’t dislike her, which was a good beginning.

Ziying brought some vitality to the family, she was very energetic, as if her body contained a great deal of energy.

After the breakfast, the Xiao family left, Jingyan was ready to go to work. Ziying pulled his sleeve hurriedly, Jingyan looked down, she pretended that she didn’t notice his doubts, still pulled his sleeve.

“Brother Jingyan, can you lend me your cell phone, I want to call my mom and ask her to transfer me some money.” Ziying’s voice was clear and crisp, like a lark in the green and misty woods, Jingyan wanted to let her go find Chuxue, but looking at her face which resembled Yiyao, he couldn’t say no and took out his phone after entered the password for her.

Ziying let go of his sleeve, looking for her mom’s number which she had dialed yesterday, when she suddenly saw the first name on his phone records which was called in this morning, she was surprised to see the name, my love.

Ziying’s heart trembled, his love? Didn’t Chuxue say he didn’t have a girlfriend?

Yet Ziying asked nothing, she called her mother, “Mom, it’s me …… I slept at a friend’s house last night …… I already had a breakfast, transefer me some money, I have nothing on me now… okay, I’ll send it to you later, I’ll use this phone, love you, mom.”

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