Chapter 344: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 344 He Is My Lover

After hanging up the phone, Ziying Duan asked Jingyan Ye, “Brother Jingyan, give me your Alipay account number, my mom will transfer money to you.”

Since Jingyan did not run a charity organization, of course he would not be generous enough to pay for her various payments, so he gave her his Alipay account number at once and then took out a thousand dollars from his wallet and gave it to her, “You can use it first today, and I’ll deduct the money directly from the transfer later.”

“Thank you, Brother Jingyan.”

Jingyan disliked what she called him, but she was indeed five years younger than him, and it was impossible for her to call his name directly, so he said after thinking for a while: “You can call me Brother Ye from now on.”

Ziying rolled her eyes and said: “I think ‘Brother Jingyan’ is more amiable, I like to call you that.”

Jingyan was speechless, and he said before getting into the car: “Whatever.”

Seeing the car leaving, Ziying clenched her fist and thought: I must hold on to this kind of excellent man, but …… ‘my lover’? Is that Yiyao Duan his lover?

If he loves her so much, why doesn’t he go and find her?

Chuxue Ye also prepared to go to work, and she casually asked her, “What are you going to do today? Do you want me to give you a ride to the city?”

“Okay! I’m going to buy some clothes. I can’t always wear yours anyway.”

In the car, Ziying wanted to ask Chuxue who his brother’s lover was. But she resisted the temptation to ask the question out of respect, and she also felt that it was not yet time for her to ask that.

The next two days, Ziying really considered herself as a member of the Ye family. Since she was originally good at dealing with people, she became even more bold after finding that the two elders of the Ye family did not seem to oppose her when she stated her attitude at the dinner table.

On Friday afternoon, Ziying was at Chuxue’s dessert house, waiting for Jingyan to get off work. And as soon as she saw him come out, she immediately rushed to him and pulled his sleeve, saying: “Brother Jingyan, go with me to buy a bag, I want to carry it when I go out to play tomorrow.”

Her mother had transferred her a hundred thousand dollars because she was afraid that Ziying would live a hard life in Sky City, which was enough for her to squander for a while.

“I’m tired and want to go home.”Jingyan had no interest in shopping.

“Come on, let’s go. I’m quick at shopping.” Ziying pulled his arm and said, and the employees going in and out of the company’s gate were all quietly watching them, then Jingyan said helplessly: “Fine.”

Ziying cheered and got in the car, going straight to the nearby mall.

She walked in front and Jingyan walked behind her, holding his suit in his hand. When he passed by the women’s clothing store, he remembered the scene that he accompanied Yiyao to buy clothes the last time when she was going to go on a blind date.

It had only been less than a year, but now she was gone.

Ziying noticed his depression and couldn’t help but ask, “Brother Jingyan, what’s wrong with you? Aren’t you happy to accompany me to go shopping?”

“I’m just too tired.” He said calmly.

“Wait a second, I’m almost done, let’s go to this one.” Ziying pulled his sleeve and went into a designer bag store, then she picked up the one she liked and asked, “Does this one look good?”

“Not bad.” Jingyan said perfunctorily.

“What about this one?”

“Not bad.”

Every time Ziying asked him about his opinion, Jingyan nodded his head and said the same two words,“Not bad.”

“Then I will buy this one, which is beautiful and has the latest model.” Ziying chose one to pay for it, saying: “Wrap this one up.”

“Hello, madam, it’s 28,888 dollars in total.” The cashier said with a smile.

Jingyan handed out a card, thinking: Yiyao thought it was too expensive to buy a dress worth tens of thousands of dollars before, and now this Ziying takes it as a matter of course to buy a bag which almost costs 30, 000 dollars. These two people are indeed different.

As soon as he came out of the bag store, Jingyan bumped into an acquaintance, Xuan Zhao.

“Oh my God, isn’t this President Ye?” Xuan sneered and froze for a few seconds when she saw Ziying beside him, “This one ……really looks like Yiyao.”

After Ziying heard the name, she raised her chin to introduce herself, “I’m Ziying Duan, not Yiyao Duan.”

“Haha, the hobby of President Ye is really ……” Xuan laughed contemptuously, saying: “Where is that officer Duan? It can’t be that you found another one that looks like her because she doesn’t want you anymore, right?”

Jingyan stared at her angrily, thinking that if she were not a woman, he would definitely punch her in the face.

“Don’t look at me like that, are you annoyed because of what I said?” Xuan now was not in interest relationship with him, so she wasn’t afraid of him at all.

Jingyan clenched his fist and walked away, and Ziying hurriedly trotted to follow him.

Jingyan was silent on the way and he drove the car faster and faster, which made Ziying silently grab the passenger’s armrest and close her eyes fearfully.

She did not say anything until she felt the wheels were about to leave the ground, “Brother Jingyan, can you drive slowly?”

“Cheep——”, the car jerked to a halt at the side of the road, following the screech of brakes, which made Ziying sweat heavily because of being shocked.

Jingyan lowered his head on the steering wheel, who had wanted to be done with it for many times because he thought living in a world without Yiyao was too painful.

The atmosphere in the car was very depressing, then Ziying plucked up the courage to ask him: “Brother Jingyan, who is Yiyao, do I really look like her?”

Jingyan lifted his head and opened the window, lighting a cigarette irritably, and he said after a long time: “She is the woman I love the most.”

Ziying’s heart trembled and she asked him again, “Where is she then?”

“She passed away.” Jingyan said with a hoarse voice, and his tone filled with intense sadness as if the next second he would cry out.

Ziying was shocked after hearing his words. Passed away? No wonder he was so excited when he mentioned this name last time.

“What that woman said was true, I am just treating you as her stand-in, but you are not her after all. You just go away.” Jingyan said coldly, who did not want to hurt an innocent person.

Ziying thought for a moment and said, “I’m not leaving, I can be her stand-in. Since Yiyao is no longer here, I’ll take care of you instead of her and you can treat me like her. I don’t care.”

Anyway, it was a person who did not exist anymore and would not come out to compete Jingyan with her. Ziying believed that as long as she kept staying by his side, she would win his heart sooner or later.

Jingyan turned his head to look at her in surprise and said directly, “But I won’t like you.”

“It’s okay, it’s enough that I like you,” Ziying said with a smile.

Jingyan was speechless.

Sure enough, her mother was right. Ziying was really willing to be a stand-in.

After returning to the Ye family’s house and having dinner, Ziying asked Chuxue to accompany her for a walk.

“Chuxue, how did that Yiyao pass away?” Ziying asked straightforwardly, for she had always been a straightforward person and she did not know how to talk in a roundabout way.

Chuxue looked at her in surprise, “How do you know……”

“Brother Jingyan told me today, and he also said that he treats me like her stand-in.” Ziying curled her lips, thinking: Hum! Anyway, I will not always be a stand-in, I will make him love me one day!

Chuxue did not expect her brother to tell Ziying this so quickly, saying: “Then what do you think?”

Ziying shrugged and said: “It doesn’t matter, I can take it as long as I can be with Brother Jingyan in the future.”


Chuxue didn’t know whether she should be relieved or tell her that she is too silly, thinking that how can she even accept such an situation?

“You haven’t answered the question I just asked.” Ziying urged.

Chuxue sighed and said, “Yiyao died in an accident.”

“Oh~ Then does Brother Jingyan like Yiyao very much?”

Chuxue looked at her with a calm smile, “Why do you ask this?”

Ziying patted her chest, saying: “I should know myself as well as my competitor. Every time he mentions Yiyao, he seems to fall apart, so I need to know the basic situation of him.”

“He fell apart before. If it weren’t for us, he would have died with Yiyao long ago.”

“Ah? So serious?”

Chuxue’s eyes were filled with tears, “Yes, my brother can even die for Yiyao, of course it’s serious.”

Ziying felt shocked. But after knowing about this thing, she just liked Jingyan even more, thinking how perfect he is since he is not only good looking with superior temperament, but also is so affectionate and single-minded.

“Zi Ying, you still have a long way to go.” Chuxue patted her shoulder and said meaningfully.

“It’s okay, I am confident. There are still fifty or sixty years left, let’s wait and see!”


It was sunny in the next day.

Jingyan was asked by Ziying to go out and play, but he felt a little awkward about going out with her alone, so he touched Chuxue who was still eating, “Come with us.”

“No, my business is the busiest on weekends.” Chuxue said, not wanting to be the one between them.

Jingyan raised his eyebrows, saying: “Are you sure?”

Chuxue was stunned and turned around, after seeing the warning expression in his eyes, she suddenly remembered that he had ran into Nangong Zhao before, so she said: “I’m not very busy anyway. Let’s go together, and I will ask little divine beast to go with us, since more people can have more fun. Besides, we haven’t been out together for a long time.”

Jingyan smiled with satisfaction, thinking: That’s more like it.

As long as she could be with Jingyan, Ziying did not care how many people would go with them at all.

So with the organization of Chuxue, they set out for the nearby ancient town.

The distant capital city.

Yiyao and Hua Xiaocui were unloading their goods when Bai Jinyi came over from afar.

“You two have a rest, I’ll move the goods.” As he said the words, he pulled up his sleeves to reveal his sturdy forearms.

Yiyao looked up to see it was Jinyi and said with a smile, “Why are you here?”

“I am passing by and want to go to school to find some information.” Jinyi took the large bouquet of flowers in her hand and brought it over, “You sit there, I’ll carry it.”

“It’s not heavy.” Yiyao put down her hands and the sweat fell down from her forehead.

“Look at your sweat! Go drink some water and rest for a while. There is not much left and I will help you move them.”

Yiyao watched him and Xiaocui be busy going out and in to move the things for her, and soon a cart of fresh-cut roses was put into the storage room.

After it was done, Jinyi wiped his sweat and asked, “Why did you order so many roses at once? What if you can’t sell them all?”

Yiyao handed him a bottle of unopened water and said, “Have You forgot that it is Qixi Festival in two days? Many people will buy roses by then.”

Jinyi drank a mouthful of water and suddenly realized, “Oh, I really forgot that,” and he said self-deprecatingly, “Uh, never mind, I have no one to send the roses since I have no girlfriend.”

“I don’t remember these festivals either, it’s all because Xiaocui reminded me that, she knows about it better than me.” Yiyao praised Xiaocui, who was still cleaning the site, then asked him, “Isn’t school on holiday? Why do you still have to work?”

“I’m researching a subject, so I need to find some information.”

“Oh, wait a second,” Yiyao walked into the flower garden and came out a few minutes later, holding a potted lush scindapsus aureus, of which the pot was white porcelain, “This scindapsus aureus is for you. You can put it next to your computer to prevent radiation, since you often use the computer, right?”

Jingyi was surprised and gladly accepted it, “Now that I happen to need one, I will just take it.”

“It’s not for nothing. I send it to you to thank you for helping me last time.”

Jinyi smiled and did not say anything because he thought everything she said was right. He suddenly found that this girl was very frank and straightforward. Of course, he could see that she treated him only like a friend, but it did not matter, he still got the chance and had the advantage of being in a favored position because they were quite close.

After sending Jinyi away, Yiyao started to make an inventory of the flowers in the store, and Xiaocui said meaningfully, “Yiyao, why are you suddenly so familiar with that handsome man?”

“Last time when I went shopping, I lost my hearing aid and almost got hit by a car, and it is he who saved me. Then we had a few meals and got to know each other well.” Yiyao explained simply.

Xiaocui said meaningfully, “Oh~ So that’s how it is.”

Although she could tell that the handsome man kind of liked her boss, she should not say this kind of thing out loud anyway, lest her boss would feel awkward when she met him later if she did not like him.

As the two people were busy working, Xiaocui’s phone rang and she directly pressed the speaker, saying: “Hello? What’s the matter? I’m busy working.”

“Are you free tonight? I’m inviting you to have dinner with me.” A boy’s voice came from the phone.

Yiyao froze as she listened to the voice coming from the phone.

She always had thought that she couldn’t hear the voice in the phone, but it turned out that …… she could hear the voice if the speaker was on? Although she could not hear it clearly, she could still vaguely hear his voice.

It seemed that this new hearing aid was of good quality.

At noon, Xiaocui went to buy lunch, and Yiyao was sitting on a chair, playing with her phone. Then she clicked the address book on her phone by accident and she looked straight at a phone number appearing on the screen.

Her father had given her a new phone number before he left, for wanting her to start over and not get involved with the previous people. She understood her father’s intentions, so she accepted it directly without saying anything.

Jingyan Ye…… Jingyan Ye……

She kept calling out his name in her heart and found that she almost forgot his voice.

After staring at the familiar number for a long time, Yiyao took a deep breath and pressed the dial button, thinking that it is good enough to hear his voice even if they don’t speak, because she wants to know if he is living a good life.

Yiyao’s heartbeat was accelerating, following the “beep——” on the phone. And her heartbeat reached its peak the moment her phone was answered.

“Hello? Who is it?”

Although his voice was faint, Yiyao couldn’t help but cry, she then brought the phone to her ear to hear his voice more clearly.

“Hello? Who is this?”

The man’s voice on the other end of the phone was still warm, as if it was a clear spring from a mountain stream, refreshing her heart. Yiyao covered her mouth to keep herself from making a sound, but her tears could not help but fall down.

Just at this time, a strange girl’s clear voice came from the phone, “Brother Jingyan, taste this…… Let me feed you …… Is that delicious?”

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