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Chapter 345 – 346: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 345: Shame on you

At the same time, in the Su Manor in Westriver City, Hai Su walked up to the old lady of the Su family with a face full of grievance, and told the old lady what he had just seen in the Dynasty Hotel.

When the old lady learned that Mary Su became the new president of Huayu Group, she was completely confused.

But in the next second, anger appeared on her face.


She patted the table angrily and said, “This bad girl, I wonder how the director of Huayu Group thinks to elect her as the president!”

“Grandma, you may not know how hateful Mary is, she just drove me and Yu Su out.” Hai said angrily, “Grandma, you have to call the shots for us.”

Yu Su’s expressions looked complicated.

“This… isn’t it right? As she has been evicted from the family, we have no reason to blame her.”

As she and her mother were driven out of the family and their genealogy was removed, how could you question her?

Mary is already nostalgic because she doesn’t try for revenge.

“As the saying goes, the broken bones are still connected to the tendons. Don’t forget that she still has the blood of our family!” Mrs. Su paused with the crutches and said.

“In my opinion, Mary’s presidency must be gained by her seducing the director of Huayu Group, Grandma. Don’t you remember our previous cooperation with Huanyu? Why did the CEO of Huanyu name Su Mary Su to be in charge of the company? I think they already had adultery at that time.” Hai Su said,

“Hai makes sense.” The old lady nodded and said, “Tomorrow, let’s go to Huayu Group to see that will she still recognizes me as grandma or not. If not, she will be offensive to all established values. Then none of the business in Westriver City dare to cooperate with her!”

” But, Grandma,…”

“Okay, let’s all. Go back and rest soon.” The old lady said with a gloomy expression.

Looking at the old lady and Hai, Yu suddenly developed a sense of humiliation.

When you found Mary was useless, you kicked her out, and even delisting her genealogy. However she has become the president of Huayu Group now, there is no reason to say such word like the broken tendons being still connected to the bones!

Did you think about this when you did those things before?

Yu Su admits that she didn’t think much of Mary Su before, but now thing is different. Will Mary Su, who masters Huayu Group, still admit her membership of the family?

Obviously it was impossible. If the family Su didn’t recognize reality, they would surely suffer.

On the other side, Ling’er Su told Changhe Su and Yanjing Cui what she had seen at the Dynasty Hotel.


Changhe Su said dumbfounded, “Ling’er, you mean Mary becomes the new president of Huayu Group?”

“Ling’er, are you sure about you have got the right person?” Frowned, Yanjing Cui added.

Ling’er shook her head and said, “I think yes, as both Hai and Yu have recognized her.”

Changhe and Yanjing looked at each other in stunning expression.

Although Yanjing had only returned home for a short time, she had heard the big name of the Huayu Group. It took only one day for the group to annex a listed company.

Now it is a veritable domestic first entertainment group company.

That bitch’s daughter actually has such a great ability?

“Honey, she won’t retaliate against us, right?” Yanjing said worriedly, “Or in other choice, shall we go back to America as soon as possible?”

“How dare her!”

Changhe Su stood up and said, “I am her father.”

“But didn’t you hear of Ling’er that she doesn’t even recognize Hai and Yu?”

Changhe’s face became stiff, and he couldn’t speak.

Yanjing’s worries are not unreasonable. After all, the family Su treats Mary and her mother unfairly. In case of her revenge, no one will expect the consequences.

Just when Changhe was full of anxiety, he received a call from the Su family’s old lady.

“Hey mom…”

“Is Yanjing by your side?”


“Then go outside, I have something to tell you.”

Changhe obeyed the old lady’s words, came to the door, and said, “Mom, I have already come out, you can say anything.”

” Ling’er has already told you everything about Mary, right? I won’t waste my time any more. Just go to find Jane Tang back to remarry.”


Changhe couldn’t help but exclaimed, “Mom, what did you say?”

“Go find Jane Tang back to remarry, and select a day to welcome her and her daughter back the family.”

What the old lady said was too hard for him to digest for a while.

After a while, he asked, “Mom, but I have already dated with Yanjing that we will get the marriage certificate in these days.”

“Just forget it and let the two of them go back to the United States. There is no give and take about this.” The old lady said in an unquestionable tone: “Tomorrow you must go to Jane Tang, and I will go to Huanyu to talk to Mary.”

With that, the call was hanged.


Changhe sighed, how could he deal with this?

“What’s the matter?” Yanjing came over and asked.

“No, everything’s okay!” Changhe gave a dry smile and said, “It’s getting late, just go to bed early.”

At this moment, Jane Tang is playing mahjong with some of her best female friends.

But with the lessons of the first two times, Jane Tang dare not play that big anymore.

That night, she was so unlucky that she had lost several thousand yuan and her face was terribly bad.

“Hurry up, I’ve been waiting for you for a long time, you are too slow.”

“That’s, fast play, you are not allowed count cards.”

Her friends urged.

“San Wan!”

“A good chance for me, I win!” a lady sitting across from Jane Tang said with a smile at this time.

“Do you really know how to play cards?”

“Obviously she is waiting for a San Wan, why did you actually give it out?”

Jane Tang’s face turned worse, and she was out of luck indeed. She lost the game all night.

At this moment, her cell phone rang.

Who was it at this time?

When she Picked up the phone and take a look.

Shen Qin? !

What did she call me for?

“Wait, let me answer the call!”

“Hurry up.”

” forget the phone call, come on, you can call back after the game.”

Amid their urging, Jane Tang came to the door.

When the call was connected, Qin pretended to showing her great concern for Jane, causing Jane to be stunned.

What’s the situation?

Although the two are classmates, they looks down on each other secretly. Every time when they met, they would give each other a dig. When did Qin start to be so caring?

” Qin, if you have anything you want to say, don’t make a roundabout. And my friends are still waiting for me to play mahjong. “Jane began to lost patience.

“Okay, then I’ll just ask.” Qin said: “Does your daughter Mary become the president of Huayu Group?”


“When did Mary become the president of Huayu Group? And Who did you hear from?”

“Don’t you know?”

Qin was stunned and said, “To celebrate it, Huanyu had specially packed the entire floor on the third floor of Dynasty Hotel tonight. Many celebrities in Westriver City will come for a visit.”


This time it was Jane Tang’s turn to be dumbfounded. She quickly asked, “How did you know? I don’t even get a word from Mary!”

“That was from my son-in-law Feng Xie who work in Juding Group. This time he will come with his boss to Dynasty Hotel. ” Qin said.

And she continued, “I really didn’t see it that Mary have such a great ability to be elected as the president of Huayu Group. Now that you are in good luck, please don’t forget your classmates. By the way, my son-in-law said that he wanted to…”


Before she finished speaking, Jane Tang hung up.

At this moment, her heartbeat speeded up and her whole body was dizzy.

She ran into the room, grabbed the handbag, and said to her three friends: “Let’s end the game now please. I have something to do, see you.”

Having said that, she hurriedly left.

“Hey, why did you go so early? Is it just because you have lost a few thousand Yuan?”

“If you can’t afford it, we won’t call you next time.”

They are both rich and young mothers. They may lose tens of thousands of cards in a hand as usual. But now when the game just began, why did Jane quit it suddenly.

“end it, just end it!”

Saying that the three are about to leave, at this moment, one of the women’s mobile phones rang.

“Honey, what’s up.”

“Jane Tang? Yes, I was playing mahjong with her, but she left after losing money. I won’t play with her again next time.”

“What? Her daughter becomes the president of Huayu Group!”

“Good, good, I’ll catch up with Jane right away…”

In Dynasty Hotel , Youming Zhou opened a private box exclusively for Kris Chen. This is Kris Chen’s first visit here.

Every utensil in it is all top international brands.

Served with a table of good food, they began to chat while eating.

Mary Su looked at Kris Chen (Kris Chen) with a grimace, as if he had done something wrong.

“Honey, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t hide you, it is my apology!” Kris Chen poured a glass of wine and drank it in one gulp.

“What are you doing in such a hurry? Get some food!” Mary Su felt distressed and picked up some dishes for Kris and said, “Don’t you know you have to have something else before drinking?”

Kris smiled and said, “It is because I’m afraid of your being angry.”

” Shouldn’t I be angry for you have kept it from me for so long.?”

“sorry, it is my fault.” No matter what Mary said, Kris took it as right and just nodded.

Seeing this scene, several visitors nearby couldn’t help laughing.

“Ha, I thought Kris was afraid of nothing, but now I finally met someone who can master him.”

“Kris loves Mary very much.” Liren Zhang said enviously.

“Bachelor like me figure that when can I find a girlfriend.” Jie Ding sighed.

“Come on, stop playing jokes on me.” Kris said, “I have a few things to tell you.”

As soon as the voice fell, several of them were sitting square and turn a serious face.

“Okay, don’t be so serious. Let’s talk while enjoying the meal.” Kris Chen waved his hand and said,

“Mr. Zhou, Mr. Zhao and Mr. Liu, now your businesses have fallen into a bottleneck. You need a larger Market, and higher popularity. Take Mr. Zhou’s Dynasty Hotel as an example, Dynasty Hotel has become the premier hotel in Westriver City, and Mr. Zhou has earned a lot of money in terms of reputation and status. During several times of my visit here in the past six months, I found some problems.”

Kris Chen took a sip of wine and continued, “That is, the flow of consumers is not as much as before. Another example is Mr. Zhou’s the Family Group in Westriver. Although it is a people-friendly route, your steps are still too small. You’re still playing on the small land of Westriver.”

“As for Mr. Zhao’s bars. Except for Westriver, Beihai, where else can you open your business? You can’t even take a stand in the provincial capital. In addition, it is your advantage because you own bars , but why not create a wine brand for yourself? Instead of creating benefits for others, why don’t you try to increase your own profits by it?”

“Mr. Liu’s problem is the same as Zhou’s, because he never jump out of Westriver and Beihai. I know that it is difficult to open up the market, especially when some local governments reject you in order to protect local enterprises. However, it’s not your reason or excuse for stopping.”

Then Kris Chen glanced at Guobang casually and said, “You are wealthy enough now, but looking at real estate developers across the country, you can’t even be listed in the top 50s. What in you can be proud of?”

The word made Guobang frightened and sweaty.

Chapter 346: He is the CEO

The three people looked at each other, and said together, “Please give me some instruction, Mr.Chen.”

Kris Chen nodded, “Mr. Zhou, I suggest that you develop the low-end market and High-end market respectively, because Dynasty Hotel has formed its own brand now, and Westriver Family was also good, but the pace of its development is too slow. In this day and age, if you go one step late, you won’t catch up. I’ll give you two months to open the branches of Westriver Family all over Westriver City. Two months later, you can open the Dynasty Hotel in Southeast City, and you don’t have to think about obstacles of renting land. You just need to pay for it.”

“Mr. Zhao, you first go back to study wine products, starting from beer, and you can go to those famous bars to recruit workers. Also, the form of the bar is a bit monotonous, you can consider to open a special bar. Each bar should have its main theme. Besides, the market here in Westriver is already saturated, so you can go to Southeast City with Mr. Zhou. Don’t worry about anything else.”

“The last is Mr. Liu. There is a bigger problem in your business. As far as I know, you seem to have recently developed a new building called Yutianhuafu. The first thing you should do is to upgrade the basic supporting facilities of the community. Improve the satisfaction of residents and build an ecological community. There has to be Kindergarten, community supermarket, community hospital. After you finish this dish, we will go to Southeast City with Lao Zhou. Next we will build a commercial building, which we can learn from Wanda and Country Garden.”

After saying too much, the only purpose of Kris was that they didn’t need to think about anything but to pay for it.

Hearing Kris suggestions, they felt very delighted and knew well about Kris.

Now that he said so, he would keep his promise.

At this moment, they were very excited.

No one doesn’t want to expand their business.

To be honest, in the last half year, their businesses have gradually gone through a bottleneck, but without a strong backing to escort, they would also be powerless.

“Mr. Chen, what about me ?” Liren Zhang couldn’t wait to say.

“I heard Liren Group is planning to enter the clothing and jewelry industry recently, right?”

“Yes, because cosmetics are good enough for us now.” Liren said confidently.

“Good enough?”

Kris smiled faintly, “You are ignorant. In my eyes, Liren Group’s achievements are not worth mentioning now!”

“Liren Group at home is quite famous, and in Southeast Asia is also a little famous, but how about in Europe and the United States? You haven’t explore enough potential of cosmetics and now wanted to get involved in other industries. Do you know that step too fast may sprain your ankles?”

“But Mr. Chen, you just said that Mr. Zhou’s expansion speed is too slow, but as for me, why is it completely different?”

Liren was so eager to show off to Kris that she thought she had done an excellent job to get Kris’s praise.

But as a result, Kris just said don’t mention it, which made it difficult for her to accept.

“What I said made you unhappy?”

Kris said, “Liren Group at home can be listed at the top three, but look at the international, it is not worth mentioning. Of course, it’s not unexpected that you have built your own clothing, and jewelry brand, but you can wait until the whole world knows about the Liren Group and Liren’s cosmetics, after that, I won’t say anything about any industry you want to be in.”

“But Mr. Chen, the competition in the cosmetics industry is so fierce, and now we can’t compete with any other cosmetics series except the brand Tianzi.”

“You didn’t have that before, but now you have!

Kris smiled, and said, “I have several herbal formulas for Liren. They can remove freckles, wrinkles and maintain the beauty. And I also have a prescription for oral liquid, a long-term prescription to nourish Yin and kidney. As for the effect, I will only say one word—they are the best.”

Nothing can compare to them?

How confident he is!

Liren was stunned. And Mr. Zhao said at once, “What are you doing? Just say thanks to Mr. Chen!”

At this moment, Liren just recovered her sense, and said with wild joy, “Thank you so much Mr. Chen.”

“Don’t get too excited yet. This recipe will use some precious herbs that you can’t buy the drugstore. I will try my best to help you with the material!”

Kris thought that within 100,000 mountains, there would be plenty of products and herbs, and then Five Poisons Sect would have a lot more money to make.

“I believe in you, Mr. Chen!”

Liren had no doubt about What Kris Chen said. As long as Kris said it’s the best, it would be true.

“Mr. Chen, what about me?” Lei Shi looked at Kris with an expectant face.

“Lei, where do our new energy batteries rank on the list now?”

Lei replied, “Top ten!”

“Not enough, I want it to be number one, and when it’s on the first top, we’ll start manufacture cars. The future of new energy vehicles is the trend. As for the research and development in this field, you can cooperate with Jie Ding to establish a subsidiary!”

Then he looked at Jie and said, “Jie, I must fully cooperate with you in the future. After all, we are good brothers. If the battery performance comes up in the future, Lieyang Technology, a new energy vehicle, will also take up shares.”

“Ok, Kris!” Jie nodded. All were up to Kris, after all he was the CEO of all their companies.

The main reason was that Kris Chen was very prescient about the market, and the development direction of Lieyang Technology’s planned by Kris played a decisive role in making it to where it is today.

Mary Su stared quietly at Kris, the man who waved effortlessly in front of these big men with a confidence, which she had never seen before.

The man, her husband has easily made such a big cause.

Even she could not help admiring it.

“It’s getting late,” Kris Chen said after checking the clock. “It’s time for me to go back.”

“Mr. Chen, let me send you back.”

“I’ll take it.”

“You’d better let me do it.”

“Don’t argue with me…”

Looking at them, Kris waved his hand and said, “No, I don’t need you to send me.”

With Mary in tow, Kris left without a word.

As for drinking, Kris has made use of a little genuine energy to evaporate the alcohol.

Half an hour later, they went back home.

When turned on the light, they found Jane Tang was sitting on the sofa.”

Mary was surprised to say, “Mum, why haven’t you gone to sleep?”

“Where did you go?”

“Just take part in a friend’s party.”

“A friend’s party?”

Jane sneered to say, “Have the party in Dynasty Hotel?”

Hearing this, Kris and Mary was stunned.

Why did his mother in law know this?

Did that mean she has known it?

“Mum, what are you talking about?”

“You still choose to lie to me.” Jane stood up and said, “Just tell me whether you have been the CEO of Huanyu Group?”

Kris was sure enough that Jane has known the truth.”

“Kris, you lie to me, too?”

“Mum, I didn’t lie to you.” Kris just smiled and said, “I have told that Mary has been the CEO. But you didn’t ask me which company she worked for, so I didn’t tell you.”


“All right, mum. Don’t blame Kris. I told him not to tell you.” Mary sat down beside Jane and explained, “I’m not going to tell you, but I’m afraid you’ll get irritated.”

Jane was still feeling a little uncomfortable. Her daughter became the CEO of Huanyu Group, and she, as her mother, was the last to know.

“Mum, don’t be angry now.”

“Mom, we just wanted to surprise you. Isn’t that a happy thing?” said Kris.

This time Jane agreed. Her daughter has been the CEO of Huanyu Group now.

This is a happy thing.

Now think it twice that when she went back from her best friend, she has received a dozen phone calls.

Everyone praised her for her good fortune and goddaughter.

It made her have great honor.

“Well, you’re the CEO now, and I can’t blame you for nothing as a mother.” Then Jane finally showed smile and asked, “Mary, tell mom how you got to be the CEO of Huanyu Group, or were you forced out because you didn’t have the ability?”


Hearing this, Mary blushed at once.

“Why are you shy? My daughter is good enough.” Jane couldn’t help sending the news to moments on WeChat. As a result, there were many comments that were to praise Mary.”

This made Jane be wild with joy.

“Kris, now that Mary has been the CEO, you should also pay attention to your image in public so that you won’t let down. Also, Mary will take much more pressure, so when you cook breakfast and dinner, remember to keep a balanced diet.”

“Ok, I will do it, mum.” Kris smiled and nodded.

“Mum, in fact…”

“That’s ok, my darling.”

Mary disagreed to stop saying, because every truth would come to light sooner or later. She didn’t want to lie this time.

“Mum, in fact, Kris is the former CEO of Huanyu Group.”


What are you talking about?

Kris was the former CEO?

Hearing this Jane was shocked.

Is it possible?

She looked up and down to the Kris, and said, “My honey, don’t lie to me. Look at him. He doesn’t look like a CEO at all.”

Kris looked at Mary as if he was saying, “look at this. I have guessed so.”

Mary said, “Mum, to be honest, Kris is the boss of Huanyu Group.”

“You don’t have to deny it. Do you remember grandmother called us to Huanyu Group to discuss cooperation? Hai Su and Yu Su were drawn out of the office, but Huanyu Group just assigned me to take charge of the project. Don’t you feel strange?”

“Don’t they say the boss of the Huanyu like you?”

Hearing this, Kris couldn’t help laughing.

Mary looked helpless, saying, “Well, do you still remember Mingdong Wei gave me the Heavenly City necklace? That necklace was bought by Kris as a gift for me.”

“And, last time, you went to the party of one of your classmates. Kris also gave you a diamond necklace that worth more than 20 million yuan. Do you still remember that?”

“If you still can’t recall that, you should remember the boss of Lieyang Technology transferred their share to me, right?”

Jane nodded, saying, “You mean that Kris bought the share for you.”

Mary said, “That’s right, or you think they are volunteered to give the shares that worth almost one billion yuan to me? How beautiful I am can worth so much money?”

In fact, she was guilty for that. Kris has done a lot for her, but she often misunderstood him and didn’t trust him. She shouldn’t do that.

“What about the issue that he stole the women’s underwear?” Jane sneered to say, “If he is so rich, why did he steal that underwear?”

Kris said helplessly, “That’s just a misunderstanding. I am the friend of the captain of criminal and investigation Lan Yu. She requested me to investigate a case, so I was put into prison. If you don’t believe, you can make a call to her.”

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