Chapter 345: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 345 20 Roses

Yiyao’s hand trembled when she hung up the phone, she was so nervous that she’s on the verge of tears.

That voice was not from Chuxue, nor anyone else she knew.

She called him brother Jingyan, they were so intimate that she fed him food with her hands ……

Yiyao suddenly didn’t know should her be relieved or sad, she threw the phone to the counter and lay down on the chair to stare at the sky blankly.

She felt like her heart was pressed by a heavy stone that she could hardly breathe.

After a long time, Yiyao took a deep breath and smiled bitterly. It’s better for both of them, he couldn’t wait for someone who has not been heard from in his whole life. Even if she has gone, more suitable girls will be there to accompany him.

“Sister Yiyao, it’s time to eat.” Xiaocui Hua returned with dinner, Yiyao wiped the tears from the corner of her eyes quickly, and tried to keep up her spirits, “What did you buy?”

“Crossing-over Bridge Rice Noodles, and fried rice with egg, I added some chili, what do you want to eat?” Xiaocui Hua didn’t notice that something was wrong with Yiyao, she’s still smiling like she always did.

“Fried rice with egg.”

Yiyao ate the fried rice with egg, feeling it tasted worse than usual, perhaps it was because of her own bad mood.

“Xiaocui, what does your boyfriend do?” Yiyao asked gossipingly.

“He works in a small company as a staff.”

“Do you usually eat …… will you feed him?” Yiyao didn’t know how a couple get along with each other as her lack of experiences, she couldn’t help but ask Xiaocui.

Xiaocui choked for a moment and laughed, “What? No way! It’s gross. Sister Yiyao, why would you ask such a question?”

“Oh, I saw a video on the internet so I wanted to ask.” Yiyao felt her hear was shattered, even Xiaocui felt gross to hear a girlfriend feeding her boyfriend, so they…

Ancient town.

Jingyan listened to the beeping sound over the phone, he was startled for a second, and didn’t know how, he felt something had sneaked away.

“Brother Jingyan, eat another one,” Ziying poked another glutinous rice dumpling and wanted to feed Jingyan, yet he took a step backwards and said in an indifferent voice, “I don’t like to eat sweet food.”

He was not feeling well because he didn’t pay attention to Ziying before and being stuffed a glutinous rice dumpling into his mouth.

“Who’s that, why are you out of your mind?”

“It should be a wrong number, where is Chuxue and the rest of them?” Jingyan raised his head, he was still not quite used to being alone with a woman he had just knew a few days ago, even though she looked so much like Yiyao.

Ziying was slightly frustrated, she pointed to the alley in front of her and said, “They went over there.”

“Then let’s go over there too.” After saying that, Jingyan walked toward the ally without hesitation, Ziying followed him hurriedly.

The ancient town was hustle and bustle in weekend, as many students were in their summer vacation. Ziying walked beside Jingyan deliberately, her hand touched his hand again and again, she wanted to hold his hand, but afraid that he would shake it off as that’s too humiliating.

Jingyan seemed to notice her intention, so he put his hands in his pockets and wandered around leisurely. Ziying was so regret that if she was brave enough to hold his hand before, maybe there was a glimmer of hope.

“Brother, let’s eat here. It’s so hot now, we should take a break.” Chuxue stood in front of an ancient restaurant, she wore a big hat and a pair of sunglasses, but still couldn’t alleviate her stunningly beautiful appearance, many people looked at her along the way.

“Okay, let’s sit here.”

They sat at a box in the second floor that near the window. Outside the window is a small bridge and flowing water where swarmed with carp swimming past occasionally, and cool breeze blows gently. They all felt very pleasant.

They ordered a few dishes, the cute waitress turned back to see them several times after she served them tea, she had never seen such a stunning group of guests.

“Yulin, when are you going to Europe?” Jingyan asked him, he put one hand on the window pane while shaking the teacup gently with the other.

Yulin Xiao smiled, “Soon, we have discussed that we want to withdraw the properties in European back home slowly, Grandma and parents are old, we want to spend more time with them.”

Chuxue said, “Hey, you must keep these castles in Europe, I quite like it, if I’m free I want to stay there for a while.”

“I know, the most luxurious castle in the UK is reserved for you, grandma told me deliberately.”

Joyful lights shone from Chuxue’s eyes, “Grandma is the best, I will make some cake tomorrow and send it to her.”

“Big brother, I heard that you are going to the Capital City later, what are you going to do?” Yuqi Mu asked with a meaningful smile.

Jingyan sipped his tea and raised his eyebrows, “Who told you I was going to Capital City for a meeting?”

Yuqi Mu glanced at someone unconsciously, Chuxue got mad immediately, pointing at him and shouting, “How dare you to betray me?”

“I didn’t say anything.” Yuqi Mu was helpless.

Jingyan stared at his sister, “Come on, who else but you? I shouldn’t have told you.”

“Big brother, what kind of meeting are you going to, so confidential.”

“A meeting with the Ministry of Commerce, then I don’t know anything else about it.”

Half a month ago, Jingyan received a phone call from the Capital City, it was the Minister of Commerce, saying that he must come to the meeting. At first Jingyan thought it was a fraudulent call, only when he saw the official invitation did he know it was real, but he had no idea what the meeting was about, the Minister just said he would know when he came.

“You’re going to the Capital City? When?” Ziying asked delightedly.

“After a week, I guess.”

Ziying offered, “I’ll go back with you, then I can be the tour guide and help you to have a good time in the Capital City.”

Jingyan said perfunctorily, “Let’s talk about it then, I don’t know whether I would have any free time.”

“Big brother, can you take me with you? I want to see the world too.” Yuqi Mu begged him.

Jingyan smiled, “How can I bring you to the meeting?”

Yuqi Mu patted his chest and said, “I can be your assistant, you can leave me all hard work.”

“I can’t afford to hire such an expensive assistant as you.”

“Big brother, I beg you, can you take me with you?”

Jingyan was a bit puzzled, “Why do you have to go?”

Yulin Xiao grabbed the chance to answer for his brother, “Big brother, you don’t know, he has a crush on an actress who has been filming in Beijing these days, my parents don’t agree with him dating girls in the entertainment circle, forbidding him to go to Beijing, but if you take him there, then it’s a different story.”

“What? Actress?” Jingyan and Chuxue said in surprise together, Chuxue was especially shocked, “Which one? You actually didn’t tell me?”

“Oh, don’t say that, it’s still up in the air, I thought I could tell you when we get somewhere.” Yuqi Mu was a little embarrassed, “Brother, just help me this time, you can ask me to do anything in the future.”

“But if aunt and uncle know, they will scold me.” Jingyan was in a difficult position.

“Who will know that if we don’t divulge anything? Besides, my parents adore you so much that they won’t scold you definitely.”

Jingyan hesitated for a moment, looking at his pitiful appearance, and thinking of his own state that he has nowhere to find Yiyao even if he wanted to, he said, “Okay, okay, I promise you, but don’t say anything to your parents.”

“I want to go too.”

“No!” Jingyan and Yuqi Mu said at the same time.

“Pssst,” Chuxue said, “alright, alright, it’s not a big deal.”

Jingyan said to Yuqi Mu seriously, “Watch your behavior then, don’t make a scandal, otherwise uncle will broke your legs.”

“It won’t, I know what to do.”

Ziying was still immersed in the joy that Jingyan was going to the Capital City, she must drag him to live in her home at that time.

It was another year of Chinese Valentine’s Day.

Yiyao and Xiaocui Hua opened their shop just after eight o’clock in hope of earning a fortune today, and half an hour later, a big order came in.

“Miss, I want to buy twenty bunches of roses.” A young man in a suit said with a smile.

Yiyao was stunned, “What do you need so many roses for?”

The young man explained, “Today’s Chinese Valentine’s Day, our boss wants to treat female employees with one bunch of roses per person.”

“Okay, how many roses per bunch?”

The man said with readiness, “It’s your call.”


“Oh, I mean, I don’t know much about flower, you are the insider, so it’s up to you.” The man felt difficult as his boss only said to order 20 bunches of roses here, but he didn’t elaborate anything more.

“Then I’ll wrap 20 roses a bunch, meaning youthful and beautiful.” Yiyao was now handy with flower language.

“Okay, okay.”

Yiyao said with a smile, “20 bunches of roses is not a small amount, did you drive a car?”

The man pointed to the small pickup truck at the door, “Yes, I borrowed a car for this.”

“Hahaha, your boss is also funny. You can hangout elsewhere and come back in an hour or so to get your flowers.”

“Okay. I’ll pay first. How much is it in total?”

“Six thousand Yuan.” Roses in holiday always sell an expensive price, so it’s normal to spend such a fortune for 20 bunches of roses.

The man was outright that he didn’t abate the price, but took a stack of money from his black leather bag, counted 6000 Yuan and handed her the money, “6000 Yuan.”

Yiyao took the money and didn’t count it again, she threw it into the drawer directly as she knew that major clients wouldn’t cheat.

After the man left, Yiyao and Xiaocui started to get busy. During this period of time, she also learned how to pack the bouquet, although her speed was not as fast as Xiaocui, she could alleviate Xiaocui’s pressure during peak hours.

“Good morning,” Jinyi Bai walked in, “Wow, your business is really booming today, you’ve got a big order so early.”

Yiyao turned around to see Jinyi Bai who wore a white T-shirt with a green jacket over it, dressed a pair of blue jeans and wore a pair of white canvas shoes, he looked in his prime.

“Just now a company came to order 20 bunches of roses, fortunately the goods I ordered that day could cover the order, otherwise I would be out of stock today.” Yiyao said while trimming the flower branches.

Jinyi stretched his hands, “I’m free today, is there anything I can do to help?”

“Thank you so much, can you move the roses over there to this side, be careful of the thorns.”

“No problem.”

Work will be easier if a man and woman work together, Jinyi is smart and humorous, and good at speaking, he often makes the two girls laugh out loud.

When Yiyao was not paying attention to him, Jinyi asked Xiaocui in a low voice, “Do you have a date tonight?”

“Yeah, I have a date.” Xiaocui wasn’t stupid enough to think that Jinyi had fallen for her, she blinked her eyes wittily, “Brother Bai, you want to ask our boss out for a date.”

“Smart girl!” Jinyi didn’t deny it.

“Don’t worry, I won’t be the third wheel. My boyfriend and I have made a date long ago to go for a feast tonight.”

Jinyi finally relieved, he planned to bribe Xiaocui to go out on her own for the evening.

“Then I wish you and your boyfriend a good night.”

Xiaocui smiled and went to work.

Jinyi was helping them while planning in his heart how to ask Yiyao out for a date in a natural way, yet he didn’t expect the arrival of a group of people to completely ruin his plan.

At five o’clock in the afternoon, all the roses in the store were sold out, and the turnover had doubled several times, yet a rotund voice was heard just when they were doing the finishing work.


Xiaocui and Jinyi were both startled, they turned their heads to see over a dozen hefty men with buzz cuts stood in the gate, and they were in great spirits even in the dusk.

Yiyao didn’t hear any sound, she was still sorting out the flowers in her hands, so a man shouted again, “Captain!”

Hearing the sound vaguely, Yiyao turned around to see, and she was on the verge of tears immediately.

Putting down the flowers in her hands and walking out quickly, yet before she could open her mouth, she heard several people include Azure Dragon say, “Captain, we are here to check on you …… Captain, are you okay?”

Yiyao smiled brightly, she was a little choked, “Why are you guys here?”

Jinyi and Xiaocui were shocked, they were still wondering why these people called Yiyao “Captain” when they saw more than a dozen men salute to Yiyao in a formal way respectfully.

Yiyao was teary-eyed, she also gave them a formal salute, then Xiaocui and Jinyi finally realized that Yiyao had been a soldier.

“Captain, how are your injuries? Has your hearing recovered?” Zhuque was the first to ask, it’s very shock to see a 6 feet tall man in tears.

Yiyao laughed and kicked him with her eyes red, “What are you crying for? I’m not dead yet.”

Zhuque tried hard to hold back the tears and grinned, “Captain, I am not treated as an outsider since you still hit me.”

“Why are you all here together? How come the chief so generous this time?”

Zhuque explained, “It’s near the date. We are here to participate in the training and we just arrived this afternoon, we’ll start to train tomorrow.”

“Good, good,” Yiyao looked at them one by one as if she wanted to carve their appearances in her heart, and the images of them once fighting together emerged in her mind, feeling like a lifetime ago.

Azure Dragon said with red eyes, “Captain, can we help you with something?”

“Yes, yes, captain, just give us some work to do ……” They almost tore apart the flower shop as they were so noisy.

Yiyao made a pause gesture, everyone rested their voices immediately, she smiled and said, “I finished today’s work and was just about to close the store.”

“Captain, then let us help you to pack up and go to dinner, we have a lot of things want to say to you.”

“Yes, we all miss you so much.”

Yiyao nodded and said, “Good,” then turned her head and yelled, “Xiaocui, can you come here for a moment, and Brother Bai.”

They watched Yiyao and those soldiers for a longtime, now they could finally come back to the store. Jinyi has seen the world so he still looked calm, but Xiaocui stared them in chock, she has never seen such a group of masculine men.

“Let me introduce to you, this is Xiaocui, my staff.”

Xiaocui greeted to them shyly, “Hello.”

“This is my new friend, Jinyi Bai, he’s a teacher in a university, and he came over to help me today.”

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