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Chapter 346: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 346 A Mistake, I Miss You So much (1)

Jinyi Bai looked like such a refined gentleman. He said politely, “Hi, I am Jinyi Bai,” he noticed that he was being observed by several people whose eyes were so sharp and mean as if they were about to see him through.

“They are my old army friends back then,” Yiyao Duan explained simply, then she said to Xiaocui Hua, “leave the work to tomorrow. You have a date with your boyfriend. Go have fun with him.”

“Okay, boss,” Xiaocui said excitedly.

“Brother Bai, thanks for your help today. Let’s have lunch together someday.”

“You are welcome. I just did what a friend should do, besides, I am quite free today,” Jinyi said gently. He has always been gentle and classy. He looks nice and always leaves a good impression on people.

Azure Dragon still looked at him with caution, but his view about Jinyi secretly changed in his heart: a college teacher? That sounds so much nicer than the toy boy who owns a company.

After a short discussion, the group of friends decided to close the shop. Jinyi felt it inappropriate to go with them so he washed his hands and left. Though he failed to ask Yiyao out on this Valentine’s Day, he got to know her better – it turned out that she was a solider, no wonder she was always standing so straight and the way she talked and did things was so direct. According to those soldiers, she seemed to have got injured on her ears. That’s why she left the army.

Yiyao and her friends came to a restaurant nearby and found it was filled with people.

After all, it’s Valentine’s Day. People didn’t mind display their affections in public at all. Sweet lovers kept feeding each other.

Yiyao noticed a couple sitting by the window. They were wearing lovers’ suits and looked cute. The girl had a hairpin in the shape of cat ears and the boy was holding the phone and they were doing selfies.

Yiyao could feel how happy they were and she smiled – living such a simple but sweet life is not a bad thing.

Since she was born, it has been impossible for her to live an ordinary life as everybody else does, so it’s no use admiring other people’s lifestyles.

Right at this moment, someone suddenly appeared in her brain. Though just a flash, it hurt her deeply.

If he were here now, I would be sitting by the window, wearing lovers’ suit and taking selfies together, wouldn’t I?

But it’s just a thought.

Zhuque arranged his hair and went to the counter, “A booth, please.”

“Okay sir, this way please…” the owner of the restaurant said politely and asked the waiter to show the way.

Following the waiter, Yiyao and the dozen guys all walked in at the same time, which made the restaurant even more crowded and attracted a lot attention.

“Big sister, spending this Valentine’s Day together is just so eye-catching,” Zhuque was walking on the right side of Yiyao on the stairs and said to Yiyao smilingly.

Yiyao raised her brows, “So what? We have always spent Valentine’s Days together, haven’t we?”

It’s true, she has never spent this day with her boyfriend.

Zhuque laughed with embarrassment.

Army life creates single people.

In the booth, they sat by a round table. They asked Yiyao to order first and she ordered the Sweet and Sour Spare Ribs. Then the guys started to order. Soon there were all kinds of delicious dishes.

“Come on. Let’s eat!”

Yiyao held her chopsticks and urged them to eat. The guys waited for Yiyao to get the food first then they started to eat. Soon they became talkative again.

“Big sister, i am sorry…” looking at Yiyao’s thin face, Azure Dragon felt sad and put down his chopsticks.

Yiyao didn’t mind it, but Azure Dragon still felt guilty. He called her name when he saw her but she didn’t respond at all. He knew it must have something to do with him.

Azure Dragon’s behavior made the other guys upset, too. They put down their chopsticks as well.

“Azure Dragon!”

Yiyao suddenly called his name and stared at him with a serious look, “it’s all past! Don’t mention it any more!”

Seeing that Azure Dragon still looked guilty, Yiyao sighed, “if it had been anyone else but you, I would have saved him, too. Don’t you feel guilty any more.”

“Big sister…”

The guys were deeply touched by Yiyao’s words. They started to talk about the old life in the army and the atmosphere became normal again.

The guys started to give Yiyao toasts. Having stayed in the army for such a long time, Yiyao had a bigger capacity for liquor. But Azure Dragon still helped her skip a few glasses of liquor.

By the riverside of the Backmountain…

Jingyan Ye was walking along the riverside with a wishing lantern in his hand. The lantern was in the shape of the lotus and the fire inside was jumping.

All of a sudden, Yiyao’s face appeared in his brain. He still couldn’t believe that the girl who he had been crazy about just disappeared like that.

If I am granted another chance…

Jingyan showed a bitter smile. If I am granted another chance, then so what? After all, it’s just an illusion.

A breeze blew over and the lantern in his hand started to wave. He hurriedly turned around to protect the fire.

The wind was still blowing after several minutes. Jingyan was speechless. Did Yiyao feel my heart and specially came to…

Thinking of here, he hurriedly shook his head. He put away this crazy idea and then put the lotus lantern in the water. Before the lantern floated away, he took a look at the words on it: I hope my beloved one awaits me.


For how long?

One month, one year, then years or more?

The wishing lantern circled around and then floated to the distance with the wind. Jingyan was lost in thoughts and tried to grab the lantern. When he recovered himself, he found nothing in his palm but water.

“Brother Jingyan, there you are!” Ziying Duan ran up to Jingyan, who looked desperate as if he had lost his soul.

Jingyan avoided Ziying’s hand and said lightly, “Em.”

Then he walked inside the house, leaving Ziying standing in the corridor in embarrassment. When Jingyan came out again, there were two glasses and a bottle of wine in his hand.

“Drink with me.”

Ziying’s face immediately lit up. She ran to him happily and nodded, “Yes, yes.”

“Brother Jingyan, what happened to you?”

“Brother Jingyan, why are you not talking?”

“Brother Jingyan…”

Jingyan had not made any sound since they started to drink. Ziying was eager to know why so she kept asking.

Jingyan’s mind and heart were full of Yiyao so he kept drinking, totally ignoring Ziying.

Getting no response, Ziying felt upset and stopped talking. She just sat by his side and drank her wine.

They drank one bottle after another. Empty bottles were lying here and there by their feet.

“Cone on, drink!”

Jingyan waved his glass lightly and suddenly saw two shadows of Ziying. He shook his head and tried to look at her again, only to find that the two shadows merged into one, then he saw Yiyao’s face.


He threw the glass away and held Ziying tightly in his arms. He sounded so sad, “Do you know, Yiyao, I miss you so much…”

“You can hate me, but don’t play such a joke on me…”

Ziying was stunned by the hug but she still held him tightly. She patted him gently on the back and said, “I don’t hate you. It’s true, I don’t hate you. I love you!”

Jingyan heard her words and started to cry, “I love you too, Yiyao, I love you too…”

Jingyan’s tears dropped on Ziying’s shoulder. She suddenly felt sorry for herself. Only in this way was she able to hear him saying “I love you”, though she had displayed her true heart in front of him already.

Yiyao, Yiyao…

What a nice name. Did Yiyao know someone’s admiring her, or we should say, envying her to death?

Jingyan kept talking, expressing all his yearnings to her.

“Brother Jingyan, don’t be sad. She’s gone but I am here…I will never leave you.”

There’s no doubt that she loves him, from the moment she saw him. It felt amazing. Without him, she would never have the feeling of love.

Jingyan could not hear what she was saying but he just kept nodding. He heard someone was humming by his ears and he suddenly had a crazy urge. So he grabbed Ziying and pressed his lips on hers…


Ziying was dumbfounded. He kissed my lips! He kissed me!

Has his love for that Yiyao been so deep already?

Chapter 346 A Mistake, I Miss You So Much (2)

There was no time for her think at all, because she was forced to open her lips. The two tangled up together. Ziying Duan stopped thinking and focused herself on this kiss.

Feeling her responding him actively, Jingyan Ye opened his eyes and saw it was indeed Yiyao Duan. He couldn’t stop feeling thrilled.

Jingyan put his hands inside her clothes…


Suddenly, Jingyan’s hands stopped moving.

“I miss you, I really do…”

Looking at his beautiful blue teary eyes, Ziying was stunned. Is he crying?

He loves that woman, and it made Ziying so jealous…

“I miss you too, Jingyan.”

Ziying responded with “Jingyan” instead of “brother”, and it arouse the deepest yearning in his heart.

His hands started moving again, but more crazily and faster…

“Give it to me, Yiyao, I want you…”

Jingyan pressed his body tightly against hers as if he was doing something sacred.

Ziying closed her eyes and felt the urge that she had never felt before…

The night slid in the room and got everyone lost and delirious, they two were pleasing each other more and more fiercely. The moon covered their bodies with silver lights.

So be it. Let me be his woman. At this moment, I am willing to be occupied by him, though I am not his beloved one, Ziying thought to herself.


Jingyan covered his eyes to block the morning light. Suddenly he got stunned. He realized he was naked!

He looked all the way down and saw a head buried in his chest. He moved his body and the head moved along.


“what’s the matter?” ziying looked up and looked at Jingyan in confusion.

Jingyan was more confused than her at the moment. He push her away on the head, “what the hell is going on?”


Ziying almost fell off the bed. She sat up, holding the blanket in her arms and looking at him.

“don’t you remember last night? We…”

“We made love?” Jingyan interrupted her and asked directly.

Ziying didn’t say anything but Jingyan got the answer. He rubbed his head and tried to think of what happened last night.

His head was still painful because of the hangover. He could remember nothing of last night.

“Brother Jingyan…”

Ziying wanted to reach out her hand to hug Jingyan, but Jingyan avoided her, “Leave me alone.”

“It’s fine, brother Jingyan, I don’t…mind.”

“Enough, no more words.”

Jingyan hurriedly picked up his clothes from the mess on the floor and dressed himself, because he did not want to hear her talk any more. He frowned when he smelt the alcohol on the clothes.

He grabbed a bath towel from the closet and was about to leave. He looked back at the girl sitting on bed and said nothing.

Ziying held the blanket in her arms sadly. Her eyes glittered when she saw Jingyan look back at her, but he soon left.

She felt so disappointed, but she soon cheered up. She went to the closet and found a dress.

Whatever the future would be, she indeed belonged to brother Jingyan last night!

She looked around in the big villa but couldn’t find Jingyan. Then she sat on the sofa and stared at the floor.

In the yard, Jingyan looked up at the clouds in the sky and gradually he remembered what happened – he was too drunk and mistook Ziying For Yiyao…

“How come!” Jingyan held his fist and threw it heavily on the ground. How could I betray Yiyao! How could I be so weak-willed!

Thinking of here, he really wished someone could punch him so that he could feel better.

The clouds in the sky came and soon disappeared, and it added to his sorrow. How could I lose myself to just a few bottles of wine!

“Brother Jingyan!”

Ziying was standing by the door and waving at him. She still showed a smiling face after being treated impolitely in the morning.

The breeze went pass her face and she walked to Jingyan. Jingyan was stunned but soon he controlled his urge of wanting to run away.

Ziying threw herself totally into his chest and she couldn’t believe brother Jingyan didn’t avoid her this time!

She couldn’t control herself and tears fell down on Jingyan’s arms. Jingyan frowned, “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, nothing. I am just a bit…excited.”

She said nervously and more tears fell down. Jingyan just felt guiltier.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be responsible for you.”

“What?” Ziying thought she heard it wrong and asked him in a wobbly voice.

“I will be responsible for you.”

Jingyan touched her hair and felt so lost inside – I betrayed Yiyao and I don’t have a face to see her any more!

Hugged by him, Ziying had no idea what he was thinking about at the moment. She was delighted that after paying such a great effort, she finally succeeded!

Soon it was noon time. Jingyan stayed inside the study room while Ziying was still lost in happiness.

She went to the kitchen and planned to cook lunch for him. But when she saw the fridge stuffed with all kinds of food, she panicked.

She stood in front of the fridge for a long time and finally took out several eggs. She smashed the eggs into the bowl and some pieces of eggshell fell inside, too.

“Woops!” she patted herself on the head and hurriedly got them out with chopsticks.

Soon the oil went hot in the pan. Ziying was so nervous and kept going around. Seeing that the pan was about to burn, she directly threw the bowl into the pan.


Jingyan heard the loud noise from the study room and hurriedly ran out. He smelt a sharp smell and immediately frowned.

In the thick smoke, he managed to find the kitchen. He could only see a figure. He tried to call, “ Ziying?”

“Yes! I am here! Brother Jingyan!”

The figured moved and hugged Jingyan tightly. Jingyan covered his nose and hurriedly took her out of the kitchen, “what are you doing?”

“I…” Ziying looked at his face secretly and said cautiously, “I am cooking for you…”

“You don’t have to cook,” Jingyan frowned and said to her. He didn’t look angry but he sounded so. Ziying stared to cry again.

“I am not…”

“Hay…” Jingyan sighed and felt so annoyed.

Ziying looked at his face secretly again and knew that he wasn’t that angry, so she wrapped her arms around his waist again.

“brother Jingyan, please don’t get mad at me. I am just trying to cook for you.”

“What do you want to eat? I can ask the helper to cook for you. You don’t have to…”

Jingyan stopped, because he saw her start crying again. There’s just nothing he coulld do about her.

When the smoke disappeared, Jingyan went into the kitchen and found the pan already seriously burnt, inside which a piece of black matter was lying.

Jingyan grabbed the turner and finally got the black matter. He asked, “what’s this?”

“Might be…might be egg…”

She remembered having thrown this thing into the pan. She poked it with chopsticks and found it burned into a hard stone.

“we can’t stay here any more. Let’s eat out,” Jingyan put down the turner and headed outside. The smoke just made him keep coughing.


Ziying followed Jingyan. As soon as they went out of the villa, they saw the two brothers – Yulin Mu and Yulin Xiao. They asked curiously, “Brother, where are you going?”

“The house is burnt so we are going out to eat,” Jingyan said lightly. He didn’t not look at Ziying at all.

“Burnt?” the brothers look at the house.

Xiao noticed Ziying who looked so guilty and said immediately, “she burnt the kitchen, didn’t she?”

Jingyan didn’t say anything and it was considered as a “yes”. Xiao walked around Ziying and said, “Hmm, you are so capable. What else can you do, besides burning the house?”


Ziying was too angry to talk. She just eyeballed him.

Mu patted Xiao on the shoulder and said, “Be careful.”

Realizing that this was Jingyan’s place, Xiao started to behave, “Brother, we are here for you. Let’s have lunch together. We are leaving for the Capital City in two days.”

“It seems that you know where to go,” Jingyan saw their car and it was big enough for him and Ziying.

“Let’s go.”

Jingyan grabbed Ziying’s hand and they went directly into the backseat. Mu and Xiao looked at each other and they both saw doubts in each other’s eyes.

Xiao rubbed his head, “Brother, since when have the two become so close?”

Mu heard his words and shrugged, “How would I know?”

The atmosphere was somehow a bit weird inside the car. Xiao and Mu were sitting in the front and Jingyan and Ziying were sitting in the back.

“Brother, have you packed up everything for the trip?” Xiao couldn’t stand the silence and found a topic.

Jingyan looked out of the window and said with no emotion, “I’ve got everything ready there.”

“Eh…truly. Then are the documents ready?”

Jingyan finally looked at him and said, “in the computer.”

“Ha ha…um…I didn’t know,” Xiao pretended to tickle himself and secretly poked mu who was driving and hinted him with his eyes.

“What!” Mu was focused on driving and almost got angry. But he soon calmed down when he saw Xiao’s eyes.

Xiao hinted him: say something!

Mu replied with an expression: what do you want me to say!

Xiao: anything!

“Brother…um…shall we bring Chuxue Ye along?”


The atmosphere dropped to ice cold again after Jingyan replied.

Xiao took out his phone and dialed Chuxue’s number nervously.

“Yuling Xiao! What’s up!” Chuxue was obviously annoyed, as it was the lunch time and Chuxue should be busy with her snack shop. Clearly he was going to be scolded.

“Hi, why are you talking so loudly?” Xiao touched his ear and said, “Brother Jingyan is asking you out for lunch, you…”

“It’s your idea. Do not mention my name,” Jingyan frowned and interrupted him.

“Okay,” Xiao immediately went mild.

“Anyway, are you coming out for lunch?”

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