Chapter 347 – 348: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 347: The raging storm 1

Seeing the serious look on Kris’s Chen face, Jane Tang hesitated.

Was he really the boss of Huanyu Group?

Thinking of the changes that had happened to Kris in the past six months, she was shocked.

Then she looked at him in disbelief.

“You… Are you really the boss of Huanyu Group?”

“Yes.” Kris nodded with a wry smile.

“Oh my God!” Jane exclaimed in shock, “Did you really deposit 10 billion with banks last time?”

Kris was stunned. He didn’t expect the first question thought was that 10 billion after she knew the truth. He shook his head with a wry smile and said, “No, there is only ten million in it.”

“Mom, you should believe me now, right?”

Jane raised her head with a complicated expression. Looking at Kris and Mary Su, she had a mixed feeling.

“Mary, I feel a little dizzy. Help me to my room.”

Mary and Kris hurried to hold her. Unexpectedly, Jane took back her hand and said to Kris, “Don’t touch me. I just only need Mary.”

Mary smiled wryly and said, “Honey, I’ll sleep with mom tonight.”

Kris nodded and watched the two enter the bedroom.

After taking a shower, Kris lay comfortably on the bed and fell asleep soon.

On the second day, Kris was woken up by the ringtone.

“Branch Leader, I’m coming to pick you up now. Lady said that you should arrive at Beihai city before eight o’clock!”

Changkong Yin’s words instantly dispelled the Kris’s sleepiness.

After sending his location to Changkong, Kris got dressed and washed as fast as he could, and went out.

Fifteen minutes later, a lengthened Rolls-Royce came over, followed by dozens of white Bentley behind the Rolls-Royce.

Two hours later, the Rolls-Royce stopped in front of the Beihai hotel.

“Branch Leader, Lady is upstairs. She asked you to pick her up.”

“Okay, I see!”

Kris got out of the car and went straight to the room of Quan Mu.

Kris knocked on the door and said, “It’s me, Kris!”

Then the door opened, Alice appeared in front of Kris with a red dress.

She was wearing a black veil, which covered her extremely beautiful face.

Every time Kris saw him, his eyes lit up.

The red dress made her look particularly enchanting, and the black veil made her a little mysterious.

Noticing Kris’s expression, Alice chuckle. “You little fool, haven’t you seen my body?”

Kris closed the door and couldn’t help but pull open her veil, “Sister Quan, you are so beautiful! But why do you wear a veil?”

“Do you want me to be seen by those dreadful men?”

Kris shook his head and said, “No, no. You are all mine.”

“Don’t be glib.”

Although she said so, she was very happy in her heart, which meant that Kris cared about her very much.

“Let’s go. The meeting is about to begin.”

Half an hour later, they arrived at Pavilion of Prince Teng, Beihai city.

The previous pharmacists contest was held here. This time, Kris would visit here again.

At nine o’clock in the morning, the Pavilion of Prince Teng square was crowded with people. A huge battle ring was in the centre of the field.

Lord of Baihu and Xuanwu Stars would be born from this battle ring.

At this time, Kris and Quan Mu sat on the top, and the Lean Monks were sat on their both sides with Lords of Canglong and Zhuque Stars behind.

With a veil on Quan’ face and a pair of sunglasses on Kris, the people below couldn’t see the two people’s faces clearly.

This time, there were more than a thousand contestants participating in the Star-Lord Competition. The people from Westriver City and Beihai city occupied half of the participants, and the others came over from nearby cities.

Among them, Kris even saw some acquaintances, but they were all from small families. It seemed that they also wanted to fight for their future.

At half past nine, the competition officially began. The first pair of contestants began to fight.

Just as the Star Lord competition was going on vigorously, the tournament in the Westriver City was also in full swing!

The venue of the tournament was in The Academy of the six Major Schools.

At this time, the school was full of people. There were three thousand contestants from all directions.

However, ninety-nine percent of them were at the acquired stage and the innate-power stage, and there were only less then ten of them at the innate-power stage, which showed how rare The return-to-nature stage Practitioner was.

There were too many contestants, so there were ten battle rings on the playground.

Yanru Sima also signed up for this contest, but she was a competitor of The innate-power stage.

She looked around in the crowd and didn’t find Kris. She couldn’t help but doubt if Kris had been absent from school for too long and had been expelled from school.

Kris had been absent from school for more than half a month. He didn’t reply to any news or phone calls.

She found Tianba Li and asked, “Tianba, where is Kris?”

Tianba looked at her with a faint smile and said, “what’s wrong? Did you get stood up again?”

“Forget it.” Yanru turned around and left.

“Hey, what’s the rush?” Tianba said, “He can’t come today, but he will definitely come to participate in the contest tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow?” Yanru nodded and left.

In the headmaster’s office of The Academy of Six Major Schools of six sects, Yuanqiao Zhang and the others looked down at the grand scene, “This time, even if all people of Holy Dragon Scripture come here, we don’t have to be scared.”

The other five Vice Principals also nodded in praise.

“Let’s see what tricks the Dragon sect will show.” Jinglian said coldly.

Master Mingshi said, “even so, we’d better be careful.”

Daxiao Ma said, “Master Mingshi is right. We can’t give any chance to them.”

East Sword King said in a deep voice, “if my sword wasn’t stolen, I would have killed all the evil disciples of the Holy Dragon Scripture.”

While saying this, he murmured, “Except Sun-Moon Holy Cult.”

Butong Hao said, “how about we take everyone to their lair now?”

“No no. The strength of the Dragon sect is unpredictable. We’d better be careful.” Yuanqiao Zhang said seriously.

In the outside of Tianshan Club, there were more than 100 disciples surrounding there.

Looking carefully at these disciples, the weakest of them were at the Middle period of the innate-power stage, and some were at the early stage of the return-to-nature stage.

There were actually more than thirty people who were at the return-to-nature stage, which scared the hell out of the scouts of Six major schools.

The real strength of the Holy Dragon Scripture should be terrifying!

On the third floor of the club, Xiaolong Tan, Zi Kui, Wudi Geng and Zhen Yuan sat together.

“Kui, how many people have come this time?” Xiaolong asked.

“Military counsellor, there are four hundred and twenty-seven people in total this time, 2/3 of whom are small clans attaching to our Holy Dragon Scripture.”

Xiaolong nodded, shook his fan and said, “I’ve expected it, but it won’t be that tomorrow.”

“You are right. They will cry and beg us tomorrow.” He had never been so glad that he had joined the Holy Dragon Scripture.

“Military counsellor, do you think that Six major schools will come here?” Wudi said disdainfully.

Xiaolong snorted, “If they come, we’ll heat the hell out of them!” He said with great confident.

All these were brought by Kris. They had more than 100 people reaching the return-to-nature stage!

All people at the return-to-nature stage of six major schools were still less than the number of the Holy Dragon Scripture.

If the people of six major schools dared to come, they would kill all of them.

Hearing what Xiaolong said, everyone laughed.

Soon, the auction began. In addition to ten Obstacle-Breaking Pill, there were also some rare medicinal materials.

Sitting on the seat, Quan Chen, Jie Liang and Yuan Chen were all so nervous.

“Lei Chen, the disciples of the Holy Dragon Scripture are too powerful. They are looking terrifying!” Yuan Chen couldn’t help whispering.

“Yes, the man in the stage is very strong. He is not like an auctioneer at all.” Pointing at the man on the stage, Jie Liang stammered.

Quan Chen said, “You have a good relationship with the monk Zhen Yuan. How about you ask him for two Obstacle-Breaking Pills?”

Lei shook his head and said, “You should know how precious the Obstacle-Breaking Pill is. If it weren’t for my grandfather’s sake, we wouldn’t have gotten even one!”

Hearing Lei Chen’s words, Quan Chen smiled wryly and stopped talking.

Chapter 348: The raging storm 2

At the same time, Jane Tang was putting on make up in front of the dresser happily.

Last night, Mary Su chatted with her for a long time and she accepted the fact that Kris Chen was the boss of Huanyu Group.

The sense of unevenness was huge but it felt great.

With the boss of Huanyu Group being her son in-law, of course she felt great.

Mary also said something else. There’s more than one company under Kris’s name. He was just wanting to keep a low profile so few people knew about it.

So Mary told Jane to keep it to herself, instead of bragging around.

Jane was better than that. Knowing that her son in-law was a rich man, she would definitely keep it to herself so that other women wouldn’t come around him.

However decent Kris might be, the temptations outside were still distracting.

Then she started to feel uneasy.

She had been treating him so badly these years; would he hold grudge?

Probably he would not!

After all, Kris had a broad mind!

She kept telling herself these but still felt insecure.

She finished her make up carelessly and walked out of her bedroom. Then she knocked Kris’s door, “Kris, are you awake?”

She sounded so gentle.

She waited for a few seconds then pushed the door. No one’s inside.

“Not here?”

She frowned then smiled, “He might be busy with business.”

She would have called and cursed if she hadn’t learned the truth.

But at the moment, Kris was a different person to her. He’s a decent Sir.

“Oh I have to go shopping. I’ll cook and thank them.”

She then got changed and grabbed her newly bought Louis Vuitton handbag.

Just as she opened the door, she saw someone standing there.

She got startled and screamed.

“Jane, it’s me!” Changhe Su stood there in embarrassment.

Jane covered her mouth and looked at him. After making sure who he was, she said with a sullen face, “What are you doing here?”

“Jane, I need to talk to you.”

Jane laughed coldly, “There’s nothing to talk about. Please get out of my way.”

Changhe hurriedly blocked her way with one arm and begged, “Jane, I am sorry. Please give me another chance!”

“I have given you many chances, and you are asking for another one?”

There’s a deep sarcasm in her smile, “Bitch and beast, what a perfect match!”

Changhe said with a red face, “Jane, I know you are angry, but please trust me again! You hate Yanjing Cui right? I’ll stop seeing her and drive her back to the U.S immediately! I am sorry; let’s get back together!”

Changhe looked at Jane with a deep emotion. She would have forgiven him, but at the moment she only felt a deep disgust.

“Stop talking please; I am about to vomit!” Jane pretended she’s was going to vomit. Then she closed the door and said, “I can’t take this any more.”

Then she pushed Changhe’s arm and walked out. Right at the corner, she saw a woman in tears.

It was no one else. It was Jingyan.


Jane laughed. It was this woman who took her husband away from her and gave birth to a bastard.

She had been hating this woman for twenty years, but at the moment, all her hatreds were gone.

She felt so relieved after she finally decided to let it go.

She had thought about cursing Jingyan and even fighting with her.

But when Jingyan actually stood in front of her, she quit the idea.

She just nodded to Jingyan smilingly, passed her and pressed the button of the elevator.

“What do you mean? Are you laughing at me?” Yanjing looked at Jane angrily.

Jane shook her head with a smile and there was pity in her eyes. She’s a poor thing after all, who was failed by the wrong guy.


Here came the elevator. Jane didn’t say anything. She just took the elevator and went down without even looking back.

To her, it wouldn’t matter whether she would win or lose.

Then Changhe came in a hurry and called, “Jane, wait!”

Then he saw Yanjing beside the elevator.

He was surprised. “Yanjing, why are you here?”


Changhe’s face got slapped heavily.

Yanjing cried, “Changhe, you have failed my heart!”

She felt Changhe was quite different after he took the phone call the night before, so she followed him here today.

Then she heard the heart-breaking conversation.

“Yanjing, I didn’t mean to do this. It’s my mom; she’s making me do it…”


Yanjing interrupted him coldly, “We are done! From now on, you shall live your life and I live mine! We shall not see each other again in life!”

As she finished, she walked into the elevator and left, without even looking back.

“Well, everything’s gone now! I have lost it all!” Changhe sat on the floor and began to cry.

Meanwhile, the Old Lady of Su Family arrived at Huanyu Building with the help of Hai Su and Ming Su.

The Old Lady was too old to walk by herself, besides, it had been years since she stepped out of the Su Estate last time.

She looked up at Huanyu Building and sighed, “What a nice and grand building! If only it could be the headquarter of us Su Group!”

Hai smiled and said, “Grandma, don’t worry; it’ll be ours sooner or later.”

Ming also nodded smilingly, “Mary Su shall listen to you when you talk to her.”

“Mary has none of her to be proud of her, except for one thing-she’s quite filial.”

In other words, Mary’s obedient.

They reached the entrance of Huanyu Group by elevator. Looking at the generously furnished Huanyu Group, the Old Lady sighed again.

Compared to Huanyu Group, the Su Group was nothing.

Her dead heart started to burn again.

“Hey, you three, who are you?” Several guards stopped them.

Westriver City had been mixed with all kinds of people these days. A lot of thieves, robbers and gangsters flooded in the city. To guarantee the safe, Huanyu Group added extra forces.

“Are you blind or not?”

Hai pointed their noses and cursed, “Don’t you recognize who we are? We are Chief Su’s family!”

“Do you know who this old lady is? She is your boss’s grandma!” Ming came up and said.


The three guards looked them up and down and laughed sarcastically, “Where are you beggars from? Dreaming to be our boss’s relatives? Why don’t you go and pee, and see what you can see in the reflection of your urine. Our boss doesn’t have such poor relatives!”

“We have stopped a hundred relatives, two hundred friends and three hundred schoolmates of our boss these days.”

“But you are way out of line! Claiming to be her grandma, huh?”

Ha ha ha!

The guards couldn’t help laughing.

Hearing their mocking words, Hai’s face blushed then turned pale, so was Ming’s face.

The Old Lady, in particular, showed a sullen face.

She stamped her walking stick on the ground and scolded, “Go and get Mary Su! Ask if she recognizes me as her grandma!”

“Quit playing jokes, grandma!” The guards said politely, considering her age.

“You two, take your grandma home! Or we won’t be kind!”

“I would like to see how unkind you can be!”

Then Hai started to yell, “Hey, everyone, come and see! Your boss Mary Su doesn’t recognize her relatives! Not even her brothers and her grandma!”

Ming followed as well, “Come and see! How cruel your boss can be! She doesn’t want to see her grandma!”

The Old Lady was trembling because of anger. Mary was too much! She doesn’t even let her grandma in!”

“Damn it! Hurry and handle the two guys!”

Several guards hurriedly rushed over and pressed the two guys easily.

Hai and Ming were pressed tightly on the floor, speechless.

How come these guards were so strong?

Hai and Ming had learned a lot in the Academy of Six Major schools, but they got controlled so easily.

One thing they didn’t know was that these guards were apprentices of The Sun, and they were Practitioners.

They could for sure beat the two ordinary guys easily, or their hard training would be in vain.

“let go! I am warning you! If you don’t, see what your boss will do!”

“You people! Let go of my grand sons!”

The Old Lady raised her stick and waved it towards the guards.

“You old Mrs, if you don’t stop attacking us, we will have to defend ourselves!”

At the moment, what happened arouse the attention of the Huanyu Group. Many people were already walking over to watch.

“What’s going on?” A tough guy came over.

“Brother Xiong, these three people are causing trouble, saying they are the relative of our boss.”

Xiong frowned and looked the old lady and two young men up and down.

“What’s their last name?”

“I am Hai Su; he’s Ming Su; we are Mary Su’s brothers. If you don’t believe, just go ahead and confirm. See what she’ll say!”

Last name’s Su?

“And what about this old lady?”

“She’s our grandma; of course Mary Su’s grandma!”

“You silly dogs! You bite your own masters! I will tell Mary to kick you all out!”

The crowd couldn’t tell whether it’s true or false. But Xiong had his own way since he had been around for years.

This guy was talking so confidently, so it’s likely that he was telling the truth.

Thinking of here, Xiong said to the guards, “Let them go first; I’ll go inside and ask.”

Then he strode upstairs.

Just before he met Mary, he was stopped by Xue Mi outside.

Xue asked, “Captain Xiong Tie, what’s the matter?”

Xiong Tie told Xue what happened down there. Xue nodded and said, “Wait here. I’ll go and tell Miss Su.”

Mary was reading some files at the moment.

The door was knocked and Mary said, “Come on in!”

Then Xue ran inside, “Chief Su! There are three people outside claiming to be your relatives. One is Hai su, one is Ming Su and the other old lady saying she’s your grandma. They have been stopped by the guards. What do you think…”


Mary stood up immediately and strode out of the office in her high heels, leaving her files on the table.

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