Chapter 347: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 347 A Coincidence, the Apple of My Eye (1)

“No…” Chuxue Ye wanted to turn him down, but she thought for a while and still said, “Em…okay,” she considered that Yulin Xiao couldn’t be inviting her out for lunch for no reasons – there must be something wrong.

“Deal, Wanshan Restaurant.”

Xiao hang up the phone. He watched the trees out of the window quickly flying by and sighed. He was almost out of breath because the atmosphere between Brother Jingyan and Ziying Duan was so weird and oppressive…

In Wanshan Restaurant…

Jingyan walked into the booth first, followed by Ziying who looked happy. Yulin Xiao and Yulin Mu were left behind looking confused and worried.

They thought it would get better once they get to the restaurant but the atmosphere was still weird, which ruined their mood.

“After you,” Mu pushed Xiao and told him to enter first.

Xiao held the door tightly and struggled, “You first.”


“Cut the crap and just go!” Xiao went to the back of Mu when Mu’s not noticing and kicked him into the booth.


Jingyan heard the noise and turned around, “What the hell are you doing?”

Mu rubbed his foot which was painful and eyeballed Xiao, “You tricky shit!”

Mu looked at him and raised his eyebrow, and entered the booth with a smug smile. The booth was cozy with warm lights and the chairs were comfortable, but the four all looked absent-minded.

“I am sorry! I am late!” Chuxue rushed into the booth and immediately felt strange, because she saw the four were just sitting there still.

“What took you so long! We’ve been waiting for ages! Come, let’s go to get the menu,” Xiao saw Chuxue and hurriedly walked to her and took her out of the booth.

Chuxue felt confused and stopped walking. She put her arms on her waist and stared at Xiao, “Tell me, why am I here again? Don’t tell me I am here for lunch!”

Xiao kept looking at the turning until he was sure that Jingyan wouldn’t hear their conversation.

He covered Chuxue’s mouth and said, “Don’t be too loud. Brother Jingyan has sharp ears!”


“Keep your voice down and I’ll let you talk.”

Chuxue showed a poor look and nodded. She breathed hard as soon as she could get air. She complained, “Do you want to suffocate me?”

Her voice was so loud and it made Xiao tremble. He covered her mouth again, “Oh my goodness, keep your voice down!”

Seeing that she’s struggling hard and not bearing to see her innocent eyes, he finally let go.

Chuxue could breathe again but she had learned her lesson. She eyeballed him, “What the hell is going on? Why so mysterious!”

“Did you notice anything strange when you entered the booth?”

Chuxue felt confused. She thought about the scene when she entered the booth and shook her head, “Nope.”

“Hay!” Xiao patted her on the head, “how can you be such a careless girl! Didn’t you notice that brother Jingyan and Ziying look so weird today?”

Chuxue was still puzzled, “What about them? They have always been like this, haven’t they?”

“No, no!”

Xiao clenched his fist and waved it in front of her then put it down, “There must be something wrong with them! I say, there is an adultery going on between them!”


Chuxue rolled her eyes proudly, “Adultery my ass! Ziying is into my brother and everyone knows that! How come you don’t know?”

“No!” Xiao walked around in front of her and said, “I mean, I noticed that they were strange as soon as they came out of the villa.”

“You are thinking too much. I think they look normal.”

“I mean it! You have to trust me! Why don’t you ask Ziying?”

The two looked at each other and Chuxue hesitated, “Shall we…try?”


The booth was still silent. Mu was struggling in the dead embarrassment, and as soon as he saw Xiao and Chuxue coming in, he immediately stood up and walked to them.

Mu punched Xiao lightly on the shoulder and asked, “What took you so long? When will the food be ready?”

“Soon. There are too many guests today.”

Xiao gave a perfunctory answer and took a glance at Chuxue. With tacit understanding, they sat separately. Chuxue sat beside Ziying.

“Chuxue, hi,” Ziying showed a sweet smile and the smile confused Chuxue.

She rubbed her eyes and saw Ziying still smiling at her, so she asked, “Anything good? You look so happy…”

“No…” Ziying lowered her head and said shyly, “nothing, really, stop asking.”

Chuxue frowned. She answered a normal question in such a strange way – there must be something going on!

“Mind your own business! Leave her alone.” Jingyan looked at Chuxue and said with no emotion.


Chuxue saw his face and held her words back. Everyone was embarrassed and silent. They just kept their heads lowered.

“The food is here. Quit chatting. Let’s eat!” Xiao saw the food was being served and hurriedly helped lay out the table.

Jingyan started to chew his food. Seeing that Jingyan was eating, Ziying reached out her chopsticks and got the same dish that Jingyan was eating.

“Hmm…yummy, brother Jingyan!” Zijing showed a surprised look and stared at Jingyan as soon as she put the food in her mouth.

Jingyan did not respond to her look. He just replied with “Hmm.”

It was not loud but everyone heard him. Jingyan was ignoring everyone but replied to Zijing only. What could it possibly mean?

Everyone was absent-minded while eating. Only Ziying was in a good mood and kept talking to Jingyan. To everyone’s surprise, Jingyan responded to her most of the time.

“Excuse me, i need to use the bathroom,” Chuxue stood up and arranged her dress. When she left the table, she turned around and said to Ziying, “Come with me, Ziying. My dress is dirty and I might need a hand.”

“Huh? Okay…”

Ziying was surprised when Chuxue called her name, then she stood up and followed Chuxue happily.

In the bathroom, Ziying was standing behind Chuxue. She looked confused, “How can I help you, Chuxue?”

Chuxue took out her make up stuff and started to reapply them to her face. She asked Ziying while doing her eyebrows, “Are you hiding something from me, Ziying?”

“What…what something?”

Ziying asked back nervously and dared not look into the mirror, fearing that Chuxue might see her look.

“Tell me the truth. I already knew.”

“Nothing. Don’t make up stories.”

Chuxue directly stopped what she was doing and just stared at Ziying from the mirror, “You mjust have done something with my brother last night, or you wouldn’t behave like this now!”


Ziying didn’t know how to defend herself. She thought for a while and said, “I’ll tell you, but do not tell others…”


“What? You two…?”

Three minutes later, Chuxue turned around and asked in great surprise after she heard the whole story.

“Chuxue, keep your voice down!” Ziying glared at Chuxue secretly and blushed.

“What the hell! How could my brother…”

Chuxue couldn’t believe it. How could Jingyan sleep with another woman when he’s so deeply in love with Yiyao Duan!

“Um…um…hay! He mistook me for sister Yiyao!”

Ziying rubbed her hair, “Do I have to be so specific?”

“That makes sense…” Chuxue sighed in relief, not knowing who it was for.

It was Valentine’s Day yesterday and my brother must have missed Yiyao so much that he drank in order to relieve the yearnings. And Ziying, who looked like Yiyao, happened to be around him, so it makes sense…

“Chuxue, what do you mean by that?”

Ziying was shy, but when she heard Chuxue say “That makes sense”, she became unhappy immediately. She was unhappy being treated as Yiyao’s shadow…

Chuxue recovered herself from her thoughts and sighed, “Nothing. Just so you know, it’s impossible for my brother to forget sister Yiyao, so…”

“So what?”

“So, did my brother say anything?”

“Em…” ziying lowered her head again and rubbed the corner of her clothes, “brother Jingyan said he would be responsible for me!”

“Did he? Seriously?” Chuxue was so confused – my brother still loves sister Yiyao, but why did he promise to be responsible for Ziying?

“He did.” Ziying’s face turned red. Afraid that Chuxue might ask more questions, she covered her face and ran out.

A Coincidence, the Apple of My Eye (2)

In the capital city…

Jingyan Ye got off the plane, got his luggage and walked to the car that was picking him up, followed by Yulin Mu and Ziying Duan.

“Brother Jingyan, walk slower please!” Ziying was almost out of breath and finally stopped.

“What’s the matter?” Jingyan heard the words and stopped. He frowned and looked at Ziying.

Ziying put her hands on her waist and breathed hard, “I…I am tired, whew…”

“We are almost there. Hold it,” Jingyan looked at the car parked in front of the arrival area and said in a softer tone.


Ziying was about to say something but Jingyan was already started heading out, so she stamped her feet.

“Quit playing cute. You are a bad actress,” Mu caught up with her and said ironically, then he walked past her.

“You…Ah…” Ziying was choked by his words so she kept stamping her feet.

Finally she reached the car. She opened the back door and was about to sit on the backseat but Mu got in ahead of her.

He rolled down the window and stuck out his tongue, “Brother says we will drive you home first, so it’s better you sit in the front.”

“Why? I can still get out of the car when I arrive!”

Ziying knocked at the door hard and had to watch the window sliding up. She was so furious.

After a while, the window went down again. Mu’s face appeared again, “Brother wants to know why you are still standing there.”

“You…” Ziying clenched her fist but there’s nothing she could do. So she walked to the passenger side in her high heels and opened the door.

“Brother Jingyan, he…he bullies me!”

Ziying started to complain as soon as she got in the car. She was so angry and even eyeballed Mu.

“I’m tired, need to take a nap,” Jingyan rubbed his forehead and closed his eyes.

Ziyingwas a bit surprised. She saw that Mu was making faces to her. She was so angry that she held the seat belt tightly in her hand and then turned around to stare at Jingyan who was pretending to sleep.

The atmosphere was so cold and it even scared the driver. The driver just held his arms straight and looked forward, not daring to look at her.

The traffic condition was good at this time in the Capital City so they arrived at Ziying’s home soon before she could notice.

“Here we are,” the driver reminded Ziying, seeing that she remain seated.

Jingyan heard the words and opened his eyes, too. He looked out of the window then asked Ziying, “This is your home?”

Ziying was thrilled that he finally talked to her, so she nodded hurriedly.

Jingyan looked at her in confusion, “Then why are you still here?”

“I…I’m leaving.”

Then she pouted her lips, “Brother Jingyan, I…”


“Can I go to your hotel first?”

She stared at Jingyan with an innocent and poor look. Jingyan was afraid to see those teary eyes, so he waved his hand, “Whatever.”

The half-open door thus was closed again. Ziying said happily, “Thank you, brother Jingyan!”

At the same time, Yiyao Duan was arranging the fresh flowers in her shop. She arranged the flowers bunch by bunch and when she saw the Baby’s breath stand, she frowned.

She turned around and asked Xiaocui Hua who was busy working, “Xiaocui, have we run out of Babybreath?”

“Ah, yes. We have a lot of customers these days and they all use Baby’s breath to decorate the bouquet. So it runs out quickly.”

Yiyao saw that the bouquets without Baby’s breath indeed looked not as lively. So she got her stuff ready and told Xiaocui, “I am going to buy some Baby’s breath. You look after the store, okay?”

Xiaocui responded with a “yes”. so she put on her helmet and left.


“What’s the matter?” Jingyan saw that Mu was stuttering, so he put on a serious look and looked ta him.


Jingyan Frowned, “Out with it. Don’t be bashful!”

“We will arrive at the film studio soon. Can we stop at the flower shop in front? I want to buy a bunch of flowers.”

Jingyan looked out of the window and saw a simply furnished store, in front of which there were many bouquets.

When he saw the decorations inside, he got stunned. The scene was exactly the same as that in his dreams!

“Pull over.”

Jingyan opened the door hurriedly and walked to the flower shop directly. The closer he got, the more nervous he became.

“Brother Jingyan!” Ziying noticed that Jingyan was gone so she hurriedly followed.

“Brother, what’s wrong?” Mu followed Jingyan. Seeing that Jingyan was stumbling, he hurriedly went up to hold his arms.

“I am fine.”

Jingyan pushed away Mu’s hand and tried to walk steadily. He felt so weak every step he took.

“Brother Jingyan, wait for me!” Ziying started to shout as soon as she got out of the car.

“Do not come!”

Jingyan was so annoyed. He frowned. He hated her being so noisy in the flower shop.

“I…” seeing Jingyan’s strict look, Ziying had to swallow her words and just answered with a “yes”.


The two stepped into the shop one by one. Xiaocui welcomed them warmly. They turned their heads and looked at her immediately.

“what can I do for you?” Xiaocui looked up and got stunned by Jingyan’s handsome look. She blushed and her heart jumped faster.

She had never seen such a handsome man. Even the actors were not as charming as him.

“Hey! Come back!”

Mu snapped his fingers and it brought Xiaocui back, “Huh? What?”

“I said, we will go around and see by ourselves.”

“Ah, okay.”

At the same time, Jingyan was already lost in the amazing scene. The found that the decorations and the way that the flowers were arranged were surprisingly familiar. Could it only be a coincidence?


Jingyan shook his head. There’s never a coincidence like this! He noticed there were more flowers inside and the room got smaller. There was a corner at the turning. Jingyan stared at the corner as if a familiar face would suddenly appear the next minute.

He slowed down his paces and walked to the corner. He then looked into the corner but saw nothing.

Dreams are dreams. How could I ever believe that the dreams will come true? He laughed at himself.


Hearing someone’s calling him, he turned around and saw Mu’s worried eyes. Then he asked, “Have you got the flowers you want??”

“Yes,” Mu raised the bouquet in his hands, “how about the roses? She should like them, huh?”

“not bad,” Jingyan touched his nose and glanced at it carelessly.

“Okay…” Mu rubbed his head in embarrassment and followed Jingyan out of the store.

“Excuse me, you haven’t paid yet!” Xiaocui saw them walking out directly without paying, so she hurriedly rushed out.

Mu took out his bank card with one hand and handed it to Xiaocui, “Here you are, I won’t go inside.”

“But, your password…”

Mu was a bit embarrassed. He turned to Jingyan, “Brother.”

Jingyan didn’t want to spend more time in this place, afraid that those old memories would come back to him again, so he took over Mu’s bouquet and said, “You go.”

“Thank you brother!” Mu walked into the shop with Xiaohua happily.

Inside the car, Ziying was bored and counting the flowers on the stairs outside of the flower shop. When she saw the bouquet held in Jingyan’s hand, she was overjoyed.

She opened the car door and said smilingly, “Brother Jingyan.”

Jingyan heard her calling him and turned around with the bouquet, “What’s up?”

“The flowers…”

“Mu bought it for the actress he’s chasing.”

“What about me?” hearing that the flowers were not for her, Zijing said with disappointment.

Jingyan was a bit stupefied. He remembered what he said that day, that he would be responsible for her, but he had been ignoring her since then. So he frowned and said, “Go pick the flowers you like, and pay with this. Password is five three four two seven eight.”


Ziying replied unwillingly. She knew she could ask no more from him. So she took over the bank card from his hand and walked slowly into the shop.

In the distance, Yiyao was marching towards her flower shop slowly on her electric bike. When she saw a man holding a bunch of flowers that was big enough to block his face, she got a bit curious.

This man looks tall and charming. He has a quite unique aura that other men don’t – Yiyao fell into a trance.

“Brother Jingyan!”

Yiyao was about to speed up when suddenly she heard this girl’s voice. She was in complete shock and her hands started to tremble.

He…he’s Jingyan Ye?

Jingyan heard the voice too and turned around. He saw Ziying holding a bunch of pink roses and waving at him smilingly.

Now Yiyao could see him clearly! She slowed down and finally stopped her e-bike.

It’s him!

It’s really him!

How come he’s here?

He had had a bunch of flowers in hand already but he still allowed that woman to buy more. What were they? She knew the answer.

“He has had another woman already…”

It all happened too soon. She had never expected that they would meet again like this. Her heart started to beat violently. She admitted that she’s nervous, extremely nervous.

Yiyao saw the woman who was jumping up and down by Jingyan’s side and her pupils contracted – how come she looks like me so much? What’s going on?

Ziying’s bouquet was smaller than the one in Jingyan’s hands, but it looked more delicate.

Jingyan was a bit surprised at how small the bouquet was, “You chose this?”

He thought she would choose many, even the most expensive flowers in the shop.

“Yes, it’s good enough,” Ziying jumped to Jingyan and smelt the flowers in her hands and smiled. She wrapped her arms around Jingyan’s arm naturally.

Jingyan felt uncomfortable by the sudden touch of her, but he controlled himself not to push her away.

“Okay, let’s go,” Mu walked out with both his hands in his pockets. He saw that the two were holding a bunch of flowers each and that Jingyan was clearly impatient.

Mu then realized that he had kept Jingyan waiting for so long.

He came up hurriedly and took over the bouquet from Jingyan’s hands, “Let me hold this, brother.”

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