Chapter 348: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 348 An Accident, Another Glance at You in the Crowd

Yiyao Duan didn’t restart her e-bike until they got in the car. The car and the e-bike passed each other and Yiyao hurriedly turned her head away.

She forgot that she had the helmet on and when she realized that, the car had already gone far away.

The e-bike was parked in front of the flower shop, where they were standing. Jingyan Ye looked at the girl standing in front of the shop gently, as if she were his precious.

Yiyao’s heart was aching. She knew he was getting further and further away from her. She turned around hurried, only to see the rear of the car in the distance. Jingyan seemed to have sensed something in the car, so he rolled down the window. But what he saw was a woman in pink helmet.

He frowned and took a few more glances at her. Maybe it was just an illusion, but this woman was so much alike Yiyao!

“What’s wrong, brother Jingyan?” Ziying was still immersed in the happiness created by the flowers. When she saw how absent-minded Jingyan was, she looked out of the window as well, “What’s fun out there?”

Jingyan felt the hand on his shoulder and went back into the car. He rolled up the window and pretended that nothing had happened, “Nothing.”

“Okay…” Yiyao pouted her lips, feeling unhappy. But when she saw the flowers on the seat, she got delighted again.

Standing in front of her flower shop, Yiyao took off her helmet slowly. She got the Baby’s Breath off and laughed at herself for being silly – What am I expecting? I should have seen it happening, shouldn’t I?

After all, Jingyan and that girl were so intimate, as they fed food to each other, he sent her roses which stands for love, and she put her hand on his shoulder. What else could they be besides lovers?

“Boss, what are you looking at?” Xiaocui held another bunch of roses and was about to put it in the place where the previous bunch was, then she saw Yiyao standing outside of the door looking so lost.

She was curious what was out there, but when she looked her way she found nothing…

“Eh, nothing,” Yiyao recovered herself from the thoughts and went on arranging the Baby’s Breath in her hands.

“Huh?” confused as Xiaocui was, she didn’t ask more questions. She just helped her carry the Baby’s Breath into the shop.

Xiaocui was holding that bunch of roses on which there were thorns so she had to put the roses aside when carrying the Baby’s Breath. But when she came back, she found the roses were held in Yiyao’s hands.

“Boss!” Xiaocui saw the blood dripping down from Yiyao’s hand, “Your hand is bleeding!”

“Huh?” Yiyao was startled by the scream and felt the pain in her hand. Then she dropped the roses out of conditioned reflex.

She just stood there stupidly and just watch Xiaocui going in and out, busy handling her wounds. She could not feel the pain at the moment. She watched the blood coming out of her hand like it was someone else’s hand.

“Boss, What’s bothering you?”

When done cleaning up the scene, the two sat in the yard and rested. Xiaocui observed Yiyao secretly for a while before she finally asked.

Yiyao looked at at the gloomy sky. The air was getting worse and worse in the Capital City these years. Her mood was as gray as the sky at the moment.

“I saw an old friend.”

Xiaocui was still puzzled, “That person must be important to you.”

“Well, sort of,” Yiyao’s mind went far away again, thinking about those things she did with Jingyan in the past. She sighed, “It’s just, life is so unpredictable sometimes.”


“There is always someone who you think is important but in just a blink of an eye, he belongs to another woman.”

“Boss, it’s fate, maybe,” innocent as Xiaocui was, she knew that Yiyao had met her ex. She couldn’t think of other words to make her feel better.

But what she didn’t know was that Yiyao once felt she’s bound to be with Jingyan. How would she feel when Jingyan became another woman’s man?

It turns out that Jingyan is bound to be someone else but me! Yiyao sighed.

Thinking of this, she started to feel so upset. She was upset because of him but he didn’t know it completely. He’s even pleasing another woman. How ridiculous!

She hid her feelings well in her smile but the fists that were clenched tightly exposed her inner thoughts. Once again, the wound was ripped out.


Yiyao heard someone’s calling her name. She turned around and saw Jingyi Bai, wearing a white shirt, standing outside of the yard and smiling at her.

Yiyao was a bit surprised to see him. She showed a rigid smile and said, “What are you here for?”

“I don’t have any classes today, so I am here to see if I can be of help.”

He stepped in naturally like an old friend and grabbed a little bench. He sat beside Yiyao and helped her match the flowers on the floor.

“I wanted to ask you the other day but you were busy…”

“What is it?” Yiyao asked curiously.

“I am thinking to ask you out for dinner tonight.”

“Tonight?” Yiyao felt puzzled, “anything important?”

“Nothing, just a dinner together.”

“That’s it?”

Seeing that Jingyi nodded, Yiyao stared at him with suspicion, “We shall see tonight.”

when the work was all done, Yiyao told Xiaocui to go home and she kept busy for another while. When she saw Jingyi still waiting there for her patiently, she sighed and came out.

“Let’s go.”

“Em?” Jingyi smiled gently but he didn’t quite catch her words. Seeing that she was walking to the car, he got an answer.

He had already booked a table. It was dinner time and when they arrived, there was a long queue outside of the restaurant.

Jingyi took Yiyao directly to the booth and the waiter was waiting them at the table with the menu in hand.

“Sir, would you like coffee and water?”

“Yiyao, what would you like?” Jingyi looked at her gently.

“Either,” Yiyao had never been to this place before so she knew nothing about here. She closed the menu directly, “You order. We’ll eat whatever you want.”

Jingyi nodded and went ahead, “We would like to try all your specials, a bottle of red wine and a cheese cake. That will be enough for now.”

Closing the menu, the waiter bowed politely. Jingyi took a look at yiyao swho was sitting in front of him and playing with her nails, he felt warm and delighted.

“Okay, what is it?” all the dishes were almost served and Yiyao finally asked.

Jingyi had been staring at her for several times since they stepped into the restaurant. Careless as she was, she’s not blind. She had to ask him.

Hearing her question, Jingyi lowered his head right away. He wasn’t able to look her in the eyes any more though he had decided to confess his affection to her today. Yiyao was just so bright like the diamond that he almost got blinded by her charm.

“Enjoy the food first,” Jingyan moved one dish closer to her, “try this, the baked French snails is the special of this restaurant.”

Yiyao was attracted by the dish immediately and totally forgot that she asked him a question. She took one bite of the baked snail and her eyes started to glitter right away, “Hmm! Yummy!”

“I’m glad you like it.”

Jingyi sighed in relief secretly. In order to please her, he had searched the whole Capital City for a good restaurant and finally he found this one.

“Hmm, the French dishes are so authentic here!” Yiyao chewed the food and sighed.

Time went by and Jingyi had checked his watch for several times already. When he saw that Yiyao was done eating and wiping her lips, he made a gesture to the waiter secretly.

All of a sudden, a beautiful piece of music arose from the back of the stage. Violin, cello and piano were performed harmoniously. The soft and romantic music was so pleasant.

“What…what’s going on?” Yiyao was still confused. She looked around and then fixed her eyes on Jingyi.

“Yiyao,” Jingyi called her name and stood up slowly. He walked to her slowly and stopped in front of her.

He then took a small case out of his pocket and with one knee on the floor, he said to Yiyao, “I adore you. I have had this feeling since the day I met you. I was wanting to do this on Valentine’s Day but you were occupied, so, Yiyao, will you be my girlfriend?”

The sudden confess of Jingyi made Yiyao stunned. She stared at the man kneeling in front of her and felt lost inside.

She had just experienced a desperate situation today. She couldn’t stop trembling whenever she thought of him. He already had someone else by his side while she’s all alone here.

“Jingyi, I…”

“It’s okay, you can think about it. Take your time,” Jingyi hurriedly interrupted her, because he was so afraid that she might say no. But Yiyao could see the sadness in his eyes clearly.

She felt guilty. She knew it too well what it felt like to lose someone she loved, but at this moment, she was doing the same thing to him…

Chances are I might never gain happiness in my life, so what does it matter who I am with? She thought to herself.

Yiyao smiled and made sure her most inner thoughts were hidden well, then she held Jingyi’s hands that were about to be pulled back, “Yes, I will be your girlfriend.”


Jingyi felt it so unbelievable. He stared his eyes around at the girl in front of him and almost cried, “Yiyao, what did you say?”

“I said yes,” Yiyao said slowly and clearly.

“You will be my girlfriend?”

He still couldn’t believe it. He took out the ring from the case and put it on her ring finger, then he stood up and held her tightly in his arms.

Yiyao was a bit surprised that he got so excited. She patted him on the back gently.

Jingyi held her and stuttered, “Yiyao, I didn’t expect you to say yes so soon. Wow! I am so happy!”

“Do you really like me that much?” Yiyao felt so empty inside. She didn’t feel much joy. Being liked by someone is indeed a good thing but at the moment her mind was completely occupied with another man.

“You may not believe this, but I knew you are right one from the moment I saw you. I don’t know, maybe that’s what people always say – love at first sight.”

Chapter 348 An Accident, Just Another Glance at You in the Crowd (2)

Jingyi Bai kept telling her how much he’s into her. Yiyao Duan heard it all. In order to stop herself from thinking about Jingyan Ye and the woman by his side, she wrapped her arms around Jingyi.

Feeling that Yiyao’s responding to him, Jingyi held her tighter.

In the Hot Spring Hotel, Jingyan was sitting on the sofa, with a glass of wine in his hand. All of a sudden, he felt a great heartache and his fingers were stretched unintentionally, then the wine glass fell from his hand.


The glass broke and the broken pieces scratched his thigh, leaving a long cut on it.

Jingyan frowned and ignored the cut on his thigh. To him, the ache in the heart was even harder to bear. He covered his chest and felt hard to breathe.

“Brother Jingyan!”

Coming out of the kitchen, Ziying Duan saw Jingyan lying on the sofa and exclaimed.

She was only away for a minute to wash the wine glass. What happened here? How come?

she had gone home after she followed Jingyan to the hotel. But she was so worried about him so she came to the hotel again.

When she got to the hotel, she saw Jingyan sitting on the sofa and drinking wine. She felt bored so she went to the kitchen to get herself a wine glass. As soon as she stepped into the kitchen, she heard the noise of glass breaking. She hurriedly came out and saw the scene.

“How are you feeling, brother Jingyan?” Ziying pressed the “help” button and waited for the medical case to be delivered.

“I’m fine,” Jingyan struggled to get up. Seeing Ziying’s teary eyes, he felt annoyed and pushed her away and walked into his bedroom directly.

Ziying was sitting on the sofa, with tears on her face, felling upset. Only when she heard the doorbell ring did she wipe her tears slowly and get up to open the door.

The waiter stood by the door and asked, “Miss, did you ask for the medical case?”


Ziying took over the medical case and closed the door.

She knocked at Jingyan’s door, “Brother Jingyan, how are you feeling? I have the medical case here. Let me deal with the wound for you, please?”

She waited for quite a while but got no reply, so she knocked the door again again. When she knocked for the sixth time, Jingyan finally opened the door.

The bedroom was so dark. Jingyan was sitting in the bedroom and smoking. The sparks of the cigarette was floating up and down in the air and she was kind of fascinated by the scene.

Jingyan hooked his fingers toward her and she walked to him, “Brother Jingyan, I…”

Before she could finish, Jingyan hugged her in his arms all of a sudden, “Don’t talk. Let me hug you for a while.”

The heartache happened all of a sudden and he was so unprepared, making it hard for him to stop thinking about Yiyao’s face. He lit a cigarette, attempting to calm himself down, but it got harder and harder for him to resist the yearning.

“Yiyao, you must hate me,” Jingyan thought, “I found another woman to take your place, you must hate me so much for betraying our love.”

There was dead silence in the bedroom. Only their breaths could be heard. Ziying felt so oppressed here so she asked, “Brother Jingyan, the wound on your thigh…?”

Hearing her voice, Jingyan put his arms down and said, “I’m fine. It’s getting late. You should go home.”

“I’ll have someone send you home,” he added.

Then he took out his phone and dialed. He talked with that person and then hang up the phone.

“Brother Jingyan, I am not leaving, please,” Ziying felt so regretful, that she shouldn’t have talked at all. He had told her to be quiet but she didn’t listen. See, he stopped hugging her and even told her to go away…

“Then where will you sleep?” Jingyan picked up the cigarette butt and put it in the astray, “there’s no more room available for you. My staff took all the rooms.”

“Come on! I can sleep on the sofa,” Ziying could see the living room clearly as the lights were on.

Jingyan frowned, “People will gossip about us.”

“I am not afraid!”

“Stop messing around!” Jingyan scolded, “you are still a little girl. You should care about your reputation.”

Hearing that he’s a bit angry, she said in a low voice, “But I’m your woman already!”

Jingyan was stunned. He didn’t expect her to say such words. He was speechless.

After quite a while, Jingyan put his hands down weakly, “I know what you mean. But listen, Ziying, I’m still in love with Yiyao. It’s not fair for you.”

“I don’t care! I know you love her, but as long as you are with me, I believe you will fall in love with me one day!”

Ziying wrapped her arms around Jingyan’s waist and said softly, “I just want to be by your side.”


Jingyao sighed. There are people who are head over heels for love in this world, but Ziying just loved the wrong person. Jingyan might never be able to respond to her love.

“Brother Jingyan, will you marry me?”

Ziying held him tight, fearing that he might turn her down.

Then there was dead silence for several minutes which seemed like a thousand years. Jingyan was so confused. He had never thought about getting married since Yiyao left.

He really didn’t how to answer Ziying when she said this all of a sudden. He care no about about his own happiness. But he just couldn’t turn her down because he took away her virginity.

Seeing that he’s not responding, Ziying looked up and stared at Jingyan with a poor look, “It doesn’t bother me at all that you are in love with someone else. I just want to see you when I wake up each morning and say goodnight to you each night. Please, brother Jingyan…”

Jingyan felt a bit impressed and did nothing feeling her arms around his waist. If she doesn’t mind, what else could he ask? His heart died anyway. What does it matter who he would marry?

“If you really don’t mind…”

“I don’t!”

Ziying stared her eyes round in surprise, “Brother Jingyan, you agree to marry me?”

She was so overjoyed that she almost jumped. Jingyan could only look down at her because he was much taller that her.

“I’ve agreed to marry you. Now, go back.” Jingyan said calmly.

“No! I will be with you tonight!”

She is bold but she’s not stupid. She knew that Jingyan was pretending to be normal, but something must have happened.

What on earth could make him so upset? Sister Yiyao must have something to do with it. Now that Ziying was going to be his wife, so she dared not leave him alone at all.

The next morning, Ziying woke up early. When Jingyan opened his eyes, she looked his gently in the eyes and said softly, “Good morning.”

Jingyan was still a bit surprised and turned his face away, “Morning.”

“Brother Jingyan, I made breakfast. Have some breakfast!”

Jingyan coldn’t hellp trembling when he heard this. He remembered that she almost exploded the kitchen when she tried to cook the other day.”

Thinking of this, he hurriedly got up and rushed to the kitchen, even without his clothes on. He sniffed and smelt nothing burned.

He saw there were two plates on the table which were covered, beside which there were two glasses of milk.

Jingyan was about to sit down but he was still a bit worried. He walked into the kitchen again and made sure everything was okay, then he came back to the table.

Ziying sat beside him, “Brother Jingyan, please be seated!”

Jingyan sat down confusedly and looked at Ziying. She clapped with satisfaction and uncovered the plate that’s close to Jingyan.

“i cooked this for you. Please have a taste.”

Jingyan watched her hands moving then he fixed his eyes on the food in the plate. Then he got stupefied.

She didn’t cook it at all. It was a plate of fruits and several pieces of toast that she bought.

Jingyan took a bite of the pineapple and swallowed it. It was so sour!

“Do you like it?” Ziying looked at Jingyan hopefully, “I laid the fruits in the plates. How do you like it?”

“Did you use the onion knife to cut fruits?”

Ziying was puzzled, then she snapped her fingers, “Ah! I was planning to cook steak for you but I couldn’t find the frying pan. I cut the onion and forgot to wash the knife. Anything wrong?”

“No, nothing,” Jingyan held his tears and took a sip of the milk, then he started to cough.

“What’s in the milk?”

“Nothing! I put Coptis because you were feeling uncomfortable.

Jingyan was speechless. There’s bitter taste in his mouth and there’s nothing he could say.

Ziying felt the anger of Jingyan and looked at him with a poor look, “Brother Jingyan? I…did I do something wrong?”

Jingyan struggled a few words out, “Get me a glass of water.”

Ziying hurriedly ran to the living room and poured a glass of water and handed it to him.

Jingyan swallowed the whole glass of water then he realized the water was cold. He shouldn’t be drinking water in the morning. He immediately felt uncomfortable.

“What’s wrong?” seeing that Jingyan was rubbing his belly, Ziying asked worriedly. She wanted to check what’s wrong but he pushed her away.

After a while, he finally said, “I am fine. Stay away from me.”

Ziying was about to cry, “You don’t look fine at all!”

“As long as you stay away from me.”


Ziying didn’t understand it at all. He was fine when he woke up in the morning – Is it because of the breakfast I cooked?

She took a piece of pineapple and put it in her mouth. She chewed and found it tasted alright!

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