Chapter 349 – 350: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 349: The raging storm 3

“I am warning you! Let us in! Or Mary Su won’t be nice to you later.”

Hai Su held the Old Lady of Su Family by her arm, looking extremely arrogant.

While Hai was busy cursing and threatening, Mary came out in high heels.

On seeing Mary, the Old Lady showed a serious face, “Now you are coming out? I thought you won’t recognize me as your grandma after you became the President of Huanyu Group.”

Mary looked at the three and said nothing.

Ming said to her boldly, “What’s wrong with you? Invite us in! Don’t you know grandma is in poor health?”

“What are you three doing here?” Mary asked in return.

Hai laughed coldly and said, “Mary, do you mean you don’t welcome grandma here?”

“Mary, I am here today just for one thing. Just tell me, do you recognize me as your grandma?” The Old Lady was emotional and stamped her stick on the ground.

As long as Mary denied her as her grandma, her bad name would soon spread.

Thinking that he had got something on Mary, Hai laughed, “I know you want to go home; I do. So we are here now to take you home.”

Ming followed, “He’s right. Second uncle is on his way to pick up second aunt; now they should be home already.”


Hearing this, Mary put on a serious look and dialed Jane’s number.

“Mom, where are you?”

Jane was shopping in the market. She said, “I am in the grocery store buying cooking materials. I’ll cook for you and your husband. Tell me, what would you like for dinner?”

From her tone, it’s easy to tell that Jane was in a good mood.

“You are not with dad?” Mary bit her lips and said.

Jane was puzzled too. “He came to me asking for forgiveness but I kicked him out. I’m done with him. I won’t have any contact with him or the Su Family from now on.”

Then she added, “Mary, how do you know he came for me?”

“Hai told me.”


Hai Su?

Jane asked coldly, “They went to Huanyu Group for you?”


Mary nodded and said, “And grandma, too, saying they are taking me home!”

“No! No way!”

Jane almost screamed, “Wait for me! I’ll be right there!”

Then she hung up the phone.

She knew too well what these people were thinking about.

People just never change! There’s no decent people in the Su Family!

After paying the bill, she took a taxi and went to Huanyu Building directly.

“What did she say? Is she home with second uncle?” Ming laughed and said.

“Mary, let us in!” Hai pointed at the crowd and said to Mary, “Look, so many people are watching! Too embarrassing! Let them go back!”

He sounded like he was the boss of Huanyu Group.

“You are causing trouble here!” Mary said coldly, “Please go back! You are not welcomed here!”


Hai and Ming looked at Mary in disbelief.

What did she say?

Not welcomed?

“Mary, are you kicking me out of here too?” Grandma asked emotionally, “Do you recognize me as your grandma?”

Hai held grandma hurriedly and scolded, “Mary! You are making grandma angry! Apologize now!”

“Hurry! Apologize!”

“Enough! Shut up, you two!” Mary suddenly shouted.

The three were shocked. They all looked at Mary in surprise.

They had never seen Mary yell like this, not to mention in front of so many people.

Hai said angrily, “I beg your pardon?”

“What a disrespectful granddaughter I have! How pathetic!” The Old Lady said in agony.

Then all the employees of Huanyu Group all stared at Mary.

Mary laughed coldly, “Save it, grandma! I am done with your tricks. You have been using my kindness to control me all these years. I won’t repeat the past this time!”

“Besides,” she added, “I am no longer a member of Su Family, from the day you kicked me and my mom out of the family and erased our names from the family tree. I hope you know it that I am kind enough already. I won’t blame you for the past. But if you think I am as weak as before and that I would take your shit like before, you are totally wrong!”


President Su had been kicked out of the Su Family?

Everyone looked at each other in astonishment.

“You spoiled brat! Say that again!” the Old Lady stared her eyes wide. She couldn’t believe Mary would talk to her like that.

“Hai! Slap her face!”

“Yes, grandma!” Hai walked to Mary with a sullen face and raised his hand, ready to slap her.

Right at that time, the elevator opened.

“If you dare to touch her, I will kill all of you!”

Jane showed up with vegetables in her hands, looking angry.

She threw the vegetables to Hai violently.

Hai didn’t have time to dodge and got hit by the vegetables.


He covered his head with his hands and felt something flowing out, red and sticky.

“Grandma, I am bleeding!”

“God damn! Jane Tang! How dare you hit my grandson! I’ll kill you!”

The Old Lady held her walking stick and threw it towards Jane’s head. However. She was too old to even touch her.

Jane grabbed the stick and pulled it over into her hand. Ming quickly held Grandma so that she wouldn’t fall.

Jane smiled coldly, “You filthy old woman! I’ve had enough of you!” She threw the stick on the floor heavily and cursed, “You think I am a little kitten?”

Thinking of all the sufferings she had gone through all these years in the Su Family, she felt she couldn’t take it any more.

“Why did you send for Changhe Su? I’m disgusted with him! That filthy crap! He only loves to mess around with other women!”

Jane added with a cold smile, “Like mother, like son; look what a filthy thing you have brought up!”

Then she pointed at Hai and said, “Look at this dumb thing! He’s got his head over heels for women and pleasure. He knows shit! All he can do is to say nice things to trick you. What else does he have on him?”

“You…say that again?”

Hai blushed.

“So what? You are a treasure only to her! You know nothing except for being jealous of my daughter! You are just a useless piece of crap! You are wasting oxygen by even living on this earth!”

“Shut up, slut!” the Old Lady was about to explode.

“Shut up? Why should I listen to you? Do you think I am still your daughter in-law?” Jane said coldly, “Let me warn you. Don’t think you people can bully my daughter; I am still alive!”

She continued, “I am being nice to you here. You’d better return the shares that you cheated out of Mary, including the twenty million, or I’ll make you pay the price!”

“No way, you greedy woman! It belongs to the Su Family; I won’t give you a cent!” Grandma said.

“Grandma, don’t get angry; take it easy!”

“Grandma, please call the ambulance!” Hai felt the blood was getting more and more; he was afraid he was going to die.

“Call the ambulance, hurry! Or his wound will heal by itself!”


The words made everyone laugh.

Ha ha ha…

The mother of President Su was not only tough, but also humorous! Ha ha…

“You slut…”

“Go ahead, and I’ll knock a hole on his head!”

Hai trembled because of fear. He didn’t know his second aunt, no, ex-second aunt could be so tough until he finally experienced today!

No wonder second uncle had an affair!

The Old Lady too, was afraid Jane might hurt Hai again. She said angrily, “Let’s wait and see!”

“Off you go and never see you again!”


Mary ran over to Jane and held Jane’s hands.

“Mary, you should know that you have never depended on the Su Family. I brought you up with the dowry that my father gave me.” Jane said angrily.

Mary nodded and picked up the things on the floor.

Xue Mi saw this and said hurriedly, “Miss Su, please take Mrs inside; I’ll clean it up.”

Mary nodded and stood up, “Mom, let me show you around Huanyu Group.”

Jane came to herself, turned around and saw many people were looking at her.

She laughed hurriedly, “Hi!”

“Welcome, Mrs!”

The employees all bowed to the mother of their boss.

“You may all go back to your own position.”

After receiving the order, everyone went away.

Then Jane was shown around Huanyu Group by Mary.

“Mary, there must be a thousand employees here, aren’t there?”

Mary smiled and nodded, “There are around one thousand and three hundred employees here, and there will be two thousand after the lower levels are furnished.”

Huanyu Group had bought World Entertainment Company, and before the fifty-sixth and fifty-seventh floor were finally done, the employees would still work on the original floors.

They went from the fifty-eighth floor to the sixtieth floor, and Jane didn’t stop smiling.

The Su Family was nothing compared to Huanyu Group.

Of course, including the Tang Family when it was prosperous.

They really became rich, with numerous amounts of money to spend.

“Mary, bear it in mind that the shares and money given to the Su Family be taken back!”

“Ok, I get it, mom.”

By the time Hai reached the hospital, his wound had already stopped bleeding.

“Doctor, is my grandson OK? Does he need surgery?” The Old Lady asked in worry.

The doctor replied, “Oh he’s fine, just a little wound on the surface. Apply some liquid medicine and he will be alright.”

“The goddamn Jane! How dare she treat my baby grandson like this!” The Old Lady asked sadly, “Hai, tell me, are you in pain?”

“Grandma, I can’t let her get away from hurting me! I am so angry! I will get even!”

Hai was not the only one. The Old Lady was furious, too. But there’s nothing she could do because Mary did not recognize her.

Playing tough with Huanyu Group was like hitting a stone with an egg which was not realistic at all.

“Hai, listen to me. Let’s recover first…”

“Grandma, I have a good idea to t ake down Huanyu Group.” Hai looked at the Old Lady then at Ming and said, “Come over here. My plan is…”

Chapter 350: How dare she!

In the square of Pavilion of Prince Teng, Beihai city, Kris Chen felt sleepy at the judge table.

It was so boring.

Just as he couldn’t help but doze off, a tender hand reached out from the side.

This little hand went up along his thigh until…

Kris couldn’t help but take a deep breath and looked at Quan Mu subconsciously.

How dare she!

Although there was a table curtain, he was still flustered in the full view of the public.

“What are you doing, Sister Quan?”

“Don’t move, or others will find out.”

Kris quickly looked down at the Lean Monk and the others. When he found that they were watching the competition with great interest, he immediately breathed a sigh of relief.

“How dare you!”

“The competition is too boring. I want to do something exciting with you.”

As she spoke, she did down his fly and got in.

Her cold little hands kept shaking, as if she had found her favorite toy.

Kris was nervous and excited. His palms were sweating.

“Sister Quan…”

“Shut up and watch the competition.”

While doing the dirty thing, she sat upright and watched the competition. The black veil covered her expression, making others hard to see clearly.

What a temptress!

Fortunately, he was wearing sunglasses, or he would be embarrassed.

After half an hour, he pursed his lips and murmured, “You’re awful, I’m doing half an hour. My hand is almost broken.”

Kris smiled wryly and said, “I’m nervous.”

With a gentle smile, she glanced at Kris charmingly.

She knocked over the water on the table casually. When she bent down to pick up the water, she lifted the black veil and came over.

what the fuck!

Kris was frightened by her boldness. When his cock was kept in her mouth, he couldn’t help but feel pleasure.

“Sister Quan, you…”

“Hurry up. Be careful of being discovered.”

When he heard this, a strong sense of sexual excitement happened to him.

One minute later, Kris unscrewed the lid of the water and handed it to her. “Sister Quan, drink some water.”

After rolling her eyes at Kris, he took the water, took a sip and asked in a low voice, “Are you still sleepy?”

Kris shook his head and said, “no, I’m in high spirits now.”

Then she regained her usual dignity and continued to watch the competition.

If the marriage between the two was a mistake at the beginning, then he was completely fascinated by her charm after that.

He could feel that she love him so much.

How could Kris not like such a woman?

Thinking of this, Kris couldn’t help reaching out to hold her hand.

“What are you doing? Let go of me!”

“Sister Quan, you didn’t say that just now.”

“You… Humph…”

Seeing that she couldn’t struggle, she had to let Kris hold her hand. She felt happy in her heart.

In this way, Kris watched the competition while stroking her tender hand.

At four o’clock in the afternoon, the first day of the competition was over.

Kris followed her to Beihai hotel.

“You go back to your room and have a rest. I have something to tell Saint!”

“Yes, sir.”

After the Lean Monk and the others went back to their rooms, Kris couldn’t control himself anymore and directly sit on her.

An hour later, Kris hugged the weak Sister Quan into the bathroom to wash her body. Another half an hour passed.

“You bad guy, I will die on your body sooner or later.” Lying on his stomach, she drew circles on his chest with her fingers. Suddenly, she saw the teeth mark on Kris chest. She was stunned and then said, “Is the tooth mark on your chest bitten by a girl?”


Kris was shocked. He lowered his head and saw a tooth mark on his chest.

He remembered that it was bitten by Yuhan Qin.

He smiled awkwardly and said nothing!

“I didn’t expect you to be such a playboy!”

“Quan, I really love you.”

“You glib.”

“The wound is so deep. Why is that girl so heartless?”

He looked at her affectionately, “Sister Quan, you are so kind to me.”

“You’re my man. I should do it.”

Then she leaned over and gently licked the wound. “Does it still hurt?”

“It doesn’t hurt.”Kris felt his chest was wet and itchy, which made him excited again.

Feeling Kris’s change, she shook her head in a hurry and said, “No, no, I can’t. I’m exhausted…”

Kris smiled wryly and said, “Then what should we do?”

“I’ll do it in another way,” said evilly Mu Quan Mu.

Then she climbed down slowly.

At the same time, in the president’s office of The Academy of Six Major Schools, the masters of the six major schools all had gloomy faces and were rendered speechless.

“How, how could it be possible?” Butong He said, “There were over twenty practitioners at the return-to-nature stage who are guarding the door? Are you kidding me?”

East and South Sword King’s face darkened. He looked at the trembling disciples standing aside and said, “Did you see it wrong?”

“East Sword King, we have confirmed it five times before we come back to report.”

“If the Holy Dragon Scripture really has such strength, then we have to be careful!”

“It means that they haven’t used all their strength to when we attacked them before.” She said seriously.

It was no exaggeration to say that each practitioner who reached the return-to-nature stage was the mainstay of a school!

If a clan had a Practitioner at the return-to-nature stage, it would be immediately promoted to aristocratic clan!

“Let all keep an eye on the situation of Holy Dragon Scripture. Don’t relax!” Yuanqiao Zhang said after thinking for a while.

“Yes, sir!”

Looking at the wonderful competition below, they all were unease.

What on earth were they going to do?

Was it a trap or an real auction?

At this moment, they had made up their mind that they would send someone into the auction tomorrow anyway to find out what was going on.

At the same time, the first day of the auction the Holy Dragon Scripture held was over.

Ten Obstacle-Breaking Pills were sold for sixty billion!

What did that mean?

The annual revenue of Chen family was only three billion, which was not the pure profit.

Quan Chen and the others were scared stiff.

What a horrible thing! A pill was actually equal to the revenue of their family for over one years.

One pill was worth six billion, and there were hundreds of people in the Chen Clan to provide for. After taking the magical pills, the whole clan must tighten their belt to live!

They used to think they were rich, but now they found that they couldn’t even afford a magical pills.

However, this directly proved the power of Holy Dragon Scripture.

At the backstage, Xiaolong Tan beamed with pleasure.

At this moment, he finally understood what Kris had said. Heresy had no future!

More than ten billion a day, almost ninety-nine percent of which was net profit.

This huge wealth was much enough to support Holy Dragon Scripture!

Wudi Geng, Zhen Yuan and Kuizi were also excited.

They had never seen so much money in their lives.

There were only ten pills today, and fifteen of them would be auctioned tomorrow. Wouldn’t that be over 100 billion?

They were greatly excited just thinking about it!

On the first day, only some large families attached to Holy Dragon Scripture came. Their purchasing power was limited. After they took the Obstacle-Breaking Pill, the effect of the Pill would spread quickly.

He believed that those people would be eager to come here.

“Today is just The small trial. Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow are the real test!” Xiaolong said, “Be smart. Don’t cause trouble!”

Everyone bowed, “Yes!”

Zhang family in Westriver City, was a second-class family attached to Holy Dragon Scripture. The head of Zhang family, You Zhang, had been in the acquired stage for almost a decade.

This time, when he heard that Holy Dragon Scripture was going to auction the Obstacle-Breaking Pill, You Zhang took out all the family’s money.

After returning home, he couldn’t wait to swallow the magical pills.

In less than two minutes, the Inner Energy in his body was about to move and began to circulate automatically in his body.

This… This was a sign of breakthrough!

You Zhang was overjoyed and hurried to training room.

Half an hour later, a long roar came from inside.

“I finally reached the innate-power stage!” Feeling that all the Inner Energy in his body had turned into Genuine Energy, You Zhang couldn’t help but slap the wall of the training room.

With a slap, he broke through the wall of the training room.

From now on, Zhang family was no longer the lowest family in the second-class circle!

You Zhang’s breakthrough attracted the attention of all members of Zhang family. After knowing that their master had broken through to The innate-power stage, they all couldn’t help but burst into cheers.

They can be proud to say that their family have a practitioner of the inner-power stage.

Soon, the news that You Zhang had broken through to innate-power stage was spread by the members of Zhang family.

There were many similar examples, such as the Liu family of Westriver city, Wang family of Southeast City, Zhao family of Tianyang city…

Their breakthrough instantly caused a great uproar.

Countless families came to inquire about it. After knowing that they had taken the Obstacle-Breaking Pill that Holy Dragon Scripture had auctioned, they were all shocked!

Did Holy Dragon Scripture really auction the Obstacle-Breaking Pill?

Was that true?

They were completely tempted!

When they learned that the Obstacle-Breaking Pill would be auctioned by Jinlin auction tomorrow, they drove to the Westriver City overnight.

The hotels near Tianshan club were all booked.

Countless luxury cars stopped near the club.

The whole Westriver City became the center of the Jiangnan province overnight!

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