Chapter 349: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 349 I Want to Marry Him (1)

Jingyan Ye didn’t stop Ziying Duan. The pineapples on his plate were clearly cut first, more evenly shaped than those in Ziying’s bowl. As the onion juice from the knife was all over the pineapples on his plate but not on the pineapples on Ziying’s plate, Ziying didn’t feel anything unusual.

After breakfast, Ziying washed the bowls and chopsticks. Before she left, she said, “Jingyan, I have something to tell you.”

Jingyan raised his head to hint her to speak. Ziying was affectedly bashful. She lowered her head and was silent for a while, then she said, “My father called me just now and he said he want to see you.”

Seeing her parents?

Jingyan was stunned for a while and then he figured it out immediately. “She must have told her father she wants to get married and so her father said he wants to see me. It was an oversight on my part. I shouldn’t have waited until her father said that.” Jingyan thought.

“OK. I am going to change my clothes now. I will go to meet your parents later.” Jingyan said.

The Great Wall in Capital City.

Yiyao Duan rested her arms on the hips and breathed heavily. “I can’t walk anymore. I am too tired.” Yiyao said.

Jinyi Bai turned around and smiled warmly at Yiyao. “You’re tired after only a tenth of the walk? Come on, I will carry you on my back.” Jinyi said.

As soon as Yiyao heard Jinyi said he would carry her, she braced herself up. She waved her hands and said, “I’m just joking. I was a special forces soldier. Such a distance is a piece of cake for me.”

Jinyi smiled and didn’t insist on carrying her, but he slowed down a little bit. Yiyao couldn’t help to curse in her heart to vent her helplessness. She didn’t know what she ate last night made her stomach ache from time to time.

“I am busy with my work usually and have no time to take a walk on the Great Wall. Today, I come here finally. Today here’s not as crowed as it’s on holidays. However, I am hampered by my body and I couldn’t enjoy the scenery around me. What a pity!” Yiyao thought.

“Are you OK?” Jinyi said. Jinyi had been beside her silently, reaching out to help her when her legs were limp.

Yiyao braced herself against the wall and waved her hands at Jinyi, saying, “I’m OK.”

“Shall we find a place to rest?” Jinyi said.

When Jinyi saw the cold sweat on Yiyao’s forehead, he didn’t have the heart to let her continue to walk, so he proposed to find a place to rest.

Yiyao wanted to refuse, but she had a bad stomachache. Yiyao nodded at Jinyi awkwardly and said, “Let’s stop walking and have a rest.”

They found a step and sat down to the side, leaving enough space for one person to pass through for tourists.

Yiyao scratched her hair in remorse and apologized to Jinyi, saying, “I’m sorry. We finally come here, but my stomach…”

Jinyi put his hand on Yiyao’s shoulder and laid her head on his shoulder. “You don’t have to apologize. You should have told me earlier that you are not feeling well. The Great Wall is always here and we can come here next time, but you feel ill from the stomachache now.” Jinyi said.

Jinyi’s movement made Yiyao a little uncomfortable, but she soon got used to it. Leaning her head on his shoulder, she silently endured the pains in her stomach.

“Ache!” Yiyao said.

Suddenly Yiyao felt a sharp pain in her stomach. She covered her stomach with her hands and cold sweat rose from her forehead.

“Yiyao!” Jinyi cried out in alarm.

He tried to straighten her body, but he found her shrunk into herself. “What’s wrong with you?” Jinyi asked.

“Don’t touch me!” Yiyao said.

Having lived for more than 20 years, Yiyao certainly knows what this feeling is. As there was a warm current in her private parts, she knew she’s on her period.

She never gets her period right. And because of training, she always has some pain when she’s on her period. The pain was worse this time, probably because she had had some cold wine and cold sushi last night.

“What’s wrong with you?” Jinyi said. When Jinyi saw her distress, he ignored his image as a gentle childe. He looked up and down to see what was wrong with her.

Yiyao pushed Jinyi away hurriedly and stood up by herself. “I’m OK.” Yiyao said.

Yiyao stood up with her back to Jinyi. Even before she realized something was wrong, Jinyi had seen the wet area on her pants behind her. As soon as Jinyi saw that, he knew what’s going on.

Without a word, he unbuttoned his coat and put it around Yiyao ‘s waist

“Let’s go back now.” Jinyi said. Jinyi still looked mild, but his utterance was no longer in a conferential tone.

With a red face, Yiyao lowed her head and nodded slightly, saying, “OK.”

Jinyi reached out his hands and carried Yiyao in the bosom. By the time she recovered herself, her hands were clasped around his neck. “What are you doing?” Yiyao said.

Seeing Yiyao’s nervous, Jinyi smiled. “Can you walk back in your condition?” Jinyi said.

“Put me down and I will have a try.” Yiyao said. Yiyao twisted uneasily in Jinyi ‘s arms and dared not look him in the eye.

“Well, don’t move. I’ll take you back now.” Jinyi said.

Jinyi looked unruffled, but he walked fast. Seeing her pale face, he knew there was more to her than her period. Fortunately, they had only walked for a short period of time and they were soon back in the car.

“Hold it. I’ll take you to the hospital right now.” Jinyi said.

“No!” Yiyao said.

Yiyao forced herself to sit up in the chair and said, “Doctors can’t cure such a problem…” In the middle of the sentence, Yiyao frowned, because there was another warm current in her private parts.

“Take me to the supermarket” Yiyao said.

The silver-grey car where Yiyao and Jinyi were in sped along at top speed, followed by a black car. Ziying held her mobile phone and took a look at her delicate makeup. “Jingyan, I’ve got a mosquito bite on my face. Stop at the drugstore ahead.” Ziying said.

“OK.” Jingyan said.

Jingyan put his foot on the brake and came to a steady stop behind the silver-grey car.

“Wait here for me for a minute. I’ll be right back.” Ziying said. After saying that, Ziying opened the door and ran to the drugstore.

Inside the silver-gray car, Jinyi glanced back worriedly at Yiyao. “There’s a small shop here. How about I go down and buy some?” Jinyi said.

Unable to speak in pain, she acquiesced and let him buy. She was already embarrassed by the wet area on the back of her pants, not to mention her difficulty getting out of the car.

Aware of her embarrassment, Jinyi got out of the car and headed for the shop. He walked to the tampon area under the envious eyes of many girls.

A girl moved her eyes away from Jinyi and looked at another girl next to her doubtfully, saying, “Why did he stop there?”

“Who knows?”

“But as he is so handsome, he must have a girlfriend. That makes sense…”

The two girls kept whispering, but their voices were more and more loud. After hearing that, Jinyi’s expressionless face became red.

“I’d like to pay my bill.” Jinyi said.

The two cashiers were instantly scattered like frightened birds. One of them, the cashier at the counter, pretended to be calm. When she saw the varies tampons on the counter, her eyes widened several times.

The cashier pointed at the pile of tampons and said unbelievably, “Sir, are you sure you want all this?”

“Yes. How much are they?” Jinyi said.

Jinyi took a Union Pay Card from his wallet and said, “Here you are.”

The cashier recovered from shock and took the card over, saying, “OK.” The cashier’s fingers accidentally touched the back of Jinyi‘s hand and she drew them back immediately.

When Jinyi put all the tampons into the shopping bag and was about to walk out of the shop, he bumped into a woman whose phone was held up to her face.

“Hey, what’s wrong with you?” Ziying said. Ziying bought the medicine and was about to apply it on her face, but she ran into a man’s arms.

Jinyi leaned to one side immediately and apologized god-naturedly, “I’m sorry.”

“My makeup was messed up by you.” Ziying lifted her head and said.

Jinyi looked up and saw Ziying’s face. He had a momentary trance. “Isn’t she Yiyao? Why she is not in the car?” Jinyi thought.

Ziying reached out her hand and waved it in front of Jinyi. “Hey, why don’t you speak?” Ziying said with a frown.

Jinyi then came to his sense. “Although the person in front of me looks like Yiyao, their personalities are totally different.” Jinyi thought.

At the thought of Yi Yao’s still waiting for him in the car, Jinyi ignored Ziying and walked toward his car with a large bag of tampons.

Ziying held out her arms to stop Jinyi and said, “You can’t leave!”

Though Jinyi is good-natured, he couldn’t help but frown at Ziying’s insolence when he thought of the weak Yiyao. “I’ve apologized to you. What else do you want from me?”

“I don’t want anything from you. Your apology is not sincere at all.” Ziying said.

“You…” Jinyi said.

“What happened?” Jingyan asked.

When Jinyi was about to retort Ziying, Jingyan opened the door of the car and spoke ahead of him. After taking a look at Jinyi, Jingyan asked Ziying, “Do you know this gentleman?”

Ziying shook her head and said, “I don’t know him.”

“Jingyan, he bumped me. You see, the makeup on my eyes was messed up.” Ziying said.

“I have already apologized to her.” Jinyi said. Jinyi was somewhat angry, because it’s not certain who bumped into who first, but she said it’s he bumped into her…

Jingyan took a look at Ziying indifferently and knew it’s she who led to trouble. “Since it’s no big deal and the gentleman has apologized, let’s leave it at that.” Jingyan said.

“Jingyan…” Ziying said. Ziying stayed in place and refused to leave. “I’m Jingyan’s family. How can he help other people against me?” Ziying thought.

“If you don’t leave now, we’ll probably miss dinner.” Jingyan said.

After saying that, Jingyan opened the door of the car and sat in. Jingyan’s right. It’s almost rush hour. If they’re stuck in traffic, they can’t go anywhere.

After seeing Jingyan and Ziying left, Jinyi breathed a sigh of relief. Jinyi opened the door of the car and saw Yiyao leaning over the window. “Are you less painful? What are you looking at?” Jinyi asked curiously.

“Nothing.” Yiyao said.

Yiyao hurriedly covered up the loneliness on her face. She was sad. “Jingyan has indeed changed. He looked indifferent, but he protected that girl in a weak position.” Yiyao thought.

“Yiyao, we…” Jinyi said.

“Let’s go back to my home.” Yiyao said.

Chapter 349 I Want to Marry Him (2)

Yiyao Duan and Jinyi Bai said almost in unison. In a few seconds, Yiyao realized that she could not encumber Jinyi, so she asked Jinyi to send her home.

After turning a corner, the two cars went in opposite directions. Jingyan Ye’s hands, holding the steering wheel, trembled. His hands almost slipped off the steering wheel.

“Jingyan, what’s wrong with you?” Ziying Duan asked.

“I’m OK. My hands are a little slippery.” Jingyan said.

Jingyan drew a few pieces of toilet paper to wipe the sweat from his hands and continued to drive towards the most prosperous area of the Capital City.

Ziying’s parents have already been waiting for them at the gate of the community. Ziying kept looking out of the car. When she saw her parents, she was in high spirits.

“Jingyan, stop the car and let me get off the car.” Ziying said.

Jingyan nodded and pulled the car over. Ziying got out of the car excitedly, running to her parents to give them a big hug.

“It’s good you’re back.” Ziying’s mother wiped her tears with her handkerchief and said emotionally, “You’ve lost some weight.”

Ziying acted as a spoiled child in her mother’s arms and said, “No, I’ve put on a lot of weight.”

Ziying and her parents joked and chatted freely. After standing for a while, Ziying walked up to Jingyan after Jingyan parked the car in the underground garage. Naturally, she took Jingyan’s arm.

“Dad, mom, let me introduce Jingyan to you.” Ziying said.

Following the direction where Ziying pointed to, Ziying’s mother looked Jingyan up and down. Then she nodded with satisfaction and said, “He is a nice guy.”

After being given the cold shoulder by Ziying, Ziying’s father was jealous and said, “Oh? I don’t think he is a nice guy.”

Ziying looked at her father said sweetly, “Father~”

“Hum!” Ziying’s father said. Then he turned his head away from the two who were holding hands

After seeing that, Ziying’s mother came to the rescue and said, “Well, don’t stand here. Let’s go home.”

Ziying’s mother prodded Ziying’s father with her elbow and said in a low voice, “Our daughter is here. What are you creating a disturbance for?”

After Ziying’s mother said that, she led Jingyan into the building. Seeing no one paid attention to him, Ziying’s father snorted and followed them into the building.

At Duan’s home, Ziying’s mother washed her hands and put on an apron in the kitchen. “What would you like for dinner?” Ziying’s mother asked Ziying’s and Jingyan.

“I want to eat stewed pork ribs and braised pork trotters…” Ziying said a list if dishes immediately.

Ziying’s mother gave Ziying a shave on her nose with her finger and said in a spoiled way, “You are so gluttonous!”

“I know you are best to me.” Ziying said.

After hearing what Ziying said, Ziying’s mother chuckled. Then Ziying’s mother seemed to remember something and turned to ask Jingyan, “Is there anything you want to eat?”

Jingyan stoop up politely and said, “Don’t bother. Just make something simple.”

Ziying’s mother didn’t gave a straight answer to what Jingyan said. She then glanced hesitantly at Ziying’s father sitting in the corner of the sofa. Nodding slightly, she turned and went into the kitchen.

Not wanting to sit in the living room with her father and Jingyan, Ziying followed her mother into the kitchen. “Mom, let me help you.” Ziying said.

Ziying’s father and Jingyan sat on each end of the sofa in the living room. Ziying’s father took a look at Jingyan an snorted. “He’s not exactly a great man. How could he let my wife and daughter pay so much attention to him? My wife didn’t even ask me what I want to eat. My wife made it plain that she has a good impression of him.”

Ziying’s father looked at Jingyan for a long time until Jingyan felt uncomfortable. “Boy, what do you do?” Ziying’s father asked.

After being asked, Jingyan turned to look at Ziying’s father and said respectfully, “My family is in business.”

“Business, hum…” Ziying’s father said. Then he looked away from Jingyan in disdain. “My family is a literary family. How can we take a fancy to a businessman?” Ziying’s father thought.

“And who are your parents?” Ziying’s father asked.

“My father is Kerry.” Jingyan said.

Jingyan remained deferential and didn’t mind Ziying’s father’s change of attitude.

But after hearing Jingyan’s father’s name, Ziying’s father’s facial expression changed. “Kerry, if I remember it correctly…”

At the thought of that, Ziying’s father looked at Jingyan a little more gently. “How do you know Ziying?” Ziying’s father asked.

“I met Ziying at the seaside.” Jingyan said.

“Seaside?” Ziying’s father mumbled, “That’s romantic…”

Jingyan nodded and didn’t know what to say. Jingyan could see that Ziying’s father didn’t like him. Jingyan wondered why Ziying’s father was hostile to him without any reason as it’s only been a few minutes since they met.

Both Jingyan and Ziying’s father were silent. Out of sheer boredom, Ziying’s father changed the channel with the remote. Suddenly, he stopped changing the channel, because he saw Jingyan’s photo on TV. He watched Jingyan and the TV back and forth several times. After making sure it’s Jingyan’s photo, he changed the channel as if nothing had happened.

In Ziying’s father’s mind, however, he had changed his impression of Jingyan. “If I’m not mistaken, it’s the new rich list on TV. I have no idea that he makes a difference at such a young age. He is not as same as other rich second generation, who only idle away in seeking pleasure.” Ziying’s father thought.


“Dear girl!”

Screams came from the kitchen and Ziying’s father dropped the remote immediately and ran into the kitchen to see what’s going on.

Ziying’s mother was heating the oil when she heard the scream of Ziying. Then She turned her head and saw that Ziying was holding a knife and that her fingers were full of blood.

Ziying’s father rushed into the kitchen from the living room and took Ziying ‘s hand to see anxiously. “Daughter, are you OK?” Ziying’s father said.

Ziying’s finger was still bleeding. After seeing that, Jingyan wanted to go out to find the medical kit, but he suddenly remembered that Ziying had put a band-aid in the pocket in his suit this morning because she worried about his injury on his leg.

“Uncle, please make way.” Jingyan said.

After hearing that, Ziying’s father said angrily, “Why you ask me to make way when my daughter is injured?”

“The wound needs to be treated in time, or it will become inflamed.” Jingyan said. Jingyan then took out the band-bid from his pocket. After Jingyan and Ziying’s father looked at each other for a while, Ziying’s father gave way unwillingly.

“Jingyan, it hurts.” Ziying said with a frown. Ziying looked at Jingyan piteously, completely ignoring that her father was still around.

After waiting for a long time and seeing his daughter was still giving Jingyan the glad eye, Ziying’s father shook his sleeves and walked out of the kitchen with a snort.

“You two go out too. I can’t cook when you are in my way.” Ziying’s mother said.

Ziying’s mother wanted to take the knife, but Ziying just kept making eyes at Jingyan as if she didn’t see her mother. Ziying’s mother couldn’t help ask them to get out of the kitchen.

Ziying stuck her tongue out and said, “Mom, then we will get out of here. Can you do it alone? Should I ask father to help you?”

Ziying’s mother was busy cutting vegetables that she didn’t look up. “No. I will thank god a long as you don’t cause trouble for me.” Ziying’s mother said.

Ziying touched her nose and held Jingyan’s hand to walk out of the kitchen.

Ziying’s father was in a sulk in the living room, but when he looked up, he saw Jingyan and Ziying were hand in hand and he was angrier. “You…” Ziying’s father said.

Ziying felt wronged looked at his father, saying, “What’s wrong?”

“No cuddling in the house. Haven’t I taught you that?” Ziying’s father said.

“I won’t do that if you don’t allow me to do. Why are you so mean to me?” Ziying mumbled, “You and mother cuddle at home usually, and I don’t say anything.”

“You are not like us. You don’t understand that.” Ziying’s father said.

Ziying’s father didn’t expect his daughter would talk back and he was angrier. Ziying’s father was raged at Jingyan. “It’s all Jingyan’s fault and he acts as if it has nothing to do with him. How bad he is!” Ziying’s father thought.

“Well, just clear the tale for dinner.” Ziying’s mother said.

Ziying’s father, Ziying and Jingyan sat awkwardly in the living room until Ziying’s mother carried the dishes to the table.

Ziying’s mother took a look at them three. “Why are you still sitting here? Husband, come in with me to help serve.” Ziying’s mother said.

Ziying’s father, who was in a sulk, let go of his anger when he heard his wife ask him to help. Then he stood up and followed her wife into the kitchen.

The atmosphere was cold at the table. Ziying’s father just ate without the idea of speaking. Ziying, who sat opposite his father, ignored his father and put food in Jingyan’s bowl as she ate.

“Jingyan, this dish is my mother’s specialty. Try it. It’s delicious!”

“Jingyan, try this one…”

As Ziying spoke, Jingyan’s bowl was full of all kinds of dishes. Ziying’s father looked at Jingyan in a more and more mean way.

Jingyan accepted Ziying’s offers with a smile, but when he looked straight at Ziying’s father’s eyes, he shuddered.

“Hum, when you have a boyfriend, you forget your father.” Ziying’s father couldn’t help but say what’s in his heart.

Ziying put some shredded potatoes into her father’s bowl and said, “I don’t forget you. Father, eat this!”

Ziying’s father frowned and said, “What’s this?” “You put meat to his bowl, and why you just put shredded potatoes on my bowl?” Ziying’s father thought.

“I cut the shredded potatoes myself.” Ziying raised her head and said complacently, “I hurt my finger for cutting them.”

Sure enough, after hearing Ziying said the shredded potatoes were cut by her, Ziying’s father’s face was not that stiff. “The potatoes are cut well and evenly, but your skills need to be improved.” Ziying’s father said.

Jingyan looked down at the shredded potatoes in his bowl. “Are they cut evenly? They are almost of the size of pieces of potatoes.” Jingyan thought.

But since Ziying’s father said Ziying cut them evenly, he didn’t say anything to retort, or he would get the eye from Ziying’s father. Therefore, Jingyan hid other facial expressions and just nodded with a smile on his face.

“Dad…” Ziying said.

Ziying’s father was enjoying his meal when he heard Ziying called him. He almost choked. Then he coughed and said, “Daughter, what’s the matter?”

“I want to tell you something, but don’t get angry.” Ziying said.

“Go ahead. I won’t get angry.” Ziying’s father said.

Ziying’s father wanted to pet Ziying’s hair as usual, but he didn’t do that after he took a look at Jingyan.

His intuition was that what his daughter was going to say next was going to have something to do with Jingyan. Then Ziying’s father corrected himself by saying, “Go ahead. I’m listening.”

“Well…well…” Ziying said.

Ziying stole a glance at Jingyan and said, “I’m decided to marry Jingyan.”

“What?” Ziying’s father slapped his hand hard on the table and said.

Ziying’s father thought he had misheard and said, “Say it again.”

“I am going to marry Jingyan.” Ziying said.

Ziying closed her eyes and dared not look at her father. As Ziying is a child from a reserved scholarly family, she had expected her father’s reaction would be that.

Ziying’s father took a deep breath to calm down and said, “Do you know what you’re talking about? You’ve only known him a few days and you’re going to marry him?”

“Dad, I know what I am talking about. I love Jingyan.” Ziying said.

“That’s a tomfoolery!” Ziying’s father said.

Ziying’s father couldn’t bear it for any time and slapped the chopsticks on the table. “You just know him for a few days and you say you love him. Is that what I taught you?” Ziying’s father said.

Ziying was stunned. She knew her father would object, but she hasn’t seen him so angry before. Her tears dropped from her eyes.

Ziying’s mother, who’s looking on, embraced Ziying in her arms and said, “Just talk nicely. Don’t frighten our daughter.”

“Daughter, you have to understand your father. He’s worried about you.” Ziying’s mother said to comfort Ziying.

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