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Chapter 35 – 36: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 35: Uncontrollable anger

Venus looked rather pale. She couldn’t stand Kerry’s macho way of doing things.

Sure enough, he tightened her waist tighter. Venus felt the air around her getting colder and she couldn’t help but shiver. Kerry held her as she was about to fall. Then he kissed her suddenly on the lips, biting it hard.

Venus saw his eyes on her as he kissed her, his blue pupils cold.

Then Kerry let go of Venus and looked at Zihang Lyu again, saying sarcastically, “So what if you two have been together for a year and a half? Finally she ends up crawling into my bed. She only pleases me and begs me to fuck her.”

Zihang’s and Venus’ faces changed at the same time. Zihang was angry, while Venus was in a great deal of embarrassment.

Before she can react, however, Kerry grabbed her and pulled her out of the Mu family’s villa.

Back in the parking lot, Kerry pulled open the door near the passenger seat and pushed her into the car. Venus’s back was hit again, and her already sore spot was hurting even more now.

Then Kerry got into the driver’s seat. He hit the pedal to the metal and then the car immediately went out.

The speed increases from 100 kilometers per hour to 130 and even 160.

The car was going faster and faster, but Kerry had no intention of slowing down.

Venus stared ahead. Her eyes widened with fear. She couldn’t even care about the pain in her back as she shouted, “Stop! Kerry, are you crazy? Stop the car.”

He drove at full speed, continuing to increase the speed from 140 to 160 kilometers per hour. And the speed continued to increase.

“Kerry, you’re crazy? You just die if you wanna, don’t take me. I haven’t found my brother yet. I haven’t finished school. I haven’t traveled the world. I still have so much to do. I don’t want to die.”

Venus screamed loudly, closing her eyes. She was scared half to death and was keeping trembling.

However, suddenly the car stopped and she also stopped.

Venus’s body was thrown towards the front due to inertia, but luckily the seat belt pulled her back again.

Venus took several deep breaths and pounded her chest. She looked at the wide road in front of her illuminated by the streetlights and was still a little scared, feeling her back hurt even more.

Kerry’s face was grim. He said coldly, “Get out of the car.”

“Huh?” Venus was stunned. She was unaware of the situation.

All Kerry could think about was what had just happened, and Venus’ words, ” You just die if you wanna, don’t take me.”

“Damn it, she wants me to die?” Kerry thought to himself, “If I die, she’ll be able to live happily with Zihang Lyu?”

“Get out of the car now. Don’t let me repeat myself a third time.” Kerry was indifferent. At the same time he pulled the door for her. The look on his face indicated that he wanted her to get out of his car right now.

Venus was dumbfounded. Kerry was angry now, so she wasn’t trying to reason with him. She moved her feet and prepared to get out of the car. Suddenly she felt a tearing pain in her back and a liquid sliding down her back.

The shards of glass on her back that hadn’t been cleaned up in the room be fore. At the moment the glass was stuck in the skin and her back was bleeding.

Chapter 36: Young Master Nangong, the Man with Her That Night

Venus Mu felt great pain that she broke out into a cold sweat. As she arched her body,she couldn’t move for the back pain.

Seeing that she wouldn’t move,Kerry Ye sneered and pushed her off the car disdainfully.Then, he quickly pulled the door and drove away while she was sprayed by car exhaust.

As she was forced to push off the car,her back hit the ground hard. The shards of glass on her back penetrated deeper, and the blood flowed more fiercely, reddening the shirt on her back. She had to crouch down and took a deep breath and blow as the pain.

But as she couldn’t see the cut on her back, she had to endure it.

After taking a deep breath, Venus felt a little better and then looked up around. It was already night and the lights were bright.The road where she had left exactly connected with the viaduct. So only cars came and went on this road.There was almost no pedestrian.

Her mobile phone and purse were all in Kerry’s car, so she had no way to get help at the moment……

Venus was too hurt to stand up, let alone in such a night and junction. She couldn’t jump out and hail a car.

“You son of a bitch! Kerry, you bastard! I curse you!”

Venus could not help cursing him quietly.She was depressed in that she was discard at such a damnable place.

Thinking of this,Venus burst into tears and grieved.She thought of the scene in the Mu family before, Zihang’s words, Yiyao Mu’ slander, kerry’s heartlessness……finally she thought of her elder brother, Tianye……

“Brother, where are you? When will you come back? If you come back, I will not be bullied by them…”She thought.

Venus’s parents were busy with their work, so Venus was brought up and protected by Tianye. In this case, the only man she could think of was her elder brother, Tianye.

She burst into tears and wiped stubbornly.At the same time,she was thinking of ways as she could not await her doom.

But at this time, not far from the intersection, a car suddenly pulled up.

Venus looked at it subconsciously. It’s a Ferrari, a million-dollar luxury car. Then, a man in a nice suit got out of the driver’s seat.

Venus was staring at him closely under street lamp. This man was very handsome, but he was gentleman-like which was different with Kerry. He had a pair of peach eyes which were so alluring and his eyebrows were flirtatious.

The man was more beautiful than beautiful woman!

When Venus was thinking of this, the man was actually coming over toward her. He…

When the man walked up to her, she looked up at him. As his lips rose, looking so charming, and his voice was clear and sweet, “Are you crying”he said, bending down, taking a handkerchief from his breast pocket and giving it to her.

Venus took it over blankly, wiping her face carelessly without knowing what happened…… Did he know her? !

“Who are you? “Venus asked.As judging from his expression and tone, he must have seen her before.

The man chuckled, “My name is Hao Nangong !”

Hao Nangong?


Venus froze. Nangong is a compound surname,which is rarely seen. The last time she heard this name was the Mu family’s Zihang Lu told her that she was bought by Young Master Nangong.

Was he…….Young Master Nangong?

Was he… the man who took her virginity that night? !

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