Chapter 35 – 36: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 35: The manager

“You must have found out the truth that Colin Ward was nothing but a useless piece of shit, and Mr. Martin is much better than him. I believe you must be very happy if you marry Mr. Martin in the future.”

Xiao Rongtao did not take the attitude of hers seriously before, because it was in public, Doris Lee was most likely to act.

In his opinion, women always preferred a wealthy man. Not to mention the fact that Barr Martin had an interest in Doris. So as long as he got along well with Doris, it would benefit the relationship between him and Barr.

Xiao was about to continue but Doris stopped him coldly, “That’s enough!”

“The relationship between me and my husband was not you to judge! And I have nothing to do with Barr Martin! So don’t ever judge my happiness through money!”

While her words did not touch Xiao, “Is it so? Then can you tell me, are a villa and a fancy car better, or a ghetto and a crowded bus better?”

“Yeah, the former’s better, so what?” Doris got a frosty expression on her face, “Do you think Colin Ward can’t afford this? Listen up, he just bought me two villas in Lanbo port!”

“What?” Xiao was astonished.

He knew clearly the price of the house sold in Lanbo port, but he did not know how a loser like Colin Ward could afford that.

“You gotta be joking. Him? Villa in Lanbo Port? Two?” Xiao did not believe it.

But Doris did not even look at him and intended to find Colin, and it was at this moment, music was played and the spotlight was turned on to light the stage in the center.

Barr Martin was on the stage. He was excited, and he glanced at Doris before saying: “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome the 20th anniversary of the Martin group…”

He was even more excited after he finished because he invited the chairman of the Marquis group which was the leading enterprise in Tianbei City. The chairman of it came to the anniversary of the Martin group was a great deal!

In Tianbei City, there was an unwritten rule that was, for large-scale banquets or dance parties like this, the opening dance was generally performed by people with the most status.

So naturally, it fell on the chairman of the Marquis group.

Barr Martin resisted his excitement and said: “Next, I would like to invite the chairman of the Marquis group to perform the opening dance.”

Everyone heard the sound and looked around because they finally could see the chairman of the Marquis group was not seen at the last banquet.

However, no one moved except for Colin Ward who just came in walked step by step to the dance floor.

Seeing this, Barr was angry, “Colin Ward, what are you doing here!?”

Just now, when Doris said that she came here with Colin Ward, he thought she was lying to him, but out of his expectation, Colin Ward really came!

Colin walked up to Xiao who then grabbed him in a hurry, “Colin Ward! Why are you here? Get out!”

Fox Lee who followed him in saw this, too, so he mocked: “Who do you think you are to come here, Colin Ward? Out!”

While Doris saw Colin as well, but she was worried, because she did not know why he came in at this time.

Colin glanced at the people surrounded him, and at this moment, the spotlight came on.

“Didn’t he want the chairman of the Marquis group to lead the opening dance?”

Everyone was stunned for an instant.

“You…are you the chairman of the Marquis group?”

“What? How is this possible?”

Everyone was shocked and looked at Colin Ward blankly.

But Colin Ward ignored them and walked to Doris Lee. He then bent slightly and stretched out a hand, “Can I invite you to dance?”

Doris Lee stared at Colin Ward in a daze, and her mind was a mess. How Colin claimed her was the chairman of the Marquis group kept repeating in her head, which caused her to lost the ability to think.

That explained everything, the Maserati, two villas in Lambeau Port, and the contract a billion…

Doris was almost out of breath, but next second, when she saw Colin’s smiling face, she subconsciously stretched out her hand.

Colin pulled Doris gently to the middle of the dance floor, ready to dance.

At this time, Barr Martin recovered to himself and rushed over, “Colin Ward, when did you become the chairman of the Marquis group, huh!? Everyone knew that you’re just a goddamn loser!”

Then Fox Lee followed: “He’s a fake! How can the chairman of the Marquis group be you!?”

“Look at what he is wearing, no chairman of a group would wear that rag!” Xiao Rongtao repeated what they said.

Seeing their reaction, Colin was calm, ” You’re right, I’m not the chairman of the Marquis group…”

Before he could finish his words, Fox Lee laughed out loud, “Hahaha…See? A fake! Who do you think you are to pretend to be chairman of the Marquis group!”

“Loser! You considered us as fools like you?” Xiao Rongtao said unceremoniously.

Hearing those conversations, everyone became contemptuous. They thought that Colin was really the chairman, but he turned out to be a fake!

Even Doris was puzzled.

But Colin was still calm, “What’s so hurry? I haven’t finished my words yet.”

“Come on, say it out loud, tell us we’re wrong!” Barr Martin stared at Colin.

Colin Ward said lightly: “I am not the chairman of the Marquis group, but I am the general manager and I came here, representing the chairman today.”

“Hahaha…” There was a burst of laughter.

Barr Martin felt that Colin was stupid. “Colin Ward, Do you think the manager was much easy to pretend?”

Fox Lee was mocking as well, “That dumb ass!”

Xiao Rongtao raised his voice, “Colin Ward, I really didn’t expect you to do such a thing. As your classmate, even I feel ashamed!”

For Doris, she felt like her heart just warmed up instantly fell into the ice cellar now.

Everyone laughed at them, and they did not believe what Colin Ward said.

Just then, Nina White walked in, “He is the manager of the Marquis group!”


They stopped laughing.

Did she just say the loser was the manager of the Marquis group?


Nina White came out and said to everyone: “The chairman asked and General Manager, Mr. Ward to take the full authority to represent him at the banquet.”

Everyone was shocked!

Barr Martin froze instantly, and his eyes widened.

Xiao and Fox’s expressions were so bad that it looked like they just ate a pound of horseshit.

Doris looked at Colin blankly. It turned out that he did not lie and he was the general manager of the Marquis group.

Even if he was not the chairman, it still could explain how he could do all those things.

Instead of enjoying the gaze of the others, Colin just stared at Doris with gentle eyes.

At this time, music was played again, and Colin started to dance with Doris on the dance floor.

Doris followed Colin’s steps and danced, and suddenly, she found that Colin could dance and he danced so well!

She never danced with Colin before, and with those experiences, she naturally thought Colin could not dance.

The general manager of the Marquis group had been appreciated by the chairman.

Stable, convincing, and gentle.

The last but not the least, he could dance!

Such an excellent man was her husband!

Colin looked at Doris and smiled.

Thanks to Belle Moore, he learned how to dance in college.

As the most beautiful girl on the campus, Belle Moore attracted boys to learn dance, so that one of them could dance with her one day, and Colin was one of them. He was a fast learner, so he mastered it soon.

Chapter 36: An apology

The two of them danced like butterflies chasing each other, and people outside the dance floor all gazed at them with admiration.

Only Barr Martin clenched his fists and glared at Colin Ward. He was so close to dance with Doris Lee and express his love to her in the public, but now all of this was disturbed by Colin.

On the other side, Belle Moore who represented Marquis group to attend the banquet was looking at the couple on the dance floor as well, and she could felt jealousy came into her mind.

She thought Colin Ward was just a useless, poor boy, but next second, she became the general manager of the Marquis group and had a beautiful wife.

The opening dance was about to end soon, and at this moment, a noise came from the door again.

“What happened?” Doris looked over curiously.

While Colin blocked her view and said: “Nothing. Let’s continue the second one.”

At the door, the scarred face rushed in with a bunch of his people and dragged Fox Lee out to the door the second they saw him.

“Brother Scar! What are you doing!? I’m Fox Lee!” Fox screamed.

“Shut the fuck up!” Scar just kept dragging him.

Fox did not know why Scar would come to him, but he knew it was the part to cry for help, “Help me! Don’t just stand there and look! Come on and help!”

Yet nobody seemed to move, and they all just looked.

Those rich people valued their bodies and life.

Fox was despairing, so he started to struggle, but it had little effects.

After he was dragged out, the scream of his and the noise of beating came in, while the people inside pretended they could hear nothing.

The first dance finally over, and the people applauded and cheered.


“Nice dance! Mr. Ward!”

While Colin ignored all those compliments. When he was poor and broken, everyone just mocked him, but knowing he was the manager of the Marquis group, they started to flatter him.


Doris did not think much. She was just pleased, because the loser husband of hers now was excellent, and that made her proud.

Colin walked to Xiao Rongtao, holding Doris’s hand.

“What do you want?” Xiao asked carefully.

“Apologize,” Colin smiled, “Or I’ll beat the shit out of you.”

Xiao Rongtao: “…”

The other people: “…”

“Colin Ward, I’m warning you. This is the anniversary of the Martin group, even if you’re here, representing the chairman of the Marquis group, it doesn’t mean you don’t need to care your language!”

“I just need an apology. I mean, are you deaf or something? Didn’t you hear what he just said to me?” Colin did not care about Barr’s words at all.

Let alone the humiliation Xiao brought to Colin, he was also trying to help Barr Martin to get Doris, which irritated Colin the most.

Xiao was hesitating whether he should apologize or not, but thinking of how pussy Colin Ward used to be, he did not want to lower his head a bit to that loser.

“Colin Ward! Why should I apologize!? I said nothing!”

Barr Martin helped him, “He’s right! You can’t just bully people because you’re on behalf of the chairman of the Marquis group!”

“Now you’re talking.” Colin Ward stared at Barr coldly, “Didn’t you call me a loser and threatened to kick me out when you didn’t know who I really was?”

He paused before continuing.

“What’s more, I just want him to apologize to me. He did the wrong thing, and I’m guilty of asking an apology? Or are you telling me, because of the money you have, you can change the rules to whatever you want?”

Barr Martin and Xiao Rongtao did not answer his question, because on the one hand, whatever they said right now might damage their reputation, while on the other, the business of Martin group might also be affected.

“We’re just discussing this one matter! You’re changing the subject!” Though Barr said so, he was actually the one changing the subject.

“I am.” Colin Ward looked at the two of them, “You have one last minute. Apologize, or I really don’t care to teach you a lesson about this.”

Xiao glanced at Barr Martin who then glared back at him.

Xiao gritted his teeth and had to bow his head with so many people watching, “I’m sorry, I apologize for what I just said.”

Colin snorted softly, “I don’t accept.”

Everyone was stunned.

“What do you mean?” Xiao hated him more.

Doris Lee was also a little confused.

Barr Martin said angrily: “Colin Ward, why!?”

Colin grinned, “Cause I wanna.”

“You!” The expressions of the two people were getting ugly.

Doris Lee looked at Colin Ward: “He apologized. Maybe we should forgive him?”

After the words, everyone looked over, which made Doris Lee a little uncomfortable.

Colin replied to her softly, “Sure.”

Turning his head, he said to Xiao: “You heard what my wife just said, she’s kind and doesn’t even want to blame the bad guys.”

Barr and Xiao got the expression on their faces gloomy because they were called bad guys but could not even talk back.

Doris Lee felt a touch of sweetness. This husband of hers put her first in everything. How could she not be moved?

In fact, that was the purpose of Colin Ward. He wanted to let people know that Doris Lee was his wife and he was protecting her.

At last, Colin Ward looked at Barr Martin and warned: “I said before, Doris is my wife. I don’t allow anyone to covet her. You broke my word, but today is the anniversary of the Martin group, I’m not going to make a move. The next time though…”

Having said that, Colin Ward held the hand of Doris and said, “Let’s go home!”

Doris nodded with mouth open because the announcement of Colin was so cool that her heartbeat was still racing right now.

After leaving the hotel, the two got in the car, and Doris finally recovered from the fantasy.

“Wait, how did you become the general manager of the Marquis group? Why does the chairman trust you so much? Also, what you just did, would the chairman dislike you?”

Colin could not help but laugh: “Don’t worry, Doris. The chairman won’t blame me nothing for this. As for the reason why I’m the general manager, well, of course, it is naturally because your husband is qualified for this position!”

Doris rolled her eyes, “Don’t joke around. Tell me, if what you said was true, then how could you have been so embarrassed for these two years!”

“Um…” Colin touched the tip of his nose and laughed in embarrassment.

“Colin Ward, you are getting different.”

He smiled and answered, “That’s because you haven’t really understood me before.”

The words of his caused Doris paused, and she felt a little guilty, because he was right, and she did not really understand Colin Ward.

Colin Ward continued: “Doris, from now on, you can try to understand me. The real me. Also, I didn’t take the responsibility of a husband before, I apologize, but from now on, as my wife, you can be bullied by no one!”

Doris looked at Colin with her heart beating faster and her breathing as well.

“Let’s go home!” Colin smiled.

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