Chapter 35: Tracking – Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

“You don’t buy on the mortgage, do you pay all cash?” Xue Sun sneered, then she took Mary Su’s beautiful hand and asked, “Mary, tell me, is it these people knew that Aunt was going to introduce you to a boyfriend, so he stalked you for breakup fee? He’s so confident, did you give him the money to buy the car?”

Oh, a breakup fee? Kris Chen couldn’t help but laugh. Did this woman watch too many TV dramas?

Xue Sun kept mocking and targeting at Kris, that made Mary Su also feel intolerable. She nudged Xue Sun, “Stop it, he… He didn’t ask me for money.”

“What are you afraid of? Even if he didn’t ask you for money, I still feel sorry for you.” Xue Sun said righteously, “This man has wasted your youth for two years and still hounded you now. If he is still a man, he should let go of you and let you pursue your own happiness.”

Kris Chen still ignored her but turned to look at Hong Shen, “At first, I wanted to buy the most expensive car in your service shop, although Benz car isn’t very low key and not my type, it’s more suitable for a young man of my age to drive. But your attitude is so disappointing, so I’m not going to buy it.”

“Would it kill you not to brag?” Hong Shen pointed at Kris Chen and said disdainfully, “Before Auntie Tang said you were useless, I didn’t believe it, how can a man degenerate like that, now I believe it. If I were you, I would never talk nonsense here and make Mary feel awkward, it’s important for people to have self-awareness, if you still want some dignity, just hurry up and fuck off.”

Xue Sun listened and nodded her head in agreement.

“Alright, I don’t want to waste time talking nonsense with you, so get out of here, Mary, and I still have a business to discuss.”

Kris Chen laughed and said to Hong Shen, “No need for you to mention it, I will leave on my own, I hope you won’t regret it if I leave!”

Although Mercedes-Benz announced an agreement with Huanyu Group, the official contract has not been signed yet, which meant that Huanyu Group could switch to another sponsorship at any time.

He was holding the contract which Huanyu Group and Mercedes Benz were about to sign in the bag he was carrying.

It’s doubted that this guy could never figure out the identity of Kris, who’s standing in front of him.

“Will I regret it?” Hong Shen laughed in anger, how could there be such a shameless person, “Are you a drama queen? Did you addict to bragging? If I’m really sorry, I go down on my knees and call you Daddy, is that okay?”

“Remember, you said it by yourself.”

Kris Chen looked at Mary Su deeply, then he turned around and strode towards the outside.

Seeing Kris Chen leave, Hong Shen couldn’t help but spit on Kris’s back, then said to Mary Su, “Mary, the president of the Huanyu Group, will be here later. Let’s go wait for him in the office.”

“What did you say? President of the Huanyu Group?” Xue Sun couldn’t help but ask, “Is that Huanyu Group that has countless artists?”

Hong Shen nodded with a smile.

“Mary, you’re really blessed. Manager Shen really got the magic touch today that you can even know the president of the Huanyu Group. You are lucky.” Seeing Hong Shen nodding his head in acknowledgment, Xue Sun couldn’t help but be envious.

Mary Su smiled and didn’t say anything. Her mind and heart were all about Kris Chen at this time. She had no time to care about others.

Hong Shen felt extremely superior when he saw Xue Sun’s reaction. With the help of Jane Tang and Xue, he believed that Mary would soon fall in love with him.

If Mary knew what he was thinking, she would definitely say, “You think too much.”

“Sorry, I remembered that I have an important thing to do, so I won’t accompany you to wait for the president of Huanyu Group. I’ll see you next time when I have the chance. “

Before Hong and Xue could react, Mary left the hall with her bag.


Watching Mary leave without looking back, Hong was dumbfounded, what the hell was going on?

Outside the Mercedes Benz Automobile Sales Service Shop.

Mary chased after Kris, “Kris, wait…”

As soon as Kris sat on his scooter and was about to leave, he heard Mary’s shout behind him.

He looked back and saw Mary running all the way over. His expression was indifferent, “Why did you come out? Didn’t you have something to talk about with that Manager, Shen?”

Although he understood that Mary was forced to meet with this Hong under Jane Tang’s pressure, Kris still did not feel good in his heart.

“It’s not what you think.” Mary explained hastily, “I met with him because he told me that he could help introduce me to the president of the Huanyu Group. So I agreed to meet with him.”

“Really?” Kris was relieved to hear this and was in a much better mood.

“These days, where have you been? Why don’t you go home?” Mary’s words revealed a hint of concern, as well as a shred of blame. She was concerned about him because he’s nowhere to be seen these days. She blamed him for not coming home so that she’s alone and she couldn’t get used to his absence!

“I didn’t go anywhere, just found a job that provides me with food and shelter!” Kris said.

“What kind of work?” Mary’s heart trembled. After two years of marriage, he was finally willing to find a job, which gave her a feeling like brushing aside the clouds.

Kris laughed, “It’s just drumming up business, do some marketing usually, work as a driver for the boss occasionally, just now I came to help the boss to choose a car.”

Mary didn’t doubt what Kris said. He had been married into and lived with the Su family for two years, so how could he afford a Benz car, so what he said cleared the doubts in her mind.

“Then what does your company do? Where is your company?” Mary continued to ask.

“It’s just a small company, just a few employees with me and the boss,” Kris said.

In fact, Kris really wanted to tell her that he was the president of Huanyu Group for a moment.

But on second thought, it seemed there was no need for that at all, he had already left from the Su family, and his marriage with Mary was about to come to an end.

Seeing that Kris was reluctant to say more, Mary did not continue to ask questions.

She took a deep breath and acted as if nothing had happened. She asked casually, “Kris, when do you plan to go home?”

“Going home?” Did Kris smile bitterly, going back to suffer? He shook his head, not knowing how to answer her for a moment.

“You… You don’t want to go back?” Seeing Kris hesitate, Mary panicked without reason as if something important was about to leave her.

“Maybe in a few days, I’ve been very busy lately, when I’m done, I’ll come back to you, okay?”


Hearing Kris says that, Mary let out a sigh of relief, then she looked at Kris concentratedly.

“What? Do I have something on my face?” Kris touched his face confusedly and said.

“Kris, there is something I want to ask you.” Mary looked at him with a complicated feeling and asked, “The Su family treated you so bad, why do you have to be taken hostage for me, aren’t you afraid of it?”

“I’m scared, scared to death!” Kris smiled gently, “But I’m more afraid that my wife would be hurt.”

Hearing Kris’s reply, Mary’s heart trembled, and a ripple spread over her heart that widened round and round and made her feel very warm, touched, and shy!

The atmosphere was subtle at this moment, and Mary looked at Kris with softer eyes.

She was about to speak, but her phone rang at that moment.

Seeing that it was from the company, Mary answered the call hastily. She looked at Kris after the call, “There is an urgent issue in the company, I have to go first, you … Take care of yourself, and remember to call me if you run into trouble.”

After saying that, she blushed as red as a rose and got into the car quickly. Somehow her heart was beating fast after saying that.

At the same time, the Mercedes Benz main service shop.

Hong’s heart was broken that he offered Xue some discounts which were beyond his authority, and it meant that the discounts he offered needed to be made up for himself, but for Mary, he pinched his nose and offered it.

After sending Xue away, Hong gathered all the workers in the service shop and stood in two neat rows in front of the service shop, waiting for the president of the Huanyu Group to arrive.

However, the group of people stood for ten minutes stupidly, but they didn’t even see a single person.

They felt so sore that some of them complained, “Manager Shen, we’ve been waiting for so long, why is the president of Huanyu Group still not here?”

Hong looked at the clock, it’s already two o’clock in the afternoon, wasn’t he supposed to come over at one o’clock? He couldn’t wait and said, “You wait here, I’ll make a phone call.”

He then returned to his office and dialed the phone number of Huanyu Group’s secretary of the president, Xue Mi.

“Hello, is this Mrs. Mi, the secretary? Hi, I am the representative Hong Shen of Mercedes Benz service shop, this morning you informed us that the president of your company will come to negotiate in person at 1 pm. May I ask if your president is coming over?”

“Yeah, our president’s over there already.”

“Huh? Is he here already? But I didn’t see anyone!” Hong was stunned and asked immediately, “May I ask what did your president dress in when he came out? What kind of car did he drive?”

Xue Mi thought about it and said, “Our president wore a leisure suit when he left and rode on an electric vehicle.”

Wearing a leisure suit and riding an electric vehicle?

No way, Hong was stunned on the spot.

At this time, Xue Mi said again, “Our president is very low-key.”

Hong suddenly came to his senses and said, “Good, thank you, Secretary Mi, I know.”

After hanging up the phone, Hong rushed out of the office.

Wearing casual clothes, riding an electric bicycle, and being a very low-key person…

That loser husband of Mary just now was called Kris Chen, and the new president of Huanyu Group seemed to be someone surnamed Chen.

Jesus, it couldn’t be him!

He rushed to all the workers and shouted, “Quickly, bring back that man who was just there by whatever means, even if he wanted to be carried in a sedan chair, bring him back to me!”

“Manager Shen, who do you want us to invite back?” Everyone was confused and looked at Hong and asked.

Hong said anxiously, “The useless and good-for-nothing man!”

“Ah!” The crowd all shouted in shock, “No way!”

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