Chapter 350: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 350 I Really Like You (1)

“I really like Jingyan Ye.” Ziying Duan said with sobs. Her eyes were red and she looked pitiful.

Covering his chest, Ziying’s father turned his eyes to Jingyan in a vicious way. “How did you make my daughter so obsessed with you?” Ziying’s father said.

Ziying stood in front of Jingyan to stop her father looking at Jingyan and said, “Father, it has nothing to do with Jingyan. Don’t scold him.”

“Well, you don’t even let me scold him now. You are really my dear girl!” Ziying’s father said.

After saying that, Ziying’s father covered his mouth and coughed. Suddenly he sank back into the chair, breathing heavily.

“Husband, what’s wrong with you?” Ziying’s mother said. Seeing Ziying’s father sitting in a chair coughing and drowsy, she felt something was wrong. Ziying’s mother let go of her hand, which was holding Ziying, and ran to Ziying’s father.


Ziying’s father covered his mouth and held out his hand to stop Ziying’s mother from coming to him. “Eh-hem…”

Jingyan stepped out from behind Ziying and said to Ziying’s father with a bow, “Uncle, it is indeed my fault that you are not satisfied with me. I am sorry for that.”

As he is man, no matter what happened, he shouldn’t hide behind a woman.

“But I also have my principles. Now that I have promised to marry Ziying, I will treat her well. Please rest assured on this point.” Jingyan said.

Ziying’s father’s coughing was still going on, but he was clearly breathing more easily. He finally raised his head and set eyes on Jingyan.

“You principles?” Ziying’s father sneered and said, “Can you promise you won’t let her cry, and let her suffer any injustice?”

Jingyan looked at Ziying beside him hesitantly. With tears in her eyes, she looked pitiful. Then Jingyan shook his head and said, “I can’t promise that.”

“Then how do you have the guts to say those words?” Ziying’s father said. Ziying’s father didn’t expect Jingyan would answer like that, so he was momentarily embarrassed.

“But I’ll try my best not to make her cry.” Jingyan said.

After hearing that, Ziying was greatly touched. Ziying put her arms around Jingyan’s waist. At first Jingyan was stiff, but then he relaxed and let her hold him.

Seeing his daughter is so attached to Jingyan, a feeling of powerlessness rose in Ziying’s father’s heart. After all, is it not a good thing for a girl to stoop to compromise. Ziying’s father was at a loss what to do. Now that Ziying had taken a fancy to Jingyan, it was absolutely impossible for her to break off her affections.

Holding Ziying’s mother’s hand, Ziying’s father stood up and said, “Let’s set aside the subject of marriage for a moment. At least your parents should be here to meet us.”

“That’s right.” Jingyan nodded in agreement and said, “I’ve informed them and they should be here in a couple of days.”

After hearing that, Ziying’s father looked not so embarrassed. He staggered to the bedroom, holding the dining table. When Ziying’s father was near Jingyan, he said, “Just conduct yourself well.”

In Yiyao Duan’s house, Jinyi Bai was busy making a cup of brown sugar water for her.

Yiyao was lying on the sofa, covered with a thick quilt, but there was cold sweat on her forehead.

After walking back and forth in front of Yiyao several times, Jinyi finally stuffed a cup of brown sugar water into her hands. “Yiyao, how are you doing?” Jinyi asked apprehensively.

“Just so so.” Yiyao opened her mouth and said with a shaky voice.

“If it hurts too much, I’ll take you to the hospital.” Jinyi said. Jinyi frowned and dried the sweat on her forehead with a towel, as if he was the one who was suffering the pain.

Yiyao shook her head and said, “I’m fine. Don’t you have classes this afternoon? Off you go.”

Jinyi put the towel in his hand into the basin and said, “I asked my colleagues to take over my lessons. How can I leave you alone when you are in such terrible pain?”

Yiyao smiled at him weakly. Bouts of pain in her stomach made her unable to speak, and that’s when the her phone rang.

Yiyao struggled to get up, but the phone was on the table and she couldn’t reach it. “Answer it for me.” Yiyao said.

Jinyi answered the phone and said, “Hello? Who’s speaking?”

After hearing a man’s voice, the caller was stunned for a while and said “Yiyao?”

The caller’s voice is deep, with a rigid tone. Jinyi vaguely knew who’s the caller. “Uncle, Yiyao can’t come to the phone right now.” Jinyi said.

“Can’t answer the phone?” Jun’s said with a deeper voice, “What’s she doing? I order her to answer the phone in three seconds. One! Two!”

After hearing the reverberate numbers, Jinyi put the phone to Yiyao’s ear at the highest speed. “Your father is calling.” Jinyi said with lip language.

Yiyao blinked understandingly. “Dad!” Yiyao said.

“Why can’t you answer the phone? Stand erectly and salute!” Jun said.

“Yes!” Yiyao said.

After hearing the order of Jun, Yiyao jumped up from the sofa and made a standard military salute.

“Now tell me where you are and what you are doing.” Jun said.

“Chief, I am sick and resting.” Yiyao said.

“You’re sick? What’s going on?” Jun said in surprise.

“I’m fine.” Yiyao said. Yiyao didn’t adapt to the change of the attitudes of her father. She wondered why her father had been so angry just now, and now he was so gentle.

“It’s good that you are fine. It won’t be long before the parade begins. If you feel well, come to the army to train the troops.” Jun said.

“Yes, sir!” Yiyao said.

After hearing Yiyao’s decisive answer, Jun was somewhat sad. Then he said with a softened voice, “Take good care of yourself first. There is no hurry for the training.”

Yiyao said “OK” and hang up the phone. Feeling weak all over, she fell down on the sofa.

After seeing that, Jinyi reached out his hands and caught her. “Yiyao! Are you OK?” Jinyi said.

Yiyao barely opened her eyes and nodded to him. Then Yiyao slid down from Jinyi’s hands and fell onto the sofa.

“I’d better take you to the hospital. You look so weak.” Jinyi said. Jinyi picked her up horizontally and headed for the elevator.

The road was clear and the car soon stopped at the hospital. Jinyi took Yiyao out of the car.

Seeing Jinyi trying to carry her to the elevator, Yiyao said, “Wait! Put me down first.” Yiyao said.

Without knowing why, Jinyi stopped after hearing what Yiyao said. Seeing Jinyi look puzzled, Yiyao said, “Haven’t you been to the hospital?”

“What’s matter with that?” Jinyi touched his head and said. He’s never been to the hospital indeed. He has had a private doctor since he was born. As his father is on good terms with several uncles who are teachers in medical colleges, he hasn’t been to the hospital.

Yiyao smiled and said, “You have to register first.”

“Really?” Jinyi said.

Jinyi looked at the direction where Yiyao looked and saw a long line in the hospital hall. “How can you see a doctor like this? When it’s our turn, I’m afraid you won’t be able to hold on.” Jinyi said.

“That’s the system of hospitals. Go to line up. I can make it.” Yiyao said.

Yiyao clasped her hand against the door frame, trying to keep herself from falling to the ground for lack of strength. People came in and out of the elevator and knocked her to be on the verge of collapse. After seeing that, Jinyi was worried.

Jinyi walked around the hall and then took Yiyao to a chair. “Sit here and wait for me.” Jinyi said.

The cold iron sheet chair made Yiyao frown. After hesitating for a while, Jinyi took off his clothes and spread them over the chair.

“Wait here for me. I’ll be right back.” Jinyi said.

Covering her stomach, Yiyao smiled at Jinyi with difficulty. “OK.” Yiyao said.

Jinyi walked to where people lined to register. After a few minutes, the line reached the door of the hall. With a frown, Jinyi walked to the end of the line. Suddenly there were several people jumped the queue in front of him.

The people in the line were laughing and frolicking, and Jinyi couldn’t see the head of the line. Every few minutes Jinyi looked at where Yiyao was sitting for fear that she would faint on the chair.

The chair was covered with clothes, but Yiyao could still feel the coldness of the iron sheet.

Yiyao’s was dazed. She lay limp on the armrest, curled up in a ball. At that moment, there came some noise outside and an ambulance was parked at the front door.

Then a stretcher was carried out of the ambulance. Yiyao managed to open her eyes and glanced at the crowd, and then she lowered her head immediately.

She didn’t know if it’s her illusion that she saw Jingyan among the crowd. She saw Jingyan pushed the hospital bed, where a man was on, and sped toward the emergency room.

“Why he is here with that girl?” Yiyao thought.

Jingyan, together with Ziying and Ziying’s mother, was stopped at the door of the emergency room. With a frown, Jingyan leaned against the window. He lit a cigarette and put it into his mouth.

Ziying and Ziying’s mother were crying behind him. “What’s wrong with father? Why did he faint suddenly?” Ziying lie prone on a chair and said.

Ziying’s mother cried softly. In order to appease her daughter, Ziying’s mother chocked back her tears and explained, “Your father has high blood pressure and he can’t be irritated. Maybe he is sulking and that’s why…”

“Didn’t he agree to meet Jingyan’s parents? What he is angry with?” Ziying said.


Jingyan felt oppressed and dropped the cigarette. “I’m going to the bathroom.” Jingyan said.

Yiyao’s stomach was aching badly and she felt the warm current in her private parts. She had a hunch that if she didn’t go to the restroom, her period would spill over her pants.

After telling Jinyi that she was going to the restroom, Yiyao held the wall and walked toward the restroom slowly. Behind her was Jingyan, who had just finished smoking a cigarette. They two walked into the opposite doors.

When Yiyao turned to leave the restroom, Jingyan walked out of the men’s toilet. Jingyan washed his hands in the sink. Suddenly he looked up and saw the view of the back of a familiar figure. He quickly turned off the tap to go out to look for, but he didn’t see any sign of Yiyao.

Jingyan shook his head with a wry smile. “I can’t forget Yiyao when I am about to marry someone else. Ziying’s father’s concerns are not without reason.” Jingyan thought.

When Ziying’s father asked Jingyan if he can promise that he won’t make her cry, he said “no”, because Jingyan doesn’t love Ziying, so he would be careless and absent-minded in doing many things, thus ignoring Ziying’s feelings and making her sad.

Chapter 350 I Really Like You (2)

Just like that shadow, obviously he already knew it couldn’t be Yiyao Duan, but he stubbornly chased out to look for her.

“Yiyao, where did you go?” With cold sweat on his head, Jinyi Bai saw Yiyao walking over from the hallway and he hurriedly rushed over to hold her.

Yiyao smiled weakly, “I went to the toilet, did you register?”

“Yes, it’s on the third floor.”

Yiyao nodded and reluctantly stood up according to his hand, “Then let’s go there.”

Jinyi helped Yiyao into the gynecology department, surrounded by strange gazes. He was a little uncomfortable and touched his nose. His face flushed.

“I’ll go in by myself.”

Yiyao saw his embarrassment, he should not have experienced this kind of thing as a university teacher, therefore, she let go of Jinyi’s hand and wanted to go in alone.

Jinyi, however, immediately followed her, “I’ll go in with you.” Although he was embarrassed, but Yiyao was the one he loved, how could he let her face this cold hospital alone.

“Please be quickly, come in if you want to see a doctor, get out if you don’t!” The female physician inside got impatient and yelled towards them.

Jinyi’s face, which had returned to normal, immediately reddened to his neck, and he hurriedly walked in with his head lowered.

“Doctor, how is she?”

Seeing that the female physician inspected her for a long time, asked a few questions and then remained silent, Jinyi could not help but open his mouth and ask.

“How can you be such a boyfriend?” The female physician frowned and wrote a few words on the sheet, “Girls can’t eat cold things during their period, here, take this and go down and pay the bill.”

Jinyi froze for a moment, remembering that the night before he and Yiyao had dinner, drank wine and ate sushi, even the dessert after the meal was ice cream. It was his negligence and carelessness ……

In First Aid Room.

After three hours of resuscitation, the lights above the emergency room was turned off. Ziying Duan and her mother, who were wiping their tears, immediately stood up from the chairs and gathered around the door of the emergency room, and after a while, the hospital bed was pushed out from inside.

“Dad!” As soon as Ziying saw her father on the hospital bed, she couldn’t help but cry.

Her mother stumbled a bit and nearly fell to the ground. She was held by Jingyan Ye behind her and waited until she could stand before releasing his hand.

Jingyan frowned and stopped the attending doctor, “How is Uncle Duan?”

The attending doctor took off his mask and sighed, “The patient is out of danger, but the situation is not optimistic, if he gets angry again, I’m afraid he won’t be so lucky.”

Jingyan said, “Thank you doctor.”

The bed was transferred to the VIP ward, Ziying sat in front of her father’s bed sobbing, her mother wiped her father’s forehead with a wet towel, only Jingyan was standing in the doorway, looking at a loss.

The setting sun shone into the ward and shone into her father’s eyes, the corners of his eyes moved, causing Ziying to rush around.


Her father dazedly heard someone call him and struggled to open his eyes, the blinding sunlight immediately shone into his eyes, causing him to squint slightly.

“Ziying ……”

“It’s me, it’s me!”

Ziying cried with joy and hurriedly grabbed her father’s hand, while her’s mother stood behind them in relief, secretly wiping her tears.

While Jingyan noticed the light outside the window, then he silently walked over and pulled the curtains.

His sudden action made them turned their eyes to him. Her father was not very kind to Jingyan, but seeing his careful actions, his attitude towards him improved slightly.

“You, come here.” Duan’s father weakly beckoned towards him.

Jingyan obediently walked over and Ziying gave up a seat for him and let him sit beside her.


Duan’s father took his hand and patted him on the back of it, “I’m leaving Ziying in your hands, you …… must be good to her!”

Jingyan tightly pursed his lips, paused for a moment, and spoke cautiously. “I will.”

The person he loved had left, his heart has died along with her, and now he was in the same mood to anyone, since he hurt Ziying, he would be responsible for her!

Duan’s father nodded in satisfaction, he took Ziying’s hand again, holding the two of them tightly together. He was a father, he wanted his daughter to be happy more than anyone else.

Duan’s father’s illness needed to recuperate properly, and the hospital environment was depressing, therefore, Duan’s father proposed to go home to recuperate. On his third day in the hospital, he asked Jingyan to take him home.

“Uncle, you rest first, I’ll go out again.” After dropping Duan’s father off at home, Jingyan stood at the door, but did not go in.

Ziying ran out and hugged Jingyan, “Jingyan, where are you going?”

“The airport, my parents are arriving today.”

Saying that, he looked at the watch on his wrist, “It’s ten o’clock, I have to hurry over.”

As soon as Ziying heard that he was going to pick up her parents in-laws in the future, she immediately let go of his waist and instructed fondly, “Then you come back early and come see me!”

Jingyan nodded and said goodbye to Duan’s father and mother who were sitting in the living room, “I’ll go out first.”

Duan’s mother smiled faintly at him, turned to Duan’s father, but only saw him nodding in a pretentious manner, so she could not help but smile, this person, obviously happy in his heart, but insisted on giving him a face.

Jingyan also did not care and turned away.

At the airport, Jingyan’s car just drove in, a woman who was in white dress blocked his car.

“Come on, why did you come so lately, we’ve been standing for a while!” Chuxue Ye opened the passenger door and complained as she sat in.

“Some things delayed.”

Jingyan squinted his eyes and saw Kerry and Venus walking hand in hand towards his car in the distance, he rushed to get out of the car to help.

“Jingyan, what the hell is going on? On the phone you said you wanted to get married? How come you suddenly want to get married?” Venus couldn’t help but frown with worry before she reached her son.

Jingyan took the bag in Venus’s hand. He took her hand naturally, “I’m not too young, I should get married.”

“I know this reason, but so suddenly, what kind of girl she is, you have not understood each other, and …… we are not ready ……”

Jingyan patted Venus’s wrist, faintly smiled, “How are you more apprehensive than me, do not worry, later you can meet her!”

Venus worriedly looked back at Kerry and saw him shaking his head at her. Then she closed her mouth.

In the car, it had been Chuxue chattering questions, Jingyan occasionally answered. Venus and Kerry each had their own preoccupations, were too lazy to speak.

“Brother, how come you married Ziying? Don’t you like Yiyao?”

Mentioning Yiyao, Jingyan gave a bitter laugh, like? So what, how many people in the world could have lovers who end up together, he and Yiyao were already separated from each other, and it was no longer possible.

“Brother, brother?”

Chuxue called him, Jingyan came back to his senses, his foot slammed on the brake, and the four people fell forward in unison due to inertia.

When they were stabilized, they only saw a silver and white car parked in front of them. Jingyan frowned and got out of the car, walked to the opposite side, reached out and knocked on the glass window three times.

Jinyi rubbed his wrist and rolled down the window, Jingyan gave him a faint look and asked, “Are you all right, sir?”

“Huh?” Jinyi turned his head in confusion, he saw the black Rolls-Royce parked, and said, “Ah! Sorry, I ……”

“I was the one who got lost in thought.”

When he was ready to sincerely apologize, Jingyan snatched his words, and he glanced at the head of the car that was knocked out of shape, could not help but knit his brows.

Jingyan took out a business card from his jacket pocket and handed it to Jinyi, “This is my business card, if you need anything, just call me.”

“No, no, no!” Jinyi waved his hand, but Jingyan did not wait for him to refuse, and directly reached out and put the business card on the car’s loading dock.

Jinyi was back to his senses, Jingyan had returned to the car, a few minutes later, the car started, drove past him, he smiled helplessly, tried to start the car, he smiled in relief, it could still work ……

He and Yiyao was about to go to dinner, if he was trapped on the road, he would certainly not go there, but fortunately, God was kind to him, the car could work.

After a while. He already saw the flower store in front of him, and Yiyao was sitting in the yard sorting out different flower branches, and the smile in his eyes was even warmer.

Yiyao heard the sound of brakes, looked up, only saw that the silver-white car head was out of shape. Seeing Jinyi get off, she could not help but frown, “What’s going on?”

“Just had a bump, nothing serious.” Jinyi shrugged easily and walked to her side, “What are you doing?”

“Sorting them out, someone will come and get them later.” Yiyao was still uneasy, looked at him a few more times and found that there were no injuries on him before she slightly dropped the stone in her heart.

Jinyi looked at his watch, “There are still more than half an hour before the appointment time, let me help if you are in a hurry.”

He squatted down, picking, his face rose up with a puzzled look, Yiyao felt funny, pointing to the flowers in his hand and said, “Forget-me-not is just a garnish, you take too much.”

Jinyi put down some, and picked up another handful of flowers, Yiyao really couldn’t help but interrupt him. “The flower language of that one is contradictory to the one you are holding, you can’t use it together.”

After saying that, Yiyao got up, clapped her hands and said, “There is no hurry, it is also in time to come back after eating to match.”

Jinyi, however, became interested in the flowers all over the ground, “You can remember the characteristics and language of these flowers?”

“Most of them.” Yiyao rubbed her neck absentmindedly, and Jinyi had already stood up.

He held a white gardenia in his hand, gently pinned above Yiyao’s ear, the fragrance emanating from the flower was refreshing, Yiyao had a momentary daze, the breath in her ear already made her tremble.

Jinyi ambled in her ear, said to her: I love you ……

If she remembered correctly, the flower language of gardenia is …… eternal unchanging love!

Yiyao’s heart trembled, admittedly, she had been with Jinyi, but they never talked about this issue in depth, no matter what the reason was, they …… were avoiding to say love, but today, he finally broke this balance.

Yiyao reached out to take the flowers, but was held by Jinyi, “Do not take, promise me ……”

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