Chapter 351 – 352: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 351: Back-to-self stage

At eight o’clock in the evening, Quan Mu looked at Kris Chen reluctantly and said, “You really won’t come tomorrow?”

Kris nodded and said, “Tomorrow I will participate in the martial arts competition. If I succeed in qualifying for the top three, I can get in touch with Yuanqiao Zhang. This is a good opportunity to steal Tai Chi Sutra.”

“Or,could you not go to the game?”

Quan hugged Kris, worried: “He is Back-to-self stage now. It’s too dangerous.”

If in the past, she would definitely not care. But now she cares about Kris very much and is unwilling to let him take risks.

Kris smiled and whispered in her ear.

Quan said in surprise: “Really? You release Sturdy Energy and let me see!”

Kris stepped back two steps, and then the purple Sturdy Energy wrapped him all over.

The return-to-nature stage was already in fulfilled period, the strongest purple Sturdy Energy!

Quan covered his mouth and looked at Kris in disbelief.

In just two months, Kris actually broke through from the innate-power stage to the return-to-nature stage fulfilled period.

He is a genius, he is the one.

“Then I can’t beat you now?” Quan said in a daze.

Kris said: “My dear sister, I am afraid that I love you not enough, so why would I beat you?”

“Bah, little pervert, how did you bully me just now?”

Kris chuckled and said, “That’s different!”

After glaring at him, Quan said, “You are so capable now, and I can’t control you anymore. But you must remember that when you find that you can’t do something, you don’t need to force it. Although Tai Chi Jing is good, it’s not as good as you in case. “

“Well, I know. ” Kris said moved.

After Kris left, Quan suddenly felt nauseous, and went to the bathroom for a while, retching, and vomiting with bitter bile.

She was shocked and quickly calculated her menstrual period. She found that she hadn’t had a menstrual event for almost two months.

Is she pregnant?

She was suddenly flustered, if she was pregnant, then Kris…

After thinking about it, she put on her clothes and turned out from the window silently.

She went to the pharmacy to buy a few boxes of pregnancy test sticks and came back to try.

The two bright red bars changed her face greatly.

She has no idea what to do now.

Kris was sitting in the back seat of Rolls Royce, thinking about tomorrow’s game when his phone vibrated.

It was a message from Xue Mi.

He clicked on it, and it was a picture.

Lean Monk gave him a photo, because it was too blurry, so he gave it to Xue to restore it.

The photo Xue sent him now is the restoration one.

The restored photo was very clear, and a cute little girl immediately caught Kris’s eyes.

He looked at the photo carefully, and suddenly felt that the little girl in the photo seemed familiar, as if he had seen her somewhere.

He scanned it in his mind, and the little girl in the photo overlapped with someone in his memory.

Damn it!

Lan Xia!

The little girl in this photo is Lan? !

The eyes, nose, and mouth are almost exactly the same as the reduced version of Lan!

Lean asked himself to find Lan?

What is his relationship with Lan? Why does he have a picture of Lan when she was a kid?

Is he Lan’s father?

Isn’t it possible… It’s impossible for Lean to give birth to a beautiful daughter like Lan.

Kris felt his head messed up.

In the midst of it, it seemed that everything came together.

Just as Kris struggled, his phone rang again. He picked up his cell phone and saw that it was Xiaorou’s call.

After thinking for a moment, he connected the phone.

“Hey, Kris, where are you…?” Xiaorou’s soft voice came through the phone.

“I’m on the highway back to Westriver City.”

“Ah, are you driving?” Xiaorou was taken aback, and said, “You can concentrate on driving, I’ll hang up first.”

Kris said, “It’s okay, the driver is driving, and I’m sitting in the back row.”


Xiaorou whispered: “Well, you…can you come to accompany me at home? My father and grandfather have gone to the capital. I’m the only one at home. I… I’m a little scared!”

“Are you alone at home?”

“My maid’s grandson has a fever, she also took time off and went home.”

Kris thought for a while and said, “Well, I’ll be there in a while.”

After hanging up the phone, Kris said to the driver: “Get off the highway and go to Xu’s Family Mountain Villa!”

“Yes, Saint!”

On the other side, Xu’s Family Mountain Villa, in Xiaorou’s boudoir.

Xiaorou couldn’t express the excitement in her heart.

Kris was coming, she hurried to the bathroom to take a shower, then put on a light makeup, looking at herself in the mirror, she always felt that she was not beautiful enough.

“The color of my dress is too light, shall I change it?”

At this moment, she heard the roar of the car.

She hurried to the window to look down, and an extended Rolls-Royce stopped downstairs.

Kris has arrived so soon


She ran downstairs happily, and when she saw Kris, she was full of joy.

“Kris, you…you are here.” She became stammered because of nervous.

Looking up and down Xiaorou, Kris’s eyes suddenly lit up.

Kris stepped forward and took her hand and said, “Go upstairs, I will coax you to sleep.”

Xiaorou was obediently led by Kris, and they came to the boudoir.

As expected of everyone, Xiaorou’s boudoir has a faint smell of books.

This was the first time Xiaorou let a man into her bedroom, and her face suddenly became hot.

“Go to bed.”


Xiaorou was taken aback, and said, “Go to bed? This is too fast! I…I’m not ready yet!”

Kris laughed and said, “What do you think about? I will put you to sleep, and then I will leave!”

Xiaorou blushed and yelled: “Okay… alright!”

She cleverly got into the quilt, showing only her head.

Kris turned off the lights and the room fell into darkness.

Kris said softly, “Now you can safely sleep.”


Xiaorou nodded, feeling like a little deer bumping in his heart, not feeling sleepy at all.

One minute, two minutes, three minutes… Twenty minutes passed.

Kris thought Xiaorou was asleep, and got up to leave.

As soon as he got up, he was caught by Xiaorou.

“Kris, don’t go…”

“You haven’t slept yet?”

“Don’t go, please.” Xiaorou took his hand and begged: “I know it’s really bad for me to be like this. I know you want to go back to accompany her. But I don’t want much. But I don’t want much. You give me a little bit of the love you give her, please. “

“I’m not greedy, just a little bit is enough.”

Kris was heartbroken by Xiaorou’s words.

“I’m not leaving, I’ll be here with you.” Kris said: “You let me go down and tell the driver to let him go back first.”

“You won’t lie to me, right?”

“Of course!”

Kris smiled and stroked her head, went downstairs to let the driver go back first, and then went back upstairs.

Xiaorou blushed even more when she heard the rustling sound.

Kris undressed and got into the quilt.

“Come here, are you afraid that I will eat you?” Kris pressed to her ear and said softly.

They were close together, and she could feel Kris’s strong chest by her arms.

She froze and did not dare to move, and stammered: “Then…then I’ll come over.”

She moved towards Kris, and almost half of her body was attached to Kris’s body.

Xiaorou’s body smells very good, with a little book scent, and the smell of gardenia.

Kris’s hot body and breath made her head dizzy.

Xiaorou couldn’t help turning around and pressed her face to his chest.

She thought about this picture for a long time, and finally realized it today.

In addition to satisfaction, it is more of peace of mind.

Her body is very soft, as if even her bones are soft.

Kris hugged her, a fire of desire suddenly appeared in his heart.

Since Kris’s Sky Demon Body was trained, his demand for this aspect has increased a lot.

Demon, follow the heart, follow the sex, never deliberately suppress the heart.

His hands couldn’t help walking up and down, and Xiaorou in his arms groaned softly.

This is like the most beautiful voice in the world.

Xiaorou blurred her eyes, raised her head, and kissed him casually.

Her kiss was sweet and jerky, and her hand wrapped Kris’s neck subconsciously.


The flames in Kris’s lower abdomen rose instantly, and he felt every cell in his body cheering.

In the end, they completely frankly faced each other.

“Kris,I’m afraid…”

Although she knew that this day would come sooner or later, she did not expect it to be so soon.

She grabbed Kris’s hand, scared and shy in her heart.

Kris possessed and kissed her, slowly sinking.

There is a saying that the spring scenery is too mad, no matter where the makeup is left, the red lotus double petals with grass, the peony contains the dew trickling, the ecstasy flower room reflects the waves, and the flower heart is not tired.

The willow waist and jade strands are fully displayed, the romantic one is lightly carrying the legs on his shoulders, his horseshoes are fluttering,the butterfly wings are fluttering, there are many fierce battles, and the pretty miss’s begs for mercy: Sir, the slave body is broken.

Kris did not dare to ask for it too much.

But even so, the beautiful woman in her arms is also unbearable, already panting and sweating.

Just when Kris was about to withdraw, a pure genuine qi entered his body.

Just like Xinying Bao, this genuine qi directly merged into his the pubic region, but this time the genuine qi in his the pubic region did not increase, but began to condense and compress!

After seeing this scene through internal vision, Kris was taken aback!

Condensation of sturdy energy and genuine energy?

Has he started to condense Genuine Energy?

Slowly, one drop, two drops, three drops…Three drops of Genuine Energy appeared in his the pubic region, and the other half was full of genuine qi.

Immediately after Genuine Energy fed back to the physical body, he felt that his Sky Demon Body was diligent again.

Squeezed his fist, full of strength.

If he guessed correctly, this is the Pure Yin Genuine Energy only available in the virgin body!

Look clearly, it’s not genuine qi, it’s Genuine Energy!

No, Quan, Lan, Yin are all virgins. Why didn’t I absorb Genuine Energy from them?

Is it because of the Sky Demon Body I cultivated?

When he combined with Quan and Lan, he hadn’t cultivated the Sky Demon Body, so he couldn’t get Pure Yin Genuine Energy.

How to explain Yin?

By the way, the acupuncture points on his body were blocked at that time!

Then it makes sense!

But half genuine qi and half Genuine Energy, what stage is this?

Back-to-self stage?

Kris was delayed to come out, but was more swollen than before, Xiaorou groaned, and she was ashamed and happy.

From a girl to a woman, she finally dedicated her most precious things to Kris.

The groan also made Kris sober.

He withdrew and said, “Is it painful? Let me rub it for you.”

As he said, he covered the genuine qi with his hand and gently rubbed it.


She groaned, and the strange feeling came to her heart again.

A few minutes later, that feeling became stronger and stronger, and with a groan, she once again tried the beauty of being a woman.

Chapter 352: The Martial Arena Stage

Early the next morning, Kris Chen was still asleep.

Then he woke up to a phone call from Tianba Li.

“Honey, who is it?” Xiaorou Xu shouted in confusion.

Last night, they screwed until the early hours of the morning.

“Tianba called and told me not to be late,” Kris said.

Xiaorou suddenly remembered that today was the matchup of The innate-power stage group, and she said with a strong spirit, I’ll go with you.”

Seeing her straining, Kris said, “You’d better rest at home.”

“I don’t think so.”

Xiaorou sat up and said, “There’s your match today. I’m going to cheer you on.”

“Well then,” As she insisted on going, Kris didn’t stop her.

Half an hour later, they drove to The Academy of Six Major Schools.

By now, the playground at The Academy of Six Major Schools was incredibly crowded.

The martial arts competition had begun, and the onlookers in the audience were clapping and shouting.

After explaining to Xiaorou, he found Tianba.

As soon as he saw Kris, Tianba greeted him: “What took you so long? It’ll be our turn soon!”

Kris laughed and said, “There was a traffic jam, which delayed me a bit!”

“Pay attention to safety in the competition following, this time, the players not only from our school but also from other places, they hit very hard, and more than a dozen people have been killed in the group of The acquired stage yesterday,” Tianba reminded.

“Isn’t that too cruel?”

“Yes. So, if you couldn’t beat out your opponent, jump off the Martial Arts Fighting Arena Stage.”

Kris smirked, “Then you’re underestimating me, don’t worry, first place is mine.”

“you’ll be the first place, and I’ll be the second!”

Kris, as a friend that could entrust live to, Tianba didn’t care which of them would be the champion.

Soon, Tianba went to the Martial Arts Fighting Arena Stage, and the man he fought against was a thirty-year-old man with the cultivation at the early stage of The innate-power stage.

Tianba took his axe in his hand and said at the man, “Swords have no eyes, and if you are afraid of death, roll down as early as possible.”

“Stop the nonsense, and show me see what you got.”

With that, the man with a large brass hammer and rushed over.


The axe and the great brass hammer hit together, sparks splattering.

That was a lot of strength.

Tianba felt hard to bear the strength because this big bronze hammer was no less than eighty pounds weight, and Tianba’s hand holding the axe was numb after bearing against a hammer stroke.

The big man laughed and said, “Hey exaggerator kid, let’s see how many strokes you can resist.”

With that, he swung his bronze hammer again and smashed it toward Tianba.

After resisting two hard blows in a row, the axe in Tianba’s hand almost flew out.

No, Tianba was in danger!

Kris shouted in a hurry, “Tianba, don’t fight directly with him, consume his strength, wait until he’s exhausted, then beat him hard!”

Kris’s words drew a lot of stares from the crowd.

“What are you yelling about? Just shut up!”

“Don’t listen to him, how can you run away from a tournament? It is a real man that fights to death!”

“Tianba Li, don’t run and fight like a man!”

These people had placed bets; the Odds to Tianba was at even, while that man was 5-1.

When Tianba heard the words of Kris, he got the point and backed up, and try not going to directly fight against him.

The man was strong, but not very flexible, and carrying such a heavy hammer must have consumed a lot of strength.


The brass hammer smashed in with the whistling wind.

Tianba ducked and dodged.

“Let me see where you can hide!”

The man was furious, waving his hand copper hammer smashed to Tianba, seven or eight smashes, the stage was cracked, even Li Tianba’s corner did not touch, he was tired of a half-dead.

Puffing and puffing, he breathed heavily.

What a chance!

Tianba had a chance to lift his foot and kick him right out of the stage.


The man’s spurting blood was laced with a few broken teeth.

The judge on the side saw it and said, “This round is won by Tianba!”

Li Tianba won the round, as expected, and Kris entered the other Arena Stage.

What he didn’t expect was that the person he was sparring against was an acquaintance!

Bao Cao!

“Kris, you didn’t expect your opponent to be me, did you?”

Angry arose when met your enemies, and Bao deadly wanted to kill this man who stole his fiancée immediately.

Kris said indifferently, “So what? Do you think you can defeat me?”

Bao was annoyed with those words.

“Bragging. Everybody can brag,” Bao said fiercely, “I won’t show a little mercy during the competition, and I’ll knock you out of the stage in front of the onlookers.”

Many people came to watch, JunTong, Shou Yan, Pan Wang, Tiandong Zhai, Fei Fei Lin, and Feifei’s sister.

They shouted at Bao in unison, “Go, kill him!”

“Kill this incapable man”

“Don’t be soft-hearted. Hit him tough.”

The people on the sidelines had also started betting on the banker. The odds to Kris was 10-1, and Bao was at even.

what a boon!

Jun said immediately, “ I bet 1 million on Bao.”

“Ten thousand on Bao.”

“Ten thousand on bao”

People around them were betting on Bao to win, and in their opinion, it was a waste of money.

With that, Kris on the Arena stage smiled at the audience, “Can I bet on myself to win?”

The crowd in the audience burst out laughing.

The banker sneered, “How much are you going to bet?”

“Ten million!”


The crowd burst out laughing again, and this was the silliest person they had met, and they thought that was just a waste of money.

“Can you come up with that much money?”

“Yeah, can you get the money?”

Just as everyone was questioning, Shingrou came over and said, “I’ll pay!”

Everyone looked at Shingrou and said in puzzlement, “Miss Xu, what are you doing?”

“Miss Xu, don’t be silly.”

Fei Fei and her sister came over and said, ” Kris, this stupid man, is not a match for Bao, and wouldn’t it be drifting If you helped him advance 10 million?”

The bystanders were deeply impressed and spoke up.

Xiaogrou ignored them and instead posed a gesture to encourage the people on the stage.

Kris knew well and smiled at her.

Seeing that Xiaorou didn’t listen to her, Fei Fei had nothing to do with her.

“Sis, forget it, she’s got a lot of money, let’s leave her alone.”

The others were shaking their heads, not looking at her anymore.

“Are you two still competing, or get out of here.” The referee said impatiently.

Bao smiled coldly, and with a flip of his hand, he rushed over with a Ghost blade.

He was going to split Kris Chen open, and this was the Arena stage anyway, so even if he killed Kris, no one would say anything.

Kris stood in place with a sneer in his heart.

He’d already wanted to give this fool a lesson, because, if he hadn’t taken his Obstacle-Breaking Pill, he had mo right to stand on the stage?

Seeing Kris remained motionless, Bao was delighted, he thought Kris was frightened by him.

That’s the moment, one slash and he would be done!

The sharp Ghost blade was raised high and about to chop down.

Quite a few young spectators around had closed their eyes in fear.

“Kris is dead!”

“I’ve got to get this on film for everyone to see.”

But Tiandong Zhai was confused; this was not reasonable to him; he thought he was no match to Kris, neither did Bao.

Like his cultivation, Bao was in the early period of The innate-power stage and Kris was not to be intimidated by him.

Something was going on here…

“Kris, watch out!”

Tianba was shouting at the people on the stage.

Xiaorou was also anxious and full of worries.

“Go to hell. Kris” Before he could finish his sentence, his entire body flew backward.


Then, it fell heavily to the ground.


What the hell was gonging on?

Everyone was shocked.

How could Bao bounce away while Kris didn’t move a little?

Even the referee was dumbfounded.

He just saw a shadow, as if it was Kris kicking Bao.

was that Shadowless kick?

The Ghost blade in Bao’s hand fell directly to the side.

The fall almost took his breath away.

Before Bao could slow down, Kris rushed over, grabbed his feet, and waved him in the air.

The 100-pound Bao was like a toy in the hands of the immensely strong Kris.

Seeing this scene, the crowd offstage couldn’t help but take a deep breath.

sand said in unison, “What the fuck.”

Kris was so powerful?

Bao was like a rag doll in his hands, with no resistance at all.

“Boom Boom!”

Right after that, Kris started dropping him into the Arena stage like a chick.

“phew.” Bao vomited blood wildly in the air.

The blood sprayed directly on the faces of the onlookers.

“Ah.” One girl couldn’t help but scream.

It was so bloody and brutal.

Jun couldn’t help but shiver when they saw this scene.

Kris was like a devil.

Bao fell seven or eight times in a row, and the referee felt that it was too bloody to watch.

“well, player, he’s already in such condition, so leave him alone.”

Hearing the words of the referee, Kris nodded with a smile and said, “well, for the sake of the referee, I spare his life!”

After that, he dumped Bao who was hardly breathing out of the Arena stage.

If Bao fell on solid, he would probably lose his breath.

“Catch him!”

The good news was that the crowd of onlookers was large and dozens of people came together to catch him.

When they got a good look at Bao’s current condition, they couldn’t help but look over.

The face was so blurred that it was unrecognizable, and the bones in the body were more than a dozen broken.

A few girls saw it and ran straight to the side to vomit.

At this moment, students from the class No. 20 of came out and pointed at Kris, “Vicious heart, actually so cruel to fellow students from the same school.”

“He was too deranged to be worthy of being a student of The Academy of Six Major Schools.”

When Tianba on the side heard this, he couldn’t help it and rushed over and said, “Fuck all of you, shut up!”

“Are you guys blind? Can’t you see what this loser did to Kris? If it wasn’t for Kris being powerful, that blade would have killed him long ago.”

“It proves that Kris is not as skilled as others if he were killed by Bao.”

Hearing this, Tianba laughed furiously.

Kris was a psychopath when he injured someone, and he was less skilled when he was killed by Bao.

it was a double standard

“If you don’t want to die, shut the fuck up; or I’ll exterminate you.”

Tianba’s anger was very intimidating, everyone knew him in the Westriver City, and no one dared to provoke him.

Xiaorou was also relieved, she was really scared to death just now.

Just then, a man walked out of the crowd…

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