Lin Daner wanted to say it, Chuck waved his hand, and they didn’t believe it, why should they continue to mock it?

In fact, in Chuck’s current state, these classmates who like to be jealous, in Chuck’s eyes, are actually not even a clown.

People who are not in the same world, Chuck doesn’t bother to care about them.

“I didn’t lie, you leave,” Chuck said.

Lin Daner was anxious, “You obviously lied, you obviously turned Du Xinye twenty-five…”


As soon as Lin Daner said what he said, the whole class burst into laughter.

Taunt and laugh! Interrupted Lin Daner.

“What? Chuck gave the school grass Du Xinye 25 yuan? Haha, what is this for?”

“Isn’t it because he owed Du Xinye 25 yuan before, but now he paid it back?”

“It’s really shameless. Du Xinye came here. It’s a new student. You should ask someone other to borrow money. Who is this all? Disgrace our sophomore!”

“Yes, it’s shameful!”

The whole class laughed, Lin Daner was dumbfounded, what is the situation?

“What are you laughing at?? Chuck didn’t transfer Du Xinye 25 yuan but 2.5 billion yuan!” Lin Daner screamed!!

The whole class was quiet all at once.

After one second, two seconds, and three seconds later, the entire class’s faces turned red.

“Haha! Chuck, the hanging silk man, has transferred 2.5 billion yuan to the school grass Du Xinye? My mother, have transferred so much? Is it the money of the island country?”

“What is the island country’s money? How much is 2.5 billion converted into Huaxia coins? Chuck’s Diaosi man will have so much money? I think Ming coins are about the same!”

“Haha, 2.5 billion Ming coins, haha, I’m so ridiculous, Chuck transfers Ming coins to Du Xinye? Haven’t been beaten?”

“I think it must have been beaten. If Chuck transfers Ming coins to you, won’t you beat him?”

“Fucking, if he dares to transfer me, I will immediately call him mom!”

“What are you doing? Really!” Lin Daner was shocked. Under what circumstances, didn’t the whole class know that Chuck was so rich?

Oh my god, Chuck is too low-key, right?

Lin Daner wasn’t able to believe!

Only two people in the class did not laugh. They were Queenie and Lara. Queenie knew Chuck was rich, but she was shocked. Why would Chuck transfer so much money to Du Xinye?

Lara was stunned. She knew that Chuck had a square, that Chuck had a sports car and had money, but she actually transferred 2.5 billion yuan to others. How rich is this?

If before, Lara would definitely laugh at Chuck with her classmates, but now, Lara is convinced! Although she didn’t know why.

“Shut up, you guys!” Lara scolded angrily, and the whole class was upset.

“I said Lara, are you sick? Talking to Chuck like this, you don’t like him anymore?” The classmates were unhappy.

Although they don’t believe it, can they be happy when Lara is so stunned?

Lara’s face is red, “You shameless pens, shameless pens…”

Chuck glanced at Lara who was blushing, and said to Lin Daner, “You leave.”

Lin Daner could see that Chuck didn’t seize this opportunity. This is a chance to get close to the school girl Ouyang Fei!

Once in a lifetime!

Chuck gave up directly, which shocked Lin Daner.

“Ouyang Fei is a school flower just have to clarify with her, you…”

“What does it matter to me that she is a schoolgirl?” Chuck shrugged.

Lin Daner was speechless, he actually said so, did he miss Ouyang Fei? Lin Daner didn’t know what to say, she could only leave dejectedly.

She left, and the whole class saw Chuck taunting even more. What? It turned out to be such deceit to the school flowers, and obviously only transferred 25. Passers-by said 2.5 billion. Who believes this? Is it a shame to be a flower girl?

Lara and the people in the class scolded. The teacher came to be quiet. Lara blushed all the time. She sat down and looked at Chuck secretly, but Chuck didn’t pay attention. Nan.

After the class was over, Chuck came out of the classroom and a classmate asked mockingly, “Chuck, do you really give Du Xinye 2.5 billion coins? Haha, you have a kind!!”

The people in the class left with a big laugh. Chuck frowned and went straight out of school. Lara followed and chased Chuck panting, “Hey, are you going to the square?”

Chuck looked back and saw that Lara’s legs were still not good, so he said that he would take her with him. Anyway, Betty drove and there was no problem with sitting in one person.

Lara was pleasantly surprised by Chuck’s words. Her blushing and heartbeat speeded up and followed Chuck. Lara’s birthday is coming these few days. She really hoped that Chuck would go there, and she whispered, Chuck found a reason to perfuse.

What is Chuck doing on Lara’s birthday? Lara is a bit lost, why not come?

Lara’s surprise was gone, she followed Chuck with her head downcast, she didn’t know what to do, anyway, Lara didn’t want to celebrate this birthday because Chuck couldn’t pass.

Chuck turned around and said that it was almost there. Chuck had already seen Betty’s car. She just got in the car just now, which was considered as personal protection for the whole process.

However, when the two people were walking on the road, Ouyang Fei, who was sitting in the car in the school parking lot and was going to go back, saw that she was disgusted in her beautiful eyes, and actually met him again. What a disgusting person.

At this time, there was the roar of a sports car. Of course, Ouyang Fei didn’t want to look at such a disgusting person. She turned her head and saw a Ferrari coming by, and it was Du Xinye who was driving.

That’s right, he thought about it, he felt that all the money was spent, but he didn’t get to Ouyang Fei, how could he do it? So he went straight to mention a Ferrari. Just yesterday, when there was a car in another store, he bought it in full. It must be Ouyang Fei!

Ouyang Fei frowned, “you came back? I gave you a chance but you didn’t take it.”

Ouyang Fei drove away, but Du Xinye’s car stopped her by sideways. The door opened. Du Xinye got out of the car with a smile, with a gift in her hand, “Ouyang Fei, I’m sorry, I apologize to you.”

This cost him 300,000 yuan! This is a watch! Du Xinye feels that spending 300,000 to play Ouyang Fei is also good.

Ouyang Fei was unmoved.

Du Xinye opened the box. Ouyang Fei’s beautiful eyes were surprised.

“This watch matches you very well, I’ll bring it for you.” Du Xinye smiled slightly, and Ouyang Fei nodded after hesitating. This watch is indeed good. He gave it to himself, but he didn’t ask him for it. , Why not accept it?

It should be.

Who told him to throw himself on the road last time?

Ouyang Fei stretched out a jade hand, Du Xinye smiled deeper, and brought it to Ouyang Fei. This hand is so beautiful, slender and slender.

“Let’s go for dinner. I know a place where the food is very delicious.” Du Xinye smiled, yes, Ye Se Hotel, the food in the hotel is delicious, and there are rooms on it, in many ways, after the meal You can do some exercise after meals. , How good is it?

“En.” Ouyang Fei agreed.

“Come on, the car I just mentioned. You can take my car. Please show me how to do it.” Du Xinye showed off. Ouyang Fei had seen it. She got out of her car and followed Du Xinye into it.

Very good, this sports car.

“Then, Ouyang Fei, can I add your WeChat now?” Du Xinye took out his mobile phone, Ouyang Fei agreed, and also took out his mobile phone to let Du Xinye add it.

There are really no more than twenty men on Ouyang Fei’s WeChat account except for her family. After all, there are too few people who can meet her requirements.

Du Xinye was very proud. He clicked on Ouyang Fei’s picture. It was really beautiful, casual, home, and on the beach. Tsk tsk, the body is really perfect, what you want.

Du Xinye was wondering, could Ouyang Fei have foreign genes, or how could she have such a bumpy figure?

This is not the time yet. You may still be able to see the real thing later. Du Xinye put the phone away, and he drove Ouyang Fei to the night hotel. He had booked a spot in advance.

Just go.

Ouyang Fei saw Chuck and Lara still walking from a distance, Ouyang Fei hummed, “My best friend Lin Daner said that that person transferred 2.5 billion to you last time…”

“Haha, that poor force has 2.5 billion?” Du Xinye sneered. This must not be admitted. At least she can talk about it, otherwise, there may be trouble.

Ouyang Fei snorted coldly, and it turned out that it was a waste of saliva to ask such words, which is simply impossible.

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