Chapter 351: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 351 Reunion, Family Get Together (1)

“You look good with this.”

Yiyao Duan put down her hand in a daze and smiled faintly, “Thank you, Jinyi.”

“Don’t thank me.” Jinyi Bai’s eyes were full of the emotions that he couldn’t explain clearly. He took a deep look at Yiyao and lowered his head to cover up his emotions, “Let’s go to dinner.”

Yiyao nodded silently. She knew that he was disappointed. When a person expressed his love, what he wanted most was to receive his lover’s response, but she couldn’t respond. The person she loved was with other women. After all, he was not the gentle man in front of her.

Jinyi’s car was hit into a dent, but it was hard to get a taxi from the location of the flower shop, so they had to make do with it.

Since Yiyao said thank you just now, they had been in an awkward atmosphere. Feeling bored, Yiyao took a magazine from the car board. A name card on the magazine slid down her hand.

On her knee was a familiar black business card. Yiyao’s pupils narrowed and her fingers trembled as she picked it up. The words coming into her view were “Jingyan Ye”.

He knew Jinyi!

“Jinyi…” She heard her own voice trembling.

“What’s the matter?” Jinyi turned his head in doubt. Just now, neither of them spoke. He thought that they would keep it that way after dinner. Unexpectedly, she suddenly talked to him, which caught him off guard a little bit.

Yiyao handed the business card to him and asked, “This man…who is he?”

Jinyi was concentrating on driving. Suddenly a business card appeared in front of his eyes. He took a look and searched his mind for the memory of this card.

“Oh, this…”

He remembered the car hitting him just now, and this business card was handed to him by a handsome man. At that time, he didn’t collect it and casually put it onto the car board.

“I don’t know him, but he should be a rich man.” Because that man drove a limited edition of Rolls-Royce. Although he didn’t know much about cars, he knew Rolls-Royce.

Yiyao loosen her fingers, and the business card slipped through her fingertips. Seeing her distraction, Jinyan asked, “What’s the matter, do you know him?”

Yiyao put away her lost expression and shook her head, “I don’t know him.”

She didn’t know why. Whenever she was determined to forget him, he appeared in her life again. These days, she came across somethings about him, was it really just a coincidence?

Looking up, she bumped into Jinyi’s eyes. She dodged reflexively and explained, “I just think this card is special. It looks interesting.”

“I see.”

Jinyi moved his eyes to the opposite road. The loss in his eyes flashed by. She still didn’t want to face him.


Jingyan picked up Kerry Ye and Venus Mu. He wanted to go straight to a hotel for the dinner, but Mrs. Duan insisted that they needed to Duan’s house for dinner.

Jingyan had no choice but to ask for his parents’ opinions. Seeing that they had no objection, he drove straight to Ye’s house.

“My in-laws!”

As soon as Kerry stepped into the door, he saw someone coming out. He leaned slightly and politely held out his hand. “Hello.”

Mr. Duan was stunned, then he reached for Kerry’s hand and said in return, “Hello.”

After the awkward meeting, Jingyan and the others walked into the living room. Ziying Duan, who was watching in the kitchen, heard the sound and rushed out, “Jingyan, you are back!”

Jingyan wanted to step back, but considering the people in the living room, he chose to stand in the same place and let her hold him.

Mr. Duan laughed happily, “Don’t blame her, Ziying has been such a temperament since she was a child.”

Kerry frowned. Venus, who was beside him, held his hand tightly and said with a smile, “Girls are the loveliest when they are being themselves.”

One sentence made Mr. Duan smile and started chatting much to Venus. Kerry could not help holding Venus’s waist to declare his sovereignty.

Mr. Duan’s smile froze on the face. Venus quickly explained, “He’s just like this, very sticky. Please don’t mind. He means no harm.”

“Well, you guys have a good relationship.” Mr. Duan touched his nose awkwardly. Sitting on the sofa, he felt Kerry’s oppressive eyes.

While no one was looking, Kerry lowered his head to Venus’s ear, “Don’t be too warm to other men.”

Venus’s ear roots turned red. Her hands push away the man who was pressing on herself, and secretly scolded, “Pervert.”

When it came to Jingyan’s ears, he couldn’t help but get goose bumps all over his body. After so long, he didn’t expect that his parents were still so close.

“Jingyan, what’s the matter with you? Why are you shaking?”

Ziying was holding Jingyan. Feeling his strangeness, she asked. The voice was not high or low, just be able to spread all over the living room.

Everyone was having their own thoughts. Hearing Ziying’s exclamation, everyone turned their eyes to Jingyan.

“I’m fine. I’m fine.” Jingyan smiled, but he complained inside. He just heard his parents flirting, but it was not right to share it out.

But Ziying didn’t understand. She continued to ask, “You were shaking just now! What’s wrong with you?”

As Kerry’s eyes became sharper and sharper, Jingyan’s forehead was sweating, “I’m feeling a little uncomfortable. Maybe the air conditioning is too low, and I didn’t get used to it.”

Although this statement was far-fetched, it somehow made Kerry shift his eyes and returned to Venus with tender looks.

Jingyan took a deep breath. Finally, it was covered up.

At this time, the meal was ready. Mrs. Duan called for everyone.

Everyone got up and sat down at the table.


Ziying used chopsticks to get a piece of spare rib. When she was about to put it in Jingyan’s bowl, Jingyan gave her a glare. Thinking of Jingyan’s parents at the dinner table, she quickly took back the chopsticks.

When Chuxue saw it, her eyes rolled, “Brother, I’d like some ribs, but it’s too far away!”

Jingyan stared at her and gave her a piece of rib without saying a word. After eating for a while, Chuxue raised her head and said, “I want to eat eggplant.”

“Scrambled eggs with tomatoes.”

“Pig’s feet.”


All over the table was the voice of Chuxue commanding Jingyan. On one side, Kerry and Venus were used to it, but Mr. Duan turned gloomy.

Was this a warning? His daughter had not married into Ye family yet and met such a difficult sister-in-law, how could she live well in the future? After all, he wanted his daughter to live a lifetime with Jingyan, so he got to guard for her.

Thinking about this, Mr. Duan put down his chopsticks and quietly looked at Chuxue asking for this and that. However, it seemed that Chuxue didn’t see it and continued to chatter.

Mr. Duan covered his mouth and coughed. The movement on the table stopped. Ziying had been upset. It was not easy to hide her anger just now, but with her father’s support now, she stared at Chuxue recklessly.

She didn’t expect that Chuxue, who was good to her originally, suddenly became like this today.

Jingyan also felt the strange atmosphere at the dinner table, but he didn’t think that something was wrong. He was taught to take care of his sister well since he was a child. He had been used to these things for a long time, and felt nothing wrong with it.

Mr. Duan took a look at Kerry and saw that he was indifferent, who only softened his eyes when he set his eyes on Venus. Mr. Duan couldn’t help but feel angrier.

But when he thought that his daughter liked Jingyan so much, he could only restrain his anger and asked lightly, “Jingyan, have you found a place for your parents to stay?”

Jingyan didn’t expect him to ask such a question. A little stupefied, he said, “I already reserved a room. It’s in the hotel I stayed in.”

Mr. Duan pondered, “How can they stay in a hotel? We have an apartment in the city. How about we asking someone to clean it up and you staying there for the time being?”

“No need, thanks.”

Jingyan was about to reply, but he was interrupted by Kerry, “I bought a villa around the Third Ring road before, and now it just comes in handy.”

Mr. Duan kept still for a long while before he gave a stiff smile. It was obvious that Kerry disliked them. Was the villa better?

Venus saw that the atmosphere was getting stiff, and quickly came to join in the conversation, “Compared with these trivia things, shouldn’t we discuss about the big day? Which date should we choose?”

This topic attracted Mrs. Duan, who wasn’t speaking. She said softly, “I’ve seen a few days, but the best one is the first day of next month.”

“First day of next month?” Venus exclaimed, “Won’t that be too hasty?”

Mrs. Duan shook her head. “If we start to prepare from now on, it won’t be so hurry.”

Venus turned to look at his son. This was his life. She didn’t want to be too authoritarian.

Jingyan had intended to make do with getting married. Naturally, he was not enthusiastic about this kind of thing. Ziying around him was very positive though. Seeing Venus looking at her side, she thought that Venus was asking for her advice.

She quickly raised her head and shook it. It seemed that this was not enough. She said, “Jingyan and I have no objection!”

Venus frowned. The girl took the initiative too much. She was asking her son. How could she answer the question?

Venus and Kerry looked at each other. They both saw satisfaction in each other’s eyes, but it was not good to express it publicly. They only smiled and accepted it.

When they were leaving, Ziying was reluctant to part with Jingyan. She pulled the corner of Jingyan’s coat, until she walked him to the elevator entrance, then slowly released the corner of his coat.

Back in the car, Venus asked Chuxue, who was humming a popular song in the front seat, “Why were you so fussy at the dinner? I remember you didn’t like pig’s feet.”

Chuxue’s humming stopped. She turned her head and said, “Mom, as you saw it, Ziying’s father was like that, I can’t stand him!”

“Who allowed you to say such things about an elder?” Venus slightly frowned and scolded her daughter in a harsh voice.

She had never talked to Chuxue like this. For a moment, Chuxue couldn’t smile any more. She frustratingly touched her nose and sat back in the codriver’s seat, eyes brimming with tears.

Chapter 351 Reunion, Family Get Together (2)

Venus also realized that what she just said to her was too harsh, so she ended up being silent.

Jingyan Ye was driving, but kept an eye on Chuxue Ye. Seeing she was about to cry, he sighed and handed her a tissue.

“Take it away! I’m not crying!” said Chuxue with a nasal voice. She pushed away the tissue in front of her, but her tears flowed down.

Kerry, who was taking a nap, slowly opened his eyes and asked with a frown, “What’s wrong? Why is Chuxue crying?”

He then looked at Jingyan.

“I didn’t make her cry.”Jingyan hastily explained.

“I spoke too harshly to her just now” Venus said.

Kerry lightly laughed and took her in his arms, “Just now you are not satisfied with Duan family at dinner. Why are you angry now?”

“I just don’t understand why Jingyan wants to marry her suddenly.” Venus said angrily, and then looked at Jingyan, “What exactly do you like about her?”

Jingyan shook his head. “I don’t know.”

“You obviously still like Yiyao.” said Chuxue.

“You know me so well?” Jingyan sneered. He knew that he was still deeply in love with Yiyao.

Chuxue didn’t say anything and only felt sad.

Venus sighed. Since it was her son’s choice, she could only agree to his marriage with Ziying Duan.

Then they were silent.

Twenty minutes later, they returned to the villa. Chuxue was the first to get off, picked a room, went in and closed the door. The next thing was to discuss the marriage. She could not help them and also did not want to help them.


Jinyi Bai wiped his mouth with a towel. His eyes inadvertently glanced at Yiyao Duan’s bowed head. Looking at her long eyelashes moving from time to time, he was tempted.

“Why do you keep looking at me?” Yiyao uncomfortably touched her nose and immediately shifted her gaze when her gaze met his.

Jinyi smiled faintly, “You don’t seem to have slept well these days. You have dark circles under your eyes and also lost a lot of weight.”

Then she touched her eyes. She had a good time for the past two days. It was just that at night she could not help but think of Jingyan. Her heart ached at the thought of him looking tenderly at other grils and being kind to them.

“I’ll take you to a place.” Jinyi suddenly said.

Before Yiyao could react, her hand was already held by him.

“Where are we going?” asked she.

Jinyi turned his head and smiled, “You’ll know when you get there.”

“But my flowers aren’t ready yet.”

“Xiaocui will help you.”

Then they walked for about ten minutes and finally stopped in front of a large tree.

She looked up at the gate and asked, “This is the school where you work.”

Jinyi nodded.

He was looking carefully at the name hanging on the tree. Then he turned his head and said with a smile, “This tree is said to be able to bless long-lasting love. Although I don’t believe it, I still want to bring you here to see it.”

Yiyao was stunned and looked at the tree carefully. The tree was very low, and she stood on tiptoe just to reach its branches. There were many strips of cloth hanging on it, and the card falling under it all had two names written on them.

“Does this thing really work?” Yiyao muttered.

Jinyi patted the dust on his hands and said, “No one knows if it works, but everyone chooses to believe it because they love the people around them too much.”

Hearing Jinyi’s words, Yiyao knew he was professing his love for her. She hurriedly changed the topic. “You’re a teacher at this school, but the doorman doesn’t seem to know you.”

“I just came to work here not long ago.” Jinyi didn’t care about her changing the topic and carefully explained to her.

Yiyao nodded her head, but didn’t know what to say.

Jinyi looked at her tenderly and took a card from his pocket, “I specifically asked about the ritual of making a wish, why don’t we try it too?”

Yiyao nodded, looking at the card with interest.

“When you make a wish, you have to be sincere. Close your eyes and think of the person you want to spend your life with.”

Yiyao obediently closed her eyes. When she thought of the words “think of the person you want to spend your life with”, Jingyan’s face appeared in her mind. She uncontrollably thought of his smile, his goodness, which was engraved in her heart.

She froze and hurriedly opened her eyes, glanced at Jinyi.

A few seconds later, he suddenly opened his eyes and met Yiyao’s gaze. He was slightly stunned and smiled at her.

Yiyao hurriedly moved her eyes away, “I …… we’d better hang the card first. But we haven’t engraved our names yet.”

Jinyi turned the wooden card over, “I’ve already carved our names on it.”

Yiyao saw two people’s names engraved on it and had mixed feelings.

“I was afraid that you would not want to come, so I carved the names on it in advance. If you don’t come, I’ll just hang it on the tree myself.”

Yiyao smiled awkwardly.

“Mr. Bai.” Suddenly a girl’s voice came. In the blink of an eye, she had already walked up to the two of them.

“Mr. Bai, why haven’t you come to school these days? Are you sick?” That girl stared at Jinyi and asked.

Seeing that he was holding a card in his hand, she was surprised, “Mr. Bai, you want to hang a card on the tree. What’s written on it?”

All the students in this school know that the card hanging under this tree is for love. The reason she asked was that she wanted to see the name on the card

Jinyi avoided her touch and smiled gently, “I had some urgent matters to deal with, so I took a leave of absence.”

“What is your important matter?” The student asked.

Jinyi looked up at Yiyao. The girl also followed his gaze and turned her head to look at Yiyao.

“Mr. Bai, who is she?” asked the student.

“She is my girlfriend.” Jinyi held Yiyao’s hand and said.

“What?” The girl was shocked. “When did you have a girlfriend?”

Jinyi stared at Yiyao, signaling that it was her turn to speak. Yiyao coughed. She hadn’t been afraid of anyone in the battlefield, but she was afraid of dealing with issues related to women.

“That …… I’ve only been with Mr. Bai for four days.”

That girl was so angry. “Mr. Bai, Can you tell me why you’re looking for me every day the other day?”

Hearing her words, Yiyao looked at Jinyi, puzzled.

“Feng, when was the other day?” Jinyi explained with a smile on his face

“It was probably not long after school started.”

“That’s right.” Jinyi explained, “You failed several subjects in the final exam last semester. I’m looking for you every day to keep you from skipping class.”

Feng Xiao probably didn’t expect Jinyi to explain like this. All her enthusiasm for him dissipated and she was just crying.

Jinyi had never made a girl cry before. He looked at Yiyao, but saw that she also shook her head.

“That … Feng, I …?”

Feng didn’t pay any attention to him, shedding tears.

Yiyao secretly poked Jinyi with her elbow and asked in a low voice, “What should we do?”

Jinyi took out a handkerchief and handed it to her.

“Feng, what’s wrong?” He asked.

“Mr. Bai, I like you.”Feng took the handkerchief, dried her tears, and tilted her head to confess her love to him.

Her words shocked Jinyi. He thought for a moment and said seriously, “Feng, perhaps you have misunderstood something. You are just my student.”

Saying that, he turned his head to look at Yiyao, “And she is my girlfriend.”

Feng looked up at Yiyao, then cried even more and left this place that made her sad.

Only when Feng walked away did Jinyi withdraw his gaze.

“What’s wrong? Do you like her too?” Yiyao teased.

“Yiyao, you clearly know that I like you.”

“I’m just kidding.” Yiyao laughed. Then she looked at the red ribbon on his hand and said, “If you don’t hang it on the tree, I’m leaving.”

Only then did Jinyi realize that he was holding something in his hand. He wandered around under the tree and found a branch that was slightly higher than the others. Then he carefully hung it up.

Yiyao crossed her hands on her chest and watched him struggling to hang the card to the highest place with mixed emotions.

“There! I’ve hung it up on the tree.” Jinyi turned his head and said happily. The sun shone on his face through the thick branches and leaves, and he smiled brightly.

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