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Chapter 352: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 352 Unless She Is Back Alive (1)

“Didn’t you say that you wanted to eat braised spareribs with brown sauce. Since I have nothing to do today, I’ll do it for you.”

Yiyao Duan admitted that she was soft hearted. Facing a man who was good to her sincerely, guilt would always prevail over reason.

Sure enough, Jinyi was surprised, “Really?”

He had always wanted to enter the life of Yiyao, but he never had a chance. This time, she volunteered to cook for him, which was totally unexpected to him.

“Let’s buy something from the supermarket later. I don’t have many vegetables here.”

Jinyi touched his head embarrassingly. He always made do with eating out. Nothing was added to the fridge since his parents left.

“Well, let’s go now.” Yiyao didn’t think it mattered. It was normal that some people were good at cooking while other were not. It was like that she couldn’t teach college students.

When getting to the car, they thought of a problem. The car should have been put in the 4S shop for maintenance. It was because that they couldn’t get a taxi near the flower shop, he still drove the car. Now there was no need to use it. For their safety, it was better to take a taxi.

The taxis on the street came and went. Jinyi waved at random, and a car stopped in front of them.

But the car was not a taxi. The moment it stopped, a young man came out from the driver’s seat, who was dressed up like a hooligan, with a cigarette in his mouth and a slender iron bar in his hand.

Then, three other young men came out from the back seat. The leader circled around Jinyi and Yiyao, “Are you Mr. Bai?”

Jinyi frowned and pulled Yiyao behind his back. “I’m Bai.”

“Don’t talk nonsense. I don’t care if your surname is Bai or not.” The youth interrupted him, “You make Feng Xiao cry, I won’t let you go!”

The youth rolled up his sleeves and spit a mouthful of phlegm. The iron bar in his hand swayed up and down, “Do you have anything else to say?”

Jinyi’s heart was tightened, “Who are you?” He didn’t remember that there were such students in his school.

The youth sneered, “Are you scared now? Feng is my woman. You made her cry. You should see this coming!”

His patience was used up. He stepped back and let the people behind him go up to surround Jinyi and Yiyao.

Jinyi frowned, with one hand stopped in front of the chest, “This is my fault, but it has nothing to do with the woman behind me, you let her go.”

Hearing what he said, those who were about to start the attack looked at the youth behind them. The youth waved his hand. “I’m not an unreasonable man. You let the woman come out by herself. We won’t touch her.”

Jinyi put down a little guard, turned to Yiyao and said, “Yiyao, you go away far.”

Yiyao smiled and rubbed her wrist. “This matter started originally because of me. You should not be involved in the first place. How can I go away now?”

Her neck turned a circle, and her eyes turned icy, “If you want to do it, do it fast. Don’t waste time!”

“Yiyao!” Jinyi called her in a deep heavy voice.

“Since this woman has some temper, don’t blame me then!”

He pressed his hand to show the men, “Do it!”

The young men heard his command, without any more hesitation, the one at the front held an iron bar to aim at Jinyi, wanting to hit him in the head.

It was just a matter of time, Yiyao suddenly jumped out from behind Jinyi, and caught the falling iron bar. With a left spin, she kicked him to the ground.


The man screamed. All the others came back to their senses. Some of them couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw the man lying on the ground.

“You…don’t think that I dare not beat a woman!” Another young man who had retreated immediately rushed out and quickly waved the iron bar in his hand to Yiyao’s forehead.

Yiyao sneered, moved her steps, and avoided easily. She took her foot as the center of a circle, swept on the ground, and all the men fell to the ground.

“Who else?” Yiyao got up from the ground and looked around. Everyone couldn’t help but step back.

She turned and walked to Jinyi, reached out and pushed him, “What’s the matter with you? Scared by me?”

Jinyi woke up as if from a dream. He shook his head, “I didn’t expect you to be so powerful.”

“When I was in the army, the trainings were intense, so my strength is stronger than ordinary people.”

“Yiyao!” Jinyi opened his eyes and looked behind her. Yiyao was puzzled. She turned around slowly and saw the back of a head.

Without knowing when, Jinyi had blocked in front of the young men. The injured youth bit his teeth and threw out the iron bar in his hand.

Jinyi closed his eyes and was ready to accept a head-on blow. But his body was pushed away by a force. When he opened his eyes, two of the young men were found lying on the ground.

Yiyao angrily pushed him, “Are you stupid? The iron bar is still in front of me!”

Seeing Yiyao OK, he breathed a long sign of relief, “You’re OK!”

Yiyao’s heart softened and her brows slowly loosened. It turned out that he did it for her.

The security guard at the door rushed over when he heard the noises. Seeing that the attack failed, the young man quickly dragged his injured foot to the car, and his men were so scared that they threw down their weapons and followed him.

The security guard patrolled around. When he found Jinyi and Yiyao lying on the ground, he quickly came up, “Mr. Bai, are you alright?”

Jinyi waved his hand, just about to speak, there was a sharp pain in the waist.

“What’s the matter?” Yiyao looked at him anxiously. Seeing that he looking at herself in aggrieving, she found that she was still lying on him.

She quickly stood up and reached for Jinyi. But Jinyi frowned and refused her, “No, I can stand up by myself.”

“What’s the matter with you?” Yiyao didn’t feel it right. She squatted down again and looked around him.

Seeing that he had been covering his waist with his hands, she pursed her lips and pulled away his hands. Jinyi’s brow was wrinkled, but he didn’t make a sound.

“You sprained your waist?”

Jinyi nodded difficultly, “I’m all right, it’s not very painful.”

Yiyao rubbed her eyebrows. It was her negligence. She was a living person, lying on him with so much strength and weird posture. She didn’t feel any different, but actually there was a big square stone under his waist.

With the help of the security guard, Yiyao took Jinyi into a taxi. In his case, it was hard to move him, not to mention shopping in a supermarket. The top priority was to get him to the hospital.

Standing in front of the hospital, Yiyao couldn’t help sighing. She seemed to be very intimate with the hospital during this period of time and always ended up here.

“When you go back, have a good rest. You can’t do a lot of exercise.”

The doctor signed a few on the list. As soon as she looked up, she saw Yiyao, “Why are you here again?”

Yiyao felt her nose awkwardly. Wasn’t this female doctor a gynecologist? Why did she go to orthopedics?

The doctor seemed to see through her thoughts, and explained lightly, “I majored in orthopedics, and I also learned gynecology well. A few days ago, my mentor went out to give a speech, so I covered his shift for a few days.”

With that, she looked back and forth on both of them for a while, “You should also restrain yourself. Your menstruation is just over, you should wait a little longer to do that. You have to know that body is the foundation of revolution.”

Yiyao’s face immediately turned red to the root of her neck, “We didn’t…”

“I know you two are passionate, but from a medical point of view, too much exercise in bed is not good for your health.”

Now even Jinyi was shy. He bowed his head and didn’t dare to talk, for fear that the more he explained, the deeper the doctor would misunderstand them.

Yiyao was speechless. Were doctors so open now?

Seeing that they didn’t speak, the doctor regarded it as acquiescence. “I’m right, am I? When you go back today, don’t do it anymore. If the waist can’t be cured, it will be a lifelong problem.”

As she finished, her eyes ambiguously blinked at Yiyao. They were both women, how could she not understand? It had been hard for this young man.

Yiyao wanted to bump her head against the wall. What a lifetime problem, she couldn’t understand at all!

After getting out of the hospital, Yiyao and Jinyi were inexplicably embarrassed. Just now, the doctor’s advice seemed to be in her ears: it’s best to have sex two or three times a week, too much would hurt your body, too few would make your life unbearable.

Both of them dared not look at each other, but Jinyi still needed someone to help him with his waist. Yiyao reached out to help, but just as touching his wrist, she shrank.

“That…that…go back and have a good rest. I’ll cook you dinner for the sake of your health.” In order to make things not too embarrassed, Yiyao said some random words.

But her caring words made things even more imaginative. Jinyi blushed like on fire, while his voice was as thin as a mosquito, “Don’t worry, let’s eat out.”

Yiyao frowned, “How can you eat out like that? You’d better trouble less.”

“Sorry for all of this.”

The conversation between the two fell into silence again. Fortunately, the taxi arrived at the destination soon. Yiyao took him upstairs and went downstairs alone. She asked the residents nearby, and went to the vegetable market to buy a lot of fruits and vegetables.

Back at Jinyi’s home, he was reading in bed. Yiyao checked on him and went to the kitchen.

When she opened the fridge, she found that it was empty. There were only two bottles of unfinished mineral water left. With a sigh, she took out the food in the bag and put them neatly in the fridge.

Turning around, she placed the kitchen utensils neatly on the stage. She stood in the same place and thought for a moment. Then, she began to deal with the food quickly.

“Ding Dong…”

Just as the fire was opened, the doorbell rang. Yiyao wiped her hand on the apron and ran to open the door.

Chapter 352 Unless She Was Back Alive (2)


As soon as Yiyao Duan opened the door, a middle-aged man stood at the door. When he saw Yiyao, he was obviously stunned. He withdrew and looked at the door number again. He muttered to himself, “It’s not wrong!”

“Hello, who are you looking for?” Yiyao held a spatula. Seeing the man step back, she quickly put it behind.

“I’m looking for Jing Bai.

Yiyao searched in her mind for a long moment before she suddenly remembered that Jinyi seemed to have mentioned that Jing Bai was his father.

“Please come in. I’ll get someone for you.”

The man gave her a gentle smile, “Thank you.”

Yiyao walked into Jinyi’s bedroom. Jinyi already heard the noises and looked up from the book, “What’s the matter?”

“There is a middle-aged man outside. He was looking for your father. You’d better go out and have a look.”

Jinyi nodded and struggled to prop up. The pain in the waist was intensifying. He had to lay on the bed.

Yiyao couldn’t help frowning and put down the spetula in her hand, “Don’t move, let me help you.”

She went over and held Jinyi’s arms. She was about to lift them up, but as soon as her slippers slipped, Jinyi lay on the bed again. The sharp pain brought up some water into the corner of his eyes.

Yiyao’s hands were on both sides of Jinyi. Her head was only one palm thick from him. Yiyao frowned and was about to get up, but behind her came the sound of footsteps.

She didn’t have time to respond. Mr. Duan was standing at the door, “You…you go on. I’m just passing by.”

Mr. Duan turned around awkwardly. Originally, he just wanted to go to the bathroom. When he heard someone yelling, he came over to find out. Unexpectedly…

In the living room, Mr. Duan looked at the floor restlessly, leaving Jinyi and Yiyao speechless. They had explained it several times that it was just an accident. Mr. Duan said that he believed it, but his behavior didn’t say the same.

“Oh, yes! Mr. Duan, what’s the matter with you coming here to see my father? ” Jinyi was too lazy to explain, and casually asked him what he came here for.

Mr. Duan seemed to suddenly think of something. He looked in his briefcase and took out a red card.

“This is a wedding invitation. My daughter is getting married early next month. I want to invite my teacher to come.”

Jinyi frowned, “Wedding? But my father has gone out for a seminar. I don’t think he can come back next month! “

“Seminar?” Mr. Duan frowned, looked up at both of them, and suddenly said with a smile, “It doesn’t matter. You two can show up instead.”

“We?” Yiyao exclaimed and pointed to herself. Was he sure? Why them? She could understand that he invited Jinyi, but why her?

Mr. Duan gave a simple and honest smile, “It’s not right for you to come alone. You’d better come as a couple.”

Yiyao opened her mouth, wanting to explain. But she caught a glimpse of the brilliance of Yijin’s smile, she held back and explained nothing.

“Then I wish your daughter a happy wedding in advance for my father.” Jinyi gently curled up his lips and received the wedding invitation.

He was in a good mood. He always wanted to find a chance to make the relationship between him and Yiyao public. This was undoubtedly a good opportunity.

When Mr. Duan saw that he received the wedding invitation, he got up and said, “I’ll go now. There’s another one to send.”

Jinyi quickly got up and wanted to see him off, but his waist didn’t allow him to do so. Mr. Duan gave him a meaningful look, “I’ll see myself out. You two can continue what you are interrupted.”

He had been a young people himself, so he knew that young people had more needs in this respect. He quickened his pace and left their world.

The two were left with big eyes staring small eyes, which reminded them of what the doctor in the hospital said, their faces blushing.

“What’s that smell?” Jinyi frowned and sniffed, “It seems that it came from the kitchen!”

Yiyao suddenly thought of the fish in the kitchen that had just been cooked. “Oh, no, I forgot the fish in the pot!”

She ran into the kitchen in a hurry. The fumes inside choked her eyes. The flame was burning in the pot. Yiyao caught a glimpse of the lid on her right hand. She quickly took it and put it on the pot. Then she dared to get close to it and turn off the fire.

“How’s it going…” Jinyi stood at the door. A few wisps of residual smoke floated into his nose, choking his rest words back to his throat.

Yiyao took him out and looked out of the window. As the night fell, they couldn’t get a table for dinner at that time. “You read the book more. Dinner will have to wait longer.”

Jinyi sat on the sofa, took a glass of water at hand and gave it to her, “If too trouble, let’s just have noodles.”


“Why say sorry, you are not to blame.”

Jinyi reached out and touched Yiyao’s head while she was taking the water. Seeing her expression slightly stunned, he couldn’t help smiling.

“We still have ribs. We can’t have fish, but we can have ribs.” Yiyao drank the water into her mouth in one gulp, put the cup on the table decisively, and turned into the kitchen.

From childhood to grownup, nothing ever beat her. She didn’t believe that she couldn’t have a satisfying dinner tonight!

Jinyi looked at her back and shook his head helplessly. Her character was what attracted him, which was determined and independent. It was estimated that nothing could really defeat her.

An hour later, Yiyao brought out her achievements, a plate of braised pork ribs with perfect color and flavor. She handed the chopsticks to Jinyi and motioned to him, “Have a try.”

Jinyi did not say much. He took the chopsticks and picked up a piece into his mouth. With the times of chewing, his eyes slowly widened. Finally, his eyes gave off a very bright light.

“How is it?”

Under Yiyao’s expectant eyes, Jinyi gave her a thumbs up gesture.

Yiyao smiled contentedly, “There’s also soup, I’ll bring it for you.”

When she came out, she had two dishes on both hands. On the left was a plate of scrambled eggs with tomatoes, and on the right was a bowl of fragrant soup.

“Time is limited, we’ll have to make do with these.”

Yiyao put down the dishes in her hand and quickly blew a few times on her fingers. The bowl of soup was not insulated. She had endured for a long while. When she put down the bowl, her hands were already red and swollen.

Her actions made Jinyi can’t help getting up and checking. When he saw that her fingers were bubbling, his tone was a bit heavy. “If you can’t bring it over once, you can do it two times. We’re not so short of a few minutes.”

Yiyao spat out her tongue and said with a dry smile, “I wanted to take it all at once to save troubles.”

Jinyi sighed, but didn’t know what he should do to her, so he had to find the medicine for burns himself.

“No, I came here to ease your troubles. How can I give you more troubles now?”

Yiyao put her arm in front of him. Seeing that Jinyi was not touched, she compromised, “Where is the medicine? I’ll get it myself. “

“In my bedroom drawer, there should be medicine for burns.” Jinyi remembered that in order to learn how to cook for Yiyao, he also suffered a lot burns, but so far he had not learned a decent dish yet.

The door of the bedroom was wide open. Yiyao went straight in and said, “You sit back. I can take care of my own injury!”

Jinyi nodded silently and sat back on the sofa behind him. His eyes caught a glimpse of the wedding invitation. Bored, he took it out.

“Jingyan Ye?”

He always felt that the name was inexplicably familiar. It seemed that he had seen it somewhere, but he couldn’t remember it.

He hadn’t even met Mr. Duan’s daughter. How could he know his son-in-law’s name? Shaking his head, he closed the invitation.

“Why don’t you eat it?” Yiyao fondled the gauze on her hands. Looking up, she saw Jinyi sitting on the chair. She couldn’t help frowning.

Jinyi moved away, took her hand and looked at it, “It’s no fun eating alone, so it’s better to wait for you.”

Holding their fingers together, Yiyao felt a little uneasy, but she still barely raised her lips. When she saw the invitation beside him, she couldn’t help but wonder, “That was your father’s…?”

“He was my father’s student, and often send some gifts on holidays and Spring Festivals.”

Yiyao had more respect for his father, who she had not met. He must be an excellent teacher. Otherwise, how could the student still remember him at this age.

After her reminding, Jinyi thought of the name coming to his eyes, and his mind flashed a light. Wasn’t that the man who hit his car today? He had his business card!

“What are you laughing at?” Yiyao stared at Jinyi suspiciously. She didn’t seem to tell any jokes, did she?

Jinyi shook his head, “No, I just think the world is too small.”

Suddenly saying such words, Yiyao were a little confused, what was too small? Was he talking about their meeting?

“It’s all right. Let’s eat!”


In Ye’s villa of the capital city.

Jingyan sat on the sofa watching the latest financial news. No matter what Chuxue said, he didn’t answer.

“Do you really make up your mind? This is the happiness of your life!” Chuxue relentlessly lied in Jingyan’s ear and shouted.

Jingyan turned his head to avoid her bombing, but Chuxue was not a person who was easy to give up. She hid on the sofa and looked him in the eye.

“If Yiyao were here, you would not do that. You have to understand it clear that it is Ziying Duan, not Yiyao Duan!”

Jingyan finally responded, “Didn’t you want me to forget the past? Why do you keep talking about her?”

“I’m afraid that you are being impulsive! You won’t be happy like this, and Ziying won’t be happy either. “

“Take good care of yourself. I can judge whether I am happy or not.” Jingyan closed the newspaper, got up and walked into his bedroom.

Chuxue also got up, but was stopped at the door, only to hear “bang”, the bedroom door locked from the inside.

Chuxue stomped in anger, “I won’t care about you anymore. If you regret it later, I won’t help you!”

She stopped to listen for a moment. Without hearing him respond to herself, she turned around and left.

In the room, Jingyan was lying on the bed, his eyes were full of injuries. Regret? How was that possible? Unless……

Unless Yiyao could be back alive.

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