Chapter 353 – 354: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 353: Contest

Wu Xiang stepped out from the side and said indignantly: “Kris Chen, you went too far, you are actually so cruel!”

Kris frowned. Why is this idiot, what tricks does he want to do?

After seeing Wu, the students in Class 20 of Tian said, “Teacher Xiang, you are the martial arts teacher in our class. Are you just watching us being bullied by other students?”

“Mr. Xiang, take revenge for us.”

Hearing what they said, Wu smiled and said: “Classmates, don’t worry, I also participated in the the innate-power stage group competition.”

He looked at Kris in the stands and said, “For a while, let me teach you the principles of life in the ring!”


Mr. Xiang also participated in the innate-power stage group competition?

The students in Class 20 of Tian cheered. He was the Fulfilled period of the innate-power stage. In the next step, it will be the return-to-nature stage.

How could Kris be Wu’s opponent?

“Mr.Xiang, come on, and teach him severely for a while.”

“Take him crippled.”

“No… just kill him…”

Tianba Li frowned and said: “TMr.Xiang, as a teacher, you are too bully to compete with students on the same stage, right?”

“Who stipulates that teachers can’t participate?”

Wu smiled and said, “Not counting the identity of Yanwu teacher, I am also a martial artist, and I can participate in this competition anyway.”

“You…really mean.” Tianba’s teeth tickled with anger.

Hearing Tianba’s words, Wu smiled coldly: “It seems that the students taught by Lan Xia are not of good quality. I remember that your name is on the list of The innate-power stage group. You’d better pray not to meet me later. Otherwise… I will definitely let you know what respecting the teacher is. “

After speaking, he turned around and left, leaving everyone with a bright head.

After Kris stepped down, Xiaorou Xu quickly took Kris back and forth to observe: “Are there any injuries?”

“No.” Kris smiled and said.

“Kris, you have to be careful in a while, this bald guy will probably embarrass you.” Tianba reminded.

“Relax, I know.”

The innate-power stage group has only one-fourth of the number of the acquired stage group, so within two hours, the top 100 was decided.

Next is the tense top 100 finals.

“Kris, I’m going to the game.”

After speaking, Tianba jumped into the ring.

However, what he didn’t expect was that Wu was the one who confronted him.

Kris’s face sank, it was definitely a black box operation.

Tianba was also dumbfounded.

He understood, this bald donkey must have used his identity to arrange himself with him in the same field.

This mother fucker is really sinister.

But he was not afraid at all, but instead inspired the fierceness in his bones.

“Go to hell!”

He carried the axe and rushed towards Wu.

His axe doesn’t have any skills at all, only the experiences he summed up from fighting all the year round.

There are not so many bells and whistles, just a hack at the head.

After breaking through the innate-power stage, Tianba’s strength greatly increased, and the genuine qi attached to the axe blade, greatly increasing its lethality.

There was a false smile on Wu’s face, and the contempt in his eyes made no secret.

Slow, it’s too slow.

Tianba’s speed is like a turtle speed in his eyes.

He sneered: “At such a slow speed, even the disciples of the Shaolin School who have just started learning martial arts are stronger than you.”

“You can only hide?” Tianba smiled coldly.


The axe cut the space, directly slicing a big gap in the ring.

“Bald donkey, are you still a man? Are you just hiding?”

Wu hates that others call him a bald donkey.

Tianba’s words undoubtedly poked his pain points fiercely.

“I wanted to accompany you for fun, but now let me teach you how to respect the teacher and respect the truth.”

As he said, he flipped his hand and a copper rod appeared in his hand.

One inch long and one inch strong, Tianba’s axe has no advantage.


The copper rod and the axe collided, making the sound of gold and iron delivery.

“Devil killed stick.”

The heavy copper rod crashed directly into the axe in Tianba’s hand.

And the rest of the force directly hit his shoulder.


Tianba directly knelt on the ground.


Seeing this scene, the students of Class 20 of Tian applauded together.

“Cool, Mr.Xiang, ou are so handsome!”

“It’s awesome, Tianba can’t even catch a stick.”

“What Westriver bully, I think it is Westriver soft egg king.”


Everyone burst into laughter.


Seeing this, Feifei Lin and her sister rushed to the ring: “Cousin, get out of the stage, you can’t fight anymore.”

They were worried when they saw Tianba being beaten like this.

Wu sneered in his heart, he wouldn’t let Tianba go so easily.



The copper rod swept Tianba away directly.

“Peaceful World!”

Wu’s face was cold, and he rushed to Tianba’s facade.

If he is hit with this stick, Tianba will be disabled if he is not dead!

“Ah…cousin, grun!”

Fuck, he dare to kill!

Kris is about to split, and this bald donkey is going to kill Tianba.

Just when he was about to rush forward, Lan had already jumped into the ring.

With a wave of her sleeve, Sturdy Energy pushed Wu directly away.

Wu said with a sullen face, “Lan, this is the ring, did you mean to break the rules of the game?”

Lan gave him a cold look, ignored him, and looked at the referee on the side: “Hurry up and announce the result of the game.”

The referee was also a school teacher, and knew the temper of the female Tyrannosaurus, so he nodded and announced: “Wu won this round.”

After the referee announces the result of the game, no matter what, the winning side is not allowed to act. Otherwise he will automatically lose the election.

After announcing the result, Lan didn’t even look at Tianba, and flew off the ring.

Kris stepped forward to check Tianba’s injury, and took a deep breath.

The shoulder blade was fractured and five or six ribs were broken.


Feifei and her sister rushed to cry and pushed Kris away.

Afterwards, Rou Wen led the school medical team to check Tianba’s injury and said, “Don’t worry, nothing will happen.”

With Rou Wen there, Kris doesn’t have to worry about Tianba’s safety, but Wu, the mother fucker, completely made him angry.

Wu of The innate-power stage fulfilled period can definitely squeeze into the top three.

This hatred must be paid by Wu a hundred times.

Soon, it was Kris’s turn to play, this time it was not Wu who was against him.

So it took him ten seconds to end the battle.

Kris’s strong posture made many people look at him.

“That’s interesting!” Wu stared at Kris and sneered.

After the top 100 match, and then the top 40, Kris did not match Wu again in this round.

It took ten seconds to end the opponents of the innate-power stage later period, and the scene was in an uproar again.

Xiaorou’s pretty face flushed with excitement.

It’s too powerful, and it only takes ten seconds to solve the battle again.

The cheers of the audience even attracted the attention of other ring players.

For example, Yanru Sima in the next ring arena, she has been winning in the innate-power stage later period, and has not met a considerable opponent.

She had a feeling of invincibility.

She heard the voices of the crowd and couldn’t help but looked over: “Is it another ten seconds to solve the opponent? Maybe I can play with him in the next round!”

Kris completely aroused her curiosity. Not only can he concoct medicine, but his cultivation level is also so high. If such a talent is accepted by her, it will definitely be a very fulfilling thing.

Half an hour later, the top forty games ended, and the exciting top ten games came.

After several hundreds of The innate-power stage players went through rounds and rounds, only ten remained.

At this time, the referee on the ring shouted: “Kris vs. Wu!”


At this moment, the players in the audience were excited.

Especially the students from Class 20 of Tian screamed excitedly.

“Mr. Xiang, hammer him.”

“Fuck him!”

Wu looked at Kris coldly. He hasn’t been in school for a while, otherwise he would have thought of a way to get rid of him.

His brother’s death must have something to do with Kris!

“Kris, tell me who killed my brother.”

Kris smiled coldly: “How do I know? He is your brother and not my brother, how do I know?”

Wu snorted coldly and said, “Bull shit, I hope you don’t beg for mercy for a while.”

It’s normal to beat people to death in the ring.

How could Wu miss such a good opportunity.

When Kris was killed, he thought of a way to get Mary Su.

This fulfilled his brother’s dream.

“Devil Killed stick!”

Wu shouted, and a copper rod suddenly appeared in his hand.

Wu of the innate-power stage fulfilled period was a joke in front of Kris of the back-to-self stage. If he was willing, even if he stood and let him fight, he would never break his sturdy Energy protection.

“Peaceful World!”

As soon as he came up, Wu directly used the big move. He wanted to use a stick to destroy Kris’s legs, so that he could not escape from the ring.

Then slowly torturing him!

Floating power!

He saw that the copper rod was about to hit his legs, and he dodged.

“Come again, peaceful world!”


Another stick came over.

But Kris still avoided it.

“I will push you into the corner and see where you hide.”

The stick was swung by Wu, and Kris was quickly forced into the corner of the ring by him.

“Hide, hide again.”

Wu covered the stick with genuine qi, and shouted hoarsely: ” Peaceful world!”


The copper rod tore the air and made an explosive sound, and everyone only saw a dark shadow smashing towards Kris.


The copper stick attached to the genuine qi directly shattered the surface of the ring.

Click! Click!

The gap spreads outward like a spider web.


He escaped?

Everyone was stunned! They didn’t even see how Kris escaped.

How is this possible?

How could he be so fast?

“Tsk tusk, the speed is too slow!”

Wu was shocked, when did he go behind me?

Just when he was about to turn around, Kris shot.

Split the muscles!

He grabbed Wu’s arm, followed by a series of “clicks”.


The severe pain spread from Wu’s arm to his whole body.

All the joints of his left hand were removed.

“Get out of me!”

He clenched his right hand and slammed it towards Kris.

However, Kris squeezed his fist easily.

“Tsk tut, didn’t you eat?”

When the voice fell, Kris tried hard.

“What the fuck…”

Wu screamed, his fist was crushed by Kris.

The phalanx pierced the skin and plunged into the palm of the hand, painful.

It was not over yet, Kris kicked him on the back foot.

With a puff, Wu knelt on the ring.

Kris once again used the splitting and staggered hand, removing all the joints of his right hand in the same way.

“I surrender, I surrender, I surrender…”

Wu feels that half of his life is almost gone. If this continues, he will definitely die.

“Referee, announce the result!”

Tears filled Wu’s face.

The referee is also helpless.

Jump out of the ring yourself, or kick out of the ring by Kris, you choose.

Chapter 354: Condemnation

Wanted to escape?

How could there be such a good thing!

Kris Chen smiled coldly and kicked Wu Xiang’s right leg.


With a crisp sound, the thigh bone was directly kicked off.

Soon after, he raised his foot and broke his left leg.

Wu fainted in pain.

Cruel, it’s too cruel.

The students in Class 20 of Tian were frightened.

Jun Tong and Tiandong Zhai were even more pale seeing this.

They never thought that Kris was so bold. Wu is the school’s martial arts teacher. Isn’t he afraid of the school’s blame?

Lan Xia is powerful, but torturing the teacher is a felony, even if it is in the ring.

“Kris, you are done, you dare to beat the teacher cruelly, the school will definitely not let you go.”

The students in Class 20 couldn’t help shouting.

Ha ha…

Kris sneered coldly. Is this cruel?

Compared to what he did to Tianba Li, isn’t that cruel?

“Still playing dead?”

Kris raised his fist and hit his collarbone.


Broken clavicle.

“This punch is for Tianba.”

Wu woke up in pain from his coma.

While talking, Kris raised his fist again.


Another punch went down.

“Ka Ka Ka”

All the ribs on Wu’s chest were broken.

A large mouthful of blood spurted from Wu’s mouth.

This bloody scene directly scared many girls into tears.

The referee couldn’t stand it anymore, he quickly walked over and said: “Kris won this round.”

Kris smiled coldly and said, “Tianba was almost killed just now, why didn’t you announce the end of the game? Are you bullying my buddy?”


“Presumptuous?” Kris laughed loudly. “Then I will show you presumptuously.”

Extreme Sun Palm.

A powerful genuine energy condensed in his palm.


Kris directly destroyed Wu’s belly with a palm. In this life, he could not cultivate such a higher stage.

Immediately afterwards, he kicked the inhumane Wu off the ring.

He said to let Wu repay it a hundred times, and he did what he said!

Fuck The Academy of Six Major Schools, letting the teachers of the college compete with the students on the same stage!

The referee was frightened by the murderous aura pervading Kris.

Half…half-step condensation?

This kid was about to break through the return-to-nature stage. No wonder he defeated Wu so easily.


Hearing what the referee said, everyone in the audience took a deep breath.

Their eyes were full of incredibility.

How old is Kris?

The 25-year-old boy?

Doesn’t it mean that he may be promoted to the return-to-nature stage at any time?

Thinking of this, everyone can’t express the envy.

Jun Tong, Shou Yan, and others are even more panic.

They had no fighting power, and they can’t even break through the innate-power stage. Kris was almost breaking into the return-to-nature stage.

They dared to provoke Kris, Jun was already panicked. If his father knew he provoke a the return-to-nature stage boss, he would definitely break his leg.

Jun Tong can’t afford to offend Kris, let alone Yan Shou and Pan Wang. Practitioners in the return-to-nature stage can kill them by raising their hands.

“Jun Tong, let’s find a chance to go and apologize to Kris.” Shou Yan said with a sad face.

“Shut up!” Jun Tong gritted his teeth.

“Jun Tong, soon Mr. Chen will step down, we will go and apologize.” Pan Wang is more direct, even the title has changed.

He looked at the proud Kris in the stands, and his head dropped heavily.

“He was so cruel, he actually abolished Wu directly.” Master Shiming couldn’t stand it anymore and said to Yuanqiao Zhang, “Head Zhang, this student is so young that he has such a serious heart that he must be killed.”

“Yes, Wu is a school teacher. As a student, he actually wanted to kill his teacher and must not stay!” Master Jinglian thinks that such a rebellious person will definitely be killed.

East Sword King said: “Today he dare to kill the teacher, tomorrow he dare to apostasy, it is only a matter of time before he falls into the evil way.”

South Sword King also stood up: “This son must be killed.”

“Sword King is right.”

Butong Hao said with a sneer: “This kid has reached half a step at a young age. In time, it will be too late when he has full wings and is a disaster for the common people.”

In fact, he was just pure jealousy. Kris is so young that he is about to break through the return-to-nature stage. He is almost sixty this year, and he is still wandering in the later period of the return-to-nature stage. The Back-to-self stage is hopeless in this life.

Thinking that he would be surpassed by such a young kid, he felt unbalanced.

“I agree too!” Daxiao Ma said.

Yuanqiao sighed and said, “If that’s the case, then I’m allowed.”

A group of people strode out of the office.

Just as the referee was about to announce the finals, Yuanqiao shouted at the referee: “The game is suspended!”

When the voice fell, everyone followed the prestige.


“Shaolin School, the first master of interpretation in Dharma Hall.”

“The deputy head of Emei, Master Jinglian.”

“Wuliangjian School, East Sword King , South Sword King…”

“Huashan School …”

“Gaibang School…”

Many people recognized them.

The audience was in an uproar.

Coming to participate in the martial arts competition, unexpectedly he saw so many bosses.

These were all legendary characters.

But many people were also surprised. Why should the final match be suspended?

The crowd backed away, automatically dividing a way.

Yuanqiao walked in the front, and the other six followed behind.

In the arena, the referee looked dazed, what’s the situation?

Why was the principal here?

He suddenly had the illusion that the principal and the others seemed to be coming for Kris.

Kris felt it too. An ominous premonition hung over his heart.

Several people leaped lightly and jumped onto the ring where Kris was.

While they looked at Kris, Kris was also looking at them.

“The leader who wore the robe was Yuanqiao, and the one behind should be Master Shiming. That nun must be Master Jinglian from Emei School…”

Before they assembled the elite of six major schools to besiege Shenlong Cult, Kris had already understood them thoroughly.

He faced the seven righteous leaders without a trace of timidity, and looked at them without fear.

“Are you Kris?” Yuanqiao said in a deep voice.

Kris arched his hand and said without humility or arrogance: “Exactly, I don’t know what the principal can advise.”

“No, I just want to ask you something.” Yuanqiao said, “Do you know your sins?”


Kris smiled coldly and asked, “I don’t know what to guilty of!”


Master Shiming chanted the Buddha’s name too much and glared: “Unbearable cruelty, rebellious, Wu is a school teacher, you actually abolished him directly, if the referee prevented you from intending to kill him?”

Kris looked at him with a smile and said, “It turned out to be for this matter, well, I also have a question to ask the principal and Master Shiming!”

“Wu is a school teacher, why would he compete with the students on the same stage? You should have seen the first two rounds of Tianba vs. Wu? If Ms. Xia hadn’t stopped him, Tianba might have broken his brain and died tragically. “

Kris’s face became completely cold: “I want to ask, is Tianba a school student? As a teacher, Wu actually killed the students, so why can’t I kill him?”

“Presumptuous! Who gave you the courage to talk to us like this?” Master Jinglian scolded too: “Master killing is a big bogey. You injured Wu and abolished his pubic region.

Now you are not only unrepentant, but also full of nonsense and rebelliousness. Today I will end you personally. “

With that, Master JingLian took out her sword and was about to rush over.

At this moment, a beautiful figure flew up from the stage.


Lan stood in front of Kris.

“Ms. Xia you…”

“Shut up!”

Lan gave him a stern look, then looked at Master Jinglian: “I am Kris’s teacher. If you want to punish him, please punish me first.”


East Sword King stepped out and said, “Lan, this has nothing to do with you. Get out of the way. He has gone crazy. Be careful that he hurts you.”


Lan said firmly in his eyes, “The student made a mistake, how could the teacher watch him die in front of me?”

Lan’s words caused a warm current to flow in Kris’s heart.

It didn’t matter to her, Kris didn’t want to involve her.

“Ms.Xia, leave me alone. I’m not wrong about this, but they are wrong!” Kris said with a sneer: “Let the teachers and students compete on the same stage, and treat the students’ lives as if they were dead. If they insist on killing me, then come on.”

A cold light flashed in his hand, and The dagger: Kill Qin suddenly appeared in his hand.

“Look at whether I died first or you died first.”

The voice fell, and the audience was in an uproar.

Jun Tong and others are dumbfounded!

What’s the situation?

Kris wanted to fight with the principal?

There was only one thought in everyone’s mind, and that was that Kris was crazy!

Immediately afterwards, the audience burst into laughter.

“Jun…Jun Tong, shall we still apologize?” Shou Yan whispered.

“We won’t apologize.” Jun Tong pointed to the ring and said, “Are you blind? This kid is about to be killed by the principal.”

Tiandong shook his head regretfully: “He will be fine if he admits a mistake.!”

Xiaorou was surprised and frightened, she hurriedly climbed the ring to Kris’s side, and took his hand: “Kris…”

“Xiaorou, go now, the sooner the better!”


Xiaorou shook her head repeatedly, tears falling from her eyes: “I won’t go, I want to stay with you here.”

“Silly girl, you are dragging me down here!”

Kris said cruelly: “Go, if you don’t go, I hate you forever!”

He knew all these people.

Those who follow them prosper, those who oppose them die.

They play the title of famous decent and fight every day.

Their disciples have no good character.

Qiang Xiang was not a good person, if Kris hadn’t arrived in time that night, Lan might have been tainted by Qiang.

“Do not…”

“Go!” Kris said fiercely.

“Okay, I’m going now!”

Xiaorou knew that Kris was afraid of her being hurt. She had never hated herself so much. If her cultivation level was higher, she wouldn’t have to let Kris face it alone.

She ran out while crying. When she ran to the school gate, she suddenly stopped.

No, she can’t watch Kris die!

She dialed a number…

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