Chapter 355 – 356: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 355: Yu Su’s leave

At the same time at the Pavilion of Prince Teng Square in Beihai City, the Star Lord contest has already reached a fever pitch.

Comparing with ordinary Martial arts competition, the Star Lord contest was truly cruel.

From yesterday to now, there were dozens of participant who lost their life in the ring and hundreds have been beaten into disable persons.

Only those who can win all the way at the final moment could be eligible for the titles of Star Lord of Baihu and Star Lord of Xuanwu.

Lean Monk and others watched the game with gusto, but Quan Mu suffered a lot.

Since last night, Quan had always felt like to vomit. Till now, her pregnancy vomiting reaction got much worse.


She covered mouth with her hands. Thanks to the veil she wore, no one paid attention to her unusual condition.

She quietly stuffed a sour candy into her mouth, and the sense of vomitting became much slighter.

What happened to Kris. What could she do about her pregnancy?

She touched her belly. The baby therein is the best gift God has blessed her, but it won’t be long before her belly grows up. How could she cover it?

There were a sea of people in Tianshan Club house. There was nearly no space for newcomer to take a stand.

They all came from other cities overnight.

At the backstage, Xiaolong Tan and others couldn’t help laughing when they saw the lively scene.

“Welcome you all to the Jinlin Auction. On behalf of the Holy Dragon Sect, I’d like to extend my gratitude to you for your coming here.”

On the stage, Kuizi looked at the crowd with vigor and said, “Today, 15 Obstacle-Breaking Pill will be auctioned. There is no reserve price for them, and the starting price is 2 billion yuan, and each increments is no less than 10 million!”

“Now the auction begins!”

When the voice fell, a beautiful lady wearing a cheongsam came up with a sandalwood box in her hands, quietly lying an Obstacle-Breaking Pill inside.

Two billion!

Two billion one.

2.5 billion.

Three billion.

“Don’t try to compete with me, and I will pay six billion for it!”

An old man in Chinese tunic suit who was about 60 years old stood up and shouted.

This was the first one, and it sold six billion, which may mean much higher price for the next magical pills.

Six billion for the first time.

Six billion for the second time.

Six billion for the third time!

Congratulations to this old gentleman for obtaining the Obstacle-Breaking Pill. May he make more progress ever since.

The old man was trembling with excitement for he couldn’t believe that he really took the Obstacle-Breaking Pill.

He took a deep breath, and paid the bill on the site. Then he stepped onto the stage with a pious heart, took the Obstacle-Breaking Pill, and then swallowed it impatiently.

He had been stuck in the Fulfilled period of the innate-power stage for thirty years. If he couldn’t break through, he will never have a chance in his life.

As soon as Obstacle-Breaking Pill entered his abdomen, he felt that indestructible obstacle on his cultivation began to loosen, and after a minute, his whole body began to heat up.

“Look, there is smoke above his head!”

Seeing this scene, Wudi Geng quickly rose up at the backstage.

Add up Energy into a heavy blow sweeping frantically inside?

“Be quick, Kuizi, let everyone be quiet, the old man is in a breaking-through status, please don’t disturb him!”

Kuizi didn’t expect someone will try to break through on the spot.

Immediately, he shouted to everyone in the audience: “Everyone keep quiet, the old man is breaking through, don’t disturb him!”


Everyone looked at the old man with one accord, whose eyes were full of envy.

Five minutes later, the old man suddenly opened his eyes.

He opened his mouth and let out a long roar, and a powerful momentum released from his body.


The strong momentum made at least one-third of the audience feel great pressure.

“It took me thirty years to break through into the return-to-nature stage!” The old man cried with joy and couldn’t help kowtowing to the stage: “Thanks to Holy Dragon Sect. From now on , I would like to serve it!”


When the voice fell, everyone was in an uproar!

He made a breakthrough in less than ten minutes.


At this moment, everyone gazed at Kuizi with a hot glow in their eyes.

In the office of the President of Huayu Building, Mary Su felt uneasy today somehow.

Maybe something terrible would happen.

She was absent-minded at work today.

She didn’t know where Kris was gone. Last night, he didn’t come back again.

She suddenly remembered what Jane told her that man of ability should not be under tight control by his wife, because this would make him feel pressure at home.

The word made sense for Kris. She should leave him enough personal space.

A woman of private sagacity often lack a happy life. What she could do was to help Kris to keep the company well. As long as he went back, it doesn’t matter even if he got lovers outside.

To be honest, Mary was taken aback when Jane uttered the words. She couldn’t believe the words came out of her mother’s mouth.

Now she began to regret it. If Kris was not so rich and capable, would he be the same as before, waiting for her to return home every day?

Just when she was full of thought, the door knocked out, and Xue Mi came in anxiously and said, “President, a disaster is imminent.”

Mary quickly sat up and said, “What happened?”

“Just now I received the news that the family Su was slandering and deceiving outside under your name. And many distributors have already been deceived.”


Mary patted the table and rose up. Her face turned as cold as iron. It was more excessive than that they had came here yesterday to make a fuss.

Now how dare them practicing deception under her name.

“President, many channel partners are coming for an response now. They said that if we don’t give them an explanation, they will terminate the cooperation with us.” Xue said anxiously.

“Don’t worry, just make them steady first.” Mary said solemnly, “And then issue a notice in the name of the company that we have no third-party cooperation with family Su. After that, collect evidence and call the police!”


Xue stepped out on high-heeled shoes in a hurry.

Mary bit her lips and sank into thoughts.

It was time to end this farce. Now that they regarded her kindness as cowardice, they would eventually pay the price for their foolishness.

In the Su Family Manor, Hai and others were toasting to celebrate the victory.

Now Mary’s reputation was completely stinking, and even the reputation of Huanyu had also deteriorated.

As long as she was not convinced, the family would continue to corrupt the reputation of Mary Su and Huanyu Group.

Based on their understanding of Mary, Once she couldn’t stand the pressure in the end, she would definitely come here to make an apology.

At that moment, they would be able to take a share of Huayu’s business, which made them excited even it was only their day dream.

“Brother Hai, you are always a good mind!” Ming Su couldn’t help but give his praise.

“That is, Hai had been smart since he was a child!”

“Haha…thanks so much.” Hai felt satisfied about the compliment from them.

Among these people, only one did not raise a glass to give praise for him.

That person was Yu Su.

In the past two days, she figured it out all people around her. It was a family of no love, and now it completely chilled her heart.

She stood up, raised the glass in her hand, and said to everyone, “Brothers and sisters, I have a few words to tell you.”

When the voice fell, everyone’s eyes focused on her.

“Won’t you have an uneasy conscience as you treat Mary like this?”

Yu looked around everyone and continued, “Once upon a time, the family Su was just a third-rate family. Because of Mary, we reached a cooperation with Huanyu Group and made a lot of money. Don’t you know that standing among the second-rate family for us was just gained by luck?

However, you never feel indebted to Mary but blame everything on her.”

“Yu, shut up, are you drunk? Do you know what you are talking about?” Hai shouted at Yu.

Yu glanced at him coldly and said, “I am sober enough like never before. I have been in this home for almost 30 years, and I have never been so sober as this moment!”

“Hai, let her continue!” The old lady said with a calm face, “I want to see what she can say.”

“Grandma, you has gone too far!”

Yu smiled sullenly and said, “Don’t exploit us in the excuse of being good for the family. Don’t you remember the last time when Tiandong Zhai came to our family? It is a house-known fact that he is a licentious and shameless man. And what you did was just like to push me down the fire pit. But you didn’t expect that who he love was Mary, right?”

“Then you just sold Mary to Zhai without hesitation. Why is your heart so cruel? Because as who you care is Hai only, We are all no human but goods that wait to be sold at a price.”

“Since grandfather passed away, this family has changed totally, it has become indifferent, ruthless, and scary! And all of you are enchanted like demon. Don’t you feel ashamed about the harm you have done to her while she has helped the family Su through difficulties time and time again?”

“As Her given name is Su, all these thing are what she must do.”

“Fuck you must do!”

Yu wore a cold smile in her face and said, ” As you has drove her out of the family, how could you have no shame to ask for a deal with her? It must be the idea of Hai to make the ruthless decision to remove their genealogy, right?”

“If you are capable enough, then why don’t you take our family out of the predicament? Why don’t you rely on your own skills to prove yourself? How could you rely on Mary to revitalize the family? It is shameless that when Mary becomes the president of Huayu group, you are dreaming to take over everything from her.”

“For what? Just because you are a male descendant of Family Su? Have you made any contribution to this family? What else can you do but join in stupid street fight and make troubles every day?”

Yu’s words made Hai blown up.

He stood up and wanted to beat her!

Yu stood straightly against him and said loudly, ” Beat me now, rubbish, how dare you compare yourself with Kris, you are just a pitiful creature.”

“You’d better take back what you just said, otherwise I can’t promise not to beat you!” Hai’s eyes were red with a hideous face.

“Ha… a dragon at home, a worm outside!”

Yu felt that Hai was extremely disgusting at this moment.

She finished the wine in one sip, and shouted, “Grandma, just live with your dear grandson. Now I’m going to lead the life I want, and say goodbye to you all forever.”

With that said, she put down the glass and left without looking back.

The old lady trembled in violent rage, and kept chattering, “Damned girl, how could you?”

Yu’s words silenced everyone at present, especially some of the younger brothers from the Family Su, whose destiny was decided as soon as they were born and then arranged to marry one family after another.

There was no right for them to choose the life they wanted.

There were also some other male descendants who were capable and full of good ideas.

But they failed to please the old lady, and then they were marginalized by Hai, and the fruit from their efforts would be deprived, which was unbearable for them.

Mary, who had contributed the most to the Family, was driven away, and the eldest sister Yu also left with a flea in her ear. Obviously she would never come back again.

The family’s root was decayed indeed.

Some of the families were still complacent even when they cheated their closest family members.

Seeing that the atmosphere was dull, Mary felt terrible enough. She quickly raised a glass and said, “Let’s restore the party. It is no big deal for Yu’s leave!”

“Grandma, I’m a little dizzy, I’m going out to take a breath.”

“Grandma, I suddenly remember that I have something to do in company, so I must go back now.”

“Sorry, Hai, I have a parent-teacher conference to attend for my son this afternoon. I have to go.”

Chapter 356: An unfair fight

Hai Su pointed at them angrily: “You…you guys are out of your mind.”

“The Family has fed you with food and drinks, and provided you a superior life. However, at the most difficult juncture of the family, you choose to be bewitched by Yu Su rather than unite together to overcome the difficulty.

At this time, someone in the crowd said: “It is the Family who provides us with food and clothing, not you. You are just a man good for nothing.”

When the voice fell, the dissatisfaction of others was arose.

“Last year when I went to Yinlan International to reach a cooperation, you lied to me to take credit from Grandma, but what you did was to claim the credit on your own. You are a complete bastard.”

“I have something to say, too. It was Hai who egged grandma to order me to marry Zhao, who turned as a drug addict. You have put me into a sea of misery and threatened me not to speak out. However, today I will show everyone your ugly heart. And in addition, Zhao told me that why he became a drug addict was because you encouraged him to do. You are a drug addict, too.”

“Hai, I will never forget that night when you tricked me out, you sneaked into my room and raped my girlfriend.”

“You are a beast, a beast from head to toes!”

Although not all the family members jumped out to accuse Hai, but none of them gave him a helping hand.

For person like Ming Su, it was a good opportunity. As Hai had arisen public outrage and be overly accused, even Grandma had no reason to support him anymore.

Now that Mary and Yu had left, Ming could show up.

“Hai, are they true?” The old lady was so angry that she couldn’t help patting the table. She could never expect that her deal grandson could actually commit so many treacherous wrongdoings.

For what he had done, he might be sentenced to death directly in the old time..

“Damned you..I have invested so much to cultivate you, but you didn’t live up my expectation, and now you became a drug addict. I…I…”

How could the family be led by a drug addict? The decades of her efforts now all vanished.

Thinking of this, the old lady sank into a rage which cause asphyxia to her. She fell directly from her seat to the ground and sank into a faint.


For a moment, everyone in the family panicked.

This moment at the Academy of Six Major Schools, the atmosphere was tense. Lan Xia looked at Kris anxiously and said, “Be quick to apologize to the masters, hurry up!”

“Master Xia, Do you even think I am wrong?” Kris looked at her coldly.

“Lan, it is useless to say more. This man has fallen into the demon way, and you have no way to help him out, please just come back now!”

“Kris, I beg you, just kneel down and apologize to them, okay?” Lan said. As these masters represented the highest strength of six major schools, how could Kris be their rival?

Kris took a deep breath with a look at Lan and said, “People with different ways are not grouped together. It is time to say goodbye to you now, Master Xia.”

His words were full of coldness, without any emotion.

“Why are you so cruel?” Lan said angrily, “I had asked you to divorce Mary, but you didn’t. And now you ignore me again, can’t you obey me at one time? You just drive me mad.”

Lan shed tears and said, “Go for the hell and just leave me and your baby dying by our own!”

With the voice falling down, the audience was in an uproar!


Your baby?

Everyone heard a deeper meaning from this sentence.

The East Sword King was greatly stunned.

“Lan, what are you talking about?” South Sword King looked at Lan incredulously.

Kris’s expression also changed drastically. He quickly looked at Lan’s abdomen and asked nervously, “Are you serious?”

Lan ignored him and knelt directly on the ground, kowtowed at the East Sword King and said, “Master, forgive me that I cannot serve you forever.”

The East Sword King was nearly numb. His heart was filled with a mixed of emotion. He did not expect that his favorite disciple would actually sleep with her student…

“East Sword King, it is better to finish such shameless adulteress with your sword.!” Master Jinglian said loudly, ” What she did is a unbearable scandal that only killing her can set example for our schools.”

“Amitabha Buddha, this is the shame of our six major schools, and even more the shame of the whole Academy,”

“Master Xia, get up quickly.” Kris stepped forward, helped her up, and said: “You don’t have to kneel because none of them can rival me.”

“Damned boy, be careful to your head!” Butong Hao couldn’t help but rushed straight up!

“Five Sacred Palms!”

Kris’s eyes drenched while he didn’t expect the deputy head of the Huashan School would attack in such an impolite and sneaky way.

In a hurry, he directly used Extreme Yang Palm!


Two powerful Sturdy Energy from each other collided and formed a wave of air, directly overturning the people around the ring.

When the two palms stroked together, Butong felt an extremely overbearing yang energy flowing into his body through his palms.

“Get out of here!”


Kris shouted and knocked Butong onto the sky.


He also spouted a big mouthful of blood.

Why Butong, a master in the later period of the return-to-nature stage, was not Kri’s rival?

Yuanqiao Zhang and others were surprised!

The one who could beat down Butong with one movement was definitely a master in Fulfilled period of the return-to-nature stage.

Lan was also dumbfounded.

The boy,… why did his cultivation be so high?

“Pooh!.” Kris looked at Hao Butong disdainfully said: “What a decent master you were who attack me behind my back!”

“Who the hell are you?” Yuanqiao’s expression became serious: “As your cultivation reaches the Fulfilled period of the return-to-nature stage , you have no need to come to The Academy of Six Major Schools. Tell me what are your plots?”

“Amitabha, Master Zhang, it seems the boy is a spy from the demon party!”

“Yes, this boy must die!” Daxiao Ma secretly raised his breath, as long as Kris moved, he would definitely rush to kill him immediately.

“East Sword King, make your choice before righteousness!” Master Jinglian said harshly, ” Lan should also be ended for she colluded with the demon way outside. If you couldn’t do it, then I can give you a hand.”

“Master Xia, step back please.” guarding Lan, Kris looked at them and said, “If you think I am a demon, then I will be it.”

“I am Shiming, the head of Bodhidharma Hall, let me be your rival.”

When the words fell, the Zen stick in Master Shiming’s hand slammed down at Kris, the stick was covered by Sturdy Energy, and a shining light was released from the stick in an instant.

Although he had the ability to stopped the attack, but to fully protect Lan, Kris decided not to directly come to the stick.

After a second thought, he took Lan and moved to the corner of the ring.


Master Shiming’s Zen stick hit the ring and directly divided the ring into two parts.

The powerful sturdy energy swept away dozens of spectators nearby.

“Go away, everyone, run…”

“Jesus, the onlookers were killed.”

Looking at the innocent people who fell to the ground vomiting blood, Master Shiming was in an rage. He shouted at Kris, “Come directly!”

“Master, I will help you!”

Daxiao Ma jumped out from the side and directly used the “Flying Dragon in the Sky”, a ferocious movement from the Eighteen palms of Xianglong.

A golden flying dragon suddenly appeared in the sight of everyone.

“Extremely Yin Palm!”

Kris mobilizes the extremely Yin energy to shoot towards Daxiao.

The energy whizzed by.

When the eighteen palms of Xianglong collided with the extremely Yin palms, they made a sound like water meeting with fire.

Kris Chen sneered, turning from extremely Yin to extremely Yang.


Two equally overbearing Sturdy Energy collided together and made a violent noise.

The Extreme Yang Palm was made by Kris who absorbed the true fire of the sun. Although the Eighteen Palms of Xianglong were domineering, it was still a little weaker than the Extreme Yang Palm.

After Daxiao was knocked down, Master Shiming took the stick and attacked again.

“Try my anti-demon stick.”

The Zen stick was swung by Master Shiming, with the sturdy energy cutting the ring one way and another.

“Purple-light Divine Art!”

At this time, Butong turned to his best skills. With this, his face instantly turned purple.

He carried a sword and stick it straightly towards the head of Kris.

In a blink, Butong had came to Kris.

“Stick of Fighting the Dog!”

The stick on Daxiao’s hand was made of jasper jade. Of course, this is not the original one..

Butong attacked the upper part of the body of Kris, while Master Shiming attacked Kris on his middle part, and Daxiao attacked his down part.

“Be careful!” Lan exclaimed.


All the weapons in the hands of the three master stayed only ten centimeters away from Kris’s body!

A layer of purple sturdy energy blocked their attack.


The purple energy?

Yuanqiao was shocked.

How could it be the purple energy?

Were there anyone who could condense purple energy in the Age of Doom?

This was impossible, indeed!

The Southeast Sword King was also dumbfounded, he now doubted the saying that those who condensed purple energy must return to the Back-to-self stage!

This was a saying that had been handed down for thousands of years.

Since it seemed so young of this kid, how could he be in the Back-to-self stage before his thirties?

“While this boy is a Practitioner, try your best!”

Master Shiming unreservedly released the energy from the pubic region.

Immediately when Butong turned to Purple-light Divine Art, Ma Daxiao also began to exert his strength.

Although the three of them had profound skills, they didn’t know the true energy of Kris was ten times of its storage than that of ordinary people. Although he felt a bit pressure, no one could break the protection of Kris.

At this moment, the East Sword King, who had never done anything, suddenly moved on. He raced towards Lan and carried her away.

The Southern Sword King also moved, summoning his weapon and stabbing at Kris.

“Master, don’t!” Lan’s eyes were full of panic, and she quickly pleaded: “Master, please let me go…”

The East Sword King sighed and said, “This is the catastrophe he must suffer. If he can’t get through, what can I do if I let you go? To die for nothing?”

“Master Jinglian, Master Zhang, what are you still waiting for? Come here!”

Yuanqiao felt a little embarrassed that the four master could not rival a young boy. He, a master in Back-to-self stage, was unwilling to take advantage of the number of people to trick the boy. If the fact went public, he would lose his face indeed.

Besides, many students were still watching.

But Master Jinglian had no such thoughts. In her opinion, Kris was the demon from the outside. Now that he could rival four master just means that he became a strong demon. If he was not ended at this time, then no one in the world could stop him when he reached the Back-to-self stage.


Master Jinglian used the famous swordsmanship of the founder of the school, the swordsmanship of the Jade Girl. With a cold light flashing, Kris had another dangling sword against him.

While the five master fought back and forth, Kris was under double pressure.

However, under this pressure, he surprisingly discovered that the condensation. of energy in the pubic area accelerated.

In just one minute, a drop of essence of energy was actually condensed.

How could he be so lucky?

Kris was overjoyed to find that he could really transformed energy into Sturdy Energy!

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