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Chapter 355: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 355 I Can’t Let You Leave Me Again (1)

“Yiyao, you ……?”

Yiyao Duan rubbed her head and smiled awkwardly, “That …… Jinyi, I ……”

She didn’t know what to say to keep him from getting too upset, but she knew she wouldn’t agree to his proposal.

Jinyi looked at her with an expectant look. He took her reluctance as shyness.

“It’s okay. You don’t have to say anything either.” He handed the ring box in his hand forward to her, gesturing for her to take it.

For him, it was fine as long as Yiyao nodded her head in agreement. He didn’t expect her to say anything. They would have a long time to spend together in the future, and he believed that one day she would like him.

“No…… I don’t mean that.” Yiyao waved her hand. She understood that Jinyi had misunderstood her, so she was anxious to explain.

“I mean ……” Yiyao stammered. “I can’t say yes to your proposal.” Fearing to see Jinyi’s sad look, she simply closed her eyes and said what she really thought.

Jinyi froze as the box slipped from his hands. The ring inside fell down from inside.

“Jinyi … I’m sorry.” she said apologetically. She looked down, still not looking at him.

“Yiyao, is it that we are moving too fast, so you can’t accept my proposal?” Jinyi asked her, confused. His voice was bitter.

He attributed her rejection to the fact that they were moving too fast. He had only known her for a week before they became boyfriend and girlfriend. A month or so later, he proposed to her. He thought girls would be a little scared.

Yiyao heard him say that and jerked her head up, “No. Jinyi, I …… have someone I like.”

“Is the person you like Jingyan Ye?” Jiny’s mind flashed back to the scene of her staring at that man.

Yiyao didn’t answer, bowing her head.

If she hadn’t met Jingyan at the wedding, she might have said yes to his proposal.

In the restaurant, the cello was still playing, but the waiter had sensed that something was wrong. He quietly went around to the playing area and signaled for the player to stop.

“You love him?” asked Jinyi.

Yiyao nodded slowly as she sat uneasily in her chair.

For a moment Jinyi was disappointed. He bowed his head. The hair on his forehead hid his lost look in his eyes.


In the hospital, Ziying Duan just persuaded her tired mother to rest, while she sat in the seat next to the hospital bed.

Since her father was ill, it was as if she had grown up overnight. She knew that capriciousness would not solve any problems.

Tucking her father in, she touched his cheek with her fingers. Feeling his warmth, she was slightly relieved.

The sound of footsteps came from behind her. She didn’t need to turn her head to know that it was Jingyan Ye who was coming. These days he was bound to appear in the ward as soon as it got dark.

He walked in silently, pulled out a chair and sat far behind her.

“Jingyan….” Ziying turned her head. Jingyan also looked up and looked at her in confusion.

“Is my father going to wake up?”

Jingyan frowned. He couldn’t answer this question either. Even the doctors at the hospital couldn’t be sure if her father would wake up.

“Let’s wait for him to wake up together.” Jingyan said softly.

She was glad that Jingyan had been staying with her in the ward instead of going to find Yiyao. Thinking of this, Ziying smiled through tears and hugged his arm. “I’m sure my dad will wake up.”

Soon Ziying finally fell asleep against Jingyan’s shoulder. Jingyan also fell asleep. In the night, the eyelids of Ziying’s father in the hospital bed moved gently.

The next day at dawn, Jingyan moved his sore shoulder, and Ziying, who was leaning on him, was awakened by his movement.

“What’s wrong?” She rubbed her sleepy eyes. When she opened her eyes fully, the white that entered her eyes made her frown. Suddenly she remembered that she was still in her father’s ward.

Jingyan didn’t answer back. Since that day, he had rarely spoken to her. He squinted slightly and waited for his eyes to adjust to the blinding light before slowly opening them.

He looked across to the hospital bed and found that Ziying’s father was no longer in bed.

He hurriedly stood up. Ziying followed his eyes and almost fell on the bed, “Where did my father go?”

“I don’t know.” Jingyan answered calmly.

The two were anxious when Ziying’s father walked in holding the wall. Ziying turned her head to see him and her tears couldn’t stop flowing. She went up to hug him.

“Dad, where the hell have you been?”

Ziying’s father held the wall with both hands and said weakly, “I wanted to go to the restroom. You all fell asleep, so I didn’t wake you up.”

“You should have woken me up. I thought you ……” said Ziying.

Ziying’s father struggled to raise his hand and gently patted her shoulder, “Don’t cry. You still love to cry as much as you did when you were a child.”

Then he glanced towards Jingyan. Although he was still angry with Jingyan, his attitude towards him was already much better than before.

Ziying’s mother was carrying breakfast at this time and was about to enter when she saw her husband standing at the door. Then her tears flowed down her eyes. For so many days, she had experienced disappointment after disappointment, but she didn’t expect him to suddenly wake up today.

She walked over and hugged her husband, saying joyfully, “Thank God, you’re finally awake.” Then she wiped her tears with a handkerchief.

The three of them gathered around and talked, while Jingyan watched them from the side. He breathed a sigh of relief. When their conversation finally stopped, he went up to say goodbye. “Mr. Duan, it’s good that you’ve woken up. I have some things to do, so I have to leave now.”

His words made the three of them look at him in unison. Ziying pouted. “Jingyan, do you have to go? My dad just woke up.”

Jinyuan nodded his head. “I still have to go take care of something.”

He didn’t say what it was, but they could all tell what was on his mind.

“Just go. There’s no need for you to stay here either.” Ziying’s father snorted coldly.

Jingyan wanted to say something, but when he saw Ziying’s father turn his head, he just shut his mouth up. He nodded to Ziying’s mother beside him and turned to leave.

Ziying wanted to follow him out. After seeing her mother’s eyes, she had to meekly sit back down.

When Ziying’s father turned back, he became even angrier when he saw that Jingyan was no longer in the ward. He said to his daughter, “Now you finally know that she doesn’t like you, right? As soon as I woke up, he couldn’t wait to go find another woman. I forbid you to hang out with him anymore.”

“Dad …… Jingyan is not such a person. He must really have something important to deal with.”

Ziying’s father saw that his daughter was still speaking for Jingyan and got a little angry.

“Dad, please don’t get angry, I …… promise you not to look for him.” said Ziying.

Her father had just woken up, and she didn’t want him to pass out again due to anger.


Yiyao hurriedly finished washing up. In the mirror, her face was haggard and had deep dark circles under her eyes. She touched her dark circles and let out a deep sigh

After Jinyi failed to propose last night, they each went back to their own homes. She thought a lot about Jinyi and Jingyan.

Jinyi had worked all day yesterday for nothing, so she felt guilty about him in her heart.

She held the sink and shook her head. “It’s okay. Jinyi won’t be sad due to my rejection of him.”

“But …… people will be sad to be rejected by the one they like, right?”

She washed up, changed her clothes and went to the flower store. Xiaocui Hua had not yet arrived at the store, and there was no one at the door to buy flowers as she had said.

Chapter 355 I Can’t Let You Leave Me Again (2)

Yiyao Duan opened the door of the store in confusion. After waiting for more than half an hour, Xiaocui Hua came to the store.

“Miss Duan, you come so early?” Xiaocui looked at Yiyao with surprise. She rarely came to the store so early. Especially recently, Yiyao often didn’t come to the store all day, so when she saw that Yiyao was sitting on a chair drinking tea, Xiaocui was even more surprised.

“When is the person you mentioned coming?” Yiyao saw that she was sweating profusely and poured her a cup of tea.

Xiaocui took the tea and drank it. “He should have arrived by now. Usually at this time he has already bought flowers and left. Today the traffic is jammed. Maybe he sees no one in the store, so he left long ago?”

Yiyao frowned, “I also came early, but I did not see anyone waiting in front of the store.”

Xiaocui scratched her head. “Then I don’t know. Maybe he was busy today, so he didn’t come. But why did it happen to be just the day you arrived at the store and the guy who bought the flowers didn’t come?”


Jingyan left the hospital and drove his car all the way to the east of the city. He remembered that Yuqi Mu told him that Yiyao opened a flower store in the east of the city two days ago.

Jingyan looked at the address imported on the GPS and couldn’t help but frown. He had been to that place more than once, but he hadn’t seen Yiyao.

In front of the flower store, Jingyan parked his car at the entrance. Xiaocui was tending to the flowers and plants. When she heard the noise, she looked over towards the car.

After the car door opened, Jingyan got down from the car. He remembered the day he came to this flower store to help Yuqi Mu buy flowers.

“Sir, May I ask what you need?” Xiaocui hurriedly put down the things in her hand and asked.

Jingyan glanced at her lightly. “Thank you, but don’t bother. I want to go in and have a look by myself.”

Then he walked straight into the flower store which was filled with flowers. He vaguely saw a person walking inside and hurriedly walked over. When he reached the corner, the person was gone.

Jingyan was about to leave. When he turned around, he saw Yiyao standing in front of him. Both of them froze at the same time, neither of them expecting to run into the other here.

“Why are you here?” Yiyao was only dumbfounded for a moment, and then asked.

“I wanted to see you.” Jingyan stared at her. The flowers around surrounded them.

Hearing his words, her heart pounded violently. After waiting for so many days, she realized that she had been waiting for him to appear.

“Miss Duan, there is a guest ……” Xiaocui saw Jingyan went into the flower store and did not come out for a long time, so she wanted to go into the store to tell Yiyao. However, she just reached the door, but stopped in her tracks. She found Miss Duan hugging with the handsome man.

Yiyao heard Xiaocui’s voice and hurriedly pushed Jingyan away, “Xiaocui, we ……”

She glanced at Xiaocui. Xiaocui’s eyes clearly told her that she didn’t need to explain.

“It’s not like that, we” Yiyao waved her hand and pulled Jingyan anxiously, “Explain it quickly.”

Jingyan was puzzled and asked, “Explain what? We just hugged.”

Yiyao stroked his forehead, “Xiaocui, I have something to take care of. I need go out for a while.”

Then she pulled Jingyan out of the store. The moment she walked past Xiaocui, Xiaocui laughed.”Miss Duan, just go on a date. I’ll take care of the flower store. “

Yiyao turned her head, just in time to see her strange smile. “Why is her smile so weird? We really have something to deal with.”

Yiyao didn’t want to explain to her anymore, so she and Jingyan left the flower store quickly.

Then she and Jingyan went to a coffee shop.

Yiyao chewed on the straw and sipped the drink that was just served.

“Yiyao …I” Jingyan said.

Yiyao looked up and stared at him.

“How are you doing these days?” He finally continued after thinking for a long time. These days he repeatedly thought about the question he would ask when he saw Yiyao. But now when he saw her, he still didn’t know what to say.

Yiyao did not answer his question and asked instead, “How is your fiancee’s father?”

Now the three of them have an awkward relationship, and she didn’t know how to deal with it.

Jingyan also froze when he heard it, and he quickly explained, “It’s a misunderstanding between Ziying and me.”

He held Yiyao’s hand and eagerly tried to explain. “Before I thought you were no longer alive, so I ……”

“So you found someone who looked like me and married her?” Yiyao interrupted him.

Jingyan was speechless. He couldn’t explain clearly what happened during this time, and he didn’t want to waste their meeting in this kind of boring thing.

He took a sip of coffee. The sweetness in it made him frown, “Anyway, Yiyao, I won’t let you leave me again.”

After they had experienced a lot, he was glad that he could reunite with her again. Now he just wanted to hold her hand tightly. No one or anything would make him give up on her.

Yiyao smiled bitterly and bowed her head.

After sitting in silence for a few minutes, Yiyao became a little tired. She wanted to close her eyes and took a nap.

“Let me drive you back.” Jingyan also saw how tired she was, and then he picked up the jacket on the seat and walked out.

Soon he parked the car under Yiyao’s apartment. Jingyan turned his head, but saw her already lying asleep on the passenger side.

He laughed lightly and took off his jacket to cover her. His fingers touched the tip of her nose and felt her breath. He was finally sure she was back.

Seeing that she was sleeping, he couldn’t help but lower his head and kiss her forehead. The sleeping Yiyao was suddenly awakened by him.

She looked at Jingyan, who hadn’t had time to get up, in confusion, “What are you doing?”

Jingyan didn’t know how to explain, so he simply lowered his head a bit lower and kissed her lips.

Yiyao reached out to push him away, but her hand stopped when they met his hot chest.

Jingyan touched her gently, but finally started kissing her wildly. Yiyao hugged him and put his hands on Jingyan’s shoulders.

It had been too long since they had seen each other, and soon they were both absorbed in it.

Jingyan’s kissed her from her mouth to her chin and then to her neck.

Yiyao hummed out a soft moan. Her hands were resisting him, but her heart was looking forward to more of his caresses. The heat in her body was making her uncomfortable. She wanted to release it quickly.

“You…” Jingyan’s kiss rested on her chest, which made her abruptly awake.

Jingyan looked up. He had mixed emotions in his eyes. Then he took Yiyao into his arms. “Yiyao, listening to your heartbeat, I just feel you back to me.”

“When I first learned of your accident, I often saw you in my dreams, but whenever I touched you, you disappeared, and I’m afraid that this time you will suddenly disappear again” he continued.

Jingyan choked up and stopped. Seeing him like this, Yiyao was touched.

She had no idea that her disappearance had hit him so hard that he still couldn’t believe the fact that she was with him.

“Jingyan, I’m sorry.” Yiyao’s hand wrapped around him and gently patted his back.

Jingyan climbed on her shoulder like a child, “We can’t be separated anymore.”

They hugged for a while until the security guard came knocking on his car door and they let go of each other.

“Is this where you’ve been living for the past few months?” Jingyan said as he arrived at Yiyao’s apartment.

Jingyan circled around Yiyao’s apartment. It was a very small apartment with simple and elegant decoration. It was well furnished with all the furniture it should have.

Yiyao took off her clothes and hung them on a hanger, saying, “Yeah, the rent for this apartment is not high.”

She looked up at the clock on the wall. It was already time for lunch. There were only a few cabbages and carrots left in the fridge. She knew Jingyan was not a fan of carrots.

“What do you want to eat for lunch?” She asked.

“Anything will do.” Jingyan replied lightly.

Yiyao thought for a while and decided to make dumplings. As long as she chopped the carrots, she thought Jingyan would not be able to taste the carrots.

After taking a look at Jingyan, who was sitting in the living room fiddling with objects, Yiyao gently closed the kitchen door and started making dumplings.

She was afraid that he would suddenly come to the kitchen, so she then put the chopped carrots in the refrigerator and continued to do other things.

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