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Chapter 356: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 356 Choosing to Forgive Him (1)

Jingyan Ye sat in the living room for a while and did not hear any sound in the kitchen, so he could not hold back his curiosity, got up and walked to the kitchen.

“Wow ……”

He opened the glass door of the kitchen, and found Yiyao Duan was concentrating on making noodles in her apron, without looking up at him. The shoulder-length hair was gathered up by her with a thin band, exposing her white and tender neck in front of Jingyan.

“Cough ……” Jingyan coughed, trying to get her attention.

Yiyao had already known he was coming, but only just ignored him because she concealed something from him.

Hearing him coughing, she had calmed down mostly and looked up as if nothing had happened, “Why are you here?”

“What are you doing?”

Yiyao wiped her hands on her apron, “Preparing to make dumplings.”

“Do you need any help?” Jingyan walked over and hugged her waist from behind, resting his chin on her shoulder.

Yiyao turned around and faced him, “No need. Just going out and sitting properly are enough.”

She coaxed, pushed Jingyan out of the kitchen. When closing the glass door, she instructed, “Don’t come in, the smell of oil is heavy here.”

She stared straight at Jingyan until he nodded before he closed the door reassuringly and took away the grated carrot, mixed with the meat.

She listened quietly for a while. Knowing that Jingyan would not come back in, and then nimbly began to make dumplings.

Jingyan carefully observed everything around him. The house was filled with her scent, and he looked at each of the furnishings very carefully, as if to capture all the time he had missed with her over the past few months.

When he was obsessed in thinking, the door of the kitchen was opened. He turned his head and Yiyao was carrying a plate of hot dumplings in front of his eyes.

“Dinner’s ready!”

Yiyao put down the dumplings, turned back and went into the kitchen again to prepare something for a while. And then, she took out small bowls and chopsticks.

She crossed her arms and placed them on the tabletop, looking at him with expectancy, “Have a try.”

Jingyan couldn’t refuse her urgent look, and took a dumpling into his mouth.

“How is it?” Before he could taste it, Yiyao asked him urgently.

Jingyan chewed twice and said with a frown, “It’s quite delicious.”

He wasn’t being perfunctory, because the dumplings were indeed delicious, but he felt that the seasoning added was a bit too heavy, probably because Yiyao’s taste had changed.

Yiyao saw that he didn’t feel anything, then she let go a sigh of relief. Fortunately, he didn’t find out there was carrot in the dumplings.

Jingyan ate several more dumplings one after another. It was long after the noon meal time, so he was extremely hungry. By the way, they were made by Yiyao, so he could eat more.

After the meal, he sat on the sofa with his hands put on his stomach, watching Yiyao cleaning up the dishes with an insatiable expression.

Not long after, Yiyao finished washing and returned to him. Before she could stop in front of him, she was dragged into Jingyan’s arms with a push.

“Don’t move, let me hold you for a while.” Jingyan stopped her from moving her hands around and tightly embraced her into his arms.

This was the life he wanted, to have someone he loves, to eat the dishes she cooked, and to hold her in his arms.

Suddenly, Jingyan frowned. His arm was a little itchy. After eating dinner, he also did not care, and randomly scratched the skin. However, he did not expect he felt more and more itchy.

“What’s wrong with you?” Yiyao also recognized that he was not feeling great. She immediately pulled up his arm, with red rash on it.

Jingyan frowned and withdrew his arm to keep her from seeing it, “I don’t know. I suddenly felt itchy. It’ll be fine later.”

Yiyao didn’t believe that, dragged him up from the sofa, “Come with me to the hospital!”

“I’m fine ……”

When he spoke, his throat was hoarse, and he suddenly understood, “What was the filling in the dumplings just now?”

“Green vegetables, meat and carrots. What’s wrong?”

She didn’t understand why she was asking herself such a question at a time like this, but still answered honestly.

Jingyan felt his heavy breathing, and only after a while did he reluctantly open his eyes, “I …… am allergic to carrots.”


Yiyao was shocked. How she had never heard of someone being allergic to such things.

With her heart was beating fast, she patted Jingyan who was about to close his eyes, “Don’t sleep. I’ll take you to the hospital!”

Although she didn’t know if it was serious or not, she knew that allergies could kill people. And he had just eaten so much, so she was afraid his allergy might not be light.

“Fine ……” Although he agreed, he slowly closed his eyes.

Yiyao’s hand shook and trembled as she found her cell phone and dialed the emergency ambulance.

“Hey? Help, help ……”

She described incoherently, but the person on the other side failed to catch a single piece of useful information from what she said.

“Madam, take it easy, and calm down. Tell us what symptoms the patient has and your address ……”

“He …… he he’s allergic. We’re at ……”

Yiyao hung up the phone with difficulty. According to what the doctor said, she found the medicine to treat allergy at home and gave him a little, but Jingyan still did not get better. And she found hot water for him.

By the time the doctor arrived, Yiyao was already weak and collapsed on the ground, but still managed to hold on to a shred of strength and got into the ambulance together.

“Doctor, save him!”

Before entering the emergency room, Yiyao pulled the attending doctor’s hand, as if she was tugging at a straw.

The attending doctor took away her hand and said cautiously, “I will do my best! Please don’t worry!”

Yiyao let go of her hand in dismay and stood in the empty corridor, watching the door of the emergency room slowly closing.

Behind her were the Ye families who got the news and rushed over. Venus Mu walked over and patted her shoulder, and Yiyao finally couldn’t help but cry out.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry ……”

She had no other word but to apologize. And Venus gradually calmed down.

“It’s okay, I believe Jingyan won’t worry us, and you shouldn’t blame yourself too much. Those who don’t know are not guilty.”

Yiyao originally thought that Venus would scold her fiercely, but she turned out to comfort herself, which made it even more upset.

When she looked up, she saw that there were people around her, and she was hiding on the ground in despair and embarrassment, so she hurriedly wiped away her tears and stood up.

“Yiyao, it will be fine!” Chuxue Ye hugged Yiyao. Her eyes were red, which showed obviously that she had just cried too, and we could heard that from her voice.

They all knew that allergies could be serious, and since Jingyan was already in the emergency room, it was definitely a serious one.

Everyone showed a gloomy face until the moment Jingyan was pushed out. Only after seeing his face normal, him lying on the bed and breathing evenly were they slightly relieved.

When the attending doctor saw Venus and Kerry Ye, he frowned, “Didn’t you guys know he was allergic on carrots before? How would you give him carrots?”

“Sorry ……,” Venus rushed to blame it on herself in front of Yiyao.

Yiyao blushed. It was all because of her, otherwise they would not make such a scene.

“We save him. But, it is estimated to take some time for the red rash on the body to disappear. What a pity, such a good-looking face.” the attending doctor patted on the shoulder of Kerry Ye and left with a sigh.

When he arrived at the ward, Jingyan had already woken up. He opened his eyes, saw the white ceiling, and silently sighed in his heart.

How he always woke up in the hospital these days……

“Everything is fine?” Venus gave him a pillow behind him so that he could sit up.

Jingyan was a little surprised to see Venus, but quickly adapted and looked around the ward.

“Where is Yiyao now?”

Venus snorted coldly, “Well, once you have a wife, you forget your mother!”

Jingyan was afraid she would get angry and hastily explained, “No, I mean ……”


Before he finished explaining, Venus first couldn’t help but laugh out and turned sideways, “Here, your wife is here.”

Jingyan was speechless. He was teased again!

But the moment he saw Yiyao, his dissatisfaction disappeared and he showed his tenderness.

He gently touched the corner of Yiyao’s eyes with his hand. Her eyes were red and swollen as if she had just cried, “Don’t cry!”

Yiyao smiled bitterly, “Why are you so silly!”

“I think it’s delicious!”


Yiyao was so speechless that he actually said so rightfully.

The three people behind her saw that it was not right to stand by, so they gave Jingyan a gesture and took Chuxue, who was unwilling to leave, out of the ward.

Of course, Yiyao did not know all of this. She was only worried about Jingyan’s health condition.

At the moment when Venus closed the door, Jingyan pretended to be hurt and let Yiyao lie down to inspect.

“Where is the injury?” Yiyao was only miles away from Jingyan and raised her eyes anxiously.

She only saw the man who was close to her smiling. Seeing that he was not hurt at all, she angrily hit his chest.


Jingyan shrieked and covered his chest, Yiyao once again fell for it, “What’s wrong? Did I hurt you?”

“It’s a little painful.” Jingyan frowned and couldn’t help but look at the other side.

This made Yiyao more and more guilty, “Well ……”

Chapter 356 Choosing to Forgive Him (2)

After she had just spoke out a word, Jingyan Ye hurriedly turned his head to kiss her.

“Well, so sweet.”

A moment later, he lied down on the bed with an evil smile on his face.

Yiyao Duan found herself being teased by him and her face turned red with anger, “You …… you …… bastard!”

Jingyan showed a sense of triumph, “Indeed. You can also kiss me back?”

“You ……”

She angrily turned her head away and decided not to speak to him anymore.

But someone did not let her follow her heart, and came close to her face and whispered, “Just now it is obvious that you took advantage of me, and I have to take it back.”

“Go away!”

Jingyan laughed, with the red rash on his face on his hard adding him a sense of loveliness.

Yiyao stared at him and gave up in no time. She sheepishly lowered her head, thinking that how would he still be so childish?

She did not know that Jingyan only shows such an expression before her……


After checking for several times, Jingyan couldn’t standing staying anymore, so he proposed to be discharged.

Yiyao responded while helping him prepare fruits, “Observe it for a few more days! What if there are any after-effects?”

With rash on his face, Jingyan took a piece of apple to eat and said, “What after-effects can there be? No …… as for the after-effects, I want to vomit when I think of dumplings!”

Yiyao did not expect that he would also mention this, so she was too shocked for a while and almost cut her fingers mistakenly.

“I’m just kidding. You ……” Jingyan anxiously threw away the knife, took her finger to look back and forth. After seeing no bleeding, did he comfort.

“Everything you make is delicious. I mean it!” Fearing that she did not believe, he also nodded his head with special sincerity.

Yiyao was amused by his action, “It must be easy for me to harm you in the future. When I am unhappy, I can directly throw toxin in the meal!”

Jingyan’s eyes were gloomy for a moment, “As long as you are willing to do so, I will eat.”

Although she was joking, it still made him think of Ziying Duan. Although she did not say, he understood it. No matter what, she still remembered that ……

“Help me with the discharge procedures!” Jingyan threw the leftover into the trash can and lay back on the bed.

Yiyao answered, took his ID cards and walked out.

Both of them did not continue the previous conversation when they were discharged. Yiyao helped Jingyan walk towards the main entrance, where Yuqi Mu was already waiting.

After turning two corners, Jingyan was embraced by a woman head-on.

“Jingyan ……”

Jingyan looked down in shock, only to find that the person who embraced him was Ziying. He reflexively looked at Yiyao beside him and saw that she was expressionless, which instead made him nervous.

“Jingyan, what happened to your face?” Seeing that she didn’t respond to her, Ziying looked up at him and saw his face full of pimples and stared in surprise.

Jingyan pushed her away, looked at Yiyao again, frowned and asked her, “Why are you here?”

“My father is discharged from the hospital!” Ziying turned sideways, and Duan’s mother at the intersection was holding Duan’s father and looking at them unbelievably.

“Hello, uncle and aunt.” Jingyan nodded politely to them, while shielding Yiyao behind him.

This action was not noticed by Ziying, who still held Jingyan’s arm, but Duan’s father and mother had seen it.

“Ziyoung, come here.” Duan father couldn’t stand up, holding on to the wall and slapped the wall heavily.

Ziying waited for days to see Jingyan and was reluctant to let go of him, “Dad …… Jingyan has come to see you in the hospital, so don’t be angry anymore!”

Duan father couldn’t hold his breath, he covered his lips and coughed violently, “You …… how could I have such a shameless daughter like you!”

Couldn’t she see the woman standing beside him?

Seeing that the scene was not right, Yiyao hurriedly took a few steps back to make a space for Ziying.

Just as she took a step out, Jingyan sensed something and hastily yanked her wrist, moving in an arc but bumping away from Ziying who was standing aside.

“Jingyan!” Duan father fiercely took a few steps forward, shielding Ziying, “How dare you!”

His body hadn’t recovered well, so after finishing his words, he was already panting, but he still stared at him fiercely.

Jingyan turned his head and politely said to Duan’s father, “I will definitely give you an explanation for the farce of those few days. Please take care of your health.”

After saying that, he took Yiyao away, because he didn’t want her to be confused in their resentful gaze.

But Ziying didn’t want to do as he wished and ran to them to stop with open hands, “Jingyan, didn’t …… you promise to marry me?”

She frowned in aggravation. Did he have Yiyao now and would not like to keep his word?

Jingyan was helpless. He rubbed his eyebrows and did not know how to explain. Yeah, he did promise her.

He felt nothing then, thinking that it was the same to marry anyone, because he would not be happy as they were not his Mrs. Right.

But now that the person he loved most was back, so how could he be irresponsible and marry someone else.

“Ziying?” Yiyao inclined her head in confusion, and seeing her staring at herself in dismay, she couldn’t help but smile, “I didn’t mean to disrupt you, but you stepped on my foot.”

Yiyao didn’t believe that she didn’t see her. From the very beginning she had ignored her accurately, and now she kept stepping on her foot.

Fortunately, she did not wear high heels, otherwise her toes would get hurt……

Ziying pretended to panic and moved her feet away, “Oh, sorry!” But her eyes in the dead corner where Jingyan could not see, darkened.

“Yiyao, are you okay?” Jingyan glanced at Ziying. Although he said it in a flat tone, he showed a hint of anxiety.

Yiyao smiled indifferently, “It’s okay. I am fine.”

“Yiyao, I’m sorry. I didn’t really mean to do it!”

Ziying met Jingyan’s gaze and couldn’t help but shiver, apologizing in a more sincere tone.

“It’s alright.” Yiyao waved her hand. She had said she didn’t mind, but she still kept apologizing, which was annoying.

She didn’t control well the wave of her hand right and accidentally touched Ziying’s shoulder.

She fell to the ground with an “ouch”. Seeing this, Duan’s mother hurriedly put down her father and bent down to help Ziying up.

“You son of bitch!”

Father Duan was furious and waved his hand towards Yiyao’s face.

“I didn’t hit her.” Yiyao said with a sincere face. She insisted her principle that she could admit what she had done, but she would never admit what she hadn’t done.

Duan father coldly snorted, “Do you think we are blind?”

“We have four other people here. We all saw that?”

Duan father was furious and tried to take his wrist back, but Yiyao didn’t let go of his hand.

Yiyao coldly snorted, “I haven’t touched her.”

When she spoke, she only looked at Jingyan. She didn’t care if others believed her or not, but if Jingyan didn’t believe her, then she didn’t even bother to explain.

Jingyan smiled slightly and looked at her without any doubt. He didn’t even apologize because he trusted her. She was right, so why should she apologize?

“If you want to blackmail, I can give money to you, but I didn’t push you. You deserve for that.”

Yiyao did not feel angry, but just felt sad for her. That a woman has to hurt herself to retain a man is a kind of pity itself.

She didn’t care how Duan’s father and mother would consider her, and she let go of Duan’s hand and straightened up and went past them.

Before approaching Ziying, she said in a voice that only two people heard, “You make me impressed. How pathetic are you.”

After saying that she did not hesitate to leave, while Jingyan nodded to Duan’s father and the others and also quickly caught up with Yiyao.


In the car, Yiyao tiredly lied on the seat. She quieted her mind, thinking some things are very simple, but they always have to think in a complicated way, which made people feel very tired.

“Yiyao, I ……”

“You don’t have to say it. It’s hard for me to forgive you all now.” Yiyao rubbed her forehead and interrupted Jingyan.

She had heard too many explanations, which she could understand but she did not want to forgive. Why was that she had only left not long ago, he turned around and found someone else?

Jingyan bowed his head in defeat. Knowing that it was not the time to explain, he began to focus on driving.

The car soon stopped at Yiyao’s apartment building, and he skillfully unbuckled his seat belt and prepared to get out.

Yiyao reached out to stop him, “Wait. Why are you going down too?”

“I’ll send you up!”

“No need. I’ll go up by myself, and you go back to recuperate.”

“I’ll still send you up, otherwise I’m worried about your safety.”

Jingyan stubbornly got out of the car, and sent Yiyao upstairs, and the moment she opened the door, he pushed the door and slipped in.

“Hey!” Yiyao didn’t pay attention and was tramped by him, angrily forking her waist.

“Now that I am here safely, it’s time for you to go back!”

“I’m a patient, so I need a good environment to recover from my injuries.” Jingyan rolled over and lay down on the sofa, leisurely crossing his legs.

Yiyao clenched her fist, “Then what do you think is a good environment?”

“A place with you.”

Yiyao froze, and couldn’t help looking at his eyes, with her heart beating violently and extremely quickly.

But soon she calmed down and asked, “You want to stay here?”


“Okay, then I’ll go.” Yiyao walked into the bedroom, took out all the clothes in the closet on the bed, folded them carefully and put them in the box.

“Yiyao, you mean it?” Jingyan slowly walked into the bedroom, saw the box, and slapped on the wall with chagrin.

“You need to recuperate in a quiet environment.”

Jingyan hugged her, “But I need you more!”

“If you’re there, I’d rather have my injuries forever.”

Yiyao’s hand froze in place. Since they met each other, he put down his condescension, humbly begged her for forgiveness, and begged her to stay.

Although she was cold to him, he never complained, showed a low profile, which made her distressed.

Forgive him!

A voice echoed in her heart: he had already had enough of hurting for this, and if she doesn’t forgive again, should he wait until she left him?

Yiyao’s hand began to shake and gently climbed behind his back, “I forgive you.”

“What did you say?” Jingyan asked with surprise, with his hand tightening a few more, “Yiyao, what did you say? Say it again!”

Yiyao felt his violent heartbeat, “I forgive you!”

“Say it again!”

“I said: I forgive you!”

Yiyao shouted out obediently, causing Jingyan to cheer up and pick her up by the waist, “You’re finally willing to forgive me!”

“Well, I forgive you. It wasn’t your fault.”

Yiyao clasped his neck and took the initiative to kiss him. Jingyan was stunned, then immediately began to respond. They felt a connection and had a completely different feeling from the last time.

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