Chapter 357 – 358: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 357: Kris, I Love You

Kris Chen was transforming his Genuine energy into solid Genuine energy bit by bit. The intense pressure also made his Tianmo Body spontaneously work.

Only was a small part of the Blood Ginseng and Reishi that he ate at Five Poisons Sect absorbed by him, and most of the medicinal effect was deposited in his flesh.

Under high pressure, the medicinal effects in Kris’s body were operating bit by bit.

In just two minutes, he was a bloody man.

“Everyone, hold on, and he’s not going to last much longer!”

Yuanqiao Zhang on the side was relieved, as he wouldn’t have to do anything!

“Hold on, Kris,” Lan Xia stomped her foot in a hurry, she begged the East Sword King, “Master, please, help him.”

“If he makes it through, I’ll accept him as my apprentice son-in-law, but if he doesn’t, that means he doesn’t match to this honor,” The East Sword King said this, but his eyes were unblinkingly looking at Kris, who was being attacked by the crowd.

He had an illusion that Kris was smiling.

That was right. He was smiling!

How could he be happy at this point?

Did he have more tricks up his sleeve?

Just then, Kris with a gleam in his eyes, made a shake, and the blood on his body dripped down.

And his body was full of power, every exhale-inhale, he could hear his strong heartbeat, and even the sound of his heart pumping blood.


Blood and energy were like waterfalls, which was… A sign of the great success of the Tianmo Body.

He gently squeezed his fist towards the air and instantly let out an explosive sound.

What a powerful force, tens of times more enhanced than the half accomplished Tianmo Body.

At this time, his skin was bronze in color, and faintly, it seemed to be flowing light on the surface of his flesh.

The accomplished Tianmo Body was vulnerable to swords and spears, as well as fire and water. It was simply an enhanced version of the Golden Bell Jar.

Just as Kris was thrilled, the dense Genuine Energy in his pubic region was one shred short of being converted into solid Genuine Energy.

Still, a little time needed! Almost there!

After the Tianmo Body became a great success, Kris’s ability to resist pressure had multiplied, and these people could no longer put too much pressure on him.

Kris looked at Yuanqiao, who hadn’t done anything on the side and grinned, “Master Zhang, I heard that you guys besieged the Holy Dragon Sect days ago and got your asses beat by them, and I also heard that even Master Huiming died in that battle,” Kris insisted, “How did you get the position of the Commander-in-Chief? Oh yeah, that’s no big deal. I heard that the Holy Dragon Sect captured 70-80 disciples of the SIX major schools and you still haven’t rescued them, right? It’s ridiculous that you are still the principal of the Academy of Six Major Schools. You can’t even protect your disciples, so how can you protect your students?”

“You bastard, what are you talking about?” Yuanqiao was furious. Kris was too rampant, and how dared he to speak out of turn while he was being attacked by so many people.

“Since you expect death, don’t blame me!” With that, he lightly swung a palm.


Even a random palm was several times more powerful than Master Shiming’s.

This was the difference between the Back-to-Self stage and the Return-to-Nature stage.


Kris spat out a mouthful of blood.

It worked, it worked!

The energy that had stopped transforming was once again functioning at a faster pace.

He grinned, revealing his teeth stained red by blood, and mocked, “Chief Zhang, is that so?”


Yuanqiao was stunned, and his expression changed. He thought he should have killed Kris with one slap, but what surprised him was not only remain Kris alive but also he was mocked by Kris.

At this moment, he didn’t care about his superiority, if others knew that a Back-to-Self stage expert couldn’t kill a fellow at the Return-to-Nature stage, he would be laughed at by others.

“Jiu Yang Palm!”

As the words went, Yuanqiao shot over at Kris.

Jiuyang Skill was a divine power that Wudang School ancestor SanFeng Zhang had comprehended from the Jiuyang Divine Power.


How terrifying was a full strike of a person at the beginning of the Back-to-Self stage?

A palm broke Kris’s Sturdy Energy and knocked him right out of the Arena stage.


Another large mouthful of blood spurted out.


Lan shouted hoarsely.


East Sword King sighed, shaking his head, and said, “It’s ok to provoke anyone but Master Zhang. Does he thinks that the Back-to-Self stage is a boasting?”

“Lan, it’s over.”

After that, a rushing momentum came over from not far away.

Feeling this momentum, everyone’s face changed drastically.


He was not dead yet?

All of them looked over in the direction the voice coming.

Yuanqiao frowned, and in the next second, he shouted out, “Get over guys, he’s reached to…”

Before he could finish his words, Kris, who was offstage, rushed into the Arena stage like a cannonball.

“Sun-Moon Rotation!” Kris uttered.


The Arena stage exploded, and the unrivaled force directly knocked Master Shiming and the others out of the stage.

This was the aftermath of the explosion, and if it was the center, they might have been blown to pieces.

The East Sword King jumped off the stage with Lan, palpitating as he looked towards the smoke-filled Arena stage.

The South Sword King was quicker and was only hit by the aftermath, but even the aftermath was very hard on him.

Master Shiming, Butong Hao, and Daxiao Ma bore the brunt of the attack, directly falling to the ground and vomiting blood.

Only Yuanqiao, whose level was at the Back-To-Self stage, was still standing by.

When the smoke dissipated, everyone took a deep breath.

A huge pit appeared in front of the eyes, and with Kris inside.

The entire Arena stage was leveled by the explosion except for the area where Yuanqiao was standing, which was not damaged.

The pit was polarized, like fiery lava on one side, frost on the other.

This… This was the Sun-Moon Holy Scripture of The Sun!

The South and East Sword Kings were stunned, this guy was actually a member of The Sun.

Since when did The Sun practice a young expert?

Everyone from the Wuliangjian School knew that their Master had a good relationship with The Suns.

That was why the last time the SIX major schools had gone to attack the stronger Holy Dragon Sect instead.

They looked at each other and both were very confused.

“Wait,” the South Sword King suddenly remembered something, he walked up to the East Sword King and whispered, “Brother, is it possible that he is the Saint of the Sun?”

“The Saint?”

They had never met the Saint of The Sun, but they knew that its name was Kris.

And this young man in front of them was not only called Kris but also knew the Sun-Moon Holy Scripture, so he was definitely the Saint.

Lan was also silent when she heard the conversation between the Master and the Uncle.

Was he really the Saint of The Sun?

At this moment, Kris stood up, moved his muscles and bones, and soothed his body, which was so relaxed for him.

The Tianmo Body was greatly accomplished, and all of the Genuine Energy in his body was transformed into Solid Genuine Energy.

He couldn’t help but laugh at Yuanqiao and the others, arching his hands and said, “Thank you for the help of Master Zhang and all of you; I couldn’t have broken through the Back-to-Self stage so early without your help.”

“Master Zhang, kill Kris.” Master Shiming struggled.

Kris had already reached the Back-to-Self stage at such a young age. Probably he would dominate the underworld in two more years.

“Well, I don’t want to kill you, and you’d better not provoke me either,” Kris clapped his hands, looked at Yuanqiao, and said, “Master Zhang, you’re no match for me, so let’s call it an end.”

With that, he walked up to the East Sword King, smiled, and said, “Could you release Miss Xia now?”

The East Sword King silently released Lan.

“Miss Xia, don’t cry, I’m fine…” Said Kris wiping away the tears from the corner of her eyes and holding her in his arms.

Lan didn’t resist and cuddled him tightly.

“Go home, with me, I’ll fix everything.”

“What, don’t you agree?”

“Don’t worry, I will…”

“Watch out…”

Just at this moment, a woman’s shout suddenly came nearby.

“Get out of the way!”

A figure rushed over and stopped behind at Kris’s back.


The sword pierced right through Lan Yu’s body.

“How?” Master Jinglian let went of her hand, “Lan Yu, what are you doing?”


Lan Yu?

Kris turned around and looked at the person lying in the blood, who else could it be if not Lan Yu!


His mind went blank for an instant!

“Kris, go!”

She used her right hand to cover her chest, and her face was pale. Not a long before Xiaorou Xu called her and said that Kris was in danger, so she didn’t even think about it and just run over here.

She didn’t expect that Master Jinglian was about to attack Kris Chen from behind with a sword as soon as she arrived.

At this moment, Fang Yi and Yuan Qing also arrived.

When they saw Master Jinglian stabbing her sword into Lan Yu’s body, the two of them rushed over.

“Master, why, why?” Fang shouted at MasterJinglian.

“Master, Lan Yu is a principal follower of the E’mei School, and this time, you have gone too far!” Yuan Qing’s body trembled with anger.

Master Jinglian was embarrassed and said in a cold voice, “She is to blame for all of this. If she hadn’t blocked the sword for this evil, she wouldn’t have been stabbed by me. And you two, Fang Yi, Yuan Qing, don’t forget your identities!”

“Get the fuck out of here!“ Kris with scarlet eyes and gave a slap to Master Jinglian!

Master Jinglian was unable to resist Kris’s powerful slap and flew dozens of meters away.

If it were before, Fang and Yuan would have rushed over, but now they were both hurt by what Master Jinglian did and said.

When the two of them were kicked out by Jinglian, they understood that the so-called justice was just a banner used to oppress others.

“Listen, Lan Yu. You’ll be fine, and I won’t let anything happen to you.”

Looking at Lan Yu’s pale face, Kris felt his heart was split into pieces.

“Kris, there’s one thing that I need you helping me out… Is that okay?”

Kris hugged Lan Yu and said, “Just say it, as long as I can, I’ll do whatever you ask.”

Hearing the words of Kris, Lan Yu smiled and said, “Help me find a person named Dong Zhang and bring him a message that Lan Yu can’t company him anymore and what I owe him in this life, I will repay him in the next life….”

“Lan Yu, no, stop speaking, you’ll be fine. You should say these words to Big Brother Dong yourself.” Fang kept shedding tears and transporting Genuine Energy Lan Yu’s body.

Hearing Lan Yu’s words, Kris couldn’t stop his heart from pounding.

as if the heart was about to be torn apart by the words.

“Okay, I’ll let big brother Dong tell you personally.”

He pulled out a flimsy mask from his pocket and then put it on his face, he pressed it on his own face.

Finally, a man who was both familiar and strange to Yu Lan appeared in front of her.

Teardrops fell from the corners of her eyes, “No wonder that I feel so familiar with you, so it is you.”

Kris grabbed her hand tightly and blamed himself to death, “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have lied to you.”

Fang and Yuan were silent and speechless when they see this face.

“You’ll be fine, I won’t let anything happen to you, and you promised me that you’re mine for the rest of your life, and you can’t die without my permission!”

Kris blocked her main Medicine Acupuncture, and the dense Genuine energy entered her body.

However, the sword pierced through her lung veins; She was too badly injured, and she felt her hands and feet gradually become cold, so she raised her hand and touched Kris’s face, and her eyes were filled with affection.

“There are words that I’ve wanted to say for a long time, if I don’t say it now, I won’t have the chance to say it forever.”

Lan Yu said word for word, “Kris, I… I love you.”

After saying that, her hand gradually dropped down.

“You’ll be fine, if the King of the Hell dares to take you, then I’ll kill my way to Hell and steal your life back from the King of the Hell.”

Chapter 358: Demon’s incarnation

Now only the Heart-nourishing Pill could save Lan Yu.

But Kris still lacked one ingredient, that was, a thousand-year wild ginseng.

Lan was in danger and couldn’t sustained a long time.

Moreover, the thousand-year wild ginseng itself was very rare.

There was no other way but to take a chance!

He took out a lot of medicinal materials from his bag, and put them into his palm one by one.

Extreme Yang Palm!

A scorching essence of energy gushed out from his palm.

The medicinal herbs were raised and tempered by the energy of Extreme Yang. After that, traces of impurities were separated.

Everyone was dumbfounded at the look at this scene.

This…what was this? A process of refining medicine?

How could him make it without medicine cauldron?

In fact, this was the supreme alchemy method recorded in the “Prescriptions for One Thousand Gold”, which took heaven and earth as the furnace and Sturgy energy as fuel. As long as there were medicinal materials, he could make alchemy anytime and anywhere.

Kris couldn’t use this method when he had been in a relatively low level of cultivation, but now, a master in back-to-self stage like him could easily get access to it.

When the medicinal materials were fused, Kris directly cut off his palm, and let his blood continuously integrated into the medicinal materials.

What was he doing?

Alchemy with blood?

All of them even Yuanqiao Zhang were stunned.

Such kind of alchemy was unheard of and appalling in its way.

In the Great Mountain of Shiwan, Kris asked the King of Deadliest Insect with Four Wings why he would follow him, the King of Deadliest Insect with Four Wings’ answer was because Kris’s blood contained a special kind of energy, and long-term ingestion could accelerate his evolution.

So at that time, Kris wondered if his blood could be used to refine medicine in case what the King said was correct?

In addition, Kris had took a lot of blood ginseng, which empowered his blood with rich medicinal energy.

This was why Kris uses his own blood to make alchemy. He wanted to try whether the Heart-nourishing Pill made with his own blood was really effective.

Could the thousand-year wild ginseng be replaced by his blood?

Just when Kris was concentrating on alchemy, a few unexpected people came over.

They were Ying Guo, head of Emei School, Wuji Zhang, head of Wudang School, Shen Qiao, head of Gaibang School, and Master Huiwu, one of the four great monks of Shaolin School.

” My leader!”

Yuanqiao hurriedly walked over to meet Wuji and other head of Six schools.

“Yuanqiao, doesn’t the martial arts contest held here? Why is it such a mess?” With these words, Master Huiwu saw Shiming who was healing his wounds with legs crossed. He quickly walked over and asked, “Shiming, Why did you get injured?”

Master Shiming opened his eyes and was taken aback, and quickly stopped and said, “Master Huiwu, why are you here?”

” The one who fell to the ground is Master Jinglian!” Ying frowned. He went over to check Master Jinglian’s injuries, only to find that all her internal organs had shifted.

“Who committed the cruel deed?”

“My leader, I am here!” Daxiao Ma clutched his chess and shouted.

Shen Qiao hurriedly walked over and asked, “Daxiao, why are you…”

Daxiao smiled bitterly and said, “My leader, it is all because the boy, who belongs to The Sun. Please kill him as soon as possible.”

Looking at the direction pointed by Daxiao, Shen was stunned by what he saw.

Refining medicine by Sturdy energy was a superb method of which even the president of the Ancient Medicine Association has no such ability.

The Southeast Sword King’s face turned pale.

Bad luck.

Now as three Back-to-self stage masters came suddenly, Kris was not their opponent even he was in high combat effectiveness;.

Looking at Kris who was concentrating on refining medicine, Lan Xia was anxious and nearly in a panic.

At this time, Ying Guo shouted at Yi Fang and Qingyuan, ” Yi Fang and Qingyuan, how dare you standing by while the deputy leader of your school got injured and fell to the ground?”

“My leader, Master Jinglian accidentally injured Lan Yu, so we are here to treat her.” Qingyuan said neither humble nor overbearing.


Ying stood up and scolded angrily, ” Who is more important one, the disciple or the Master? Didn’t you see that Master Jinglian was seriously injured?”

Ying’s words completely chilled Yi Fang and Qingyuan.

“Kris , how long will it take for you to finish the alchemy!” Qingyuan asked coldly.

“Five minutes!” Kris said, “earn me five minutes.”


Qingyuan nodded, flipped her hand, and summoned the sword.

As she had said, with a sword at hand, if you couldn’t sweep the injustice of the world, it was better to have no sword.

“Everyone, Kris is now refining medicine to treat my nephew. Please wait until my nephew is cured if you have anything to do with him.”

When the voice fell, a sword aura cut out, and a nearly three meter long sword mark appeared in front of her: “Before that, don’t cross this world, otherwise…”

“Otherwise what?” Shen asked with a sneer.

“Otherwise, you will be my enemy!”

“How dare you!”

Ying Guo frowned, and sent a power wave with a palm of Sturgy energy.


In the blink of an eye, Qingyuan was knocked down to the ground.

One in the Fulfilled period of innate-power stage like Qingyuan was of course not the opponent of a master in back-to-self stage.

But for Ying’s mercy, Qingyuan would had be killed by her single movement.

Despite this, Qingyuan could move no more and directly lost her combat effectiveness!


Fang hurriedly went over to support her and wiped the blood spilling from the corner of her lips.

“Leave me alone, don’t let them disturb Kris.”

“Take a rest for a while, and I will guard him.” Yi gritted her teeth and walked to the sword : “Stay away from him!”

“Yi, do you want to rebel, too?” Ying’s face completely sank. Yi was one of the most promising elders of the Emei School. Once when she could make breakthrough of return-to-nature stage, she was absolutely qualified to be listed as the head candidate.

Now she was actually against Ying. She was destroying her own future!

“Master, I have no intention of opposing you, but Lan Yu’s life is at stake, I hope you can give us a way out.” Yi pleaded bitterly.

“Master Guo, don’t believe her, Master Jinglian was injured by Kris.”


Ying’s face changed drastically, “Yi , is it true?”

“My leader, all Kris have done is nothing but to save Lan Yu from Master Jinglian, who hurt Yu first.”


Ying cursed and said, ” Lan Yu is only a disciple of Emei School. Even if she is a senior sister of Emei School, her life can never be equally valuable than Master Jinglian. Now you stand with the demon boy, so you are planning to betray Emei?”

On hearing this, Yi sank into a panick completely and said, “No, never will I.”

“If not, get out of the way, otherwise I will give you a lesson .”

Yi bit her lip, shook her head and said, “No, I can’t now…”

“Dawned you, how dare you disobeying me?”

Ying was completely angry. As the head of the Emei School, she kept her word always, and no one dare disobeying her.

However, now both Qingyuan and Yi turned a deaf ear to her, which directly challenged her authority.

While speaking, a strong wind force by her palm came over Yi.

The energy was several times stronger than ever before.


It was just like a storm.

This palm could never be resisted by Yi.


At this moment, the East Sword King stood out and blocked the wind with his sword.

The next second, the sword shattered.

“Hey, it would be great if my own sword was still here.” East Sword King shook his head with a pity and said, “Master Guo, why not stop to have a peaceful talk? There is no need for us to fight to death, you see, it’s a pity that a good sword of mine was destroyed again!”

“East Sword King , this is internal affairs of Emei School, it has nothing to do with you.” Ying looked at him coldly. She didn’t care what he said at all unless the head of the Wuliangjian School was here.

“My brother, look, we are treated as nothing.” South Sword King also stood up and said, ” Help others in the face of injustice, isn’t this the principle of our six major schools?”


Lan Xia was extremely shocked for she did not expect that at this juncture, her masters would actually be on her side.

“Lan Xia, be away and keep safe as you are pregnant now. As your master, I’m not too old to carry a sword.” East Sword King smiled generously.

“You guys, for the sake of me and my brother, can we put hatred aside to save the wound first? “

“You two ask too much than how much you worth.”

Shen walked over with a sour face and said, “If your master were here, maybe I would care about what you have required. Now go away, otherwise, I am afraid that the peaceful relation between the Gaibang School and Wuliangjian School may be ruined. “

On hearing this, the South Sword King was still unmoved and said, “Master Qiao is benevolent and righteous, and I hope you won’t embarrass us.”

“No, you are wrong, of course I will!”

When the voice fell, Shen rushed over them.

” Eighteen movements of Dragon Palms!”

Compared to Daxiao, Shen was dozens of times more powerful.

With a movement, the dragon’s roar sounded endlessly, whose power could firmly suppressed the two sword kings.

Perhaps both of them would be disabled or killed.

“My brother, We have to fight to death now.”

“We shall go through it, brother, for we are still looking forward to seeing the cute baby of Lan Xia!”

” Good!”


The two raised their full genuine qi and directly moved to Shen.

However, they still underestimated the strength of Shen.

Almost in a second, they were knocked down with blood vomiting.

As the Southern Sword King had been injured, this attack nearly killed him.

“Brother, I am sorry”

After speaking, his head crooked unconsciously.

“My brother!”

The East Sword King was also badly hurt, with whose clothes turning red by blood.

“Stay away here!” Yi held the sword and stared at Shen.

Shen laughed and said, “why shouldn’t I?”

When he said this, he stretched out his hand and wanted to pull Yi away. At this moment, a strong hand squeezed his wrist.

“Yi, please, give this magical pill to Lan Yu.” Kris smiled and passed her over a blood-red magical pills.

Yi blushed and quickly got the magical pills.

After taking Heart-nourishing Pill, Lan Yu’s face became ruddy little by little, and her breathing became steady.

Seeing this scene, Kris felt much easier.

It was effective to add his blood into the pill!

At this moment, Shen was greatly angry as his hand grabbed by Kris.

“Let go!”

He said and tried to released himself, but only to find that Kris’s hand was like a vise, holding him firmly.

The palm of Radical Dragon with Regrets!

Extreme Yang Palm!


When two palms met, the powerful energy collided and Kris involuntarily took two steps back, but Shen directly flew out.

How strong Kris was!

Yuanqiao was totally shocked. While Shen was in the middle period of the Back-to-self stage, how could Kris, a newcomer in Back-to-self stage, be more powerful than Shen?

Is it because of the purple energy?

“Master Guo, Master Zhang, and Master Huiwu, it seems the boy is hard nut to crack, let’s get together to finish him now.”

“it is good!”

The five great masters stood together to fight against Kris.

Lan Xia was almost desperate for the five masters were the best fighter ever before.

However, Kris sneered coldly and said, “An unfair fight again, but I don’t care , let’s see who can get the last dance..”

When the voice fell, his expression became solemn.

Devil Figure!

Kris’s figure is like a blowing-up balloon, who grows into a three-meter giant in a second.

His whole body was full with muscles, whose eyes turned red like a demon.

The most terrifying thing was that there stood a tall phantom behind him.

This phantom was as high as several feet, and it had four heads and eight arms, with weapons on his each hands like demon-conquering club, staff, pagoda, sword and so on.

Laughing , crying, raging and roaring with hatred, the four heads of virtual shadow were not the same, although they are all closed eyes, one can clearly saw their emotions.

See the four distinct expressions appearing on their faces, all the people gasped for breath.


Four heads and eight arms, this…this must be the demon’s incarnation!

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