Logan ordered, the principal immediately thought of who, “There is a very famous beautiful teacher in the south, do you think you want to invite her over?”

The principal was shocked. This Logan bought this school for a student? And the unremarkable student before? ?

He thought it was incredible, didn’t Chuck Cannon have no background? Why is there such a strong person suddenly?

“Beauty teacher? No!” Logan refused, “He has to study hard, why did you find him a beautiful teacher?”

“Um, don’t the students like the teacher to be more beautiful?” The principal knows what the students think. Like in the last semester, Yvette Jordan, the most beautiful teacher in the school, as long as it is a class, no student has skipped class.

This shows that beautiful teachers can stimulate students’ interest in learning.

It’s a pity that Yvette Jordan suddenly stopped doing her job this semester, just as missing as she didn’t come to the school.

“Yes, but I don’t allow you to look for it like this.” Logan thought, what if Chuck Cannon likes such a beautiful teacher?

Logan was a little entangled, so let’s agree.

“Okay, if you can find a beautiful teacher, it will be a beautiful teacher. If you can’t find it, then just another.” Logan said.

“I know what to do,” the principal sweated on his forehead.

“Well, don’t let anyone know, including Chuck Cannon himself. Remember, when changing teachers, be natural and don’t be too deliberate.” This was Logan’s request.

Logan thought, how interesting would Chuck Cannon call herself the principal one day? Logan is looking forward to this.

“Yes.” The principal immediately went to find the best teacher.

In other words, Logan bought this school in less than ten minutes, and a person of Logan’s level can stop her as the principal from doing it.

Logan Meimu saw Chuck Cannon and Lara enter the classroom, but she saw Betty following again, Logan’s expression changed, “What happened?”

Logan took out her mobile phone solemnly, “Check all the flight information for the last ten days in Hai City, including the vehicles entering and exiting…Who to check? First, check what happened to the city square here in Hai City.”

The phone hung up for three minutes and rang again. Logan answered, “You said there was a poisoning incident in the square recently? Find out who did it? Not sure?”

Logan’s beautiful eyes were turning, and she quickly thought of something, “Check me the person whose surname is Li, as long as it is a person who has been in or out of the sea in the last ten days, remember, this surname is Li, there may be several people, But under the age of 30, he looks very attractive as a model… I don’t care how long you check, if you don’t give me results one day, you don’t have to show up again.”

The phone hung up again, Logan’s beautiful eyes remained unchanged, “Chuck, why don’t you tell me something happened?”

Today’s course is relatively loose. There are only two classes in the morning and no class in the afternoon. After Chuck Cannon finished the morning class, he took Queenie and Lara back to the square. Queenie continued to work part-time, and Lara must go back to her shop.

After Chuck Cannon communicated with Yolanda as usual, he was ready to go back to rest. Of course, he also called Yvette Jordan and asked her what happened!

Yvette Jordan’s answer is okay, very tired, it seems that after a lot of training, Chuck Cannon has an idea, Yvette Jordan is wet with sweat, that kind of healthy beauty, the fatal temptation to men!

“My wife, I want to see you, so I can’t refuse.” Chuck Cannon really missed her.

“Okay, husband, come and find me.” Yvette Jordan was very tired here, but Chuck Cannon said so, what can she do? She couldn’t bear to refuse Chuck Cannon’s request.

Calculating the time, Chuck Cannon must have been suffocated these past few days.

After the phone was hung up, Chuck Cannon told Betty to go to Yvette Jordan. Of course, Betty would have no problem. She drove over.

“Mom, you should go up first,” Yvette Jordan had to wait for Chuck Cannon downstairs. The two talked, and then Yvette Jordan would agree to what Chuck Cannon was going to do, depending on what Chuck Cannon meant.

Yan Li frowned, “Do you want to see him again?”

Yan Li really wanted to tell her about the smell of toilet paper that day. Daughter, I’m here, don’t I know what you were doing downstairs that day?

He is the son of your father’s enemy! Yan Li wanted to get angry, but when she met Yvette Jordan, she liked her daughter more and more, she couldn’t bear to say it!

“Mom, we haven’t seen each other for three days, so I will come up after seeing him for a while,” Yvette Jordan, of course, bowed her head. She had no confidence, and she knew it was wrong, but she couldn’t refuse Chuck Cannon’s request.

“Hmph, daughter, let me tell you, it’s impossible for you to live with him. If so, then I’m dead.” Yan Li snorted coldly and prepared to go upstairs with the bodyguard.

“Mom.” Yvette Jordan was sad, and her eyes were gloomy. When his mother said so, Yvette Jordan’s heart was bleeding.

“Needless to say, you just meet him, anyway, I will never agree!” Yan Li sternly refused! But at this time, her bodyguard suddenly rushed over vigilantly.

There was a puff.

“Xiaoyue!” Yan Li was shocked. She saw an anaesthesia gun behind her bodyguard. The bodyguard had passed out without any consciousness.

“Daughter, be careful! Find a place to cover!!” Yan Li yelled, but a needle was also shot over and hit her arm.

Yan Li was weak. She got up and walked a few steps before falling to the ground with dizzy eyes.

“Mom.” Yvette Jordan was annoyed, and ran over and pulled her mother and bodyguards to find a car to cover her. Yan Li hadn’t fainted yet, “Your cousin, it should be your cousin here. Go away.”

“I don’t want it!” Yvette Jordan was wary, her eyes shot cold and ruthless.

“Daughter, hurry up, they have anaesthesia guns, yes…” The anaesthesia needle was so powerful that Yan Li couldn’t hold it. She passed out in more than ten seconds.

Yvette Jordan didn’t panic, her body was constantly moving, and she could see a needle shot by her side.

Yvette Jordan received a lot of training, and her reaction was different from before.

But open guns are easy to hide, but hidden arrows are hard to guard!


Yvette Jordan was shot in the arm, and she felt her hand numb all at once, and she slumped on the ground weakly, “Mom, mom…”

Yvette Jordan was furious, but she didn’t have the strength anymore. She wanted to resist, but the anaesthetic needle had already attacked her.

“Husband…” Yvette Jordan’s eyes were dizzy, and she felt that someone was coming over the road in the distance. Is it his husband?

Yvette Jordan completely lost consciousness, is she going to die like this? Not reconciled, I am not reconciled!

These are two men in black clothes with anaesthesia guns in their hands. They both sneered, “So easy?”

“Yes, the young master asked us to be careful and take them alive. This is too simple. Three anaesthesia needles can solve them. I am very disappointed. I thought she was a master!” One of them smiled disdainfully.

“Alright, don’t say it, the young master said in person, you must catch a younger woman, so she should be Yan Li’s daughter. This woman is qualified to compete with the young master for the family property, but she will not survive for that day. Carry people into the car.” The man carried Yvette Jordan into Yvette Jordan’s car.

Turning around, he was stunned, because his companion was staring at Yan Li in Se Mimi, this is.

“Number seven, what are you doing?” He walked over.

“Number six, I’m looking at her, Yan Li, when I was in the United States, I really missed her. Look at her skin, I like the girl with the same charm,” this person’s eyes were shining.

“Um, Yan Li is not bad. She is very seductive and arrogant. Men like women like this. But this time, isn’t it the time to do that kind of thing?” No.6 said, but his eyes began to look at her lying on the ground. It’s really a temptation. Every man likes a woman differently. The two of them are like-minded, and both like this kind of woman.

“Whether it is time for her, you drive, I will come back, and then change you, she was fainted by the anaesthesia needle, she didn’t feel it when you slap her a few times, look.” No. 7 shook Yan Li abnormally. a slap.


Yan Li’s eyes were moving, but she couldn’t open her eyes.

Sure enough, there was no response, but Yan Li blushed and was blushed.

Number 6 smiled, “Okay, you carry her into the car, you first!,”

No. 7 smiled, hugged Yan Li, and kissed Yan Li, but he looked down at another person on the ground. “What about this?”

“Don’t worry about her, Huaxia is not from the United States, so you can’t mess around,” said No.6.

“Okay, you can drive, I’m hehe.” On the 7th, Yan Li was put into the car, the light in the eyes became obvious, “Yan Li, Yan Li, I blame you for offending the young master, and let the uncle hurt love you.”

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