Chapter 357: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 357 Beaty of Touching Each Other (1)

Jingyan Ye tenderly placed her on the bed behind her, and when Yiyao Duan only felt the sky spinning and in no time he had covered his body on her.

She pushed away the person on top of her in a panic, “No.”

“I want you…… Yiyao ……” Jingyan stopped unbuttoning. He was deliberately holding back, which is really nothing if you are not in love.

Seeing him staring at herself pitifully, Yiyao was somehow intolerant, but she is not ready ……

“If you ……”

She closed her eyes and helped to unbutton …… the buckles, “Then let’s start.”

Jingyan did not give her time to react, fiercely kissing her lips, guiding her with passion, but the thirst inside him did not get relieved.

Yiyao was forced to endure. At first, she felt a little uncomfortable, then gradually adapted to his rhythm and began to respond slowly ……


The next day, Yiyao woke up slowly, stretched her hands, which were grabbed by someone. She turned her head and coincidentally met Jingyan’s gentle eyes.


Jingyan lay on top of her. Seeing her confused, he closed her eyes and gave her a light kiss on her forehead.

The warm touch on her forehead made Yiyao fully awake, and remembering what happened last night, she looked away somewhat shyly.

“Get up. I’m hungry.”

“I’m hungry too ……” Jingyan said ambiguously. He exhaled beside Yiyao’s ear and leaned down to bring himself even closer to Yiyao.

Yiyao’s legs felt his …… so her face instantly brushed, “You …… you get up first.”

“I can’t get up …….”

Jingyan exhaled a breath, drowning the rest of her words in a dense and impermeable kiss. In such a way, a lingering morning started ……

When Yiyao got out of bed, her feet were so weak that she almost fell to the ground. Finally, she held the bed and slowly stood up.

Raising her head, she saw Jingyan staring at herself leisurely, and glared at him without grace, “It’s all because of you!”

“Yes, my fault.” Jingyan hurriedly raised his hand to admit his mistake, “I want to eat a sandwich now.”

Although Yiyao was reluctant, she still went to the kitchen to make him a sandwich, but her walking posture was really weird.

After breakfast, Yiyao received a phone call from Jun Duan. Being puzzled, she connected the other side, “Hey, dad. How is it going?”

“I asked you to come to training before. Come over this afternoon.”

“Okay!” Yiyao glanced at Jingyan beside her and opened her mouth, but couldn’t say other word.

If dad knew that she was with Jingyan again, what would happen? Now she could only hide it day by day.

“What’s wrong? Going to the military area?” Jingyan waited for her to hang up the phone and immediately went after her and asked.

“Yes, I’m going this afternoon.”

“So soon ……”

Jingyan lowered his head. Does this also mean that they will not be able to see each other for a while?

They had only just made up and were going to be separated again?

Yiyao stopped packing and said: “I’ll be back every few days.”

“Really?” Jingyan’s eyes lightened, “Then I’ll be waiting for you here all the time!”

“No. Go back, since there’s no one to take care of you here.”

“But, I’m afraid you won’t be able to see me when you come back ……”

“I’ll call you when I come back.” Yiyao sighed. He seems to be extraordinarily sultry lately.

Jingyan was still has dubious, but he knew that it was impossible to let her stay, so he sat alone on the sofa thinking about the time when she left, he would go to deal with the relationship between him and Ziying Duan.


In the afternoon, Yiyao came to the military area. Most of the soldiers had already started training. She walked through a dozen rows of infantrymen who were taking goose steps, and walked straight to the general army command camp.

Jun was sitting on a heather chair commanding several officers in front of him.

“Train the infantry for as much time as possible. As for the training for aircraft, tanks, noisy, disturbing, practice in the daytime, but not at night ……”

“Yes, Sir!”

The three officers saluted in unison, and when they turned around they bumped into Yiyao who had just entered the door, and also saluted in unison.

Jun looked up in the gap of packing documents and saw Yiyao who approached him. He smiled, “Here you are!”

Yiyao sternly made a military salute to him, “What exactly are you looking for me for?”

“The Army’s training is busy, so we simply can’t spare an Air Force commander here. We’re asking you to come for an emergency training.”

Yiyao touched her nose. Letting her to be the commander of the air force? He thought too highly of her. Although she can drive a plane, this is a parade ……

“Don’t worry, we have specialized technicians, so you only need to supervise the formation.”

“That means I don’t need to teach them how to drive planes?”

Jun lightly laughed, since he found his daughter’s question amusing, “With your poor skills, you also dare to take it to the parade field?”

“Our pilots all have at least ten years of flying experience!”

Yiyao lowered her head in embarrassment, “I am not that bad, okay?”

She was not only not bad at flying, but she was simply gifted. Others learned for months, and she got the hang of it in two or three days, and drove it very well. There was once a special pilot who praised her.

“Okay, I’ll take you to visit our airport.” Jun got up and walked in front of Yiyao.

On the airport, there were all kinds of planes of different sizes. Even though Yiyao had seen various kinds, she couldn’t help but be shocked. These are the best plane in the country ……


They walked all the way, and there were people greeting all the way. For Yiyao who had left the army for a long time, she was somewhat discomfortable.

“Captain Duan!”

A gruff male voice suddenly rang beside Yiyao’s ears. Feeling the voice familiar, she looked up, and found him to be Xuanwu.

Yiyao was surprised, “You’ve been assigned here?”

“Just came over a few days ago to replace an injured teammate.” Xuanwu scratched his hair, being a little shy.

Yiyao had been with them for the longest time and was the one who knew them best. Although he handles more skills than the others, he is not as capable as Yiyao.

Yiyao nodded, “Where are the rest of them?”

“All of them are in the land force.”

The people who were training from afar saw the new chief all gathered around. They couldn’t help but wonder what kind of person this chief was, who could work as a commander as a woman.

When Jun saw that everyone was almost there, he introduced, “This is Yiyao, the new commander of your air force. From now on, you must obey her orders!”

“Yes!” The members in air force replied in unison.

But there were a few people talking among them. Yiyao’s sense of hearing is not so keen, but Xuanwu beside her changed his face.

“She is a woman. What can she be capable of?”

“Right! We are all here with more than ten years of flying experience. How can such a little girl to manage us ……”

“The man beside her is also not skillful, and just flew the wrong way!”


The words became more and more harsh to hear. Xuanwu frowned and stood out, “You guys stop saying that!”

The discussion suddenly stopped, but one of the grumpy people stepped forward, staring at him and said, “We are talking about the truth. Why should we be subject to her orders?”

Jun listened with a frown. It’s not that he didn’t hear the discussion just now, but he just didn’t bother to care about them.

Now that some of them had brought it up, he naturally had to solve such a trouble for his daughter.

But when he was about to speak, he was stopped by Yiyao, “Then what do you have to do to convince me to take command?”

“Let’s make it straight. Do you know how to drive a plane?” The one who spoke first was full of disdain and didn’t even look at her directly.

Yiyao lightly laughed, “Since you are so confident in your skills, why don’t we just have a competition?”

“If you lose, obey my orders, if I lose, I’ll leave immediately!”

“Compete with me?” The man looked like he heard a big joke, “Do you know how long I’ve drove planes?”

Yiyao shook her head, “I don’t know. I just want to ask you whether to compete with me or not?”

“Sure! But …… you have to make your words count. Don’t show on the training ground with a gloomy face if you lose. Such a distain.

Yiyao coiled up her hair and glanced at him, “That’s for sure. You have to make the people behind you obedient even if you lose!”

“I promise!” The man hooked his lips disdainfully before wearing his hat.

They each picked a plane and began to check the parts on it.

The crowd of onlookers behind them couldn’t help but come together again to discuss.

“Tian has been engaged with airplanes since he was a kid, and he can control all the difficult maneuvers almost perfectly, How could she win him!”

“Not to mention Tian, I’m afraid she can’t even win me!”

“Stop it. Wait for the change of commander ……”


Chapter 357 Beaty of Touching Each Other (2)

Xuanwu couldn’t stand that and pulled Yiyao who was about to get on the plane, “Captain, let me go. You still have injuries ……”

“It’s okay. Even though you win, they still won’t really obey me.”

After saying that, she jumped into the helicopter and shouted to Tian, who was still checking, “Hey, how to compete?”

“If we directly compete the speed, you will definitely lose, and I also won in a dishonorable way. So, let’s divided the competition into three games to compete our skills, speed and operation on the plane.”

Yiyao indifferently spread her hands, “Okay.”

“In front of us is the red flag we use for training. Whoever hovers over it first will be considered the winner.”

After listening to the rules, Yiyao had already gotten into the helicopter, and she tried to turn the wheel to find her right angle.

With a gunshot ringing out in the sky, Yiyao looked ahead, with her hands nimbly maneuvered, and glanced to find that Tian’s plane had already surpassed her by one-half.

Yiyao didn’t expect him to be so fast. In the very beginning, he had already exceeded her so much.

Her hands were so manual that she lost consciousness. There was only one thought in her head, that was she must catch up with him! But after passing most of the way, she was still behind Tian.

The distance from the starting point to the red flag was not far, and as she saw that Tian was about to touch the red flag, her cold sweat spilled out from her forehead.

Her hand moved more quickly to the extreme level, but she was after all half way behind him, so it was useless to increase her speed later.

Tian circled twice above the red flag and finally came to a steady stop.

He raised his head and glanced at Yiyao, but did not mock her; the gap between him and her was only a few seconds, which was already something to brag about for a woman.

“I lost.” Yiyao admitted graciously. At this moment she was glad that she added two more games to make up for her gullibility about him.

Tian took off the clothes on his body and wiped the sweat off his head, “There are still two more games. What do you want to compete?”


Yiyao held the water she had drunk up to him, “Use a tool to open it up?”

“How about using a bottle opener to open a can of beer!” A member had a whimsical idea and mentioned it to them.

Immediately, someone echoed, “Yeah. Install a bottle opener in front of the helicopter and see who opens it first without damaging the bottle!”

Yiyao also thought it was good, nodded her head and asked Tian, “What do you think?”

“It’s okay.” Tian wiped his face to make him sober.

The two of them switched to each other’s helicopters. Inside the cockpit, they looked at each other, and then calmed down.

The onlookers outside also held their breath. Although they all did this kind of skillful attempts, they usually spend about half an hour to complete such a game.

Tian was the fastest among them, in a minute. And now it’s a competition, so they wonder if he’ll set the latest record.

The plane started, with deafening sound. Only Jun Duan and Xuanwu frowned and showed their concerns.

Yiyao’s ears suddenly ached, then returned to normal. She shook her head and stared intently at the beer bottle.

The tiny bottle opener hung in front of the helicopter. As she slowly approached the bottle, she calmed down and focused all her attention on the bottle opener above.

Her ears were filled with the roar of fan blades hovering over the plane, which made her head vaguely ache, but she still forced herself to dismiss distracting thoughts.

“Captain, go for it!”

Xuanwu’s voice broke through the roar into her ears, and she cleared up her brain, carefully adjusted the angle and landed straight at the bottle.

With a bang, the bottle cap was opened and Yiyao let out a sigh of relief and walked out of the cockpit.

Everyone was impressed by her and felt that such a woman was indeed capable of guiding them.

Just as Yiyao’s bottle cap was opened, she turned her head and saw that Tian’s bottle cap was also opened with a sound. The onlookers broke out cheers.

As the two stepped down from the plane, Tian’s face was obviously much gloomy and he was silent for a long time before finally saying, “I lost.”

God knows how hard it was for him to say the words. The first game had already made him uncomfortable, and this one was a direct loss to her.

The cold sweat on her forehead never stopped, and she took the tissue handed by Xuanwu to wipe it.

“What’s the next game?”

“Operation. Whoever consecutively flips the most 360 degrees in the air until they run out of energy!”

Yiyao frowned. Her ears were already a little uncomfortable, so if she was allowed to manipulate the plane to flip, she would probably fail.

But now it was hard to retreat, so she nodded her head, “Okay!”

The sound of the helicopter kept hovering over the crowd’s ears as they slowly looked up as they rose. Eventually both of them stopped at the same height.

Yiyao began to operate first, because this situation is very unfavorable to her. She was afraid that she would faint inside the plane if she is not faster.

When she turned to one hundred and eighty degrees, her head was already dizzy. She desperately gritted her teeth, with her lips vaguely bleeding, and the pain forcing her to barely wake up.

Finally, barely turning over a turn, she could no longer properly continue the race, but she was still stubborn to keep it.

She blurred her eyes, and she no longer knew how many turns she had made. She only knew that if she did not stop for the moment, she would die for it.

Outside the window, the sky was spinning, and Yiyao couldn’t be bothered to see where people were.

Yiyao stepped out from the helicopter, and fell on Jun’s body with the sound of chattering and noise beside her ears.

She frowned, braced herself, and looked up to see the crowd gathering around her.

“Who won?” Yiyao was in a trance, but still remembered it was a competition.

Jun heartily lifted the hair around her ears and said, “A draw.”

Hearing this news, Yiyao’s first thought was: It’s over. No one has said what to do in a draw? Is there going to be an extra match?

She stood up holding Jun’s shoulders. She barely focused, and found Tian’s position precisely, “Let’s have another match?”


Tian turned around his head and spat out two words with difficulty, “You win ……”

His pride did not allow him to cheat. This woman could achieve the same result as him, so he would have to admit that she had won.

For this result, none of the people behind him objected. They lost convincingly If she could compete with Tian in a draw, then they were definitely not as capable as her!

They consciously stood in line, led by Tian, and neatly saluted Yiyao, “Sir!”

Yiyao also stood up straight and solemnly returned the salute to them, “Yes!”

Jun nodded his head gratefully when he saw this scene. She had never let him down and always met her mission with the best state.

After Patting her shoulder, Jun said much softly, “I still have things to do. You just stay here to get familiar with the environment first. It takes about half a month or so.”

“Good.” Yiyao was full of confidence. Although she got tinnitus, she shook her head, and found everything fine.

After waiting for Jun to leave, Yiyao turned her head and ordered, “Show me this year’s models.”

Xuanwu immediately responded to her order and took her on an inspection tour, followed by a long line of people, all of whom were disobedient to her.

“Captain, this is our latest model ……”

“This is our main exhibitions ……”

“That ……”

Xuanwu introduced smoothly, and occasionally Tian would interject a sentence or two, but none too much. He was still immersed in the shock of losing to Yiyao and couldn’t come back to his mind.

Yiyao kept smiling. The only thing was that she gradually lost her hearing and blurred her eyes.

She didn’t know what she stepped on, and felt on the ground. She heard Xuanwu’s shout of alarm and the panic of the people around her.

She was plunged into darkness ……

Yiyao was dazed and confused, and she didn’t know how long had passed. She heard someone making noise and couldn’t help but open her eyes to see who was disturbing her good dream.

As soon as she opened her eyes, a dark shadow pounced on her, “Captain!”

Yiyao looked down and saw a big guy lying beside her and showed a gloomy face, “I’m not dead. What are you crying for?”

“Captain, you’re finally awake!” Xuanwu broke into tears and smiled, with tear marks on his rugged face, which showed a hint of absurdness.

Yiyao disgustedly pushed him, “Get up first. You suppress my breath!”

“Okay ……” Xuanwu wiped with his sleeve and quickly climbed up.

Yiyao’s vision opened up a lot, only to find that in addition to Xuanwu, the room was originally surrounded by a circle of people.

Seeing Yiyao looking in his direction, Tian hurriedly took a few steps forward.

“Captain ……,” Tian stammered. Seeing Yiyao looking at himself in doubt, he couldn’t say anything even more.

“What’s wrong?” Yiyao frowned. Why all the men today are so squirming?

Tian exhaled a breath, closed his eyes with determination, and bowed to Yiyao, “I’m sorry.”

Yiyao was confused. What had happened after she slept?

“You don’t need to apologize to me. The competition was proposed by me, so the fainting may for my recent lack of exercise ……”

“It’s not that ……” Tian lowered his head, not knowing how to explain.

Xuanwu was unusually angry, pushed away Tian, “Get out! We do not need you pretend to be benevolent!”

“Xuanwu!” Yiyao shouted in a deep voice.

Why was he so unreasonable? Tian sincerely apologized, but he wanted to drive him away ……

“It’s not a big deal. I forgive you.”

Yiyao friendly smiled at Tian, but he became even more guilty, whispered, “I have made a big problem. You should not forgive me, or I will not be at ease.”

“What?” Yiyao was puzzled. How can someone still ask others not to forgive him?

“Captain ……”

Xuanwu cried out, “He deserves to be struck by lightning. Why would you still forgive him?.”

“What happened?” Yiyao did not believe. It was just a race, but why they make it seem like a crime?

“You ……” Tian bowed his head, but could not speak out the harsh words.

“What exactly happened?”

Yiyao gazed sharp. She did not want speculation, so she glared at Xuanwu, “Xuanwu, tell me!”

“Captain ……”

“This is an order!”

“Yes!” Xuanwu was helpless, and saluted to her, “The doctor said that your ears …… ears are about to go deaf.”

“What?” Yiyao only felt a boom and asked again, “Say it again.”

“Just now the military doctor came to check and said that you had a recurrence of your old injury from flying the plane and being stirred up by the loud mechanical sound. So, it is likely that you will lose your hearing ……”

Yiyao trembled and covered her ears, “Very likely?”

“Eighty percent of the possibility……”

“Then how long will I be able to hear?”

Xuanwu voice lowered, “About three or four more months.”

Tian hurriedly stepped forward and deeply wanted to bow to Yiyao, “Captain, punish me!”

Yiyao only felt her mind was in a mess, and she powerlessly waved her hand, “All of you go out first. Leave me alone.”



Tian and Xuanwu called out at the same time.

PS: I made mistakes when I was writing the draft. When I looked at the reader comments today, I found that I had written the wrong names in the first few chapters. I just modified all of them. In addition, bugs and typos have also been modified, you can re-read all of these chapters. Thanks for the support. And finally …… well, this novel is going to be finished.

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