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Chapter 358: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 358 Jingyan’s Visit (1)

“Get out!” Yiyao raised her head again, with redness in her eyes.

When Tian and Xuanwu saw her like this, they stopped what they were going to say and retreated in silence.

Yiyao sat on the bed with the sound of the instrument dripping beside her ears. She thought that she would never hear this sound again in two or three months, and felt sad.

In the TV show she saw, the deaf heroines didn’t even know how to speak because they couldn’t hear the voice. Would she be the same?

Yiyao closed her eyes, with her sense of hearing became unusually sensitive, and even the lowest sounds were transmitted into her brain.

The corners of her eyes were slightly wet, so a drop of tear slipped down and dripped into the bed sheet, leaving a wet patch.


It is sunny. Through the window, Yiyao could see the pigeons flying in the distance, and a person suddenly emerges in her mind at this moment.

She wondered what he was doing. Was he thinking of her too?

When she was lost in her thoughts, her phone rang suddenly, and Yiyao was startled and looked back.


“Yiyao ……”

Yiyao was too shocked to miss a heartbeat. Just now she was thinking about him, and now she received his phone call. Is it really a heart-to-heart?

“I’m here. How is it going?” She asked, forcing down the emotions that were swirling in her heart.

He paused for a long time, so long that Yiyao thought Jingyan had fallen asleep, and when she was about to take off the receiver, she heard a soft breathing sound.

“Yi Yao, I miss you ……”

Yiyao felt some distortion, which kind of unreality made her actually think that she had lost the hearing at this moment.

“Can you hear it? Yi Yao?”

Jingyan didn’t get a response, took the microphone and repeated the words just now, “Yi Yao, I miss you ……”

“Yes.” Yiyao pretended to be calm and replied, but her eyes were already instantly full of tears.

She also misses him and wants to see him immediately!

Thinking like this, she felt that even if she was really deaf, as long as he was with her, it didn’t seem that bad ……

“Where are you?” Jingyan asked.

Yiyao suppressed her overwhelming emotions and faintly spat out three words, “In the military area.”

“Then wait there. I’ll come to you right away!”

Jingyan picked up the jacket on the sofa, said goodbye to Yiyao, then hung up the phone and ran to the garage.

“No……” Yiyao wanted to refuse, but just as she spoke out a word, a “beep” sounded on the other end of the phone, and she held the phone helplessly for a long time.

Jingyan was stuck on the Sanhuan road, so he kept pressing horn. He didn’t know why he was so eager to see her today, since obviously he had just separated in the morning.

In the afternoon when he returned to the villa and just sat down to prepare for work, his right eyelid kept jumping, and his heartbeat was even faster.

That’s why he couldn’t resist trying to give Yiyao a call. Although she tried her best to hide it, he still heard a hint that something was wrong.

He really wanted to be with her immediately, but the damn traffic jam made it difficult for him to move an inch ……

Half an hour has passed, but he has only moved forward ten meters. At this rate, he was afraid that not until darkness, he would not reach the military zone.

He called Yulin Mu and asked him to drive the car for him. He himself directly got off the car and ran towards the military area.

This is not close to the military area, but fortunately he was physically fit and made it to his destination before dinner.

“Stop. Who are you? This is military area, and no ordinary people is allowed go inside!”

Jingyan glanced at the gate and had just put one foot out when he was stopped.

“Do you have an access card?” The special forces soldier guarding the gate pointed at Jingyan with his gun and glared at him fiercely.

Jingyan frowned and took a step back, “What do I need to do to get in?”

The man heard Jingyan’s words and knew he had nothing, so he became even more disdainful. “Get out. How dare you get in with no document! Go away, otherwise ……don’t blame me!”

“I want to go in!”

In addition to the step that Jingyan just retreated, his feet did not move a bit.

His eyes showed a fierce light, his face was cold and terrifying, so that the special forces who raised their guns could not help but be stunned.

But only for a moment, he contemptuously used the muzzle of his gun to aim at his chest, “Who give you the access? Who are you?”

Jingyan did not bother to talk with him, casually called someone. Not a moment later the other end was connected.

“Hey, Bureau Wang, this is Jingyan. Yes, I have something to go into the military area. Can you do me a favor ……”

The other end of the phone said something, and Jingyan handed the phone to the flailing special forces soldier with the sound amplification on.


“Bureau Wang?!” The special forces soldier’s voice rose in surprise, and after he did confirm the other party’s identity, he immediately became humble.

“Yes, yes, yes. I will execute immediately! Bureau Wang, don’t worry!”

Hanging up the phone, the special soldier’s attitude towards Jingyan changed a lot. He put away his gun and bowed, “This gentleman, I’m really sorry just now. This is not a special period, so the officers require access card to get in ……”

“Take me to the military headquarters.”

Jingyan felt that he was annoyed, and immediately interrupted his chattering explanation, but he forgot to ask Yiyao which military district she is in, so he could only ask him to take him to the headquarters.

Hearing that he was going to the headquarters, the soldier became more and more attentive to him.

“Sir, the headquarters is still distant from here. Please let me drive you there.”

Jingyan nodded and followed him to get into the car. The special soldier instructed the guards standing at the entrance to pay attention to the surrounding people, and then also followed and got into the car.

“Sir, who are you looking for at headquarters?” The special forces soldier drove on without forgetting to ask him.

Jingyan took a break from his thoughts and looked at him lost, “To find a person surnamed Duan.”

“Surnamed Duan!” The special soldier was nervous. He knew that he is an unusual person. First, he called Bureau Wang for help, and then found Captain Duan, who is the chief coach of the National Day parade training!

He thought so in his heart, but he did not show it on his face. He knew if he asked more, it would not be too good for themselves As for the relationship between their leaders, as a subordinate, he’d better let it go!

The two were silent all the way until the car stopped at the military headquarters. Jingyan nodded to the soldier, opened the door and got off.

The headquarters camp was not as heavily guarded as the gate, and Jingyan easily entered the tent.

The furnishings inside were simple, and as soon as Jingyan looked up, he saw Jun in front of him. He froze, not expecting to meet him here.

Jun apparently hadn’t noticed that a man had entered the camp, lowering his head and not knowing what he was doing.

Jingyan did not want to go up and disturb him, turned around and tried to leave quietly.

A plastic garbage bag was blew under his feet from nowhere, and he stepped on it inadvertently. With no reliance on his hands, he pushed over the bookshelf which was independent on one side.

Jun looked up from the bookcase, frowning in the direction of the sound, and saw Jingyan standing in front of him in a strange posture.

He couldn’t help but frown, “What are you doing here?”

“Uncle Duan, how are you?” Jingyan picked up the few books that were scattered, and awkwardly scratched his hair.

If he had known that it was so awkward, he should as well have greeted him as soon as he entered just now ……

Jun was upset about him, and snorted, “What do you want this time?”

He did not yet know that Jingyan had met with Yiyao. Although he was dissatisfied, he could only greet him as an old friend.

Jingyan did not expect him to treat himself in such a manner, froze for a long time before he reacted and forced a smile, “I came here to see a friend.”

“Then you’ve come to the wrong place.” Jun placed a stack of documents in front of himself and began to concentrate on reviewing them again.

Jingyan let go a sigh of relief and turned around quickly, but only after half a step, he was stopped by Jun.

As if he thought of something, he asked, “Who are you looking for?”

“That …… person,” Jingyan stammered for some time, but he couldn’t think of a person he knew in the military district.

“Who?” Jun saw Jingyan’s end at a glance.

“You’re here to find Yiyao? You two have met?”

“…… Uncle Duan ……” Jingyan didn’t know how to answer. The more he stammered, the more certain Jun was.

“When did you meet?”

Jun’s gaze was sharp and he stood up from his seat, “Answer me!”

Jingyan knew he couldn’t hide it from him anymore, and thought for long time before speaking, “A few days ago, we met by chance.”

“By chance?” Jun’s eyes were filled with disbelief. “How could it happen to be that coincidental?”

“Because of fate.”

“You told me that Yi Yao died, but God happened to let us meet, and I interprete this as fate.”

“Lol ……” Jun sneered, “Even if you met, why you should bother my daughter? By virtue of your cheating?”

“That was a misunderstanding, Uncle Duan.” Jingyan was helpless. He had already thought of how to explain, but had been suffering from no opportunity.

But Jun didn’t give him time to explain, “Whether it was misunderstanding or not, I’m warning you to stay away from Yiyao.”

He was tough, but Jingyan was not the least bit weak. “I will stay by Yiyao’s side. I will not listen to you”

“You ……”

Jun was furious and called a few soldiers in.

Chapter 358 Jingyan’ s Visit (2)

Three muscle heads glared at Jingyan Ye, “Captain Duan, what do you want from us?”

“Kick him out of here. Never let him in again.”

After receiving the order, the three men looked at each other. Then one said, “Sir, I’m afraid you need to leave now.”

Jingyan pursed his lips, without answering or moving, so four of them just stood there. Finally, Jun Duan lost his patience, “Throw him out.”

The three men nodded and circled around Jingyan, but they didn’t know how to do it.

At this time, Yiyao Duan walked in, “What are you doing?”

When the muscle heads saw that it was the new commander, they all stopped and respectively stood there.

“Why are you here?” Jun Duan rubbed his forehead, whose voice was obviously not as strong as just now, “You go out first. Don’t get involved between us.”

“Us?” Yiyao raised her eyebrows. Jingyan was here for her!


Jun Duan shouted, and the three men next to him seemed to know something gonna happen, so they immediately left.

And Jun Duan didn’t have time to care about them, so he waved his hand to let them out.

Seeing Yiyao, Jingyan finally relaxed, “You don’t look well. What happened?”

“Nothing.” Yiyao unnaturally bowed her head. She heard someone making noise outside and expected that Jingyan had already come to the barracks, so naturally she didn’t have time to look herself in the mirror.

Jun Duan also noticed that something was wrong and asked with a frown, “What happened just now when I left?”

“Nothing. Probably he ran too fast…”

“You really care so much about him, right?” Jun Duan looked terrible, and anyone could tell at a glance that he was holding back his anger.

“Dad…” This was one word that Yiyao could not easily call out, making Jun Duan, who was mad now, startled.

“Dad, I love him.” Yiyao was a little shy but firm, “I love Jingyan!”

When Jingyan heard this, he was thrilled and held her into his arms.

“You…you…” Jun Duan trembled and pointed at them.

To say such things in front of him, it’s really a shame.

“Dad, don’t get angry. I believe he didn’t do anything to hurt me.”

Yiyao’ s words were undoubtedly making things worse, so Jun Duan threw the document heavily on the ground, “Do you really think so? Love makes you blind. I think you are cheated by him!”

“I know what I’m doing!” Yiyao retorted. Her ears had deteriorated to the point of losing the hearing and she didn’t want to miss the one who loved her, nor did she want to miss the one she loved.


Jun Duan was helpless, for he really had nothing to do with his daughter. As long as she had made her decision, no matter what he did, she would not give in.

After giving them a serious look, he had to compromise and warned Jingyan, “Kid, be nice to her, or I won’t let you go!”

Jingyan nodded, “Of course!”

“All right, leave here.”

Jun Duan was in disappointment, as if he had aged ten years in an instant. He put down his dignity as a military, making Yiyao feel a little sorry.

“Take care of yourself.” Before leaving, she thought for a while before saying this.

Jun Duan waved his hand with his back to her, but he was unwilling to say another word.

Yiyao still wanted to say something else, but she was stopped by Jingyan, who whispered, “Not now, Mr. Duan is angry now. We can come back later.”

“Well…” Yiyao followed Jingyan and left. She knew that it was impossible to make her father accept it in a short time, so she could only slowly make him change his mind.

After leaving the barracks, Yiyao didn’t say anything. She was a little preoccupied, not even knowing when he stopped.

“Oops!” She bumped into Jingyan and she rubbed her forehead, looking at him with dissatisfaction.

“Why did you stop suddenly?”

“Do you want to tell me what you’re thinking about?” Jingyan frowned.

Yiyao froze, but she quickly recovered and replied in a calm manner, “Nothing.”

“I don’t think so.”

“What exactly happened?”

Yiyao fell silent. Jingyan didn’t know what happened to her ear. Now that it had gotten worse and she didn’t want him to know.

“Nothing. Right, why did you suddenly come to me?” Yiyao changed the topic.

Hearing this, Jingyan suddenly remembered the purpose he came here, and gave Yiyao a glance, “Are you sure you’re OK?”

“Me?” Yiyao got butterflies in her stomach, but she answered with ease, “What can happen to me?”

“That’ s good!” Jingyan breathed in relief.

“My heart is beating so fast that I feel something might happen to you, so I came here to see you.”

“I see…” Yiyao lowered her head. Gazing at the ground, she actually didn’t know what she was thinking about.

After walking for a while, they arrived at the area that Yiyao was in charge of. Tian and others saw Yiyao coming, they all stopped and greeted her in unison.

“It’s alright. Mind your business. Don’t get distracted by us!” Yiyao smiled them, and she was pretty different from the one who had told them to go out earlier.

Tian was in a bit of a trance, “Commander Duan, your injury…”

Seeing that he was about to ask, Yiyao hastily cut him off, “I’m fine. Don’t talk nonsense.”

But in the end, it was too late. Jingyan tilted his head and looked at Yiyao with confusion, “Your injury? What injury? You’re injured?”

He didn’t know where she got hurt, so he didn’t dare to touch her. He just looked anxious and held her shoulders, “Yiyao, tell me!”

Yiyao suddenly felt warm inside and was moved by him, “I’m fine. Probably I ran into the corner and scratched my skin.”

Saying this, she lifted up her sleeve, exposing a piece of broken skin on her arm. The blood had dried up, but Jingyan still frowned.

“Don’t be so careless, OK? Try to take care of yourself.”

Yiyao was speechless. There are so many machines here and it’s inevitable to get hurt sometimes when she didn’t focus.

“Be careful. Come with me to the infirmary.” Jingyan didn’t want her to do nothing to her wound, so he dragged Yiyao to the infirmary.

Yiyao let him take her here. But when she turned around, only to see Tian in puzzlement. She shook her head to him, signaling him not to talk about this again.

In the infirmary, Yiyao sat on the simple hospital bed, watching Jingyan, like a professional doctor, is busy doing something she didn’t know.

“Isn’t this Commander Duan?” A doctor walked in to get some medicine, and seeing Yiyao sitting on the hospital bed, he couldn’t help but stop, “Didn’t you just leave?”

Yiyao raised her arm and explained, “My hand got hurt, so I come here and bandage it.”

“Oh, take care of yourself.” The doctor gave her a deep look, knowing that he shouldn’t stay or not. Otherwise, he would be the third wheel.

When she saw him leaving, Yiyao smiled. Fortunately, she went out too quickly just now and bumped into the table in the infirmary, otherwise she would have been exposed.

“Let me disinfect you first.” Jingyan had come to Yiyao at this moment, showing her the iodine bottle in his hand.

Yiyao nodded and extended her arm. Jingyan couldn’t help but be moved when he saw her trust him so much.

The iodine made Yiyao frown in pain, but she gritted her teeth without making a sound.

Looking up at her brave look, he tried to be gentle.

“Well, it’s getting late. I should go back.” After finishing applying medicine, Jingyan clapped his hands and stood up.

Yiyao actually didn’t want him to leave, showing reluctance in her eyes, “You’re leaving now?”

“Well, I can’t keep staying here.” Jingyan helplessly spread his hands. It’s rare to see Yiyao act like a little girl, so he rubbed her hair.

“Stay here and I’ll come back tomorrow.”

Yiyao didn’t loosen her hand. He did not know that she didn’t got too much time left. The time she saw him and listened to him was getting less and less made her feel sad.

“What?” Jingyan felt that something was wrong with her, for she had never stuck to him so much. This sudden change made him feel that she was not OK.

“Nothing.” Yiyao let him go, not wanting him to sense anything wrong, “I will be busy with training in the next two days. I think I might not have the time to accompany you anymore.”

“Is this you’re worried about?” Jingyan thought this was a little funny. It’s not a big deal and he could come in and wait for her.

“Yes, but you may not see me every time you come.”

“Then I’ll come every day.”

Jingyan bent down and gave Yiyao a kiss on her forehead, “I will come to see you.”

Yiyao shyly bowed her head and the fringe blocked her twinkling eyes. She was thinking about something else.

“Go now. Go.” Suddenly, Yiyao looked up, with no extra emotion in her eyes, just happiness.

“I’ll make some time when the time comes.”

“OK.” Seeing her act like this, Jingyan relaxed and turned around to walk out of the infirmary.

Seeing he was out of her sight, Yiyao ached inside. She would be free, but she may not see him again.

She remembered the doctor’s instructions, “This is caused by an acquired injury, but there is a high chance that it will be inherited to the next generation. Madam Duan, I think you should know this.”

She loved him so much that she of course didn’t want their child to be infected. It must feel terrible to be deaf when he was born. In short, he wouldn’t be happy.

After sitting on the hospital bed for a while and pulling herself together, Yiyao walked towards the outside, only to run into Tian at the door.

In the darkness, Tian suddenly jumped out, scaring Yiyao. She patted her chest to relax after seeing it was Tian, “Why are you here?”

“Commander Duan, your ears…”

Tian wanted to say something but he stopped, afraid that he might make Yiyao feel worse. That’s why he stopped.

Yiyao calmed down, “No. That was a doctor’s misdiagnosis.”

But Tian had stayed in the military for more than ten years and he was observant, “You do not need to lie to me. I know it all. You are to keep me from feeling guilty…”

“That’s nonsense, OK?” Yiyao said, “You are not my relatives and why should I think so much about you?”

“I’m just telling the truth.”

Tian was slightly stunned, for he never expected that Yiyao would say this, and was speechless for a while, not knowing what to say.

Yiyao sighed and said, “I know what’s going on inside my body. It’s me who proposed to compete with you and I know the consequences. Since I’ve thought about it, it means I’ve already prepared myself.”

Before Tian could answer, she passed him and walked towards the outside without looking back.

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