No. 7 has already started the action, No. 6 smiled slightly and drove to the place where the young master was. This task was completed so easily.


No. 7 suddenly slapped Yan Li, “Bitch, I know you haven’t fainted completely!”

Just now, no. 7th kissed Yan Li, Yan Li suddenly opened her lacklustre eyes in shame and took out a dagger to stab him.

But since this person was sent out, of course, he was not a rookie. When he kissed him, he was a little guarded and grabbed Yan Li’s hand and took the dagger away.

Such a slap almost stunned Yan Li.

Driving No. 6 helplessly, “Take it lightly, Yan Li is so beautiful, I like her face, don’t beat her.”

“I know.”

No. 7 smiled, pulled her clothes apart, Yan Li struggled in fear, “What are you going to do? What are you doing?”

She felt it when she was kissed just now. For so many years, after giving birth to Yvette, she has always cleaned herself up, and never let any man close to her, let alone didn’t let other men kiss her?

She was ashamed and forced her to wake up, but her body was weak and it was useless for her to resist. At this time, the clothes were torn apart, and she felt a terrible panic!

I’m going to be that.

“What are you doing? Hehe, who made you so good? Who called you so beautiful? I like a woman like you. When I was in the U.S., I missed you a long time ago. Well today, hehe.” Laughing, it’s a worthwhile trip.

Really, he followed Yvette’s cousin. At that time, he could occasionally see Yan Li. He was indeed attracted by Yan Li’s arrogant temperament. The first time he saw Yan Li at that time, There are bad seeds in my heart, and after so many years, the seeds have grown strong enough to bear fruit.

It’s today, the result now!

Kissing her by 7th, Yan Li is still conscious. She wants to commit suicide by herself, but she doesn’t have any strength in her hands. She feels that the body is not hers anymore. She shed tears of despair and closed her eyes.

“Open your eyes to Lao Tzu, open your eyes to Lao Tzu…” No.7 laughed abnormally, and No.6 who drove laughed. Through the rearview mirror, he admired the desperate Yan Li.

Suddenly the 7th is scared, “You drive your car no. 6th, she will be yours later, do you want us to die?”

He almost crashed into a car just now, won’t number seven would get angry?

No. 6 drove awkwardly and earnestly. He admired it just now. He hadn’t noticed that the opposite car was coming. It was indeed very dangerous. He cheered up and the speed was fast. No. 7 stared at desperate Yan Li and continued to act. , Yan Li’s silent stream of tears, fear, and despair completely drowned Yan Li. This disgusting man with a mouthful of smoke and teeth was kissing herself, and even more. . Yan Li wants to die…

“What are you talking about? Ouyang Fei has been in the room and never came out?” Chuck received a call from the manager of the night hotel.

The manager was also very helpless. When it was time to check out, but Ouyang Fei hadn’t come out yet, she could only knock on the door, but there was no reaction inside, but she was sure that Ouyang Fei had been in the room, so she was worried that Ouyang Fei had something. She used the hotel’s system to open the door and saw Ouyang Fei still lying on the bed, her clothes dishevelled.

She was frightened, thinking that Ouyang Fei was dead. She stretched out her hand and found that there was still breathing. She knew, and with experience, Ouyang Fei has prescribed the medicine, and the medicine was too strong and too strong.

As a result, Ouyang Fei slept for a day and a night and did not wake up.

“Yes, Master, what do you think we should do here?” The hotel manager sighed. Why doesn’t such a young girl love herself? The clothes are dishevelled, how long has it been played?

“Call the police to deal with it. If she wakes up, give her a cup of ginger tea.” Chuck didn’t bother to care about this kind of thing. Ouyang Fei must have been crippled by Du Xinye last night.

“Yes.” The manager hung up the phone, and she began to dress Ouyang Fei, which was really dead.

During the whole process, Ouyang Fei didn’t react at all, except for breathing, it was really like a dead person.

When the manager put on Ouyang Fei’s skirt, she suddenly saw something, she was stunned. What’s the situation??

She put on Ouyang Fei speechlessly, as much as possible to restore Ouyang Fei’s original appearance, and her hair was also trimmed as if nothing happened.


Ouyang Fei had a headache. She opened her tired eyes and saw a strange woman and a strange environment. She wondered, “Who are you? Where am I???”

Ouyang Fei was very alert, she got up, but she didn’t have much strength, “Why do I have such a pain in my head? What did you do to me? What did you do?”

Ouyang Fei lowered her head and was relieved to see that her clothes were intact.

“What can I do to you as a woman? You fainted last night, yes, our young master asked us to send you up,” the manager lied. If this is straight to Ouyang Fei, then she must not collapse or even commit suicide. ??

Is it a way to save a life?

“Your master? Me, where is he?” Ouyang Fei couldn’t remember, didn’t she get in Du Xinye’s car? Why are you here?

“Night Hotel.” The manager continued, “The one of who was with you yesterday seems to have something temporary and asked to leave by car. If you don’t know what’s wrong, you fainted.”

“Oh. Who is your young master?” Ouyang Fei thinks this should be the case. After all, her clothes are all intact, but Du Xinye actually treats herself this way? He left himself again. I fainted! What a shame!

It’s just that the whole body is still very weak and seems to be collapsed. What is going on?

“This is inconvenient to talk about. Wait a minute, our young master ordered to prepare ginger tea for you,” the manager used the walkie-talkie to bring tea. Soon, a waiter brought ginger tea.

Ouyang Fei felt very hungry. She took a few sips and felt strengthened. “Can you bring me some food?”

“Yes.” The manager told the waiter to sit, and Ouyang Fei sat on the bed, “Who is your young master?”

Ouyang Fei is curious, how can I say that I robbed him of food last night, and he actually helped me, then this young master is not bad.

“Um, Master Cannon,” The manager said, she couldn’t say more, after all, she heard that Chuck’s tone was uncomfortable, and she might not understand this woman.

“Master Chuck? Who is Master Chuck?” Ouyang Fei was puzzled. She wanted to move her body, but why were her legs so numb? She looked down at her skirt suspiciously…

“Um, Sister Li, drive a little faster, I’m a little nervous.” Chuck doesn’t know what’s going on, just think it’s a bit disturbing, of course not because of Ouyang Fei, Chuck didn’t bother to pay attention to her, but because of Yvette.

“Good young master!” Betty speeded up!

Soon after arriving at the parking lot of the community, Chuck was shocked, because Chuck saw someone watching over there. What happened? Chuck opened the door and went out. Betty also hurriedly got out of the car. Chuck squeezed into the crowd and found a person lying on the ground.

Isn’t this Yan Li’s bodyguard?

“Anesthesia needle?” Betty recognized it at a glance.

“Find, find in the whole city, mobilize all surveillance!” Chuck’s eyes were full of anger. This bodyguard lay here, which means that Yvette and Yan Li were equally anaesthetized and taken away!

“Yes, master, don’t worry, there will be results in three minutes!” Betty took out her mobile phone and called.

Chuck is the same as the ants on the hot pot. Yvette and Yan Li must have been taken away by Yvette’s cousin. Where will they be?

After suffering for less than two minutes, Betty received a surveillance video on her mobile phone. After viewing it, Betty said, “Master, get in the car, they just left!”

Chuck was overjoyed and ran into the car. Betty’s driving skills were top-notch, and she slammed on the accelerator, and she drifted out of the bar with Chuck!

“Master, don’t worry, there are two people, they have anaesthesia guns in their hands, and they are driving Yvette’s car. I have used satellite monitoring to locate the car.” Betty drove at a terrifying speed in the crowd.

People were amazed!

Soon, Betty’s eyes narrowed, and she pointed to the car in front of her, “Master, Yvette and Yan Li are in the car in front!”

“Bump me!!” Chuck said coldly!

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