Chapter 359 – 360: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 359: The final duel

When Kris’s demon’s body fully formed, the incarnation behind him seems like the real demon. Even the texture on their clothes and the wrinkles on their skin were clearly visible.

Therefore, the power of it was also greatly increased.

Now he had a good opportunity to see how powerful it would be.

“Demon’s Descent!”

When the voice fell, the demon behind him suddenly opened its eyes.

Kris rushed ahead by his floating skill.

At this time, all the masters also tried their best.

A nine-clawed gold dragon appeared behind Shen Qiao, and behind Wuji Zhang was a mighty the King of Great Fighter. While Master Huiwu summoned a Buddha’s warrior, Ying Guo was supported by a strong condor.

Yuanqiao Zhang was rather poor and the incarnation behind him was so vague that one couldn’t see what it was.

There was a feature of their incarnation, that was, rigid summoning method and unreal body.

Kris sneered coldly.

While his demon incarnation grabbed the nine-clawed golden dragon. The dragon broke down immediately with a scream by the powerful arms of the demon.


Shen was seriously injured in a single movement.

The second one was Yuanqiao. With a wave of the long sword in the hands of the demon, Yuanqiao’s incarnation was instantly shattered.

“Go together!”

Wuji, Master Huiwu, and Ying pooled their strength to launch attacked against Kris together.

With their power, a single blow could shake the earth.

While the entire ring was torn by the scattered energy, all the audience was scared away.


Seeing their fighting in the sky, Lan Xia was worried yet excited.

To her surprise, Kris made a astonishing progress.

However, What annoyed her was that he had too many female admirers. Lan sighed with a look a his face. Then she came to her masters and moved them to a safe place.

The boy who could not even bear the energy of her now had completely grown into a man who stood upright.

“Radical dragon with regrets!”

“Angry Buddha!”

“The Fallen Excalibur!”

All three masters played their trump card.

Kris ‘s eyes drenched, and he carried all attacks down with the strong incarnation.

He must be dead!

Ying was overjoyed because her attack hit Kris directly.

But the next second, what she saw made her dumbfounded.

Kris only mildly wounded and he might got recovered soon.

How could that be?

Why was this boy’s physical body so powerful?

Master Huiwu frowned and said, “Is this the Golden Bell skill?”

“No, this is not a Golden Bell skill.”

Wuji said, “The Golden Bell skill does not have such a strong protection, and have you found that it seems he has no weakness at all?”

On hearing this, both Master Huiwu and Ying frowned.

Kris was a tricky rival, indeed.

“Yes, he is really strong!”

Kris was pleased yet amazed to find that his demon’s protection ability would be so strong.

Of course, there was reason behind it. Before the fact that the Heavenly Demon School and Danzong School perished together, the Heavenly Demon School might be the strongest in the world which had thousands of years of its history.

And the Heavenly Demon Strategy used by Kris was the ace of the school, that was why Kris made such an amazing progress.

“Now if you can’t kill me, then you should die.”

With that, Kris rushed towards the Master Huiwu.

Since ancient times, the Buddha and the demon were at odds with each other.

While meeting together, Huiwu’s Buddha’s warrior was tore into pieces by the raging demon in a blink.

After that, Kris rushed towards Wuji and the incarnation behind them got into a fierce battle.

“Demon Fire!”

Kris, who looked like a giant, waved his fist towards Wuji and with a punch, Wuji was directly smashed into the ground.

“Demon Fire…”

The attack was not ended until Wuji was knocked down and buried into the earth, and at this time, his incarnation was also tore into pieces.

Now only Ying was still uninjured.

Kris’s scarlet eyes were full of hatred.

It was this woman who nearly killed Qingyuan and Yi.

Kris pooled all his strength and directly punched Ying to spit out blood and flew out.

“Kris, please… please forgive my master!”

While the demon incarnation had raised all the weapons to Ying, Yi rushed over and stopped him.

Kris looked a little puzzled.

“Kris, can you forgive her?” She courageously walked to Kris and took his hand.

My deal!

Kris nodded and the demon behind him also retracted its weapons.

Immediately afterwards, his huge body gradually turned into a normal one.

Then Kris took Yi ‘s hand and left the ring.

Looking at the backs of them, Ying gritted their teeth and said, “Don’t think that I will be grateful for this. I will definitely not let you go.”

Kris stopped suddenly and said with a sneer: “Do you still think there will be any influence for your six major schools?”

Then Ying was battered unconscious with a wave of his hand.

Immediately when he dialed Xiaolong Tan ‘s phone and gave a full explanation, he walked to Lan Yu’s side and looked at her ruddy face with warm smile.

“Come, I will take you home!”

Then When Kris bent over to hug her, Qingyuan stopped him by slapping her hands away.

“What’s wrong with you?”

“Don’t touch Lan Yu, for you are such a don juan!” Master Qingyuan looked at him too coldly and said.

Kris said in a usual smile, “Do you still think that I have defiled your younger sister? Do you still think that it is me who drive your grandfather mad? “

“Isn’t it?” Qingyuan said angrily.

To be honest, her emotions were very complicated now, especially when Kris’s face was still covered by a man-made face of Dong Zhang, she was even more annoyed.

“Can you change back to your original face? I feel sick when I see it!”

Kris was a little surprised. He took off the mask and stimulated the acupuncture points on his face, then his own appearance instantly restored.

“Want to have a date with me?” Kris said with a big smile.

“Bah, I can’t wait to kill you.”

” Alright, Please be aware that if I was really such a Don Juan, you might be my woman since we had stayed in the site of Holy Dragon Cult.” Kris glanced at Qingyuan and said.

“If you still don’t believe it, then come with me and I will tell you the truth.”

Yi walked to Qingyuan, took her hand, and said, ” Kris is right. Let me tell you the truth.”

Since the two descended from the Holy Dragon Cult, Qingyuan would call out the name “Dong Zhang ” every night in her dreams. Qingyuan knew how herself was thinking about.

And she believed that Kris was not the kind of villainous person.

Although, sometimes he was a bit dishonest, but…he is not Lecherous. And The most important thing was that Kris could resist the temptation while guarding the three of them. This was impossible without great perseverance. .

” Have you finished?”Lan Xia walked over with a cold face and said, “Kris, come here.”

Kris patted his head. How could he ignore this big one!

“Master Xia, what’s up?”

“How can you still call me master Xia?” Lan Xia said with an unhappy expression.

Kris patted his mouth and said, “sorry for my terrible tongue, then can I call you Lan Xia?”

“Yeah.” Lan Xia nodded with a blushing face.

The East Sword King also walked over and said, “Your name is Kris, right? Take good care of Lan Xia from now on. She is a little stubborn, but she has a good heart. Be patient enough to be with her.”

The Southern Sword King also smiled and said, “Little boy, how amazing you are. It is a good deal that The Sun-Moon Holy Cult asked you to be the chosen son of it. A good deal!”

Even the heads of the six major schools had been overturned. Couldn’t it be a good deal?

Kris smiled back. Of course he knew the relationship between the Wuliangjian School and The Sun-Moon Holy Cult.

After thinking about it, he drew something from his waist and handed it to the East Sword King and said, “Senior, look, what is it.”

“This is… my soft sword!” East Sword King happily took the soft sword, and asked excitedly, “Where did you got it? “

Kris thought for a while and told the East Sword King about his relation with Hu Li. Of course, he deliberately repeated it twice that he was the master Hu.

“You mean the sister and brother?” East Sword King sighed and said, “They are my registered disciples, and I also blame myself for not doing a good job. It is me who doesn’t take good care of them.”

Through the narration of the East Sword King, Kris finally figured out the grievances between Hu and Wuliangjian School.

All was because the two of them had poor aptitudes. Even if they were given resources, they may not be able to break through the innate-power stage. It is better to let disciples with better talent break through.

“They had good luck that you can be their master.” East Sword King was enough generous to the hatred from Hu Li.

Now that the soft sword is gained, it is also a good new for him .

At this time, Qingyuan also figured it out, she walked to Kris and said, “Well, it is because of Yi that I will trust you again! If you lie to me, I won’t spare you anymore.”

Kris stared straight at Qingyuan with a bold smile. In fact, she was quite a beautiful lady.

It would be better if she could be more gentle.

Twenty minutes later, Xiaolong rushed over with a group of disciples, and kneeled directly on the ground towards Kris.

At this moment, Kris’s identity as the leader of the Holy Dragon Cult was also revealed.

“You… are you actually the leader of the Holy Dragon Cult?” Qingyuan looked at Kris incredulously.

“Sorry, I am not deliberately lying to you.” Kris said, “I’ve known that the Holy Dragon Cult was all evil for you, but I swear that from now on, it will obey the principle of justice forever!”

“I do not believe in you.”

“Trust me. Let’s wait and see if I am a liar.” Kris answered, “Or you can stay by my side to end me if I do something terrible.”


“Thank you Kris, I agreed with you on behalf of Qingyuan.” Yi knew clearly what Qingyuan was thinking. Qingyuan was too shy to speak out her willing.

However, Kris was indeed a cunning guy. Even the masters in back-to-self stage couldn’t hurt him, how could Qingyuan end him?

“Yi, what are you talking about?” Qingyuan glared at Yi with a blushing face, and then said: “That’s fine, but let’s tell you first, if you dare to do something out of justice, I will end you in all efforts.”

On hearing this, everyone couldn’t help laughed.

The captured list were as followings:

The head and deputy of the Wudang School, Master Huiwu, master Shiming from the Shaolin School, the head and deputy of the Emei School, the deputy head of the Huashan School, and the head and deputy head of the Gaibang School.

The contest was finished indeed. As the Academy of Six Major Schools were in chaos, the whole Westriver is completely in a mess.

After receiving the news, The Sun-Moon Holy Cult in Beihai City also sank into a panick.

When the Star Lord meeting ended, Quan Mu returned to the Westriver hall restlessly and summoned Kris.

After the two entered the secret room, Quan said directly: “I have one!”

What do you have?

Kris was stunned. In the next second, he reacted and said with a dazed expression: “Do you mean you have a baby?”

“Yeah!” Quan nodded and said, “Almost two months!”


She was pregnant as they had sleep only one time?

“How can I make the end meet? We will be finished by the head of Holy Dragon Cult if he find that I am pregnant.” Quan was already panicked at this time.

Kris quickly took her in her arms and comforted her. After a while, when she turned much better, he said, “Honey, I have something to tell you. I am sure you won’t be more excited!”

“Go ahead.”Quan said, looking at Kris seriously.

Kris said: “Honey, now I am actually the leader of the Holy Dragon Cult!”


Are you serious?

Quan looked at him incredulously.

“Honey, don’t lie to me, are you kidding me?”

Kris said seriously: “At this time, I have no need to lie to you?”

Quan stared at him for several seconds, and then she cheered, “I can’t believe my man is actually the leader of the Holy Dragon Cult, then I don’t have to be afraid of Shentong Wang”

She kissed Kris on the cheek twice and said, “Honey, why didn’t you tell my sister earlier, don’t you know that how scary I felt when I found out that I was pregnant yesterday?”

Kris gave a wry smile and told Quan about the fact.

As she devotes wholly on Kris, Kris had no reason to keep his secret from her.

“That means, you are now invincible in the world?”Quan looked up and down at Kris. It was this man who had already overturned the leader of the six major schools.

“That’s right.” Kris smiled and nodded.

“Then I don’t have to go back to the Ice and Fire Island?”

“Now you can go wherever you want and no one can restrain your freedom.”

“Great, I am finally free!”

Quan was extremely happy. She looked at Kris with full affectation in her eyes. It must be the God who sent this man to save her from the sufferings.

” Kris, kiss me…”

“… …”

After their romantic moment, Kris said, ” Quan, stay here tomorrow. When I finish my personal affairs, I will take you to the Ice and Fire Island and kill Shentong!”

Chapter 360: I am a legend

Next day, the news of the Holy Dragon Cult’s defeat of the leaders of the righteous factions spread quickly.

The disciples of the six major schools were worried and scared all day long, while the families that were attached to the Holy Dragon Cult could finally stand up with head high. They could finally show their position to the people openly. The Chen family was among them.

Early in the morning, the Chen family held a family meeting, and everyone unanimously proposed to go see the Holy Dragon Cult’s head. As for who was going to visit him, they thought that Lei Chen was the most suitable person to meet him. Lei Chen was also curious as to what the head of Holy Dragon Cult looked like.

He then stepped aside and dialed Zhen Yuan’s number.

After he finished the call, Quan Chen asked him. “Lei, how’s it going? Did Zhen Yuan agree to this?”

Lei was filled with joy and said, “He said that the head also wants to visit our family.”

Hearing this, the Chen family rejoiced. This was a great honor for them. Tianzong Chen immediately asked the Chen family to clean their rooms, decorate their house, and welcome the arrival of the head of Holy Dragon Cult.

However, the members of Chen family stood at the door and waited for an hour and a half, but they didn’t see anyone coming.

“Why hasn’t he come yet? How about calling Zhen Yuan again?” Tianzong frowned and said.

Lei nodded and was about to call Yuan Zhen when Quan Chen shouted, “Look, they’re coming, they’re coming.”

The Rolls-Royces were driving over. Each side was several hundred black-clad men running.

Soon everyone stopped, followed by the Rolls-Royces.

The man in black respectfully opened the doors and the people in the car stepped off one by one.

“Pull out the banner quickly.” Tianzong said.

Followed by the two Chen family’s members, they pulled open the banner and it said: welcome the head of Holy Dragon Cult.

The moment they saw Yuan Zhen, Tianzong and the others greeted them.

“Yuan, where is the head?” Tianzong asked.

Yuan smiled and said, “He is coming.”

As soon as he finished, a group of people followed a young man over.

When the Chen family saw clearly what the person looked like, they were shocked.

“Kris, what are you doing here?” Quan Chen asked coldly.

Yi Fang, Qingyuan, Lan Yu, and even Xiaorou Xu all followed him over.

“This… What’s going on here?” Everyone in the Chen family had a bad feeling about it.

Lei looked gloomy and said, “Kris, how dare you come to the Chen family? Now that you’re here, we settle all our problems.”

“Well, I also plan to solve the problem between us.” Kris said indifferently.

“Today, with all the masters of the Holy Dragon Cult here, you will definitely be brought to justice.”Quan Chen stepped forward and said.

However, after he finished, Yuan on the side slapped him twice in the face. Quan Chen was angry that Zhen Yuan hit him suddenly, but he didn’t dare to fight back.

“Do you know who this person in front of you is?” Wudi Geng stared at Quan Chen and said, “This is the head of our Holy Dragon Cult. How dare you talk to him like this?”

“Kris is the head of Holy Dragon Cult?” Tianzong Chen and Lei Chen all looked at him.

When Jie Liang heard this, she fell to the ground.

Quan Chen could never have thought that Kris was the head of the Holy Dragon Cult. When he remembered what he had done to Kris before, his legs kept trembling with fear.

“Are you guys mistaken? How could Kris be the head of Holy Dragon Cult?” Tianzong said in disbelief.

“He is our head.” Yuan said and then knelt down in front of Kris to greet him.

The hundreds of black-clothed people outside were all kneeling on the ground.

These people of Chen family didn’t believe it. But even though they didn’t want to believe it, the facts were there and they had to believe it.

“All of you get up!” Kris said lightly.

At that moment, Yuan Qing came up and said, “Lei, where are Miss Mu and the child?”

“Yuan, she just had a baby. It’s inconvenient for her to come out.”

Kris didn’t want to waste time. He motioned with his hand for his men to rush into the Chen house and arrest everyone inside. Among them were Sisi Mu and her daughter.

“Kris, what do you want?” Lei looked angrily at Kris.

Kris walked up to Sisi Mu and looked at the child in her arm.

Sisi was shocked and thought he was going to take away her child and called for help.

“Don’t scream. I won’t want your child.” Kris said, “Didn’t you say this child is mine? Now we take a paternity test.”

Then more than a dozen people brought the machine for paternity test over directly. There was Xi Lan and a few doctors who came over as well. Then several doctors came over and collected blood from Kris and the child respectively.

“The results will be out about half an hour later.” Xi Lan said, and then she walked over to the machine and operated it.

“Who knows if you guys will tamper with the results?” Lei said in a cold voice.

“Think about it. Who stopped me from taking the paternity test in the first place? If I did it, why would I have to do it? I was the first to leave the wedding that day. Why do all of you suspect me? You should suspect the one who left last, right?” Kris Chen looked at him and said.

After Kris finished his sentence, Sisi Mu looked towards Quan Chen, and found that Chen Quan avoided looking at her.

As she thought about what Kris said, some images suddenly appeared in her mind. “It’s him. He is the last one to leave”.

Following the direction of Sisi Mu’s finger, Yuan Chen was taken aback and shook his head, “It wasn’t me. I left the wedding early. All the people present at the wedding knew it.”

“Yuan Chen was with us at the time. It can’t be him.” a man said.

“I’m not talking about you. I’m talking about Quan Chen.” said Sisi.

All the people looked at Quan Chen now. At this time, Quan Chen’s legs were trembling in fear and stammered, “Sisi, I…”

“There’s no need to talk so much nonsense. Let him take a paternity test and everything will be known.” someone shouted.

Then several men pinned Quan Chen to the ground. The doctor came to collect his blood, and Quan Chen sank to the floor.

At that time, Jie Liang tried to slip away, but she was spotted by Yi Fang.

“Stop her. She wants to run away.” Yi Fang called out.

“I just want to go to the bathroom.” Liang Jie stiffened and said.

“Hold it.” Wuyou Geng shouted to her.

Half an hour later, Xi Lan came over with two report forms in her hands, “According to the paternity test, Kris is not the child’s father. But Quan Chen’s DNA is ninety-nine percent similar to the child.”

Before she could finish her sentence, Lei snatched the report from her hand.

“Why, why did you do that?” Lei looked at Quan and asked.

“It wasn’t me. I didn’t do it.” said Quan.

“You still don’t admit it?”

Tianzong kneeled on the ground and begged, “Lei, Quan wouldn’t do such a thing. It must be a mistake.”

Just as Tianzong was kneeling and begging, Kris’s man came over with a woman who was about fifty years old.

“We found her in the backyard and she seemed to be trying to escape.” the man said.

The woman fell to her knees in shock. “Don’t ask me anything. I really don’t know anything. I’m just the Chen family’s maid.”

“Tell me what you know. If you dare to hide it, I’ll kill you.” Zhen Yuan threatened.

As soon as the maid heard his words, she was scared, so she told him everything she knew.

“When Lei got married that night, I saw Quan go into Sisi’s room and rape her.”

“You’re lying. Did Kris order you to say that?” Lei shouted.

The maid shook her head. “I have proof. And I know one more thing.”

Then she pulled out a phone from her pocket and showed these people a video. The quality of the video was not good. It should have been taken from one of the corners she was hiding in. Although the video was only a few minutes long, they clearly saw what was inside the video.

“You guys killed your grandfather” Yuan Qing now understood that all of this was done by Jie Liang and Quan Chen.

Tianzong now also knew that Quan and Jie Liang fabricated lies to set Kris up. It turned out that Kris didn’t rape Sisi and grandfather was killed by Quan and Jie Liang.

“I must kill you…” Tianzong hadn’t finished his sentence and fainted.

Everyone in the Chen family looked at Quan hatefully.

“How could you kill grandpa? How dare you!” Kris walked over with a blank expression.

Even though his grandparents tried to kill him in the hospital at that time, Kris never hated him, for he knew that the old man had been deceived.

He walked to Quan slowly and used the dagger to cut off his flesh piece by piece.

“Kris, you….” La Yun shouted. Yuan Qing pulled her and signaled her not to go over.

Yuan Qing knew Kris had too much pain in her heart. She also regretted that she had almost killed Kris.

And Jie Liang had already fainted.

After Kris killed Quan, he stood up and was ready to leave.

“Brother, I’m sorry. I was wrong.” Lei Chen kneeled on the ground and said.

Then all the people of Chen family all kneeled on the ground.

Kris stopped, turned around to look at Lei. He forced a smile and said, “Chen family will rely on you from now on.” Then he walked away without looking back.

Looking at Kris’s back, Lei knew that his brother still trusted him, but he himself didn’t trust his brother.

The story is almost over here.

In the end, Tianzong was mad. He was locked up in the Chen family’s dark room.

Sisi Mu divorced Lei Chen. She took the child with her. Chen Lei wanted to keep her, but he didn’t do so.

Before Sisi Mu left, Lei gave her a large sum of money, which was enough to support her and her child.

Kris took the disciples of Holy Dragon Cult to go to Ice and Fire Island and destroyed the Sun-Moon Holy Cult

Shentong Wang was also dead. He was not killed by Kris, but died from his own training. When Kris opened the chamber, his body was already stinking.

Kris also defeated Shaolin School, Huashan School, Emei School, Wuliangjian School, Gaibang School, and Wudang School. He founded the Wulin Alliance, with him as the first leader of Wulin Alliance.

Many years later, when people mentioned Kris Chen, they thought of his legendary life and his wealth. No one knew how much money he had. All people know was that he never ran out of his money. The most interesting story of Kris’ life is his eleven beautiful wives.

Kris took his wives to Ice and Fire Island, where they settled down. By this time, Kris Chen had dozens of children. Now the only thing that interested him was studying martial arts.

But when he reached the Fulfilled period, no matter how hard he tried, he wouldn’t be able to break through it. So he focused his attention on Taiji Scripture and Taiyin Scripture.

It took Kris a month to collect eight scriptures. In the end, he found out the secret of the eight scriptures. It turned out that these eight scriptures were handed down from the Danzong School, in which a secret was recorded.

Danzong School and Tianmo School came from the same sect. Danzong School believed that magical pills can help people become more powerful, while Tianmo School believed that only a strong body can increase one’s power. Because of their disagreement, Danzong School and Tianmo School fought against each other for years, and eventually they both died out.

However, before they were destroyed, Danzong School finally developed magical pills, which could help one to break through to the next stage by taking it. The Danzong School called the next stage “Transcendence stage”.

After reading the scriptures, Kris memorized the formula of making the magical pills and burned these scriptures all with fire.

When he left the training room, Mary Su, Mu Liza, Xiaorou Xu, Lan Yu, Lan Xia, Rou Wen, Yuhan Qin, Mina Li, Yanru Sima, Yinyin Yao, Wantong Qin and his children were waiting for him outside the door.

Looking at them, Kris suddenly felt that it was not important for him to reach the Transcendence stage.

He now had eleven wives, living a happy life. Maybe this was the life he wanted.

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