Chapter 359: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 359 She Was Pregnant! (1)

When Jingyan Ye had just returned home, he found his family were there staring at him.

“What?” He was taking off his shoes while avoiding their gaze.

“Where have you been?” Venus Mu, with a worried look, got up and checked him, “Do you know that we are all worried about you?”

Jingyan felt weird, “Why?”

Could it be that they knew that he had been to the barracks? Thinking of this, he looked at Chuxue Ye, “You told them, didn’t you?”

“No, no, no…” Chuxue swore, “How dare I? It’s all because dad…Chief Wang told dad that you went to the barracks.”

Chief Wang had always been good friends with Kerry Ye. Though he agreed to Jingyan’ s requests, he was still closer to Kerry.

Jingyan hummed, “Well, he betrays me.”

“You can’ t blame Chief Wang. He is also for your own good. I heard that you quarreled with an officer surnamed Duan…” Venus said with worry.

Jingyan took his hand out of her hand and avoided Kerry’ s gaze, “I’m fine.”

But he was too late, for Kerry had already seen him through, “You went to find Yiyao, didn’t you?”

His voice was cold and Jingyan kept sweating, so he had to admit, “Yes.”

Venus and Kerry were speechless. They didn’t know what to say to their son.

The atmosphere was more awkward and everyone was waiting for the other to speak first, but Jingyan remained silent.

“Jingyan loved her so much, so of course he wanted to see her. Now Yiyao is so close to us and I think it’s okay for my brother to go over and see her.”

Chuxue deliberately softened her tone to ease everyone.

She deliberately blinked at Jingyan to see how he would thank her later.

“Well, mom and dad, I’ll go upstairs first if there is nothing here.”

Jingyan did not intend to stay like this any longer, for he did not want to worry his parents too much.

One day, when Yiyao agreed, he would take her to his parents, introducing her to everyone.

Kerry pursed his lips. Before he wanted to say something, he was stopped by Venus.

Venus signaled him to say nothing, so Kerry sighed instead.

“Mom and Dad, if there’s nothing here, I’ll go upstairs too.”

Chuxue took an orange, ready to run away. How could she not know that at such a moment, she would be Jingyan’ s scapegoat.

If she didn’t flee right now, it might be her who would be to blame for.

When he saw his son and daughter both leave, mixed feelings were inside him.

“All right, they are now grown up and they have their own decisions. They are always going to be independent. As parents, we should give them support.”

Venus put her hand on Kerry’s hand and the warmness coming from Venus made Kerry ease a lot.

He looked up, encountering Venus’ s watery eyes.

“I do want the children to be happy and that’s why I don’t want to see him be so low.”

“Low? Why do you think so? That’s love! When you love someone, don’t you just want to give her all the good things?” Venus looked at Kerry with surprise, for he misunderstood his boy.

“What can get a response is love and I don’t think keep giving is love.”

When he thought that Chief Wang told him that Jingyan had a quarrel with Jun Duan, he felt irritated.

“Well, it’s up to you.”

Venus didn’t what to say to make Kerry not think about this in this way, so she wanted to take away her hand. But Kerry stopped her, “Stay with me. Talk to me.”

Venus shrugged and snuggled her body into his arms.

Yiyao woke up because of the strong sunlight. What she could hear was the sound of locomotives roaring, so she breathed in relief. Today, she could still hear.

“Knock, knock, knock.”

The knock on the door was sounded, taking Yiyao back to reality. She got up and dressed herself up before opening the door. Strange enough, the man outside was not in a hurry, who stopped after knocking three


Opening the door, she was a little surprised to see the person standing there, “Why are you here so early?”

She took a look at her watch and it was only six o’clock. Train now? Nearby were citizens living around and it didn’t seem to work out…

“Commander…” Tian hesitated for a while and when he saw Yiyao appear, his eyes lit up.

“Are you all right?”

“Nothing!” Yiyao was puzzled. Seeing him holding a bowl, she asked, “What is this?”

Only then did Tian react and hand her what was in his hand, “This is pumpkin porridge. I heard it’s good for hearing…”

Yiyao was stunned, not expecting him to still think of this. Soon, there were getting more people on the training ground and they had caught others’ attention.

She had to take the pumpkin porridge and whispered, “Thank you.”

Tian scratched his hair, who was a little at loss. When he looked up and met her eyes, he hurriedly left and ran away.

YiYao shook her head and didn’t stand there any longer after taking the porridge. She didn’t have breakfast, so this was just right for her.

She found a bowl and put it into her bowl. The moment she tasted it, she couldn’t help but widen her eyes.


She really didn’t expect that a man like Tian would bring her such delicious pumpkin porridge, sweet but not greasy and soft.

It was said that breakfast was the energy of the whole day. After Yiyao ate the pumpkin porridge, she was really more energetic than ever.

After wearing her uniform, she went to the air force training ground, where the soldiers were ready, waiting for Yiyao’ s arrival.

The technical instructor was explaining, and it was almost the end when Yiyao arrived. Everyone looked at her, with pity and guilt, but that’s what she didn’t want to see.

She gave an order, and all of them went to the plane they were in charge of to start the training.

One plane after another all took off, with a roar, and flew to the sky.

Yiyao stood directly below, whose ears were once again in great pain, like there were millions of ants gnawing her ears.

She covered her ears, but the pain didn’t relieve. The more planes flew, the more Yiyao couldn’t stand. In the end, she got away from the training base, and on her way out, she fainted.

Jingyan’ s heart suddenly ached. He pulled the car over and stopped, but he could no longer feel it.

“Hello? Hello? Brother?” On the other side of the phone came Yuqi Mu’s anxious voice.

“I’m fine.” Jingyan picked up the phone again, “What were you talking about?”

“I said, lend me your private yacht and I want to take Xiyue to have some fun.”

“Who is Xiyue? The little star you’ve been into?”

“Don’t tell…”

“Okay, I don’t want to get involved in your shitty things.” Jingyan interrupted him, “The yacht is there. Take it if you want to use it.”

After saying that, he hurriedly hung up the phone. His heart didn’t ache any more, but his eyelids jumped, more serious than yesterday.

Yesterday he thought something had happened to Yiyao, but she was with him, making him feel that he was overreacted. Now today was the same. Was there anything wrong with his body? He could not find the reason…

Yiyao was found and was sent to the infirmary. Not like the last time, she wasn’t asleep. Instead, she woke up soon.

Seeing the doctors around her, she was used to it and casually asked, “Doctor, is my ear getting more serious?”

“You don’t know why you fainted?”

The doctor looked at her incredulously, making Yiyao a bit puzzled. “Isn’t it because of my ears?” Could she have a more serious illness?

Yiyao heard the person sigh before he said to her, “You’re pregnant.”


She sat up from the bed in shock and asked with a trembling voice, “Say it again!”

“I thought you knew this. I told you yesterday that this would be hereditary. You look sad, so I thought…”

The doctor did not say more, for it’s not suitable for her to listen more at the current situation. He’d better give her more time to stay alone to ease herself. Thinking of this, he was ready to gather up the things on the table.

There was an unused scalpel on the corner of the table. He took a glance at Yiyao before taking it away.

Although the psychological quality of these soldiers had been tested, but she was a woman and it was inevitable that she might do something stupid. In order to ensure her safety, it’s better to take it away.

What he was doing, of course, were not seen by Yiyao, for she was only thinking about her own problems, and she did not even know when the doctor walked out.

Everything in the past came to her mind. The first time she met Jingyan, they did once, but she still got pregnant… Was this the will of God?

She had already made up her mind not to have a child, but now she was told that she was pregnant…

Yiyao touched her belly. Though she could feel nothing, she was about to carrying a life inside her.

He may be born unable to hear the world like a normal child, or even couldn’t hear others call his name. Therefore, he wouldn’t know how to speak.

He would be ridiculed by others of his age and would be hiding at home, not daring to go out…

Yiyao did not dare to think more, for she was afraid that she would not be able to support herself at this moment. All the bad situations she filtered out of her head at the first moment. She suddenly felt helpless, unable to do anything against God.

In short, there wasn’t any solution at all.

Holding the phone, she was wondering whether she should call him or not. She hesitated.

How should she tell him? Tell him she’s having a baby, and then tell him, who was in ecstasy that the baby might be deaf or mute?

She couldn’t do it!

Giving him hope and then put him in hell? She couldn’t be that cruel.

When she was hesitating, the screen lit up. She looked down and it was from Jingyan.

It was so hard for Yiyao…

Was Jingyan hearing what she was thinking inside? Why did he call her at the moment when she was struggling?

Chapter 359 She Was Pregnant! (2)

Trembling, she answered the phone and she heard Jingyan’s voice, “Yiyao, are you training? I’ll come to you later. Is this OK for you?”

Yiyao pulled herself together and replied, “I’m training, but I’m a bit busy now. I guess I don’t have the time to see you.”

Jingyan fell silent for a while, but he smiled, trying to hide his loss, “Then I’ll come tomorrow.”

Yiyao agreed and hung up the phone. She didn’t refuse him very often and this time, Jingyan would get hurt. His voice could tell.

Jingyan got into the car, and then went away.

And behind him was the gate of the barracks. What Yiyao didn’t know was that he was already there. And as long as she said yes, he would just go inside.

But she didn’t!

Maybe she was really busy, but Jingyan couldn’t figure it out. Didn’t she even have the time to say hi? Would she be this busy?

He speeded up, rushing all the way. Until he got to the city, there began to have some traffic jams.

He held the steering wheel with one hand and leaned back on the bed with the other, impatiently looking at the car that didn’t move at all in front of him. He got more and more annoyed.

Suddenly, the street corner came a cry for help, making Jingyan frown, but he did not get out of the car. Until several people appeared in front of him, he got out of the car before throwing away the cigarette butt.

He saw a bang of men surrounding a woman in the middle, and it was Ziying Duan.

Jingyan walked in and shielded Ziyin behind him, “What’s going on?”

“Why not ask her?”

The person who seemed to be leading the group laughed, “She’s too pretty. That’s it.”

After saying that, he smiled lewdly and made a frivolous gesture towards Ziying, making her embarrassed.

Seeing this, Jingyan started to punch at him. Before the man could realize what’s going on, he was already lying on the ground, with blood oozing out.

“You…” Before he could say a word, teeth inside his mouth were spatted out. And his mouth was bleeding.

“Ouch, how dare you?” The man signaled his men to come forward.

“What are you waiting for? Come on!”

The people around him finally came back to their senses. They posed in Bruce Lee’s pose, but most of them actually knew nothing about Kungfu. They are ridiculous, with their hands raising up.

Not waiting for them to come together, Jingyan had already kicked several ones down to the ground.

When others saw Jingyan was good at fighting, they all wanted to retreat. Supporting up their partners on the ground, they ran away.

“Jingyan!” Ziying kept holding Jingyan’ s arm, with tears on her face.

Jingyan frowned and still didn’t take away his arm, “Why are you here?”

“I…I heard that you will come here every day to see Yiyao, so I’m waiting for you at the place that you must pass by. But I did not expect to meet them…”

“What for?” Jingyan took the opportunity to withdraw his arm.

Seeing this, Ziying bowed her head, “I…just want to see you.”

“You haven’t come to see me for a long time, so…I… thought I’d come to see you.”

Jingyan could not say anything. He had been trying to settle the things between them, but it had been delayed because of sorts of things during the last two days.

“Let me send you home.”

After thinking for a while, Jingyan finally got something to say.

Ziying, however, was flattered and nodded, “Thank you, Jingyan.”

“Let’s go.”

He parked his car downstairs and looked up, not expecting that after a few days, he was back here again, only his mood was not as good as last time.

Now mixed feelings were inside him. He didn’t know how to describe this kind of feeling. It’s complicated.


Jingyan came back to his senses and made himself cheer up, “Let’s go.”

Ziying nodded and naturally held his arm, “Mom and Dad will be so happy to see you!”

“Maybe.” Seeing her stick to him, he pushed her away.

“Let me go.”

When the elevator stopped, he just took his arm back, leaving Ziying standing awkwardly beside him.

Ziying looked at him aggrievedly until the door opened. Then she put on a smile and greeted his father and hugged him.


“Hi!” With a smile on his face, Mr. Duan pulled her away from himself, but she was clingier to him.

“Dad, I’m so happy to see you.” Ziying pouted in dissatisfaction, not wanting to loosen her hand that was holding her father’ s neck.


After seeing Jingyan, he stopped smiling and got serious.

“Why are you here?”

Hearing his questioning, Ziying suddenly remembered Jingyan behind her, and explained, “Dad, listen to me…”

“It was you who brought him here? Don’t you remember what he has done?”

Mr. Duan stomped and his attitude towards Jingyan grew worse and worse, “I’ll let go of what happened before. Now if you dare to mess with Ziying again, don’t blame me!”

“Sir, don’t get so angry. Today I’m coming for this.” Jingyan said to him sincerely.

“I’m sorry for what I did before. It’s my fault to cancel the wedding and I also didn’t give you an explanation. I’m sorry…”


Ziying interrupted him. The more he spoke, the more panicked she became. She made the room for Jingyan to come inside, “Let’s come inside and talk. We’d better not stand at the door.”

Mr. Duan guarded at the door, but Ziying still insisted, so he had to give up and let Jingyan go into the living room.

Her mother was sitting on the sofa and when she saw Jingyan, she changed the look on her face.

Ziying took Jingyan to sit across from her mother, while Ju Duan sat next to his wife. Four of them remained silent and no one broke the impasse.

Finally, Jingyan coughed, “Mr. Duan and Mrs. Duan, I’m here today to discuss with you about the marriage before.”

“What can you do?” Mr. Duan stopped him.

“I will compensate for the loss this time.”

Jingyan then took out a check from his coat pocket and handed it to him, “Please forgive me.”

However, this enraged Mr. Duan, “I don’t need your money. I’m not selling my daughter. I just want her to be happy. Don’t do this to my family.”

Jingyan didn’t reply, putting the check on the table and got up to say goodbye.

“I’m sorry to disturb you today. Then…I’ll leave first.”

Mr. Duan snorted, “Of course you can leave, but take your money away with you.”

Jingyan nodded to them and got up to leave, but he was stopped by Ziying after just taking one step, “Jingyan, stay!”

She knew that Jingyan wouldn’t come back if he left today, so she had to make him stay.

“It’s my fault. I’m sorry.”

“I love Yiyao.”

He had said this countless times, but every time he said, he could feel his heart beating faster. He even thought that telling others this was something to be proud of.

Ziying held him tighter, “But…but you promised me to marry me.”

She didn’t think much about it and she said this subconsciously. In fact, she also said it many times and it was not that she didn’t want to change, but she had nothing that could threaten him.

Yiyao had his love, but what she could use was others’ pity…

Jingyan was helpless and looked her in the eyes, “Marriage is easy but love is not. If you want to use marriage to make me be with you, then neither of us will be happy.”

“I don’t care, you’ve promised me…”

As long as she married Jingyan, she was sure that one day he would love her.

Her daughter’s groveling made Mr. Duan furious and drank to her, “Let him go. Don’t embarrass our family.”

“Dad…” Ziying turned back to look at her father pitifully, “Don’t let him go, please.”

Seeing that she didn’t listening to him, Mr. Duan stepped forward and took them apart.

When Jingyan got free, he said goodbye to them and left in a hurry.

Looking at Jingyan, who was walking away from her, Ziying’ s heart ached, and tears started to flow.

“Dad, why are you doing this?” Ziying wiped her tears and choked.

He sighed, “He’ s not yours.”

Otherwise, there would be more tears after marriage….

The father turned around and saw the check on the table, he got furious again.

He took a look at it and counted the number… There were 8 zero.

Mr. Duan sneered, “Do you think he gives us enough respect? What a big deal of money. It’s 100 million.”

“Honey, you’re not going to really take it, are you?” Mrs. Duan frowned, expressing her disapproval.

“Of course. He left it here.”

After looking at the check for a while, he suddenly ripped it from the middle, then repeated a few more times, tearing the check in pieces.

Mrs. Duan was stunned by his sudden action. Just now he said he was going to take it, but the next moment, it had been torn to pieces.

Ziying also didn’t understand why he did this, and when she suddenly remembered something, she got emotional, “Dad, what are you doing?”

This would mean that they accepted the check, and she would no longer have a reason to pester Jingyan.

Although their family was not short of money, 100 million was a large number. Thinking of this, Ziying suddenly understood why Jingyan gave them 100 million. Because as long as they received, they couldn’t afford to pay back…

“I agree with him now. He doesn’t want you to pester him, and I also don’t want you to marry him.”

Seeing Ziying was hopeless, Mr. Duan comforted her, “My daughter is so good and you will find the one who really loves you.”

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