When Chuck said this, Betty, of course, increased the throttle, and the car was like a beast that lost control, just like that!

Chuck was filled with astonishing anger. These people actually arrested Yvette and Yan Li?


Betty drove into a rear-end collision. This is a car worth hundreds of thousands. Most people will definitely feel distressed, but Betty didn’t, so he hit the accelerator pedal to the end.

No. 7 and No. 6 in the car were taken aback. What was No. 7 doing to Yan Li, who was already in a coma, Yan Li was basically naked.

“What’s the matter?” No.7 was angry, he was about to act, and was disturbed?

The face of No. 6 driving was ugly, “No, we were found.”

“Then leave soon! Hurry up!”

On the 7th, she put on her clothes in a hurry, this is not the time to continue doing that kind of thing, but they are catching up!

On the 6th, the accelerator has been stepped to the end, and the two cars galloped one after another on the suburban road, and the roar of the engines resounded all around!

“Bump!” Chuck growled low!

He looked through the back glass of the car in front and saw a man wearing clothes. Could it be that this man was doing something to Yvette?

Chuck was so angry! !

Actually, touched his wife? Chuck’s eyes are blood red, Yvette’s character is strong, if she knew that she was insulted, then she would never be able to cross this hurdle.

“Yes, Master!” Betty’s eyes are also very cold, she is also a woman, how can she bear this kind of picture?

She drove desperately into a collision. Betty’s car skills were too high. She pushed the roof of the car directly out of the roadside and plunged into the sand on the roadside. The car stopped moving.

“Master! You stay in the car.” Betty is serious. This is not a joke. They must be very powerful to subdue Yan Li and Yvette!

If something happened to Chuck, she would never be able to explain to Karen Lee!

“Something happened to my wife!” Chuck had gotten out of the car. Betty was shocked and got out of the car in a hurry, only to see a cold muzzle of the car in front sticking out! And came out alone!

Anaesthesia gun!

Betty’s face was frightened, she took out the dagger and rushed to Chuck, “Master, be careful!”

With a puff, an anaesthetic needle was beaten by Betty with a dagger. Betty used the dagger too much!

“court death!”

Betty coldly guarded Chuck behind her, and threw the dagger out at once, just like a dart.

The number seven who fired the gun could only evade. Betty seized this opportunity, rushed over and grabbed the anaesthesia gun. She took out another dagger and stabbed it!

The response of this number seven is also amazing, the two people are fighting together like this!

Chuck has been on fire a long time ago. He picked up the anaesthetic needle on the ground and rushed to fight No.6 fiercely. His mind was full of anger, how he dared to touch his wife?

Ever since he was young, Chuck didn’t really touch Yvette, but now she was touched by you. Chuck was at a monstrous fire and distressed.

Chuck felt sorry for Yvette. This was not what she wanted, she was a victim.


Chuck rushed up in anger, and that anger was in Chuck’s eyes!

Blood red blood red!

This number six frowned, he is also a master of fighting, how could he be bluffed by Chuck’s eyes? He came with a fist.

Fight back!

Chuck came into contact with combat not long ago. Even if he is well-trained, he is unlikely to be an opponent of this type of combat veteran, but Chuck attacked his life.

When fighting, the most fear is not to die, no one can hold it!

Chuck was punched several times, and blood was flowing out of his mouth, but with his angry heart, he couldn’t fight back. This number six was surprised, “What’s the matter with this kid!”

Betty was shocked, “Master, don’t be like that, stay awake!!”

If this continues, Chuck will be severely injured!

She repelled No.7, so a flying kick kicked No.6, and No.6 was kicked like this, vomiting blood.

Chuck seized this opportunity and inserted the anaesthesia needle in his hand!

No.6 felt his hand tingling, and he was shocked, “You, you. You…”

The anaesthesia made him lose resistance quickly. He lay softly on the ground, struggling, twisting his body like a headless loach, and Chuck kicked his foot.


No. 6 screamed and passed out, but Chuck kicked him on the head, and he couldn’t hold it personally.

But at this time, Betty helped Chuck and let No. 7 find a good opportunity. He rushed over and kicked Betty.

Betty’s eyes were completely cold, and she got up from the ground, fighting like a robot.

Chuck tremblingly walked to the car door, his hands trembling, Yvette must be very sad to know. Does she miss it?

After all, Yvette said, it will definitely be given to Chuck for the first time. No other man can touch her again, but today, Yvette will definitely be desperate.

Chuck recovered. Chuck didn’t blame Yvette. She couldn’t resist. Chuck felt sorry for her and wanted to comfort her, “Wife, it’s okay, it’s okay.”

Chuck really comforted, he opened the door tremblingly, and then he was stunned.

Because he first saw that it was not Yvette, but a woman without clothes, Chuck was shocked. This was Yvette’s mother, Yan Li?

Chuck was shocked and dull. Has Yan Li been caught by that? Chuck was watching, subconsciously, Yan Li was stripped naked, and Chuck was dumbfounded.

“You, still look…” Yan Li kept her last-minute consciousness, she opened her tired eyes, her eyes were covered by desperate tears, red.

To be honest, Yan Li would rather have been unconscious, but she woke up struggling to see the bewildered Chuck. In such a moment, she was covered by endless shame. She fainted.

Chuck hurriedly took off his coat and covered Yan Li. Yan Li closed his eyes. Chuck saw Yvette unconscious but her clothes were intact. Chuck breathed a sigh of relief. Chuck took Yvette out, Yvette was struggling. This was instinct. She had tears streaming out. Chuck felt distressed and kissed Yvette, “Wife, it’s me, you sleep well.”

Yvette seemed to have heard it and buried her head in Chuck’s arms…


The seventh was stabbed to death by Betty, and Betty came over, “Master, what should I do with this person? Kill him too?”

“Kill!” Chuck said coldly!

Betty nodded, and walked over and stabbed the number six. He hummed and stopped moving.

Betty took out her mobile phone, “I’m in the suburbs, let someone come and clean up the scene!”

She hangs up the phone, this place needs to be cleaned up, otherwise, something will happen.

Betty saw Yan Li in the car. She was surprised. She uncovered Chuck’s clothes and saw that she could not tell whether Yan Li was violated or not, but how to say, she was rescued.

Soon several cars came over, and more than ten people came down to clean up the scene professionally.

“Master, let’s get in this car.” The car Betty drove just now crashed into a disastrous situation. Chuck hugged Yvette and got into the car. Betty hugged Yan Li who was unconscious. Betty drove again.

“Go back to the hotel,” Chuck felt that only the hotel could protect Yvette because there were many security guards in the hotel! As for the place he used to be, he must not be able to live anymore. Chuck wondered if he wanted to sell the house there?

Buy another villa with strict security? That would be much safer.

“En.” Betty drove towards the hotel!

Chuck kept holding Yvette. Betty had given Yvette and Yan Li an injection just now, so they could wake up quickly. Slowly, Yvette’s eyes moved, and she opened it. She saw that Chuck was holding her arm around. She was weak and moved and said, “Husband.”

Chuck kissed her. It was too dangerous. Yvette was moved and hugged Chuck. Only then did she remember her mother, Yan Li.

She turned her head and saw that Yan Li had Chuck’s clothes on her body, and also.

Yvette was shocked, “Mom, mom.”

Yvette shed tears. Yan Li’s situation was like she must have been violated. Yvette felt that her heart was bleeding, and she could not protect her mother.

In fact, Yan Li had already woke up, but the endless shame prevented her from opening her eyes… She wanted to die, she was violated, and Chuck actually saw it.

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