Chapter 36: The Blacklist – Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

In particular, the female employee who sent Kris Chen to the right-about was full of doubts. She thought she had heard it wrong and asked, “Manager Shen, did I heard it right, you said you want to invite the gigolo back?”

“Shut up, what are you talking about?” Hong Shen glared at her and scolded: “If you invite him back, you can find another job.”

Yingying Guo felt very aggrieved. It was just a gigolo.

However, she did not dare to talk much and followed the others quickly.

A few minutes later, Yingying found Kris at a food stall not far from the Mercedes-Benz 4S shop.

She was overjoyed and hurried to Kris and said, “Sir, please go back to the store with me. Manager Shen invite you!”

Kris ate a piece of stinky tofu slowly. Yingying almost vomited by the smell. She really couldn’t understand what was going on in Manager Shen. Why did he have to take this loser back?

“Why, wasn’t it you who drove me out before? Now you want to invite me back. Do you think I’m a pushover?”

Hearing Kris’s words, Yingying felt extremely aggrieved, and she would not come over if she was not about to keep her job.

“Sir, it was my fault before. It was my bad attitude. Please forgive me. If you don’t go back with me, I would be sacked.”

“What does it have to do with me?” Kris glanced at her and said lightly.

Yingying bit her lip tightly, and her eyes were filled with tears. She lowered her head: “Please, it was my fault before. As long as you go back with me, you can do with me as your will.”

Kris couldn’t really see a woman crying, he sighed: “Come on, just go.”

After returning to the Mercedes-Benz 4S shop, Yingying kindly invited Kris to the office.

“Mr. Chen!”

As soon as he sat down, Hong Shen greeted him with a smile.

“You really blow my mind.” Kris sat on the sofa gently and said lightly: “Get this straight, I’m very busy.”

Of course, Hong could hear the sarcasm in his words, he swallowed his anger and cautiously said: “Mr. Chen, are you here to talk about business?”

Kris did not speak, but unzipped the backpack, took out a document from it, and threw it on the coffee table.

Hong took it for a look, and suddenly he was frightened, and cold sweat came out of his forehead. He quickly straightened his body and bowed to Kris with respect: “Mr. Chen, what happened just now was my fault, I acted like a snob. Please forgive me…”

“Stop! It didn’t work on me!” Kris interrupted him and said: “Before I leave, tell you not to regret, what do you say? You let me disappear quickly from you, if you regret it, Just kneel on the ground and call my father!”

Hong squeezed a smile that was even uglier than crying: “Mr. Chen, please forgive me this time.”

“Alright.” Kris smiled and shook his head, putting the contract on the coffee table into his backpack.

After seeing Kris pack up the contract, Hong looked like crap. This meant canceling the contract. If the regional president knows it, he would not be so lenient.

Hong gritted his teeth and knelt in front of him, shouting at Kris: “Dad!”

At this moment, his dignity was left behind, and he only hoped that Kris could forgive him.

This was the naming-rights partner that Mercedes-Benz spent 1.2 billion to get. If it breaks down, the company would certainly pursue his responsibility. He would land himself in serious trouble.

“Mr. Chen, are you satisfied?” Hong knelt on the ground with a flattering smile on his face.

“Great, a man should fulfill his words.” Kris nodded in satisfaction.

At the same time, on the way back, Xue Sun found that her bag was still in the Mercedes-Benz 4S store.

So she went back to the store to get the bag. When she got the bag, she thought that she had gone too quickly and didn’t even leave Hong’s contact info.

She happily went to Hong. Before entering the office, she saw the scene through the window.

Xue’s brain froze at that moment.

Was it a hallucination?

Wasn’t that Kris sitting on the sofa inside?

Why did Manager Shen kneel on the ground?

And she just seemed to hear Hong calling Kris…Dad, did she hear it wrong?

Her hands were hanging in the air, and she didn’t know if she should knock on the door.

At that time, Hong discovered Xue Sun. He blushed scarlet. “Mr. Chen, wait a moment, please.”

“Wait.” Kris called Hong and glanced at him: “I want to keep a low profile, so should you know what to say if she asks me?”

“You can rest assured that I will never reveal you are true identity.”

Hong was very clever. Otherwise, he was able to become the regional manager of Westriver City. He immediately understood Kris’s meaning.

When he went outside, Hong regained the posture that the regional manager should have. He looked at Xue doubtfully: “Don’t you go back, why…?

“Ah! My bag dropped here. I came back to get the bag.” She shook the bag in her hand. She pointed to Kris in the office, “What’s going on? How do you kneel on the ground and apologize to him? Isn’t he already gone, how come…”

“Oh, this…” Hong quickly thought of how to explain: “Just now he insisted that his money fell under the sofa in the office. I’m helping him find the money.”

“Oh, I see.” Xue realized, and she scorned: “How much money can people like him take to go out? I think that he came back to extort money under false pretenses. I tell you, for dealing with such rogue, you just call the police directly.”

Xue took the phone out of the bag and was ready to call the police.

Hong hurriedly stopped: “No, No, No, it will affect our business for there are so many guests choosing the car. They will misunderstand us.”

“Ah, I’m sorry, I didn’t think about it.” Xue quickly apologized. She was too worried and didn’t expect an adverse effect on the business of the store.

“It doesn’t matter, it is all very good of you.” Hong secretly worried Kris was the president of the Huanyu Group. As a best friend of Mary Su, it was OK you didn’t know his true identity. You even spoke so tartly.

“By the way, I went in a hurry just now and forgot to add your WeChat.” Xue smiled and took out her phone: “Add me, I will tell you at any time what Mary Su’s We-Chat moments(a function of the APP we-chat, sharing pictures and feelings like twitter).”

Hearing her words, Hong was sweating coldly behind his back. He wouldn’t dare to get involved in Mary. After all, this was the wife of the president of Huanyu Group.

He thought he must stay away from Xue in the future. This woman was so stupid that she might get him into trouble.

With a reluctant smile on his face, he said: “I’m sorry, I’m in a hurry to go out today. The phone is at home. Next time, I’ll add you next time.”

“Ah, that’s right, OK,” Xue said with a smile. She really thought he lost his phone at home, “I tell my WeChat to you, and you remember to add me after you go back.”

“All right.”

After Xue left, Hong sneered and threw the note into the trash.

She never thought that she was blacklisted!

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