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Chapter 360: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 360 She Must Leave Him (1)

With tears in her eyes, she knew he was special to her and she couldn’t accept anyone else…

In the barracks, Yiyao Duan stood opposite Jun Duan, calmly facing his rage.

“Why do you suddenly want to leave?” Jun Duan stared at Yiyao.

She had only been here for two days and she wanted to leave for no reason at all. He couldn’t figure out why she was in such a hurry.

“I have to leave today. Don’t ask me more.” Yiyao was resolute. This time, she wouldn’t compromise.

She wanted the baby, but she didn’t want the one loving her to worry about her. Jingyan Ye deserved someone better, but not a deaf. Perhaps, two in the future…

“Is it because of Jingyan?” After thinking for a while and observing her look, he immediately understood why she did this.

He knew that was the only reason. Once it was something about him, Yiyao would get a little stubborn, completely different from the sensible her.

“It’s not because of him…” Yiyao subconsciously wanted to deny it, but her deny instead made Jun Duan suspicious.

“What happened?”

Yiyao made an excuse, “I suddenly don’t want to stay here. It’s dull and I want to leave long ago.”

“What did you say?” Jun Duan didn’t dare to believe, for Yiyao had never said such words. He didn’t know that this was what she really thought.

“That’s what I want to tell you. I don’t want to repeat.” Seeing Jun Duan get hurt, she still didn’t stop.

She didn’t complain about Jun Duan, but in order to leave, she had to say this.

“Fine, fine!” Jun Duan laughed, “Is this what you’re thinking?”

“Since you want to leave, OK!”

After saying that, Jun Duan turned around and left, leaving her standing alone. His back gave her endless pain and sadness and Yiyao knew that this meant they would no loner see each other again…

Her heart was throbbing and Yiyao turned around without hesitation and walked in the opposite direction.

She knew she couldn’t stop. Now he got hurt from misunderstanding, but if she didn’t leave, he would suffer more.

Coming back to the air force training base, everyone was taking a break. After wiping tears, Yiyao wore a smile, greeting them, “Hello, everyone!”

Xuanwu was drinking water and seeing Yiyao’ s sudden smile, he choked and couldn’t speak, “Ma…dam… what’s going on?”

“Hey!” Yiyao gave Xuanwu a push who came up to her, “What? You don’t like my smile? Why do you guys always want me to be tough to you?”

“Hoo …… this is the madam I know!” Xuanwu rubbed the place where he was pushed by Yiyao, laughing.

Yiyao shook her head helplessly. Seeing others gathering towards herself before she continued, “I came here for something…”

She wanted to say something but then stopped, causing everyone around her to look at her with expectant eyes, waiting for her to say.

“I’m going to leave here and I’m no longer your commander. Though these days, you guys don’t get along with me well, I still think it’s not that bad.”

“I… hope you guys keep training as you always do, so that our people can trust us.”

At this point, she had nothing more to say. Staring at pairs of puzzled eyes, she wanted to cry. This was not because of her leaving, but her situation.

Everything in the past made her feel that God was unfair to her. Why did all these things happen to her? And why was her happiness so miserable? Whenever she thought she had the happiness, it silently went away.

Hearing this, Xuanwu was undoubtedly the most shocked. Without any warning, she came here, and without any warning, she was leaving… What the hell was going on?

“Madam, what happened?” Xuanwu asked her in a whisper.

“Just a vacation. No other reasons.”

“I don’t believe it.”

Xuanwu looked her in the eyes, making her avoid his gaze. She couldn’t bear this, for her lie would be exposed.

“Xuanwu, I don’t have to lie.”

“Then why do you want to take a vacation at this time? The parade is coming and it’s an honor to participate in!”

“Do you think I’m the kind of person who would give up everything for glory?” Yiyao snickered, “Huh? Xuanwu…”

“No, Madam. I don’t mean it…”

Knowing that Yiyao misunderstood him, Xuanwu was so anxious that he was incoherent. Though he wanted to explain, but he didn’t know how to explain.

“All right. I’m leaving now. I don’t care.”

Yiyao pretended to be angry and left the training base. Xuanwu, however, was blaming himself.

Behind him, Tian looked not good. After saying something to the one next to him, he followed Yiyao.

“If you have something to say, just say it. Don’t keep sneaking around and following me.” Yiyao walked for a while and stopped, turning around to face Tian.

For her sudden leave, Tian didn’t feel strange, with his eyes fixed on Yiyao, “Commander Duan, you really want to leave?”


“Why? Is it because of…”

Yiyao looked at him calmly, waiting for his following words.

“Because of the ears?” Tian looked at her frankly, “Is it because my competing with you made your ears deteriorate and that’s why you had to leave?”

Yiyao laughed and was surprised by his imagination, “Tian, I think you really think too much. My leaving has nothing to do with you!”

“Really?” Tian expressed his doubt and he guessed that she didn’t want him to feel guilty, so that she said this.


Yiyao then wanted to leave, but Tian suddenly came in front of her to stop her, “Since that’s the case, how about not leaving?”


He really surprised Yiyao, making her feel puzzled. Why was he begging her instead of questioning her?

However, it turned out that she was not sensitive enough to know what he was going to say.

Tian stammered for a while, “Can you not go, I…I’ve found I’m a little bit into you!”


Yiyao was greatly shocked by his words. She hadn’t only been here for several days and God prepared a romantic plot for her?

“Do you hear me?” Tian observed Yiyao’ s every move. Seeing that she didn’t have any reaction, he couldn’t tell what was in her mind.

With hands waving in front of Yiyao, Tian tried to make her answer him.

“Hmm? That…”

She was pondering how to reject him without hurting him.

“It’s okay, you don’t have to give me an answer now. You can stay and take your time to observe me and get to know me.”

When he was saying, he didn’t dare to look her in the eyes. He took a glance at her when she was not focusing on him.

“That… I’m sorry.” Yiyao thought for a while and said this. She had made up her mind to leave and rejecting him now and not give him hope would made things easier.

Of course, even if she didn’t leave, she would also reject him. Anyway, she was cruel to someone she didn’t love.

Clenching his hands, Tian asked with puzzlement, “Why? Not even…think about it?”

“Because I don’t love you…”

“But we’ve only been together for two days!”

Yiyao smiled, “Two days, are you sure you really love me? Love is something that cannot be tested by time.”

Some people would have a good feeling for each other even within a minute, but some people, even if they stayed together for a lifetime, they could only be friends.

Tian didn’t know what to say. Though he couldn’t completely agree her, he thought what she said made sense. Then he looked up at Yiyao.

“Madam, do you have someone you love?”

“Yes.” Without thinking about it, she answered directly.

She had someone she liked and that person was irreplaceable. And she also felt proud when she admitted it.

Tian put down his hand in dismay. Since she had directly refused him, what could he do?

Yiyao, of course, didn’t want to hurt him, but love could only bring happiness or pain. He should be glad that he had been rejected at the beginning and he might not suffer a lot.

On the road to the barracks, a Rolls Ness was racing. But Jingyan, who was driving, didn’t notice a taxi had passed him.

Yiyao turned her head away and saw from the window that Jingyan was frowning, so she told the driver to speed up.

“Miss, we’re at the military district and there is a speed limit. Besides…” The fatty driver looked in the rearview mirror, “There is no chaser, too!”


Yiyao did not know how to explain, waving her hand and said, “Oops, anyway, faster, please.”

As long as Jingyan got into the barracks and found she was not there, he would definitely chase after her. And if she didn’t go now, it would be too late.

“Got it, got it. After we pass the intersection, we can speed up.” The driver saw that she was really in a hurry, so he got serious.

Chapter 360 She Must Leave Him (2)

About another ten minutes or so, the driver finally turned his head to ask, “But, Miss, where are you going? I’ve been driving for a long time but you don’t give me a location.”


Yiyao Duan thought about a few locations…apartment, flower shop… she could not go back, “Send me to the airport.”

The driver stopped talking. He found she was weird, just like a fugitive escaping from the barracks. And she headed to the airport as soon as she came out. She was definitely not a normal person.

But he was just a normal citizen and he couldn’t care too much. Anyway, what he needed to do was to take her to the airport and leave.

Yiyao, at this moment, didn’t know what he was thinking about, only feeling he got faster and it even got a little bumpy, so she had to hold the handle to stabilize the body.

A few minutes later, the cab driver breathed in relief, “Here we are.”

Yiyao got more confused. She was the one who worried the whole way. She asked him to hurry up at the beginning, but he didn’t. Then he sped up all of a sudden. What’s wrong with him?

When YiYao gave the money and just closed the door, the cab drove out of YiYao’ s sight like a lightning.

Yiyao realized that he could drive this fast…

After hesitating at the airport for a while, she finally bought a ticket to H City. She thought for a long time that she should go to a city that was relatively unknown to her, where she could forget everything and not get attached to the scene.

With the ticket in hand, she thought a lot while waiting. Suddenly, her phone rang and it was from Xiaocui Hua.

Yiyao remembered that she hadn’t told her much about going to the barracks and now she ran away just like this. She felt a little sorry.

“Hello? Xiaocui?”

“Hey, where have you been? The gentleman who was with you that day is looking for you everywhere.”

Yiyao was shocked, “He’s with you?”

“No, he’s driving to the apartment now. He said he couldn’t get through to you on the phone, so I thought I can have a try, but I didn’t expect it to be so easy.”

Yiyao smiled awkwardly, for she had blacklisted Jingyan, so, of course he couldn’t get through…

“Boss, where have you been? I haven’t seen you for the past few days.”

Getting no response from her, Xiaocui kept complaining, “You know what, during these days, more people have come to buy flower. What busy days.”

Yiyao did not know what to say at the moment. She was the one who opened the shop, but she just threw it to Xiaocui, so how could she just tell her the truth?

“Boss? Boss?!”

“Hmm?” Yiyao returned to her senses, “Xiaocui, listen, I have something to do and I need to leave for a while. And I cannot tell you where I’m going. If you cannot handle the store by yourself, you can choose to close it or sell it. Anyway, you’re in charge now.”


Xiaocui was surprised, “Boss, why do you want to leave?”

“I just need to go. Remember, don’t tell that gentleman that we’ve talked on the phone!”


“There is no reason!”

“Oh…” Xiaocui replied with sadness. Why did her boss suddenly change into another person? Why did she sound not good?

Yiyao knew that she was thinking something else, so she said again, “Don’t think too much. I really need to do something. Anyway, the store is yours now.”

“You give it to me?” Xiaocui was so surprised that she couldn’t believe it. In Sky City, at this location, the sore was worth a lot! How could it be hers for no reason?

“Well, I know you like flowers and you deserve it. And I also feel happy to give it to you.”

“Boss, don’t say that. If you are not able to come back, I can take care of the flower store for you and return it to you when you come back…” Xiaocui always had a bad feeling and was even more certain when she heard her words.

She must meet some trouble!

Yiyao talked to her for a little longer so as to comfort her. She let the sensitive and fragile girl believe that everything was fine before hanging up the phone.

At this time, there was an announcement calling for people to board the plane. After looking at the ticket in her hand, Yiyao got up and walked to the gate.

Holding her phone and hesitating for a while, Yiyao resolutely pressed the off button. At the moment, someone called.

Before she could see the name on the screen, the phone was off.

She didn’t want to know who it was, for she had decided to leave anyway, so it was better to have no connection with people here.

Jingyan knocked on the door of Yiyao’ s apartment for a long time, but no one answered. With his back against the door, he sat on the floor hopelessly.

His phone was still on and the text message hurt him a lot.

This was the last text message that Yiyao sent him when she left the barracks, and she never answered his phone after that.

There were just a few simple words—Jingyan, I found that I still cannot forgive you. I’d better leave, otherwise both of us would not be happy.

She was so resolute and cruel that Jingyan couldn’t believe it’s from Yiyao.

He didn’t understand what he had done wrong. Obviously, she loved him so much, but she chose to leave without looking back.

He couldn’t figure it out and what he did now was to call her again and again mechanically.

The emotionless voice was heard again and again— “Sorry, the number you have called is not on hold, please wait and dial again.”

Everything had changed so fast. In the morning, he thought he had caught the happiness, but now, he was sitting on the ground, hopelessly. No one could tell how desperate he was.

He didn’t even understand why, just like that, he seemed to be sentenced to death…

At the flower store, Jinyi Bai frowned, looking at Xiaocui. They were also calling Yiyao, but no one answered.

“How could it be? She just answered me…” Xiaocui was surprised.

When she realized what she had said, she quickly covered her mouth.

Jinyi naturally did not let her go and asked, “What did she say to you?”

Although Jinyi was usually elegant and good-tempered, smiling like spring breeze, but when he got serious, he was quite frightening.

Xiaocui shook her head, “No…nothing.”


Xiaocui was hesitating. Thinking that the boss instructed her not to tell that young master driving a luxury car, she realized that she could tell Jinyi…

Thinking about it, she was ready to tell him, “She said she had to leave for a while and she wanted me to take care of the store.”

“Leave? Where? How long?”

Xiaocui shook her head, “she didn’t tell me.”

Jinyi still frowned. Without any reason, she just left and this was not like her style.

“Well…” Xiaocui saw him thinking obsessively, so she tried to get him back.

“What?” Jinyi came back to his senses and rubbed his forehead, “Remember to tell me when you talk to Yiyao on the phone in the future.”


Xiaocui couldn’t believe that he would say this. He had always tried to leave her a good impression, but today he gave her a different impression.

“Hey…” She wanted to call him, but she didn’t know how to call him.

“Just call me by my name.”

“Jinyi, the boss she should not call me again.”


Xiaocui thought, “Though she didn’t say more, I could sense her sadness. Anyway, she won’t call me again lately.”

“Sadness?” Jinyi murmured, “How? Because of Jingyan?”

“I think so. I see that he is still anxiously looking for his boss. I’m afraid that he has been to her apartment.”

Xiaocui’ s hearing was acute. Even though Jinyi said in an extremely small voice, she still heard it and replied.

As soon as Jinyi heard her reply, he immediately left the flower store, for he needed to get an answer from Jingyan, rather than just guessing.

He had been to Yiyao’ s apartment several times to send her back. But this time, he was not to find her.

When the car was parked, Jinyi ran to Yiyao’ s apartment without stopping. When the door of the elevator opened, he glanced inside and saw Jingyan sitting on the ground.

With a cigarette in his hand, Jingyan was in the smoke. On the floor, there were several butts.

Jinyi walked towards him. When he reached Jingyan, he wasn’t sure it was him. It had only been a few days and now he was in such a terrible state, completely different from the radiant person at the wedding.

Hearing a noise, he looked up at him. He had smoked too much to see the one clearly. After gazing for a while, Jingyan got to know who he was, “Why are you here?”

“Why can’t I come?” Jinyi got a little impatient, “You made Yiyao angry. Don’t you think you should give me an explanation?”

Jingyan laughed, “Why should I give you an explanation? Even if I did something wrong, it’s only between me and Yiyao.”

“Even if?” Jinyi was apparently pissed off. He quickly walked to him and picked him up by his collar, and when he wasn’t focusing on him, he punched him in the face.

His face was hot and painful. After touching it, Jingyan realized he had been beaten up by a fag.

“What do you mean? If I have known you were such a scum, I would not have given her up!” Jinyi nearly roared, losing all his elegance. At the moment, he was just like a child who got angry because someone took his beloved toy away, not a university teacher.

Jingyan wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, “Hey, give up? You still haven’t figured out who Yiyao loves until now.”

This hurt Jinyi, making him not know what to retort back. Indeed, he hadn’t asked Yiyao who she loved, but just pushed her…

Leaning against the wall, Jinyi was gazing at the ceiling while Jingyan was smoking. They fell silent.

He closed his eyes and felt for the first time how comfortable it was to have nicotine got into his nerves.

“Take this!” Seeing his look, Jingyan threw a cigarette to Jinyi from his box.

After he took it, he took a look at it. Then Jingyan handed him the lighter, “Here you are.”

Of course, Jinyi knew how to smoke, but this was his first time to smoke, so he was choked, making himself cough.

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