Chapter 361 – 362: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 361: The Pill is Completed

After fulfilling the heaven-human-oneness stage, Kris Chen’s life span was greatly extended. The legend of an ancient lifelong old man’s dream that went for eight hundred years also seemed true to him.

The predecessors might really had achieved a extraordinary stage that excel the limit of human body.

After destroying the recipe of nirvana pill, Kris left the place.

Mary, Quan Mu and Kris’s children were all waiting for him at the entrance.

He was a father of more than twenty children at that moment, of which the first-born was Quan Mu’s fifteen-year-old daughter, and the youngest one is Lan Yu’s three-year-old son.

It was fine to him to isolate himself for months without eating and drinking, but his wife and children were not as gifted as he was, he may have to watch them age and then perish.

It was cruel to Kris, he couldn’t even imagine it.

Especially Mary, she was barely gifted, which even Kris failed to change whatever pills he tried.

She was the only one that was still in the innate-power-stage while others had already went beyond the back-to-self stage.

After searching for a solution in the books and records of Danzong School and Tianmo School, Kris finally found something.

Of all the rare medical ingredients in the world, those that are used in extending life span were the most difficult ones to be found.

There was a master of Tianmo school called Liemo King, he used to wandered off into a cave of stalactite in which fairy aura abounded so much that it nearly liquidized into fluids.

In the center of the cave stood a pillar of stalactite that was as crystal clear and translucent as jade. Liemo King recognized it immediately that it was a stalactite-jade that was at least ten thousand years old, it gathered the fairy aura around it and oozed out of drop of jade essence.

He was lucky, there was a small pond of jade essence on the ground, which must had taken tens of thousands of years to accumulate from drops of jade essence.

It was what brought Liemo King his fame and power and made him one of the leader of Tianmo School.

And Kris found the location of the cave in the record of Tianmo school, but when he got there, the pillar was broken, the pond and the fairy aura were gone.

But it didn’t stop Kris, seeing his families aging was unacceptable to him. He decided to try to reach higher stage to see if any chances would show up.

As the leader of all the martial arts practitioners, millions of practitioners started to collect medical ingredients for him under his command and send them all to the Ice and Fire island.

Instead of making pills or isolating himself again, he spent that period of time on being together with his wives, and they all knew what their husband was about to do.

It would be a great achievement in history if Kris really made it, so they all cherished the time that they could be together, until the day of making the nirvana pill finally came.

Tons of ingredients were pilled in the room where Kris made pills. He looked to his families and said:”I don’t know how long it would take me, could be months, could be years. Quan and Mary would take care of our family.”

Then he stepped in the room and shut the cumbersome stone door.

After the fulfillment of heaven-human-oneness stage, Kris’s power of Tianmo Body was also completed and reached mental perfection, which both greatly augmented his power and sheltered him from emotions like anxiety and anger. It was also the reason that he could withstand long-term cereal-abortion(An ancient Taoist method that minimizes food intake to reach inner harmony of human body.)

His spiritual power was about a hundred time as powerful as that of ordinary people, with which he could easily lift himself up hundreds of meters high.

Fire burst out of his hands in which he tossed the ingredients, there was no container for them but the whole world. It was the ultimate stage recorded in the Thousand Gold Prescription.

Moreover, Kris sorted the ingredients into different categories given their attributes based on Feng Shui system, which highly boosted the nutrition of the ingredients. That was also why he chose to make the pill with nothing but his bare hands.

Days went by and the ingredients were getting less and less, so did the spiritual power of Kris as powerful as he was.

It’s been long last time he had that kind of feeling when he was captured by Shengyuan and used the spiritual power to break free at least ten years ago.

Having had saw it coming, he grab some stabilizer pills and swallowed them down and felt a burst of energy filling up his body and mind, so did his spiritual power.

Eventually, he threw the last kind of ingredients into the fire, and there came a lightning in the room and hit the fluid of medicine floating in the air.

The amount of the fluid seemed to be diminishing with each strike of the lightning hitting it, meanwhile the purity level kept escalating.

None can purify such level of pills without the help of mother nature.

The lightning almost drove Kris blind, it was also the first time of him summoning lightning in pills-making.

But it also further substantiate the extraordinariness of the nirvana pill.

After tens of thousands of strike, the lightning was gone and the fluid was turned in to a golden sphere which is of the size grape.

He’s getting close! Kris revel at the success while slitting his wrist and guide his blood into the pill.

Suddenly, he heard a sound of a child in his mind.

The smile on Kris’s face was gone since he knew where it came from. It was the King of Deadliest Insect living in his heart, which had evolved into having eight wings from four wings and also consciousness. But still, it was selfish when it comes to his food.

“It’s okay, buddy, it’s just some blood.” Said Kris.

The insect had become clever enough to know what it meant, then it remained still and silent in Kris’ heart.

The fluid turned from golden to red and started giving out red light.

It’s done!

Kris took out the jade box made of the stalactite-jade from the cave and put the pill in, to keep it from leakage of it’s power.

He rose to his feet, there was no dust on his clothes nor beard on his face after all those days it took to make the pill. He could control the metabolism of his body given the stage he was in.

The only change on his body was his eyes, they were brighter.

The cumbersome stone door was opened again and surprised the people guarding it, who later went to informed everyone of the good news.

It was a breaking news on the Ice and Fire Island.

Mary, Quan, Yinyin…Kris’ ladies all came to him, knowing that the pill must had been successfully created seeing the smile on Kris’ face.

“Congratulations!” Said all of them.

That may be the best moment of Kris’ life, he kissed them one after another, which drove Yi Fang and Qingwan quite shy, and Kris quite like it.

“How long did it take me this time?”

“Half a year!”

Hearts filled with complicated feelings, Mary sighed furtively knowing that it was all because of her that Kris spent that much time making the pill. Though they’ve all taken the beauty pill that would make them stay the way they look at the most beautiful days of their life, but their life span was still the same.

“Sorry to keep you all waiting. Now, shall we?”

Then he took all of the ladies to a palace he built, in the center of which lied a dozens-meters-wide bed.

Moaning went on for hours until the moon rose, after which Kris slept among the ladies in great comfort.

He didn’t hurry to take the pill but took some time to adjust himself and deal with errands. Lin Li and Hu Li had been cultivated well by him and he also intended to hand his influence and power in the league of martial arts to them.

“Master!” Said Lin, bowed to Kris as always.

“Thank you, for what you’ve done in these year.”

“It’s my honour!”

The hot-tempered female leader of the league acting like a cat beside a young man, it would be a shocking scene to anyone.

“If anything happen to me after I take the pill, take care of my ladies.”

“Master, nothing will happen, trust me!”

The smiled on Kris’ face seemed bitter:”I made the pill myself, but no one knows what it could bring.”

“Then…why don’t you try it on someone else first?”

“That wouldn’t work, only those who have reached heaven-human-oneness stage could take the pill,” Answered Kris,”No ordinary practitioner could retain the power of this pill, not even just to sniff it.”

Gnawing on her lips gently, tears swelled up Lin’s eye:”A hundred year is long enough, is immortality rally that important?”

Kris sighed:”What’s the point of living if you are all gone? By then immortality would be just a curse to me!”

Chapter 362: Lin Li, the twelfth wife

Lin Li knew Kris was right. It’s true that time flies and people get old very quickly.

How painful it is to watch your loved ones die in front of you, but you can’t do anything about it.

Kris is supposed to be the strongest and most capable person in the world. If he couldn’t do something, maybe no one else in the world could.

“You have reached the Back-to-self stage, and no one can defeat your easily now.” Kris said. “If you insist on training, you may be able to break through the Heaven-human-oneness stage soon.”

“But I…” Lin bit her lips. For more than a decade, she was still young, and her love for him never changed.

“I only want to be with you. Don’t you know my feeling for you?”

Kris knew how she felt about him. But Kris didn’t want to take her selfishly.

“You should know my situation.” Kris said.

It wasn’t that Kris didn’t like Lin. It was that he was afraid he would die this time. If he died, his wives would suffer great pain. He didn’t want Lin to suffer that pain.

“Kris!” Lin’s voice rose sharply. She quickly ran over and hugged him, her body trembling, “I want to marry you. I’ve been waiting for you for over ten years.”

At this moment, she’s no longer Kris’s disciple. She was just a woman who had loved Kris for over ten years.

If Lin had known that they couldn’t be together after she became Kris’ disciple, she would never have worshipped Kris as her teacher.

She was keeping trembling and held Kris tightly in her arms. She was afraid that he would push her away, “Don’t reject me. I don’t want to be your discipline. I… want to be your woman.”

After more than ten years, she finally expressed her love to Kris.

“Why do you have to do this?” Kris let out a long sigh.

“Are you going to turn me down?” Lin asked.

Suddenly, Lin was very sad. She cried, her tears soaking Kris’ back.

“Don’t cry.” Kris turned around and wiped the tears from her face with her hand.

“When did I ever say no to you?” he said gently.

His eyes were as bright as they were a dozen years ago. He lowered his head and leaned in to kiss her face. He knew she liked him for decades, but Kris didn’t want to get too close to her. Now he couldn’t hold back his feelings for her any longer.

Then they hugged tightly.

“From now on I am your woman.” Lin said excitedly. She was at the moment very content with being Kris’ woman.

The two of them talked and made love happily in the room for three days.

She only loved Kris in her life. She couldn’t love anyone else. She wished to conceive Kris’s child. In the future, even if Kris wasn’t there with her, she had a child to keep her company and she wouldn’t feel lonely.

When Hu Li knew that his sister was with Kris, he was happy. He was glad that he had gone from being Kris’ discipline to Kris’ brother-in-law.

After coming out of the room, Kris took Lin to meet his other wives.

As soon as Kris’s wives saw Lin, they knew Kris and her relationship.

Quan Mu stepped forward and joked, “You’ve tricked another girl into becoming your wife.”

“I knew that Lin would definitely become your wife.” Yingyin Yao pouted.

Lin was not shy and walked over to take Yinyin’s hand, “Yinyin, I hope we can become friends.”

These girls were talking happily. Xinying had been quite inferior. Other girls were better than her, whether it was by birth or looks.

While she was alone with her grief, Kris took her into his arms, “Why are you here by yourself? You’re not happy?”

“No.” Xinying shook her head. After more than a decade, her love for Kris hadn’t diminished by half and she loved him more, even though she already had two children.

“Don’t lie, I know you well.” Kris lowered her voice, “Tonight, I want to be with you. You have to satisfy me.”

Xinying She gently tapped Kris’s chest with her hand and said, “You always tease me.”

Her sadness also died down.

“Mary hasn’t given her consent, so you’re not Kris’ wife yet.” Lan Yu said suddenly.

Hearing Lan Yu’s words, all the girls quieted down and looked at Mary.

Mary was Kris’s first wife, so all the other women had to get her consent if they wanted to become Kris’s wife.

In the past when Lin was Kris’s discipline, she wasn’t afraid of Mary, but now she had also become Kris’s woman, she was a little afraid of Mary.

“Why are you all looking at me?” Mary said, “Since he loves Lin, I have to agree this.”

Mary had not been able to stop Kris from having other wives over the years. Kris is the richest and most powerful man in the world, and she can’t have him alone. Although Kris has many wives, but he loves every one of them, and the women he has with him are the same ones he had over a decade ago.

Mary knew that Kris loved her as much as ever. He was willing to do something that cost him his life for her, and for that she was touched.

“Honey, thank you!” Kris walked over to Mary and took her hand.

It was his good luck to have a wife like Mary. Even though he had great power in the world, he still thought so. Without Mary, Kris wouldn’t be where he was today.

Mary didn’t say a word, taking his hand in hers.

“Mary has agreed to let you be Kris’s wife.” Quan gave Lin a shove and teased.

Even though Quan Mu was in the family, she had to listen to Mary’s orders. She knew that Kris hated family strife. That was why she had avoided having conflicts with Kris’s other wives.

In the beginning the girls would fight for their position in the family for various reasons. Yuan Qing had hated her from the beginning, calling her the evil girl and even joining forces with Yi Fang and Lan Yu to fight against her. She, on the other hand, joined Yinyin Yao and Yuhan Qin to fight against them. Lan Xia, Xinying Bao, Xiaorou Xu, and Xi Lan remained neutral.

For the first few years they had been fighting each other. One day Kris couldn’t stand them targeting each other, so he hit them at certain acupoints and they couldn’t move. Then he put them all in the same bed and took turns making love with them.

After a month of treating them like this, these girls were getting physically exhausted and they finally cooperated with each other to resist Kris. Gradually, the barriers and misunderstandings between them disappeared.

Lin walked up to Mary and bowed to her, and then Mary nodded, which meant she agreed to let Lin be Kris’s wife. Even though Lin was second in rank to Xinying, she was very happy.


Since Kris had extended his knowledge of alchemy and reestablished the Danzong School, the cultivation world was now thriving, as if it had returned to the peak of martial arts thousands of years ago.

Now Kris decided to do something unusual. Then he called Hu Li over. Hu Li was now also the senior discipline of Danzong School. Although he was mediocre, he was still capable of teaching the newcomers.

“‘Kris, what do you want from me? Upon entering, Hu laughed.

Hearing Hu call him by his name directly, Kris wasn’t angry. After all, he had already slept with his sister.

“I have one thing to order you!” Kris said seriously. “You go inform everyone in Ice and Fire Island. There will be a three-day Assembly of Martial Arts in a month.”

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