Chapter 361: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 361 I Must Win Him Back (the whole chapter)

“Heh, I didn’t think the two of us would sit together and smoke.” Jingyan sneered.

“Why did she suddenly leave?” asked Jinyi.

“That’s how she is. She often doesn’t say anything and then leaves.” Jingyan said.

After a long time, Jinyi stood up when he made sure no one was inside. “I can’t wait like this. I’m going to call the police. If she’s in danger, what will she do?”

The thought of such a possibility made him reluctant to stay longer. He gave Jingyan a quick glance, sighed and then walked into the elevator.

Jingyan was still sitting there. His eyes were moist. Then he covered his eyes with his hands and choked up a little. He thought it was a gift from God that he met her again, but he didn’t expect her to leave.


Yiyao got off the plane. The fiery sun baked the earth. She felt a wave of heat coming on.

She shielded her face with her hand and squinted at her surroundings. There were many tall coconut trees and people with stalls hawking under the trees. Yiyao touched her pockets and pulled out everything in it, only to find some change.

“Madam, how much is a coconut?” Yiyao asked a woman.

The woman looked up, saw her and instantly understood her dilemma. “No matter how much you pay, I can sell it to you.”

Yiyao counted the money in her hand. She only had five yuan, and then she handed all of them to the woman selling coconuts, “Can I use this money to buy a coconut?”

The woman quickly waved her hand. “This is too much. A coconut only costs three yuan.”

Yiyao was relieved. She only had her bank card with her, and she didn’t see a place to get money around

“Here, give you this.” The woman picked the biggest one and handed it to her.

“This is too big.” Yiyao said.

The woman selling coconuts smiled at her gently. “Your wallet was stolen, wasn’t it?” She asked.

Yiyao shook her head, and then she chatted with the woman.

The woman told her that although this place was a tourist destination, some parts of it were not as nice as she thought. Knowing that Yiyao was planning to stay here for a long time, she immediately said enthusiastically, “If you haven’t found a place to stay, you can stay at my house. You can call me Mrs. Li”

“Mrs. Li. Thank you. I’m Yiyao. You’re so kind.” said she. Before she could refuse her, Mrs. Li already took her hand.

As she walked into an alley with Mrs. Li, Yiyao was a little worried that she would be abducted if she followed a stranger.

“Miss, my house is a not so good. I hope you don’t mind.” Mrs. Li stopped under an iron gate and turned her head to Yiyao and smiled.

“I think it’s quite nice.” Yiyao said.

She used to serve in the army, so she had been to many places with tough conditions, and this place was remote but it was neat.

She was planning to live here for a long time. The savings on the card would support her for a few years. She didn’t know how she was going to support her child when he was born. And she may go deaf soon, and by then maybe no job would be willing to give her.

Yiyao followed Mrs. Li into the house. It was a large yard with a row of tiled houses.

“It’s very nice.” Yiyao exclaimed.

Mrs. Li was happy to hear her say that about her home. “You live in this room.”

“Thank you.” Yiyao followed behind her and was very satisfied with the room she was about to move into.

She toured around and found that she didn’t see anyone else except Mrs. Li. Yiyao couldn’t help but be curious, “Do you live alone here?”

“My husband died early, and my son went out to make a living. He doesn’t come home once every few years, so I’m the only one here.” She said and then sighed.

When Yiyao heard her say that, she understood that he had asked the wrong thing, “I …… am sorry.”

“It’s okay. It’s all in the past.” The woman said. “I feel lonely living alone in such an empty house, so when I heard you wanted to stay for a long time, I let you stay with me. You pack up first, and then we’ll go out to buy some daily necessities.”

Yiyao nodded, and then Mrs. Li closed the door for her, leaving Yiyao standing in this house.

A few hours ago she was in the capital city, but now she was in a place thousands of miles away from Jingyan. She didn’t know if he was looking for her now, or if he had already given up on her.

Yiyao felt that she herself was selfish. It was clear that she had chosen to leave, but she was expecting him to remember her.

Yiyao briefly freshened up, then opened the door and walked out. Mrs. Li was in the yard picking out coconuts.

“How can you tell if a coconut is good or bad?” Yiyao also came over and sat next to the woman.

“Just pick out the ones with wormholes.” Mrs. Li explained to her while nimbly picking out the coconut.

“But it feels like you can’t make much money with this. One is only three yuan.”

“Now is the peak of the tourist season, there will be a lot of people to buy coconuts, so the price is a little higher. Now one is seven or eight yuan.”

“Seven or eight yuan!” Yiyao repeated. “Then why did you sell it to me at a price of three yuan?

Mrs. Li realized that she had said the wrong thing and hastily covered her mouth.

“Mrs. Li, thank you.” Yiyao hugged her from behind. In a strange city, there were strangers who were willing to be kind to her, so she felt touched.

Mrs. Li moved a little and reached out to gently stroke the top of Yiyao’s head, “Since you live here now, I will treat you as my daughter.”

Yiyao was touched and nodded.


Jingyan came home, smelling like an ashtray. His family did not all sit on the sofa waiting for him this time. Chuxue ate a lollipop and stared at him as he finished changing his shoes.

“Where are the others?” Jingyan rubbed his temples tiredly, his voice hoarse.

“Mom and Dad are gone. They said there’s nothing interesting to stay here and they let you go back early after you finish your business.” Chuxue said.

Jingyan frowned, “Why don’t you go?”

“I rarely come here. I certainly want to have a good time before I leave.”

Jingyan walked straight towards his bedroom. All he wanted to do now was to take a shower.

Chuxue looked at him and asked, “Brother, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing, leave me alone.” Jingyan did not want to say more. He walked straight ahead, but Chuxue was stubborn. Just as he moved one step, Chuxue followed him.

Finally, Jingyan compromised and stopped to look at her, “What the hell do you want?”

“Brother, you must have something to hide from me!”

“What can you do if I hide it from you?” Jingyan said.

Chuxue stomped her feet and pouted. “Brother, you’ve changed. You ……” she stammered.

Smelling such a strong smell of smoke on him, she had already guessed what had happened to him.

Jingyan didn’t say anything and continued walking to his room. She turned a deaf ear to her words, walked into his room, and closed the door with a bang.

The room was empty and dark. Jingyan did not turn on the light, fumbled to the bed and lit a cigarette.

The next morning, when Jingyan pushed open the bedroom door, Chuxue suddenly jumped in front of him.

“What do you want?” Jingyan took a step back and kept a distance from her.

Chuxue said with a smile, “Brother, Yuqi has found a vacation resort. Will you send me there?”

“I can send you there, but don’t force me to come with you.”

Jingyan went to the water fountain and got a glass of water. He had smoked too much last night, and his throat was already too dry to speak.

“Brother, look at you, you look so tired. You’d better go out with us.” Chuxue said.

“Is that resort expensive?” Jingyan asked, raising an eyebrow. “Otherwise you wouldn’t have had to invite me to go with you.”


“It’s slightly expensive.”

Chuxue didn’t need to say anything, he already knew. In the past, she just invited him to go on a trip. If he didn’t go, she never forced him. Today she must have some other reason for asking him to go to the resort, either she didn’t have enough money or her parents didn’t allow her to go. Since her mom and dad left, there was no doubt that she was short of money.

Jingyan went back to the study to get her a check and handed it to Chuxue, “Fill out the money you need.”

“Thank you, brother!” Chuxue jumped up with the check. Then she quickly said, “Brother, just come with us!”

Jingyan was sad when he came back yesterday, so Chuxue guessed he must have quarreled with Yiyao again. She wanted her brother to go out and relax.

Jingyan looked straight at her. “Do you really want me to go with you?”

Chuxue nodded in a hurry.

“Fine, I hope you don’t regret it.” Jingyan took another glass of water, and then turned away.

He walked to the door and stopped. “I’m going to change clothes. You tell Yuqi to drive here to pick us up.”


Half an hour later, Yuqi’s car pulled up in front of the villa. Chuxue got in first and sat in the back seat.

Jingyan saw a well-dressed woman sitting on the passenger side. From the conversation with Yuqi, he knew that the woman was a movie star he was chasing. Her name was Xiyue.

He didn’t ask much about this woman. He just opened the back door and sat in. Before he had a chance to close the door, there was a person hugging his arm.


He turned his head and saw Ziying Duan giggling at him. Then his gaze went to Chuxue.

Chuxue hurriedly waved her hand, pointed at Yuqi who was driving, and said, “It wasn’t me. He arranged it all.”

Yuqi looked through the rearview mirror and saw Jingyan looking at him coldly.

He tried not to look at Jingyan, chatting happily with Xiyue next to him. Occasionally glancing at the rearview mirror, he was still shocked by Jingyan’s gaze at him.

Arriving at his destination, Yuqi hurriedly removed his seat belt. He got out of the car and briefly escaped Jingyan’s gaze.

As soon as the five of them got out of the car, Jingyan walked over to Yuqi, “Come with me for a moment. I need talk to you alone.”

Yuqi obediently followed behind Jingyan. Ziying saw this and also wanted to follow, but Yuqi’s eyes signaled her not to follow over.

“Jingyan, what’s up?” Yuqi scratched his head and deliberately pretended not to know his intention. He made up his mind that no matter how Jingyan asked, he would not admit that he had arranged for Ziying to come to the resort with them.

Jingyan looked at him for a while before saying. “Don’t pretend to be silly. I know you know why I need to talk you alone.”

“I …… I don’t know.” Yuqi stammered.

“Is that so?” Jingyan was still looking at him and smiling coldly.

“Brother, it’s really not my fault. She had to follow us here. It’s not very polite of me to let her off, is it?” Yuqi explained.

“Then how did she know about your plan?” Jingyan asked casually. He didn’t know that Chuxue had leaked their travel plan.

Jingyan took his silence as a tacit acknowledgement that he had leaked his travel plans to Ziying. Then he turned his head and walked away.

“Arrange her to stay away from me, or you will pay for all the spending this time.” Jingyan warned.

Yuqi thought he was coming to have fun for a few days, so he didn’t bring much money at all. And after a wedding, he had very little money left. He was just hoping that Jingyan would share some of the expenses for him. However, it wasn’t easy for him to keep Ziying away from Jingyan.

When Xiyue saw Yuqi standing still, she went over and pulled his sleeve, “Everyone has left. Why don’t you go over?”

Yuqi was still silent. Xiyue tugged him and shook him again before she asked, “What’s wrong? They’re all gone.”

Yuqi held back his sadness and smiled at her, “I didn’t have breakfast, so I’m a little hungry.”

Then the five of them went into the resort together. This place was on the seaside and it was decorated with a European style. As soon as they entered, a dozen servants came out to greet them.

“Welcome, I am the butler here. This way please, masters.” The butler greeted them first and did a standard ninety-degree bow.

Jingyan, Chuxue and Yuqi had seen such servants before, so they weren’t too surprised. Ziying and Xiyue, on the other hand, was a little surprised. Xiyue hurriedly took Yuqi’s arm and walked in.

Ziying quickly followed them. She wanted to take Jingyan’s arm, but he avoided her all the way. She was afraid he would reject her unmercifully here, so she didn’t keep pestering him.

There were only four rooms in the villa, two on the first floor and two on the second.

“I want the one on the second floor by the stairs.”

“I want the one on the first floor by the door.”

Chuxue and Yuqi quickly chose the rooms they wanted to live in.

Chuxue chose the second floor simply to see the sea, while Yuqi chose the second floor because it was convenient to come back from his date with Xiyue at night.

Jingyan slowly spoke after them. “I’ll take the other room on the second floor.”

“I want to share a room with Jingyan.” Ziying said immediately.

Suddenly, the lively discussion about picking their rooms that had just been going on immediately quieted down when they heard her words.

Chuxue and Yuqi’s faces darkened.

Ziying knew that Jingyan did not want to talk to her now, but still wanted to stay with him, which made it difficult for Yuqi. He had already been warned by Jingyan.

“Xiyue will stay with me in one room.” Yuqi hurriedly said. “Ziying, you just ….”

Jingyan frowned and glanced at Yuqi faintly.

Yuqi coughed loudly twice, and then said, “There is still a vacant room on the first floor. Ziying, you go live there.”

“No, I want to share a room with Jingyan.” Ziying said.

“I mean ……” Yuqi said.

“Either you live downstairs, or I’ll go.” Jingyan interrupted Yuqi.

“Jingyan…” Ziying didn’t expect him to say this in front of so many people. She didn’t know what to do for a moment.” Why can’t he reject me gently? Why is he so cold to me now? Is it all because of Yiyao Duan?” she thought.

Jingyan saw that she did not speak. Then he turned around and walked toward the villa door. Ziying hurriedly pulled his sleeve, “Jingyan, please do not go. I’ll live downstairs.”

Jingyan turned around, pulled his hand out of her hand, and went straight upstairs.

Yuqi gave Ziying a deep look and gave her a word of advice, “Yiyao is back. You’d better not pester Jingyan anymore.”

After saying that, he took Xiyue and went into his room. Ziying stood alone in the living room with her hand clenched tightly.

“Why does everyone care about Yiyao? I hate her.” she thought.

She stared at the door of Jingyan’s room upstairs.

“I must win him back.” She murmured.

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