Anyway, Du Xinye feels confident that he will keep threatening Ouyang Fei until he is completely disinterested in Ouyang Fei, he will temporarily let Ouyang Fei go!

After all, if Ouyang Fei is married, then threatening her, wouldn’t it be more exciting?

Du Xinye laughed to the point of abnormality, the more he thought about it, the more excited he became.

It’s just that Ouyang Fei swayed her long legs and walked in front. When she heard footsteps behind, she looked back and frowned. What else did she come here for? I left myself twice.

Ouyang Fei felt that there was no need to give him a chance!

She was faster, and she didn’t give Du Xinye a chance to catch up. Du Xinye sneered, “Ouyang Fei!”

“What are you doing?” Ouyang Fei was impatient!

You are so noble, you actually let me dove twice, who are you?

“Nothing, are you okay these days?” Du Xinye had a sunny smile on his face, just a bit abnormal. He wanted to threaten Ouyang Fei yesterday, but he didn’t see Ouyang Fei. He thought Ouyang Fei had something wrong.

“What’s up to you?” Ouyang Fei was angry, even more impatient.

“Of course it’s my business.” Du Xinye took out his phone and prepared to show her photos to Ouyang Fei, so Ouyang Fei would definitely cry in an instant!

Let you pretend! You will be Lao Tzu’s slave from now on!

“I’m telling you, don’t come and look for me. If it weren’t for the young master of the night hotel to help me, I might have had an accident. You are too irresponsible!” Ouyang Fei was very angry. She was so angry when she thought of it!

“What are you?” Du Xin was stunned, what’s the situation?

Of course, he knew who Ouyang Fei was talking about the Young Master, it was Chuck. Could it be that Chuck did to Ouyang Fei while Ouyang Fei was not awake after he left??

Thinking of this, Du Xinye became annoyed at once, did he actually helped Chuck? ?

Did Chuck get on board first?

Du Xinye wanted to kill Chuck at this time!

“What are you? Don’t come and find me!” Ouyang Fei was angry.

“Ouyang Fei, that Chuck… What did the young master you said did to you?” Du Xinye gritted his teeth!

“Get out!” Ouyang Fei was impatient, turned and left, but she saw an annoying person.

Du Xinye saw it too, and his eyes burst into flames.

Chuck, you go to die!!

Chuck was stopped by Lara again, and the two went to the classroom. Chuck looked back and saw Ouyang Fei and Du Xinye. Chuck muttered, of course, he was too lazy to care about them and went directly to the classroom with Lara.

Seeing Chuck leaving, Du Xinye snorted angrily.

“Huh!” Of course, Ouyang Fei didn’t bother to look at Chuck. She didn’t even want to follow Du’s heart, so she went back to the classroom by herself.

Du Xinye turned on the phone and looked at the photo above. He didn’t want to play with the woman played by Chuck. He would feel sick, but he wouldn’t let Ouyang Fei and Chuck so easily!

He thought of a way, and a perverted smile appeared on his face again. After all, Ouyang Fei’s figure is so good!

Ouyang Fei arrived in the classroom, and of course, her best friend Lin Daner was concerned about coming over. Ouyang Fei didn’t come here yesterday. She and Ouyang Fei have feelings, so why would she come over and ask questions.

Ouyang Fei took care of her. Lin Daner curled her lips as if she hadn’t seen her, “Feifei, what did you do yesterday?”

Ouyang Fei did not answer.

Lin Daner was helpless, “Feifei, that Chuck is really…”

“Don’t mention him in front of me anymore, have you heard?” Ouyang Fei was particularly angry. What kind of people keep talking about? Disgusting, right?

Lin Daner was scared, Ouyang Fei is rarely so angry!

She didn’t dare to speak, “Well, I won’t mention Chuck, don’t be angry.”

“Huh!” Ouyang Fei was so angry that she couldn’t stop her anger. She was already angry enough, and she couldn’t help it anymore, “I want this Chuck to get out!”

“Ah? Feifei, what are you going to do? Feifei, that Chuck is rich! Don’t mess with him, he will…” Lin Daner said, Ouyang Fei slapped her angrily, and the whole class was quiet.

“I said it, don’t mention him again!” Ouyang Fei went out of the classroom.

Lin Daner held her hot cheeks in her hand, and her aggrieved tears rolled in her eyes. Why didn’t Ouyang Fei believe Chuck was rich? why?

Ouyang Fei couldn’t help it anymore. She went to the principal’s office to see if the principal could expel Chuck!

But the headmaster of the office was surprised that this beautiful student, but the celebrity of the school recently, how could she not know?

“Ouyang Fei, what are you doing here?” The principal was amiable.

“Principal, I want to report a person for bad conduct!” Ouyang Fei said.

“En, tell me!” The principal is serious. Nothing bad is allowed in the school. He must prevent it. After all, Logan’s requirements are very high!

“There is a sophomore student named Chuck. I don’t know if the principal knows? Well, you should know. Recently, he invited the whole school to drink milk tea.”

“Are you going to report Chuck?” The principal was shocked. Isn’t this girl crazy? Who dares to report the school boss? ? I don’t know what other people say, you are a school freshman and you have to get out?

“Yes, this person has a big problem with his conduct. He likes to lie. Do you know that the principal? He owes a lot of money to others. I saw him preparing to steal something a few days ago. He might go astray. I worry about him. It will harm our classmates, so come and report him.” Ouyang Fei thought about Chuck going to the neighbourhood where she lived. It must have been on credit for too long, thinking about stealing things to pay back.

“You don’t need to say, you go out!” The principal was serious.

“Principal, you.?”

“Get out! Stop talking about Chuck! Get out!” the principal scolded.

Ouyang Fei was stunned, she left angrily, hum, I will definitely find evidence of Chuck stealing things, he is short of money on credit now, he will definitely do bad things!

When Ouyang Fei came out, she was extremely angry, feeling wronged and angry, and she must kick Chuck out! She needs to vent. She doesn’t want to get angry anymore. With people like Chuck in school, she will feel that this school will become rubbish!

She is an arrogant swan, how can she lower her status in a school with trash? Ouyang Fei has taken a fancy to this school, and this school cannot have rubbish!

She thought of a way! Yes!

Ouyang Fei took out her wallet and came out.

When it was time to get out of class to end, Chuck couldn’t wait to let Betty drive herself back to the hotel. Chuck wanted to see Yvette!

Yvette promised that she would not leave, but what about Yan Li? How could she stay in her mother’s hotel?

Chuck was afraid that Yan Li would take Yvette away.

Where can I find Yvette?? When Chuck went to the parking place, Betty had been waiting long ago, but Chuck suddenly saw a wallet on the ground. Chuck was puzzled and picked it up, ready to open it. Of course, Chuck would not want this kind of money. He knew clearly before. , A wallet is too important for students.

It must be returned to others, but Ouyang Fei ran out.

Grabbed Chuck’s hand. “You steal something!!”

Ouyang Fei caught Chuck. She squatted here, deliberately dropping her wallet on the ground and letting Chuck pick it up. She felt that there would be no surprises with this method. For a person who owes a lot of money, the wallet is on the ground. Maybe not pick it up?

Sure enough, you still want to open it when you find your wallet? Is the cash in it yours? Definitely, this is beyond doubt!

Chuck frowned, “I didn’t steal it. I picked it up on the ground just now.”

Ouyang Fei suddenly appeared. This was her wallet. Chuck threw away her hand, opened the wallet and saw that there were photos in it, which really belonged to Ouyang Fei.

Chuck was annoyed. If Chuck knew it was hers, so Chuck wouldn’t bother to pick it up? It may also be thrown in the trash can.

“It’s yours? Then you go pick it up.” Chuck threw the wallet into the trash can. Ouyang Fei was shocked. But this wallet has 30,000 or 40,000? Thrown in the trash can? How dirty!

“You!!” Ouyang Fei went to the trash can and turned out her purse angrily. The rancid smell made Ouyang Fei scream, “Asshole!”

Chuck didn’t bother to care about her. This horrible woman just said that he stole money. Chuck hadn’t scolded her yet. If it wasn’t for Chuck to see Yvette in a hurry, she would definitely have slapped her in the face.

“Stop, I tell you to stop, you hear that there is you as a thief!!” Ouyang Fei screamed! Chuck frowned and turned his head to look at her. Isn’t this wicked woman looking for a fight?

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