Chapter 362: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 362 An Unexpected Reencounter (the whole chapter)

They agreed to gather in the living room in two hours. Then several people went to their respective rooms, and then changed their clothes.

Yuqi, Chuxue, Ziying and Xiyue waited in the living room early, but they didn’t see Jingyan.

“I’ll go find my brother.” Chuxue stood up from her chair.

“I’ll go with you.” Ziying also stood up.

Yuqi and Chuxue hurriedly stopped her.

“Thanks, but there’s no need to bother you.” Chuxue hurriedly said. Then she immediately ran towards the stairway.

The door of Jingyan’s room was tightly closed. Chuxue stood at the door, but did not dare to knock. She looked back downstairs and saw that Yuqi was winking at her.

She sighed and knocked three times quickly.

Then she leaned on the door and listened carefully. There was no sound inside. She was curious and increased the force of knocking. Seeing that there was still no movement inside, she raised her voice and shouted, “Brother, are you in there?”


Chuxue breathed a sigh of relief. She thought he had left.

“Yuqi has prepared a beach party this afternoon. Why don’t you come and join us?”

“Thanks, buy I don’t want to go.” He said casually.

“Brother, I’ve told them you’ll go. If you don’t go, they will definitely laugh at me.” Yuqi also went upstairs and said

Chuxue remembered something and looked downstairs. When she was seeing Ziying still standing downstairs, she was relieved.

Yuqi gave a look to Chuxue, who immediately understood and quickly said, “Yeah, you’re also bored staying in your room alone, aren’t you?”

Jingyan didn’t say anything more.

They waited for a while, knowing that Jingyan would not come out again, and they prepared to walk towards the stairway.

Suddenly, the door lock turned. Yuqi and Chuxue turned back in unison to see Jingyan standing in the doorway, dressed casually.

He walked straight past them and saw that they didn’t move, “Aren’t you going?”

They hurried to follow Jingyan’s pace. Both of them looked at each other. They didn’t know why he suddenly changed his mind.

This time Ziying did not follow Jingyan. She knew that if she kept following him, she would definitely be hated by him. She had to change her ways so that Jingyan would gradually accept her.

It was now dusk. It was no longer that hot. When they reached the beach, there were already many young people there. When they saw Jingyan, they all gathered around him.


When Yiyao was picking out coconuts, there was a knock on the courtyard door.

“Mrs. Li, are you home?” A man called out.

Mrs. Li put down the coconut in her hand and went to open the door.

After the door opened, Yiyao took a curious look towards the door. A middle-aged man looked anxious.

“What’s wrong?” Mrs. Li frowned.

The middle-aged man stomped his foot. “Someone wants a lot of coconuts. I’ve been doing good business these days, so the coconuts are almost sold out. Just now I broke my foot again. He is an important customer of mine. I’ve delivered coconuts to him a few times before, but now….”

“Don’t be anxious. Earning money is important, but you better take care of yourself.” Mrs. Li said. “Is there anything I can do for you?”

“Do you have any coconut left? I am wondering if you could all help me deliver a cart of coconuts to the beach.”

Mrs. Li nodded. She turned sideways so he could see the coconuts behind her, “I just picked out the coconuts.”

“Thank you so much. I’m very, very grateful to you.”

When the man left, Mrs. Li got busy. Pulling this cart of coconuts was very heavy. She was old. This was very strenuous for her.

There was a threshold when leaving the yard. Mrs. Li tried several times, but she did not succeed in pulling the cart over the threshold. Seeing the cart fall backwards, Yiyao hurriedly helped hold the cart from behind.

After leaving the courtyard, Mrs. Li turned around and saw that Yiyao’s hand had not yet been removed from the cart.

Yiyao walked from the rear of the cart to the front and held the handle of the cart on one side, “Mrs. Li, let’s go together to deliver the coconuts.”

In fact, she can pull this cart all by herself. But she was pregnant, and the doctor told her to take care of her body.

Even if she did not use her full strength, Mrs. Li was also very surprised by her strength.

They slowly pulled the cart along the road. The location of the North Sea was not far from them, but it was quite a struggle to pull the several hundred pounds of cart forward.

The middle-aged man didn’t tell them the exact address. He only said that these coconuts were ordered by the group of people who were having a party by the beach.

Yiyao stopped the cart and rubbed her sore arm. “Mrs. Li, take a break. I’ll go find the group of people who are having a party.”

“Thank you, then.” Mrs. Li patted her shoulder and sat on the beach to catch her breath. She was indeed getting older. She used to be tired when pulling the cart, but she didn’t feel breathless like she did now.

Yiyao kept walking along the road and gradually saw a few white tents in the distance. There were several rows of long tables filled with wine and pastries. Several people were chatting, holding glasses of wine.

Yiyao roughly determined that this was the location of the delivery and turned around to go back to Mrs. Li.


“Brother, do you want to drink champagne?” asked Yuqi.

Jingyan took the champagne and was about to drink it when he caught a glimpse of a familiar woman’s back. So he hurriedly put down the glass in his hand and quickly chased after her.

He did not think he would meet Yiyao here, but he was not willing to let go of any opportunity to find her.

Yiyao was about to turn the corner when suddenly she saw Jingyan in the rear view mirror of the car on the side of the road.

She hurriedly quickened her pace. Seeing a forest ahead, Yiyao rushed in.

Jingyan followed her, but after turning the corner, he didn’t see Yiyao. He stood in the same place for a long time, and then walked towards a woman selling coconuts in the distance.

“Excuse me, have you seen a young woman passing by here?” asked he.

Mrs. Li was wiping her sweat with her handkerchief and looked up at the sound of his voice, “No. I don’t see anyone.”

Jingyan looked at Mrs. Li for a long time before bowing politely, “Thank you. I’m sorry to bother you then.”

Jingyan was still hesitant. Before leaving he glanced at Mrs. Li again. He saw her nod at him with a smile, and then he left with a big stride.

In the woods, Yiyao hid behind a tree. Seeing Jingyan and Mrs. Li chatting for a few moments before turning away, she walked out of the woods.

“Why did you get out of the woods?” Mrs. Li turned her head and saw Yiyao coming out of the woods.

“Mrs. Li, I have found the person who ordered the coconut.” Yiyao didn’t know how to answer and pointed to the direction she was just looking at to change the subject.

Mrs. Li heard that she had found the delivery place and really did not ask her again. “Let’s rest a while and then we’ll set off.”

Yiyao nodded her head. She couldn’t just go to that party like this, or she would definitely be recognized by Jingyan.

She looked around and saw banana trees planted along the road. Then she went over and twisted the green banana and applied its sap to her face.

“Mrs. Li, it’s cold at night. This shawl is for you.” She said.

“Thank you, but I don’t need it. You are so thin. You’d better wear it yourself.” Mrs. Li said.

“I’m okay.” If she didn’t take off the shawl, she would definitely attract Jingyan’s attention.

Mrs. Li took the shawl and hesitated for a moment and then asked, “Tell me honestly, are you hiding from someone?”

“No.” said Yiyao immediately.

But Mrs. Li did not believe it. Seeing her unwillingness to say, she did not continue to ask.

Then she and Mrs. Li pulled the cart and slowly walked towards the place where the party was held. The closer she got to there, the faster her heart beat.

“You wait here. I’ll ask who ordered them.” said Mrs. Li.

Yiyao nodded and then sat down on the beach. She had a hat that just covered most of her face.

“Why are you sitting here?”

Yiyao heard a voice and turned her head to see Ziying holding a tall glass and looking at her.

“I’m sorry.” Yiyao stood up and apologized. She stood up too quickly, so her body hit the coconut cart. Then several coconuts fell out of the cart.

Yiyao hurriedly bent down to pick up the coconuts. Just as her hands touched the coconut, Ziying said with disgust, “You’re going to pick up a coconut with such dirty hands?”

“What’s wrong?” She turned her head in confusion and put the coconut in her hand on the cart. Immediately, her five fingerprints were left on the coconut.

“You ……” Ziying pointed at her and said with some anger. “Now the coconuts are covered in dirt. My hands will get dirty when I touch them.”

“It won’t. The dirt won’t get on your hands.” said Yiyao.

Ziying felt incredulous and pointed at her not knowing what to say.

Yiyao gave her a look, and then picked up all the coconuts on the beach.

Her action made Ziying even more furious, “We’re not buying this coconut.”

Yiyao’s gaze immediately became sharp and coldly threatened, “According to the buyer’s request, we have already shipped the coconuts. Do you think you can stop buying it?”

“Of course, I’m the buyer. I can decide it.”

Yiyao clenched her fingers. The joints of her fingers cracked, which scared Ziying back a few steps. “You …… what do you want to do?”

“One more chance, buy or not?” asked Yiyao.

Ziying took a step back.

The noise here had attracted most of the attention. Seeing Jingyan come over, Yiyao hurriedly bowed his head and lowered the brim of her hat. Ziying immediately became condescending.

“Are you afraid now?” Ziying tilted her head proudly and said to Yiyao.

“What’s going on?” Mrs. Li asked worriedly.

Yiyao patted the back of Mrs. Li’s hand and said, “I’m fine. Is the coconut sent here?”

“We’re not buying it.” Ziying interrupted them loudy. At this time Jingyan and Yuqi also walked up to them.

“What’s happened?” Jingyan asked.

Hearing Jingyan’s voice, Yiyao didn’t dare to look up. She did not answer back. In the eyes of the crowd, they thought she didn’t speak because she was in the wrong.

“Jingyan, you’re here.” Ziying took his arm and said. “This woman touched the coconut with her dirty hands. The mud is all over the coconut.”

Jingyan frowned. “You can choose not to eat the dirty ones. What’s there to argue about?”

“But there’s always someone who will ……” Before she finished, she looked up just in time to see Jingyan’s cold eyes. She hurriedly said, “Yeah, you’re right.”

Then she turned her head to Yiyao and said, “We’ll buy all these coconuts. You guys can go now.”

“Wait.” Yiyao was about to turn around when he heard Jingyan’s voice.

Yiyan stopped and asked in a hoarse voice, “Is something wrong, sir?”

“Turn around.” Jingyan ordered.

She was nervous. She thought he had recognized her and had to turn around.

“You dropped your stuff.” Jingyan said.

Yiyao was still in a bit of a trance. She looked carefully at the beach but didn’t find anything. She hesitated for a while and then asked, “I didn’t drop my stuff on the beach.”

“Why don’t you dare to look at me? Am I that scary?” Jingyan asked.

Yiyao didn’t know why he would ask that. She flattered, “Sir, you are a good person. Of course you are not scary.”

“Then why don’t you dare to look at me?” Jingyan could feel her deliberately lowering the brim of her hat.

Yiyao couldn’t answer for a moment. Sensing her nervousness, Mrs. Li explained for her, “Sir, my daughter was born with a defect on her face. She is afraid of scaring you guys. That’s why she wears a hat.”

“Is that so?” Jingyan asked. He did not believe the woman’s words.

“Then why don’t you take off your hat and show us how scary you really are?” said Jingyan.

Yiyao’s heart was beating rapidly. There were no wounds on her face, so she would definitely be recognized by Jingyan when she took off her hat.

Mrs. Li also didn’t expect Jingyan to be so persistent.

“Sir, my daughter is shy.” Mrs. Li said. “Please don’t give her a hard time.”

Jingyan frowned, “I’m not trying to embarrass her. I just think she’s a bit like a friend of mine.”

“My daughter has been living here with me. She has not had the opportunity to make friends with a noble person like you.”

Jingyan thought she had a point. Yiyao would not come to this small seaside town to be a farm girl.

He waved his hand and turned around. “You guys can go now. I’ll buy this cart of coconuts.”

Mrs. Li thanked him and took the money Yuqi handed her.

Yiyao breathed a sigh of relief and was ready to unload the coconuts from the cart. Jingyan stopped her. “No need for you to unload them.”

He looked around and said to the group, “Go get them yourselves.”

Hearing Jingyan’s words, they picked out their coconuts. Ziying took a look at Yiyao, who was now on the side, and went to pick out two as well, then quickly followed Jingyan.

“Jingyan, I took one for you.”

“I don’t like coconuts.”


The cart was soon left with only a few coconuts that had been soiled by Yiyao. Yuqi and Xiyue hesitated and did not go to take them.

“Sir!” Mrs. Li stopped Yuqi, who was leaving. Yuqi stopped and looked at Mrs. Li.

“We took your money. These coconuts are all yours.”

“We don’t want these.” Yuqi said, and then he took a few steps with his arm around Xiyue’s waist, only to find someone tugging on the hem of his clothes.

“You ……” Yuqi was angry. He turned his head to reprimand the person, but fell silent after seeing the person.

Xiyue followed his sight and looked over. By now Yiyao had taken off her hat and raised her head.

Her face had liquid stuck to it, making people feel nauseous. But Yuqi kept staring at her. Xiyue shook him a few times, “Yuqi …..”

“You go over first. I have something to take care of.” Yuqi said to her.

“Then come over early. I’ll wait for you!” Xiyue said reluctantly. She turned back and looked at Yiyao sulkily. Looking at the disgusting things on her face, she turned her head to hold back her nausea.

Yuqi glanced at Mrs. Li, and then looked at Jingyan who had already left.

“Yiyao, why are you here? Why don’t you want Jingyan to know that you are here?”

Yiyao froze and suddenly remembered that except for Jingyan, they all still didn’t know that she had left him.

“Yuqi, please don’t tell Jingyan that you’ve seen me.”

“Why? He must miss you a lot.” Yuqi turned around once more and saw Jingyan already standing at the dining table. He took a glanced at them.

Yiyao turned his head in a hurry. “Anyway, don’t tell him you saw me or I might leave the city.”

Yuqi didn’t know exactly why, but seeing how determined Yiyao was, he nodded to her.

Yiyao placed the remaining few coconuts on the table nearest to her, and then slowly left with Mrs. Li.

Yiyao couldn’t help but turn around. She saw Ziying come up to Jingyan and say something in his ear. Then Jingyan laughed.

“Even without me, he is still having a good time. He is always surrounded by women.” she thought.

“Are you okay?” Mrs. Li asked worriedly.

“I’m fine.” Yiyao said.

“If you really love him, you should go back to him.” Mrs. Li stared at Yiyao and said. “I can see that you still love that young man very much.”

“I’m with him ……,” Yiyao said and suddenly choked up when she realized what she was going to say later.

She took a long time to slow down before continuing. “There’s no way we’ll ever be together.”

Mrs. Li sighed. She really didn’t know what young people were thinking. Two people loved each other, but why can’t they be together?


Jingyan put the straw into a coconut with dirt on the skin. He took a sip, and couldn’t help but frown.

“What did you say to the coconut seller just now?” When Yuqi came back, Jingyan asked him casually.

Yuqi laughed. “I see this coconut is very good, so I asked her to send some to our villa in a few days.”

“Aren’t there coconuts in the villa?” Jingyan asked suspiciously.

“Yeah. That woman is very old and has to come out to sell coconuts. I think she may be living in poverty, so I want to help her.”

Jingyan thought he had a point. The woman was dressed in a very dirty way. She didn’t look like a rich person.

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