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Chapter 363 – 364: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 363: The Assembly of Martial arts

“Yes, brother-in-law!”

Hu Li nodded respectfully and was about to leave. Kris Chen stopped him and said, “don’t hurry. I’ll give you a list. Send them invitation cards and invite them to Ice and Fire Island to attend my wedding ceremony a week later!”

Hu Li was ecstatic! “No problem. I’ll do it right away!”

“Go ahead!” Kris said with a smile.

The list he gave them were all old friends and acquaintances. They hadn’t seen each other for a long time.

Heqiu Zhao’s Muse bar had been opened abroad and became the number one bar brand in the world.

Youming Zhou’s Dynasty Hotel had also become a leading enterprise in the country.

Guobang Liu’s Real Estate Group was even more powerful than Yida real estate.

Liren Zhang’s cosmetics became the top 1 in the world’s cosmetics industry, for their cosmetics and skin care products were so magical.

With their current status and fortune, they were already the top group in the world.

Liren Zhang personally made a set of cosmetics of Tianzi Series. She volunteered to be a make-up artist.

Besides, Jie Ding’s Lieyang Technology company has been focusing on artificial intelligence recently, and he brought the latest developed artificial intelligence system cellphone.

He made all the wine for the wedding party.

Youming Zhou hired the best chef in the country.


“Congratulations, Kris!” Tianba had already changed from an arrogant young man to a steady middle-aged man. Although they seldom met, the friendship between the two had not decreased.

Beside him stood a ten year old boy, who looked almost the same as Tianba. He was Ao Li, the eldest son of Tianba.

Tianba held a little pretty girl in his arms. She was his two daughters, Rui Li.

The little girl was also very clever. When she saw Kris, she cupped her hands and said, “Uncle Chen, happy wedding and may you have a lovely baby…”

“Hahaha…” Her childish voice made the guests laugh.

“Tianba, Sister-in-law, please, sit!”

As he spoke, Kris touched Ao Li’s head and said, “Good, you’re already at the innate-power stage. Your aura is very stable. You must make great efforts!”

“Thank you, adopted gather!” Ao Li was excited to hear [陈阳]’s praise.

“Go and play with them.”


Kris and well-dressed Lin Li wandered among guests. All the people who came here today were relatives and friends. Kris was very easy-going and kept toasting with wine in their hands.

At this moment, a middle-aged man with an aged face came over with a glass of wine. “Big Brother, congratulations on your marriage!”

The only person who could call Kris Big brother was Lei Chen.

In the past, Chen family was prosperous. Because of the two vicious beasts, it took him a lot of effort to maintain Chen family.

Looking at Lei Chen’s wrinkled face, Kris sighed in his heart. He patted him on the shoulder and drank up the wine in his glass in one gulp. “Thank you for taking care of Chen family all these years.”

“Brother, this is what I should do. And if you didn’t help me secretly, I would never be able to maintain it.”

In fact, he knew in his heart that without the help of Kris, Chen family had long been gobbled up by those powerful and old families.

“Come here, this is your new sister-in-law!”

Kris said to Lin Li, “this is my brother, Lei Chen!”

“Nice to meet you, sister-in-law. I wish you and my brother a happy life!” Lei Chen said sincerely.

“Thank you!” Being recognized by Kris’s family member, Lin Li felt very happy.

Soon, it was the time for the formal wedding ceremony. Kris’s parents felt greatly excited.

They bowed to the heaven and earth and the high hall. At last, the two of them were sent into the bridal chamber.

In the room, when Kris was about to consummate, Lin Li suddenly said, “Be gentle. Don’t hurt our baby!”

Kris was stunned. He put his hand on her belly and indeed felt a faint vitality.

“Then why are you still drinking?”

“Don’t worry. I didn’t drink. The alcohol was evaporated by Inner Energy as soon as it entered my stomach.”

“Then I’ll be gentle!” Although they had many children, Kris was still very happy.


Lin Li felt so happy. She finally became his bride.

On the second morning, Lin Li got up early to serve Kris, her parents in law and sisters.

Then Kris announced in public that Lin Li was pregnant. The island was filled with laughter.


Time flied.

The Assembly of Martial arts began.

The school leaders of all schools came to the island.

The last time it was ten years ago.

That was the time that Kris had stepped into the Heaven-human-oneness stage and reached the top of the world. He taught everyone his experience and understanding without reservation.

Everyone had benefited a lot from this exchange.

Of course, no one would miss this chance.

On the wide platform of Ice and Fire Island, a ten-meters high platform was built. Kris sat cross legged on it.

There were more than tens of thousands of people sitting there.

“Be quiet!” Kris’s gentle voice passed through everyone’s ears, and everyone quieted down.

“Ten years ago, I told you the stage of Heaven-human-oneness. Next, I want to say a new Stage!


There was a stage above the Heaven-human-oneness Stage?

The crowd burst into an uproar.

That’s impossible! Heaven-human-oneness stage is the end of martial arts. How could there be a Stage! Everyone was shocked by the news.

The eyes of the leaders of the six major schools lit up.

“Be quiet!”

This time, Hu Li, the eldest disciple of Danzong School, stood up and ran down the peple around. The the Later period at the Back-to-self stage overwhelmed the whole audience. Everyone kept silent.

When everyone was quiet, the leader of the six major schools stood up, bowed and said, “Please favor us with your instruction!”

As soon as his words faded away, tens of thousands of people in the square shouted in unison, “Please favor us with your instruction!”

Kris said in a flat voice, “Listen!”

“The acquired stage, the innate-power stage, the return-to-nature stage, the back-to-self stage, each stage is a total different level.”

“The acquired stage would focus Inner Energy; The innate-power stage would strengthen your body; The return-to-nature stage would turn the energy into liquid state; The back-To-self stage would transform the liquid Inner Energy into Genuine Energy.

As Kris spoke, he waved his hand, showing the virtual image of the human meridians in the air and imitate the process of practicing.

Everyone was staring at the huge human shaped figure in the air. They didn’t even dare to breathe for fear of disturbing Kris.

Chapter 364: The Father of Martial Arts

After reaching the Heaven-human-oneness stage, Kris became as powerful as Land Authentic Immortal.

The Fairy Aura in Ice and Fire Island was ten times as abundant as it is in other areas, so Kris could absorb it whenever he wanted.

“For an average man, his life expectancy will be increased by twenty years if he reaches the innate-power stage, fifty years if he reaches the return-to-nature stage, eighty years if he reaches back-to-self stage, and two hundred years if he reaches Heaven-human-oneness stage.

Kris was not very clear about these numbers, so he specially memorized them during this Assembly of Martial Arts. Now he can accurately tell how many more years will a person be able to live if he reaches a certain stage.

Basically everyone present was shocked. They got excited when they learned so many years could be added to one’s life expectancy. They all want to live forever.

But those practitioners who had great pursuits in their lives paid no attention to these numbers. They stared at the shadow created by Kris unblinkingly, trying to learn what changes will happen to a person when he reaches a new stage. That was a very rare and valuable opportunity, but some people, instead of trying to learn something, were still dreaming about being immortal.

Kris then waved his hand and dispersed the giant shadow. He said: “Today, I want to talk about a stage that is above the Heaven-human-oneness stage. I call it Detachment Stage!”

The stage of Detachment was created a few hundred years ago, by the joint efforts of many masters in Danzong School and Tianmo School.

“Detachment Stage, as you can tell from its name, is a stage at which a person has broken away from his shackles, and has gone beyond normal limits and boundaries. His body and spirit will be remade, just like a phoenix was reborn from its ashes. Theoretically, Heaven-human-oneness stage is the highest stage one can reach.”

Kris said these things flatly, but everyone present was shivering nonstop. Because to have one’s body and spirit remade is extremely dangerous. He will be destroyed if he makes a tiny mistake during this painful process which is hard to bear.

Kris was explaining Detachment Stage to those people. He had to explain it even if no one believed it. Because in order to create this stage, numerous masters in Danzong School and Tianmo School exerted tremendous amount of efforts, and their efforts should not be wasted.

Everyone was numb with shock. Kris then said: “After Assembly of Martial Arts, I’ll spare no effort to reach Detachment Stage. And if I succeed by chance, I’ll tell people how to reach this stage. I’ll make the methods public.”

A sudden silence fell upon the square. Everyone was amazed by Kris’s spirit to give. Some of them were once Kris’s enemies, and some of them once looked down upon Kris, but after hearing what he said, everyone had so much respect for Kris all of a sudden.

To be a pioneer in the filed of martial arts entails generous spirit. And they only read similar stories in some historical documents.

“Long live our great leader!” Everyone knelt on the ground to express their gratitude for everything Kris did for them.

Even the leaders of Six Major schools were all amazed. Because what Kris would be doing is not a personal business. If he succeeded, the whole world would be greatly transformed.

On the other side of the square, many young boys and girls were looking at Kris proudly. Kris is their father, and they are so proud to be his children. Behind these children were standing a group of weeping women. They are Kris’ wives. They knew what kind of mission their husband would undertake, and they knew he didn’t have to do it at all.

Mary was feeling rather nervous. She thought if she could also reach Back-to-self stage, Kris wouldn’t be in such a hurry to reach a higher stage.

Kris had always been like this. He never tells her how much he loves her. He only demonstrates his love through actions.

Mary was feeling blessed, because she is always the most important one in Kris’s heart.

The Assembly of Martial Arts lasted for three days, during which Kris answered many questions, and solved many problems. People listened to him attentively and many practitioners reached a higher stage rapidly thanks to Kris’s help. They are so grateful for Kris’s help.

The Danzong School built by Kris provided help to numerous Practitioners so that they can practice with more ease. Kris changed the Mofa Era by making this assembly and answering people’s questions so that they can be less confused.

A famous artist drew a picture of Kris lecturing these people. The picture was named: The Father of Martial Arts Giving Lectures. and years later, his picture was sold at a sky-high price.

Three days later, the Assembly of Martial Arts came to an end. People said goodbye to Kris unwillingly and left. On the way back, they were still thinking about what Kris had taught them. They left Ice and Fire Island and spread Kris’s new title, and Kris was since then known by the public as the Father of Martial Arts.

It was recorded in a chronicle history that at the year of 2020, the Father of Martial Arts built the Union of Martial Arts Schools, which marks the beginning of Shengfa Era.

That night, Mary asked Kris to go to her bedroom. They slept on the same bed without taking off their clothes. And they talked about everything that had happened over the years. From the day Kris got married into Chen Family, to the day Kris became the the Father of Martial Arts. Mary remembered everything that had happened clearly.

Kris didn’t talk a lot. He listened to Mary quietly, but his hand was touching Mary’s body. And soon, Mary felt Kris’s hand was under her skirt.

“Kris, what are you doing.” Mary blushed. She always seemed to be very shy when she was with Kris, even though she had already had a baby.

“You keep talking, and I keep touching. We won’t interfere with one another.” Kris said smilingly. And his hand was on Mary’s leg.

Kris was trying to dispel Mary’s worries by doing this.

Mary blushed. She put her legs tightly together and said: “How can I talk when you are doing this?”

“Then let’s just do it.”

Kris was seized by a strong sexual desire. He hardly had chance to be alone with Mary, and Mary was always the most special one, and the most attractive one to Kris.

After giving birth, Mary’s body got plump like a peach. It seemed water would come out if you pressed her body. Her eyes were starry and seductive. She breathed gently through her nose.

Soon, the bed creaked because of their irregular movement. Sometimes Kris moved fast, and sometimes slowly. Mary felt her soul was at first soaring up to heaven and then plummeting to hell.

At last, Kris gave out a shout, and his desires gradually subsided. The room then echoed with Mary’s heavy breath.

Kris was way too strong for Mary. Mary felt all her strength was drained by him. He grabbed a towel and wiped Mary’s sweat, and Mary begged with her eyes shut: “My dear husband, that was enough for today. I’m too tired. Let’s rest, please.”

“You silly woman.” Kris smiled. He cleaned Mary’s body, held her tightly and watched her falling asleep in his arms.

At that moment, he was even more determined to reach Detachment Stage. For Mary, and for his family.

The next morning, Kris was again fueled by a strong desire. He released it on Mary. Mary knew what would Kris go through next, so she cooperated with him willingly. When they were done, Mary felt her knees were weak. Kris held her in his arms and walked into the bathroom. They took a shower, and then walked out again.

Mary’s eyes were alight with pleasure, and her face was glowing. When her sisters saw her, they all teased her playfully. Mary was used to it. She blushed and played with them.

For the following days, Kris provided them with company one by one. And half a month later, he told them everything they needed to know, and then locked himself alone in a room to practice. He must achieve success.

When he got into the room, he took out the box, and the magical pill was inside it. The pill sent out a strong aroma, which relaxed him to the extreme.

Without a moment’s hesitation, he swallowed it, and sat in the middle of the room cross-legged.

The room he was in has the most abundant Fairy Aura on the Ice and Fire Island. So rich was the Fairy Aura that the room was filled with a thick fog.

Kris could feel the pill cracking in his stomach. And then, he felt a huge amount of energy building up in his body. So powerful was the energy that Kris felt his body was about to explode.

Then, his organs were all damaged by the effects of the pill. Blood poured out of his eyes, ears, nose, mouth and other orifices. The King of Deadliest Insect in his heart got extremely anxious and violent.

Kris ignored the insect. He practiced Tianmo Body so that he could bring the effects of the pill under control and absorb the impacts of it. His damaged organs got repaired again under the effects of the pill.

Kris was racked with unbearable pain. He would have gone mad had it not been for the fact that his Spiritual Power was much more stronger than the average people.

What made it worse was that he began feeling sharp pain in his brain. It felt like thousands of needles were pricking his brain. He felt his brain would soon be torn apart, and his Spiritual Power was broken into pieces as if it was a piece of glass. Each piece represented an emotion. There was fear, there was helplessness, and there was despair.

“Hold on! You must hold on!”

Then, his skin became cracked. And a crimson light shot out from the lines appeared on his skin, as if something was about to spurt out of his body.

“Tianmo Body!! Spiritual Power!! King of Insect!! Hold on!!”

The insect got Kris’s order. It opened its mouth and sucked a huge of amount of energy into its body. But the energy was too pure and too powerful to be absorbed by the insect. Its belly swelled, and it rolled around in great pain.

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